Sonic Forces datamining reveals Sanic shirt and more

Dataminers have been poking away at Sonic Forces, which has resulted in some interesting finds. As you can see above, it looks like SEGA is going to include a "Sanic" t-shirt at some point, which is in reference to the long-running Sanic meme. SEGA certainly does love their Sonic memes, so it's no surprise to see them plopping it into Forces.

Another aspect of the game has been discovered, but it seems a bit on the spoiler side. We'll place that tidbit after the jump.

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John Carpenter is a huge Sonic fan, hopes SEGA keeps making Sonic games

John Carpenter, the man behind Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York, and many others, is apparently a huge Sonic fan. No, this is not a joke. You can see Carpenter's passion for Sonic in Factmag snippet below.

“Back in the early ‘90s, I got hooked on Sonic The Hedgehog for Sega Genesis and I just couldn’t stop playing it. I loved the game. I loved everything about it. I especially loved the music. There was something about the whole sound and feel of the Sonic games and suddenly I’m so much younger and it’s the ‘90s.

It didn’t have a memory card so I’d have to start over every time. Those games were HARD, man. The underwater level. Oh god. I’d die every time. And then have to start back. It was so frustrating, but there was something so intensely addicting about that. I even like the one where he turns into a werewolf.”

Carpenter's love of Sonic continues to this day. Wondering if he's played Sonic Mania?

“Oh hell yeah. It took a while (to beat it), these things are hard to beat. I just keep wanting to play Sonic games — because they’re fun. I hope they keep making them.”

Cinedigm’s CONtv Launches 24/7 Channel on Twitch, includes Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Sonic, and more

Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) announced today that it has rolled out a 24/7 channel of its OTT service CONtv on the popular social video service Twitch. The new Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/CONtv) reflects Cinedigm’s ongoing commitment to redefining the television viewing experience by providing viewers with both a “lean-back” and a curated on-demand option.

CONtv is the premier digital network devoted to the fanspace, offering an original slate of programming, as well as a vast digital catalog of over 2,800 must-watch film and TV titles, encompassing sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, cult, grindhouse and comic con coverage. The 24/7 linear offering on Twitch will feature a variety of the fan-centric content aligned with the streaming service’s audience.

Twitch, the world’s leading social video service and community for video game culture, has expanded in recent years to feature a broader mix of content, including programmatic TV marathons. Twitch offers a whole new way to experience the programming by watching the shows simultaneously with the community and chat with other fans. CONtv’s 24/7 Twitch channel taps into the community’s positive response to shared viewings of televised content by featuring a wide range of pop culture-driven films and TV shows. The initial programming features episodes from shows such a, Digimon Adventure, Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Ultraman, 21 Jump Street, and Highlander, to films like 22 Bullets, Dead Before Dawn, Dragon Age: Redemption, Legend of the Fist, Night of the Living Dead (color), and Little Shop of Horrors. This is only a small snapshot of the content that will be aired from CONtv’s extensive library.

Content on Twitch can either be viewed live or via video on demand with more than 15 million daily active visitors who tune into over 2 million unique content creators each month. Viewers are also able to converse with each other in real time via the chat window, adding the social component to the Twitch experience.

“Twitch's highly engaged, passionate fanbase is the perfect place to extend CONtv,” said Erick Opeka, EVP & GM of Cinedigm Networks. “We’re excited to share our commitment to a great Fandom experience with Twitch’s viewers, and engaging with them on a level never before seen in traditional television.”

The deal comes amidst Cinedigm’s recent announcements expanding its world-class OTT offerings to Amazon Fire, Google’s Chromecast platform, and Android TV. These latest developments will expand the reach of Cinedigm channels to over 60+ million potential consumers.