Square-Enix releases Dragon Quest X Online trial version for Switch in Japan

Try before you buy

Dragon Quest X Online's big Version 5 update is now available, which has numerous fans flocking back to the game. Square-Enix is also using this opportunity to woo in some new players, as they've added a special Dragon Quest X Online trial version to the Switch eShop today. The trial was previously only available to those who purchased Japanese copies of Dragon Quest XI S.

Dragon Quest XI S update available

Square-Enix has released an update for Dragon Quest XI S. We don't have a version number or full patch notes, but we do know that the update fixes issues with skills related specific characters and issues related to certain equipment.

Digital Foundry - Dragon Quest XI S analysis (A Brilliant, Clever, Multi-Platform Port)

An excellent job by Square-Enix

Yes, we're late to the party here - so thanks for all of the requests! This isn't a Switch classic, but judged in terms of its status as a multi-platform conversion, it's exceptionally impressive work. Join John Linneman for an in-depth breakdown on how Square-Enix brought a game that already taxed PlayStation 4 onto Nintendo's console hybrid while maintaining an remarkable level of quality and performance.

Check out the cover art for the retail release of Dragon Quest I, II, and III in China

All three in one box

Dragon Quest I, II, and III is seeing a retail release in China later this month, and today we finally get a look at the final cover art. There are no plans for a retail release of Dragon Quest I, II, and III in North America or Europe, but the Asian release is going to include English, making it import-friendly.

Dragon Quest I/II/III "Out Now":trailer

Three classics that could be yours!

The first three games in the beloved DRAGON QUEST™ RPG franchise are now available for Nintendo Switch™. The releases are perfect for long-time fans, as well as newer players looking to experience a slice of gaming history with these influential classics. Each game in the legendary Erdrick trilogy may be purchased separately as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, including: DRAGON QUEST, DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line™ and DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation®.

Square-Enix talks about their work squeezing Dragon Quest XI's file size down to fit on Switch

Quest complete!

Square-Enix did a lot of work to squeeze Dragon Quest XI S onto the Switch. They managed to take 30 GB PS4 file size and work that down to 13.5 GB on Switch. How in the world did Square-Enix pull that off? The company shared a tiny bit of insight on the topic in a Famitsu feature.

Square-Enix ended up reducing the file size of all assets tied to the game. Obviously there's a number of different steps that had to be taken with these elements, as some things are harder to shrink down than others. Still, the reduction in file size required for each aspect of the game let them shave things down all the way to 13.5 GB on Switch. This also had the added bonus of making the Switch version load faster!

GoNintendo Video - Why can't Dragon Quest find its footing outside of Japan?

The quest for acceptance

Dragon Quest XI S' debut sales have come out in the states, and unfortunately, they're a bit of a disappointment. Once again, it seems Dragon Quest has a tough time finding an audience outside of Japan. Let's talk about why that might be.

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Square-Enix starts Dragon Quest XI S "Let's Play" series featuring Haruna Iikubo

I have no idea who the cat is

Back in September 2019, Square-Enix teamed up with Japanese fashion model, actress and pop singer Haruna Iikubo for a special web series. The series, called "Iikubo Haruna to Kanta no Game Future!," has Haruna checking out Square-Enix's latest releases.

In the newest episode, Haruna sits down with Dragon Quest XI S to give it a go. You can see how things went in the episode above!

Update available for Dragon Quest XI S

Bug fixes as usual

Square-Enix has released an update for Dragon Quest XI S. This update fixes an issue with the Trodain Set where players are unable to change the field music in 3D mode. We don't know if this patch includes any other changes, but we'll bring you patch notes if they become available.

Dragon Quest XI S - English overview trailer

Set out on a legendary adventure with the Luminary across Erdrea in DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, out now on Nintendo Switch!


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