Sonic Mania Original Soundtrack: Selected Edition - now available on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes

“Discovery (Title Screen)”
“Comfort Zone (Main Menu)”
“Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Zone Act 1)”
“Prime Time (Studiopolis Zone Act 2)”
“Flying Battery Zone (Act 1)”
“Flying Battery Zone (Act 2)”
“Tabloid Jargon (Press Garden Zone Act 1)”
“Blossom Haze (Press Garden Zone Act 2)”
“Stardust Speedway Zone (Act 1)”
“Stardust Speedway Zone (Act 2)”
“Hydro City Zone (Act 1)”
“Hydro City Zone (Act 2)”
“Skyway Octane (Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Mix)”
“Wildstyle Pistolero (Miracge Saloon Zone Act 1 K Mix)”
“Rogues Gallery (Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2)”
“Lava Reef Zone (Act 1)”
“Lava Reef Zone (Act 2)”
“Metallic Madness Zone (Act 1)”
“Metallic Madness Zone (Act 2)”
“Built to Rule (Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1)”
“Steel Cortex (Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2)”
“Danger on the Dance Floor (Mid-Boss)”
“Ruby Delusions (Eggman Boss 1)”
“Havoc Prognosis (Eggman Boss 2)”
“Hi-Spec Robo Go! (Hard Boiled Heavy Boss)”
“Ruby Illusions (Final Boss)”
“Egg Reverie (Egg Reverie Zone)”
“Egg Panicky (Egg Reverie Zone Pinch Mode Soundtest Only)”
“Guided Tour (Credits)”
“Dimension Heist (UFO Special Stage)”
“Game Over”
“The Winner! (Competition Results)”
“Glimmering Gift (Super Transformation)”
“Angel Island Cutscene”
“Blue Spheres”
“Eggman Mean Bean”
“Head 2 Head (Versus Mode)”
“Vs. Metal Sonic”
“Who’s the Boss (Hard Boiled Heavies Mischief Scene)”
“Countdown to Continue”
“Sunshine Cassette (Save Select)”
“Undefeated (Invincibility)”
“The Blur (Speed Shoes)”
“Stage Clear”
“Rise of the Icon (Sonic Mania Alternate Intro)

The soundtrack is now available on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

Sonic Forces - Academy Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of the Sonic X Tempest freerunning event, where gaming YouTubers and parkour experts joined the uprising against Dr Eggman and going through some physical challenges.

Tails designer shares special 25th anniversary artwork

Yasushi Yamaguchi is the man behind the creation of Sonic's main buddy, Tails. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the character, Mr. Yamaguchi has created the artwork you see above. A classic-style Tails to celebrate the character's long life. I'm sure Tails has many more adventures ahead of him, so here's to another 25 years!

Random Time! - SEGA releases "Christmas at Eggman's" video feature

Gotta say, after watching this video, I totally side with Eggman. Sonic and his pals were a bunch of jerks! Eggman opens up his home for the holidays and Sonic's team treats it terribly! I'm with Eggman from here on out!

Sonic Forces - Super Sonic DLC footage

Looks like the DLC is the real deal. It should be releasing in North America tomorrow. It seems the DLC might be live in some parts of Europe!

Sonic Forces - Yet more evidence of Super Sonic DLC, potentially releasing tomorrow

Looks like someone over at Playstation Network Australia made a page live a little bit sooner than it should been. This is the second time we've seen info on Super Sonic DLC for Sonic Forces, but this is the first official blurb from SEGA. According to the page, the content will be available tomorrow!


Speed through the levels faster than Sonic... as Super Sonic! Get the SUPER SONIC DLC for SONIC FORCES now to transform into Super Sonic across 20+ Modern and Classic Sonic. Collect the right amount of rings and Super Sonic will spring into action, giving you the ability to sprint across stages at break-neck speeds.

Please Note: You cannot participate in the rankings with Super Sonic.

SONIC FORCES is the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game that lets you create a custom character with powerful gadgets, speed through rolling ruined landscapes as Modern Sonic, and catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic.

Thanks to Sebth1 for the heads up!

SEGA promoting Sonic Forces with real-life Sonic parkour video series

SEGA is teaming up three YouTube gaming personalities with three parkour pros to have them tackle a Sonic-themed parkour event in real life. You can see the teaser video above, with the full series set to launch soon.

Japan - Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games being removed from Wii U/3DS eShops

Nintendo has announced that Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is being removed from both the Wii U and 3DS eShops in Japan. The games will be removed on Dec. 27th, 2018. Furthermore, the demo for the game will be removed as well. No reason for the removal was given.