Square-Enix kicks off Dragon Quest XI collaboration with Despicable Me 3 (plus make your own slime)

No, this isn't a joke. Square-Enix has partnered up for a collaboration with Despicable Me 3 in Japan. There's Minion-themed slimes, a quick cameo of Dragon Quest slimes in the Despicable Me 3 music video above, and more to come. You can even make your own slime (non-Minion related) here. I've never seen a Minions-related movie, so I'll let you guys make your own jokes!

Square-Enix talks Dragon Quest XI development - 3DS challenges, differences between version & more

The following information comes from producer Yosuke Saito, game designer Yuji Horii, and director Takeshi Uchikawa...

The plan from the beginning was to release Dragon Quest XI on PlayStation 4 and 3DS.

Regarding the PlayStation 4 version, Horii said that he wants users to play together with family and friends on a big screen.
Since the hardware specifications of PlayStation 4 and 3DS are completely different, it was easy to draw out the benefits of each hardware.

Originally, all of the music was supposed to be completely new, but since there was a lot of homage material, they also used music from previous entries in the series.

The concept of the game as a whole is a “return to origin” and “story of a hero.” However, they were not just aiming for a return to origin, as Horii had hoped to create something that would simultaneously become a new starting point.

The theme of Dragon Quest XI is the “chased hero.” As for what kind of existence the hero is, those answers will be answered through the story.

(Regarding the appearance of Loto / Erdrick) His appearance does not mean that those who have never played the Dragon Quest series will not be able to enjoy Dragon Quest XI. It can be enjoyed 100 percent without knowledge of previous games. On the other hand, they would like players who are interested in Dragon Quest XI to check out previous entries in the series. As for the meaning behind his appearance, that is a secret. They do not want to give any preconceptions.

The design of the last boss is truly amazing. It is a final boss that could only have been designed by Akira Toriyama.
They paid mind “not to create useless characters.” Since they are really delving properly into the characters, they hope that you take a liking to the entire party.

Whether or not to include voice acting was a significant debate during development. They wanted to protect the traditional style of Dragon Quest. Voice-over recording would take considerable time, and would make it difficult to change the script later. Horii was also fixated on seeing the story through to the very end this time. Horii did tuning and changed details of the dialogue until the end of the end.

There were adjustments as not to part with the fact that the player is the protagonist. For example, Horii said that they avoided expressions for the protagonist such as “getting angry” as much as possible. When he is angry, the protagonist shows it only by eye movement, not body language.

In creating Dragon Quest XI in Unreal Engine 4, they first did a technical test. Dragon Quest III‘s continent of Aliahan (although not in its entirety) was chosen for that subject. In other words, they created a PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest III. They made models of the hero, his mother, the Warrior, Priest, and Mage, Aliahan castle and the castle town, as well a pointlessly high-quality king, and verified the size of the map. The test version took a significant amount of time and labor, but was exciting and produced fruitful results. Since it was only a technical test, they did not do any optimiziation. If the opportunity presents itself, they would like to show users the PlayStation 4 technical test of Dragon Quest III.

Since the L2 button on PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller is located near the decision button, you can play with only your left hand while doing something else.

“Tactics” can also be set for the protagonist, which should also make it easier to earn experience points.
The protagonist can be removed from the party.

“Restricted Play” is interesting for those who use the Share feature. They recommend using the “Ashamed Curse” restriction.
There are no plans for downloadable content.

An Internet connection is not required, but if you connect online after clearing the game, there may be a little something nice. This does not mean that there is online play. But again, there may be a surprise if you connect to the Internet. They hope someone will discover it.

They want everyone to play Dragon Quest XI until the end.

Horii loves surprises, so there will often be surprises during the course of the story.

Since the story will change again and again, and even when you think “so this is what it is basically about,” the truth is that there will be things behind the scenes that you will not understand until the very end.

Even compared to the surprise of Dragon Quest titles thus far, the content of Dragon Quest XI is considerably surprising.

Development started on PlayStation 4, but they decided that they could also start making the 3DS version in the middle of its production. (Horii)

At the beginning of the 3DS version’s development, the field map was a little bigger. But once they dropped the map into 2D mode, the 2D mode map became too big.

Since there are two modes in the 3DS version, there were inevitably inconsistencies due to differences in appearance and specification. But they pulled through with various ideas.

In both the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions, the number of items that can be picked up, such as through shiny spots or treasure chests, has been adjusted so that they are the same. However, there is a difference regarding elements that are only in one version of the game. It is easier to discover treasure chests in the 3DS version’s 2D mode.

“Delcadar” (a city in Dragon Quest XI) has a similar ring to “Delcondar” from Dragon Quest II (known as “Osterfair” in the English localization), but the similarity was truly only by chance.

They aimed to make Dragon Quest XI relatively easy to recognize as a homage. There are masquerade balls and merchant brothers who compete with each other for price cuts.

“Puff-Puff” is a Dragon Quest element that has been passed down for some time, so they want to do it well.

Mahjong was proposed as a casino game, but it ended up not happening. (Uchikawa)

While there is a problem with the “Spell of Restoration” in that users can cheat, they wanted to include it. They want users to play around with the Spell of Restoration. There may even be interesting things that happen.

If you play normally, there shouldn’t be many things that stop you to make you raise your level.

They would rather players not rush through the game, but thoroughly enjoy it. Since there is little stopping, they want you to progress without looking up guides as much as possible.

You can play quests even after clearing the game.

They want you to talk to your party members if you get a little lost.

Dragon Quest XI is not only a compilation of the series thus far, it is a fresh start.

Official Dragon Quest statue erected in Sumoto, Japan

Sumoto, Japan is the birthplace of Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii. As of today, it's also the location for a Dragon Quest 30th anniversary statue. The statue had quite a bit of thought put into as well, as Horii says the Slime was for luck, the shield was protection from calamity, and the sword was to cut down evil fate.

Dragon Quest XI - comparing a scene between PS4 and 3DS

In the images above, you see the exact same scene in Dragon Quest XI playing out on 3DS and PS4. Same dialog and everything. As you can see, the scene is presented quite differently in each version. While both show the same content, the display styles lead to different feelings. Which one do you prefer?

Dragon Quest XI - official story summary

The “Hero” Being Pursued and His Allies

The hero and his allies go on an adventurous journey to unravel the mystery of the legend concerning the hero.

In order to unravel that mystery, they will head for the “Great Tree of Life” together.

New Encounters Await in an Unseen World

The protagonist and company’s journey will go beyond the ocean, and as far as to the bottom of the ocean and into the sky. Various people await them there to encounter.

Before Long, Their Adventure Will Lead to the Great “Truth” of the World

Why was the hero called a demon child? On your adventure seeking an answer to this question, you will arrive at a certain truth.

Once again. The “Time of the Hero” begins.

Let's hope those localization rumors for Dragon Quest XI are true. I'd love to give this game a go, even though I suck at RPGs!