Dragon Quest Rivals hits 15 million downloads across all platforms

A great milestone!

Dragon Quest Rivals is available on mobile devices, PC, and Switch over in Japan. Square-Enix has announced that across all versions of the game, it has been downloaded over 15 million times. To celebrate the milestone, the game will have a five day log-in bonus from April 19th to May 20th, 2019.

Multiple Nintendo-related titles take home wins at Famitsu Award 2018, Smash Bros. Ultimate named 'Game of the Year'

A great night for Nintendo

Famitsu just wrapped their Famitsu Award 2018 event, where they dish out all sorts of awards to games from the previous year. Nintendo actually took home quite a few awards for their titles. Check out the list of Nintendo-related winners below, as well as a live-stream recording of the full event.

Game of the Year

- Smash Bros. Ultimate/Monster Hunter World

Excellence Award

- Octopath Traveler//Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Dragon Quest Builders 2/Pokémon Let’s Go!

Rookie Award

- Octopath Traveler

Best Game Music Award

- Octopath Traveler

Character of the Year

- Kirby


- Masahiro Sakurai

Dragon Quest: Your Story debut trailer released

My story?

Dragon Quest: Your Story is a 3D CG movie that was announced back in Feb. 2019. The film is based on Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Dragon Quest: Your Story will see release in Japan on Aug. 2nd, 2019. No plans for an NA/EU release have been announced at this time.

Thanks to Sdsichero for the heads up!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 - another round of PAX East gameplay

Combining both RPG and crafting gameplay together, players gather materials to create things like weapons, buildings, and even entire towns. With the help of the mysterious Malroth and other villagers, players will explore large islands, find quests, and battle monsters and bosses scattered around the world. Those who own the original DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS on their Nintendo Switch system can craft the Legendary Builder’s outfit and the Dragonlord’s Throne. DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 launches for Nintendo Switch on July 12.

Check out English gameplay from Dragon Quest Builders 2

The quest for localization

We've seen plenty of footage from the Japanese version of Dragon Quest Builders 2, which is what makes the video above so special. Square-Enix is showing of the English build of Dragon Quest Builders 2 at PAX East, and now we finally get a look at the localization!

Dragon Quest Builders 2's "Aquarium Pack" DLC now available in Japan (videos, screens, and art)

Feelin fishy

Check out more screens here

Square-Enix has released the 'Aquarium Pack' DLC for Dragon Quest Builders 2 in Japan. If you want a recap on what the content provides, you can get the full details here.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S live-stream presentation shows new gameplay, talks voice actors, new features, and more

Another heaping helping of info

Square-Enix held their second live-stream feature for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age, and it provided a host of new gameplay and details. Check out timestamps for the video below, as well as a round-up of information.


19:50 to 20:32 – Booga, Masked Martial Arts Tournament Announcer, and Indignus voice samples
25:08 to 26:06 – Queen Marina, Grand Master Pang, and Don Ridrigo voice samples
42:00 to 48:57 – 3D Gameplay
49:07 to 51:55 – 2D Gameplay
52:09 to 54:45 – New Features Gameplay
1:00:57 to 1:06:15 – Vince Boss Battle Gameplay

Latest Voice Actor Announcements

Protagonist (Baby) (Cry) – Touma Saito (Ayumi Tsunematsu’s son)
Kai (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)
Booga (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)
Masked Martial Arts Tournament Announcer (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi)
Indignus (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi)
Queen Marina (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka)
Grand Master Pang (voiced by Ayumi Tsunematsu)
Don Rodrigo (voiced by Akio Ootsuka)
The Sultan of Gallopolis (voiced by Shigeru Chiba)
Avarith (voiced by Ryuusei Nakao)
Yggdragon (voiced by Keiko Han)
Tyriant (voiced by Norio Wakamoto)
Homirin (voiced by Yuka Ozaki)
The Seer (voiced by Miina Tominaga)

Additional New Features

Party members will follow you on the field.
You can talk directly to party members without opening the menu.
You can change the music from Orchestra to Synthesizer at any point by going to the sound settings in the menu.
You can dash with the ZR button.
By using the new “Horse Bell” item, you can call your horse at any time.
You can now gain experience points when your horse knocks away an enemy on the field.
You can change the battle speed to “Normal,” “Fast,” or “Really Fast.”
The quests from the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI in which you visit the worlds of past Dragon Quest titles will be included in the Switch version, but not without changes.

Voice Drama Downloadable Content

The following is a message from Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii, who was unable to appear on the program due to poor health:

“Thanks to everyone who made their voice heard, Dragon Quest XI S is being made to dive deeper into the story. And new story is also being added that allows you to experience each character as the protagonist. Through the unexpected sides of these characters and previously untold stories, I hope that you can be able to appreciate each character even more. I wanted everyone to further enjoy the drama of those characters, so I am actually making something as additional downloadable content. That something is a ‘voice drama.’ I would like to share more details now, but I should be able to share new information in June.”

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S Japanese live-stream set for March 27th, 2019

New gameplay and more to be featured

Square-Enix has announced a second Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S live-stream broadcast for Japan. This one takes place on March 27th, 2019, and will include the entire voice cast for the game, alongside some of the dev team. This presentation is going to focus in on showing some gameplay for the content that was featured in the last Nintendo Direct.

Dragon Quest Builders 2's "Aquarium Pack" DLC hits Japan on March 28th, 2019

Seems fishy

As announced last week, Square-Enix hosted a special Dragon Quest Builders 2 live-stream event to give a look at the Aquarium Pack DLC. The pack is due out March 28th, 2019, and the full details on what's included can be found below.

■ DLC Pack No. 2: Aquarium Pack

Catch fish! Then build an aquarium with the fish you catch!

Tsuriru Island

Your fishing journey begins on Tsuriru Island, where you can clear quests, fish, and build aquariums. (You can go to Tsuriru Island after bringing the chicken to Vacant Island by accepting and clearing the request “Let’s Build a Water Path” from Lulu, then reading a certain letter that arrives at the post.)

Build an Aquarium

The fish you catch in various locations can be released in the water, and new blocks capable of building an aquarium will appear. Island inhabitants will also fish.

Marine Look

By clearing a quest on Tsuriru Island, you can change your appearance to a more marine-like look.

List of Fish

Neon tetra
Blue betta
Red betta
Crucian carp
Blue hanagoi
Pink hanagoi
Horse mackere
Striped beakfish
Righteye flounder
Koi carp
Colored carp
Rainbow trout
Blue Tang
Olive flounder
Ocean sunfish
Chambered nautilus
King salmon
Manta ray
Whale shark

Fishing rod
Modern bathing suit

Summer wheat straw
Prim ponytail
Cue ponytail
Ruffian mask
Walls, Floors, and Stairs

Polka dot walls
Fish-tank netting
Decorative Furniture

Fish charcoal grill
Sashimi morimorioke
Sea monument
Lava stone
Water plant
Red water plant
Coral pillar
Sea anemone
White sea anemone
Black sea anemone
Purple sea anemone
Pink sea anemonne
Red sea anemone
Yellow sea anemone
Green sea anemone
Blue sea anemone
Consumable Items

Grilled squid
Sashimi morimori
Grilled porgy
Marlin steak*
Goosefish stew*
Smoked salmon*
Sheet music to go to the sea
*Eating these items make it easier to move underwater.

New Materials Island: Bukubuku Island

By clearing the main story scenario, as well as the quests of Tsuriru Island, you will be able to go to the new Materials Island, Bukubuku Island.

It seems that rare marine life can be caught there… (Infinite material acquisition check events do not occur here.)

■ March 28 Update (Separate from Add-On)

Increased the maximum number of residents on Vacant Island’s reclaimed land to 60 people.
Use Builder Hearts to obtain items.
Added setting entries for glass and water, including water transparency (dark, regular, light) and glass positioning (with or without).
When you eat specific items, you can move more easily underwater.
Several “Reclamation Recipe” requirements have been made easier.
You can go to Reclamation Island in multiplayer.
Sardines have become crucian carps.
Bug fixes.