Sonic the Hedgehog officially becomes the highest-grossing video game movie domestically


There was very little double of this happening following yesterday's worldwide box office info, but today it is official. Sonic the Hedgehog is now the highest-grossing video game movie domestically, stealing the title away from Detective Pikachu.

Sonic is currently at $145.8 million, which could have probable been a consider amount higher, but numerous people/families are hanging home to avoid any contact with the coronavirus. The worldwide numbers aren't anywhere near done for Sonic either, as numerous regions have had their release dates postponed due to coronavirus as well. Once everything is back to normal, it'll be quite interesting to see how much Sonic manages to amass in revenue altogether.

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Sonic the Hedgehog surpasses $300 million at the box office worldwide

Blasting by $300 million

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has reached a new milestone. The movie has officially raked in more than $300 million worldwide at the box office. Pretty impressive, especially considering the film's delay in some regions due to the coronavirus.

Sonic's domestic gross clocks in at $143.2 million, which is just behind Detective Pikachu's $144.1 million. There's no doubt Sonic will take the domestic crown from Detective Pikachu, but it still has a bit to go to catch up to the $433 million worldwide gross. Either way, it's great to see such a warm reception for the blue blur!

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LEGO Ideas campaign for Sonic Mania 'Green Hill Zone' reaches 10k supporters, now officially being reviewed

Gotta build fast

Ironically just one day after the announcement of an official Super Mario x Lego collaboration, there is now a possibility that Sonic joins the construction game!

LEGO Ideas allows for Lego fanatics to build the Lego playsets of their dreams, and with enough support from the public, they could actually be considered for official release. This elaborate Sonic Mania creation by toastergrl has reached the required 10,000 supporter threshold, and will now be reviewed by the Lego team. Due to licensing negotiations, not all requested LEGO Ideas become an actual product. Hopefully this one happens however, as having both Mario and Sonic Lego sets would be a dream come true to kids and adults everywhere!

Artist creates a an amazing Sonic the Hedgehog movie bust

A master of his craft

When the Sonic the Hedgehog debut movie trailer came out, most fans were horrified to see the design that was being used. The backlash was so bad that the movie got pushed back, and Sonic went through a complete overhaul. The version we got in the final film was still noticeably different from classic Sonic, but much more palatable.

One artist has decided to pay tribute to that version of Sonic with a sculpture, and you can watch the entire process above. It's amazing to see the project come together, and the final result is pretty damn perfect.

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Actor James Marsden hints at sticking around for a Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel

High five!

It sounds like James Marsden is down to reprise his role in a sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, if one should ever come around. The film certainly hints at a sequel with its teaser ending, so a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 seems more like a sure thing, rather than a possibility.

In an interview with Variety, the success of Sonic the Hedgehog comes up. That obviously leads into discussion of a potential sequel, and Marsden's involvement. While he doesn't give a 100% direct answer, it definitely seems like he's already signed up to move ahead with the franchise.

“I believe, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say. As many as they want to make. Yeah, that’s my somewhat vague answer. It is such a good group of people and it was so much fun to see Jim [Carrey] enjoying himself again.”

SEGA announces that their Sonic SXSW panel is rescheduled for April 2020, will be presented in a new format

Earlier today, SXSW announced that their annual event was postponed due to the coronavirus. SEGA was supposed to host a Sonic panel at this event, so that was canceled as well.

SEGA has now taken to Twitter to let everyone know that their sonic event will be held in a different format sometime in April 2020. When a specific date is shared, we’ll bring that to you.

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SXSW 2020 cancelled due to concerns about the coronavirus

SXSW 2020 was set to run from March 13th to 22nd, 2020, but that's no longer happening. The event has now been cancelled over coronavirus concerns, and a new date has not been set.

This event cancellation is worth pointing out as SEGA was going to host yet another Sonic panel at SXSW 2020. Its become a yearly tradition for SEGA, and there's always a tidbit or two of new Sonic info that comes from the event. SEGA has not commented on the cancellation, so we're not quite sure how they'll go about rescheduling their panel.

There's also the matter of the SXSW Gaming Awards 2020, which will also have to be rescheduled. Again, no word on when that will take place.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie postponed in Japan

Sonic doom

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie was slated to release in Japan on March 27th, 2020, but that's no longer happening. It has been announced that the film has now been postponed, and no new release date has been shared. We also didn't get a reason for the delay, but it's likely tied to the coronavirus.

Sonic's movie redesign took 7 to 8 weeks, the film's director visited the VFX team to thank them for their hard work

A class act

The backlash that the Sonic movie saw after the first trailer was immense. People were extremely unhappy with Sonic's design, so much so that the decision was made to move ahead on a redesign. In an interview with FXGuide, VFX supervisor Ged Wright talked about how long the redesign process took.

“...a lot of the work that the team had already done as far as the look of Sonic’s fur, should he have eyelashes and what they look like…how we should handle the eyes…all that kind of stuff was actually directly translatable over to the new design. I think the redesign took only seven or eight weeks, which is a record at MPC for the design of a 3D character.”

While the redesign may not have taken as long as many expected, there was still a lot of work to be done. Rather than having the higher-ups at Paramount give the order for a redesign, the movie's director actually visited the VFX team to deliver the word, and also thank the team for their hard work.

“Jeff (Fowler) was kind enough to come up to Vancouver along with people from Paramount and he gave a really lovely speech to the whole crew, and I could see that it meant a lot to them. That the person that’s making this film came, rather than sending an arbitrary edict from LA. Instead, he had come and was thanking them for their energy. Jeff was excited by the opportunity and expressed that to them. He also had time, to sit one-on-one with various artists. Jeff definitely took the time to recognize that people had invested a lot of their personal lives in this and that you need to say thank you.”

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Early versions of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie script referenced Super Sonic

Super Sonic...racing?

While the Sonic the Hedgehog movie certainly had plenty for fans to enjoy, there's still some things that people wanted to see, but didn't make the cut. Some fans were hoping we'd get to see Super Sonic make an appearance, and in an interview with Comicbook.com, director Jeff Fowler says it was considered at one point.

"It didn't make sense to obviously bring in the Super Sonic thing just yet. I mean, there were very early versions of the script and the outlines where... because we knew that's something that's very important in the fan mythology, or the mythology that fans love. And Chaos Emeralds are definitely a huge part, even going back to the first game in '91, and it was definitely something that we were kind of trying to see. Like, "Does it make sense to include one of these?

Let's just... let's do the origins as Sonic and Robotnik and try to nail those characters before we potentially would open it up to some of these elements from the games that fans know and love.'"


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