Sonic Team talks Sonic Forces' custom hero creation limitations, why they offered the options they did

The following comes from a Polygon interview with producer Shun Nakamura and studio head Takashi Iizuka concerning the custom hero creator...

“It’s not gonna be as in depth as Fallout or some of those other extremely complex creation mechanics. What we had in mind when we were making the whole create a character scenario was, out of all the people being depicted in this world, you can choose those characters that populate the world. It’s not complete free creation, but we’re going and making a lot of parts and features and animals that could exist in this world and you’re going to be able to put them together.” - SN

“Most of the fan art that we see are hedgehog characters,” said Iizuka. “A lot of the characters are created and designed matching the Sonic the Hedgehog body shape. That’s pretty much what I see in the fan art out there. Nothing really deviates too far from that, so when we were thinking about the customizable character feature ,we didn’t really go to far in creating different body types and shapes, because most of what is saw had a similar type of body shape to Sonic.” - TI

Sonic Mania - upcoming patch fixes Home Button issue and more

No word on when this patch will be available, but it seems like it should see release quite soon. We'll let you know when it's live! Thanks to Fangzthewolf for the heads up!

UPDATE - Seems the patch is available now!

Sonic Forces - some soundtrack portions recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra

You have to wonder if these people ever imagined that they'd be sitting down to record sweeping orchestra pieces as the backdrop for a chill dog-eating, super-speedy cartoon hedgehog. There's something batshit crazy/absolutely wonderful about that.

Sonic Forces - SEGA reveals a few more songs

In the clips above, SEGA reveals a few more songs for the upcoming Sonic Forces. You get to hear Sunset Heights, the Tag Team Act of Green Hill Zone, plus White Jungle and the extended version of Fist Bump.

Sonic Forces - file size

According to Amazon Japan, Sonic Forces is going to take up 7.042GB of space on the Switch. Wondering how that stacks up to the PS4/XB1 versions? Using Amazon's info again, the other versions of the games require 16.12GB's worth of space. Makes you wonder if it's just higher quality assets/textures on those versions, or if the Switch version is going to require a download of additional content.

SEGA on the lack of "stylized characters" like Sonic, what they learned from working with Nintendo

The following comes from a Kotaku interview with Sega’s Shun Nakamura...

“Besides Nintendo, there really aren’t that many character-type games in Japan. As graphics got better, I think game companies have moved away from stylized characters to more realistic ones.

When we collaborated with Nintendo, we saw how carefully they managed their characters. Several years back, we drew up rules for how Sonic should be portrayed. These guidelines were created to strengthen the tone and identity of the character.”

I still feel like SEGA struggles a bit to understand what makes Sonic Sonic. I understand the desire to push forward and try new things, but when SEGA does that, they seem to lose some of the qualities that make Sonic enjoyable. Here's to hoping Forces can change that.

SEGA announces Hooters collaboration for Sonic Forces in Japan

I mean...I don't know. I have no details on this, but I don't think we need any. I'll certainly update the post with info when it comes in, but right now all you need to know is that SEGA will be teaming with Hooters in Japan to promote Sonic Forces. What a time to be alive.

Sonic Mania mod turns the game into Knuckles Mania & Knuckles

Knuckles is the protagonist. Knuckles is the main villain. Knuckles is all the enemies. Knuckles is the rings, the hazards, and more. The "& Knuckles" meme continues on strong with this mod for Sonic Mania on PC. It hasn't released yet, but should be out soon. As you can see, more time needs to be spent on adding Knuckles to just about everything.