Dragon Quest Builders 2 producer busy with his next project

Dragon Quest Builders producer Takuma Shiraishi claims to be working on something new. He basically states to ''Please wait a little longer until the announcement''. At this point, it is unsure if this new project will come to Nintendo Switch or any other platform for that matter.

Dragon Quest: Your Story set to hit Netflix on Feb. 13th, 2020

Your next quest starts soon

Back at the start of the month, eagle-eyed Netflix fans noticed that Dragon Quest: Your Story had a listing on the service. While many though the Square-Enix film would forever be stuck in Japan, it quickly became clear that a Netflix deal had been struck. The only thing we didn't know was when to expect the film, as the listing didn't include that info.

Today we learn that the film is going to be up to watch in less than a month. If you have a Netflix account, you can pop in to watch Dragon Quest: Your Story on Feb. 13th, 2020.

Dragon Quest X 'Version 5.1' intro video

All sorts of fun in Version 5.1

Dragon Quest X is getting a major Version 5.1 update on Jan. 29th, 2020. We went over the details for that update a few days back, but now we have a trailer to showcase what's to come. See everything Version 5.1 has to offer in the video intro above.

Dragon Quest X - game updated to version 5.1

Dragon Quest X, the MMORPG available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch in Japan, has been updated to version 5.1.0. There have huge changes made, which were translated by Japanese Nintendo and BlackKite. There are new locales, characters and a whole bunch of features. A fun surprise is Great Demon King Madesagora's grandson, Peperogora, who is more much an artist than a ruler.

Check out the post here!

Dragon Quest XI poll reveals Sylvando as the most popular character overseas, and much more

Sylvando is definitely the best!

Famitsu recently held a poll about Dragon Quest XI S, and they opened the questions to those overseas. The poll results are now in, and over 2,000 responses came in. Most responses were from men, and came from the 20-29 and 30-39 age groups.
In all, half of the replies came from players who had played the PS4, PC, or 3DS version, and a half came from Switch players.

Check all other Dragon Quest titles you have played

- Dragon Quest I(Dragon Warrior):1323
- Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King:1186
- Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride:1039
- Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past(Dragon Warrior VII):1029
- Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation:1006
- Dragon Quest IX:995

Check all elements you have enjoyed in the game

- Characters:4029
- Story:3894
- Combat system:3741
- Exploration:3511
- Character build:3347
- Voice of characters:3258
- Side quests:2767
- Camping:2552
- Music:2505
- Mini games:2082

Which character is your favorite if you have to choose one?

- Sylvando:1156
- Erik:774
- Jade: 606
- Veronica: 506
- The Luminary: 289
- Hendrick: 280
- Serena: 237
- Rab: 152

Dragon Quest: Your Story to see international release via Netflix

Dragon Quest goes worldwide

We found out recently that Level-5 was releasing their Ni no Kuni movie via Netflix worldwide, and now we see that Square-Enix is doing the same. Dragon Quest: Your Story, a theatrical movie that hit Japan over the Summer, is now going to see release worldwide via Netflix. The movie has a basic landing page on Netflix right now, but no specific date is tied to the release yet.

Dragon Quest XII began development in 2019

Release won't be for a while...

Development for the highly anticipated 12th entry in the Dragon Quest series has officially been confirmed by creator Yuji Horii. 33 years after the release of the first title in the franchise, production on the game started last year, in 2019. Revealed via a New Year's message on Twitter, you can read the full statement from Yuji Horii below, thanks to JapaneseNintendo and @BlackKite!

Happy New Year.

Last year we started with publishing the movie Dragon Quest: Your Story, then releasing the Switch version of Dragon Quest 11, the mobile version of DQ Walk, the announcement of The Adventure of Dai anime along with its game adaptation, the production of [DQ]12 and more; even now after 33 years have passed since I made the 1st game, I feel very glad that I can do new challenges like these. Thank you very much to all users who have cheered on Dragon Quest until now, and also to all of the many staff members who have supported me. I don’t know how long I can go on, but I feel like I want to do my best just a little bit more. I hope this year will be an amazing year to everyone. I’m looking forward to work together in this year.

Square-Enix talks about Dragon Quest's Hero making it to Smash Bros. Ultimate

A surprise to everyone

The most recent issue of Nintendo Dream magazine included an interview with Dragon Quest XI S producer Hokuto Okamoto, development director Masato Yagi, and director Takeshi Uchikawa. One focus of the interview is the inclusion of Hero in Smash Bros. Ultimate. You can check out a snippet about the team's reaction to Hero making it into Smash below.

ND: Please tell us your impression on the inclusion of Hero and Dragon Quest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Okamoto: I was quite surprised when I first heard about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s nearly impossible for Dragon Quest characters to appear in other companies’ games. We discussed many ideas, including what we’re doing with DQXI S, such as making each colour a hero of past games. Mr. Sakurai accepted both Nintendo’s direction as well as Square Enix branding, and then got on board. It was a very exciting experience.

Uchikawa: In fact, we received a special request for feedback. I quickly reviewed the material, but personally was impressed with the map being very dynamic. I was impressed at the scale of everything. It fully incorporated various series staples, such as the command selection.

Yagi: I hadn’t played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate yet, but when I saw Hero’s inclusion, I knew I had to get down to it. (laughs)

ND: Mr. Yagi will finally make his debut into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Hero! (laughs)

Yagi: As for how to play, is it difficult to master Hero? I’ve played Super Smash Bros. 64. The things people are doing with Hero is impressive. I’ve considered how to turn a Dragon Quest battle into an action game, but I think this was an amazing opportunity.

Uchikawa: It’s spectacular what Mr. Sakurai can find to include. I learned a lot from this project.

Yagi: I saw Mr. Sakurai in a video showcasing Hero and how he uses him, but it’s probably impossible for me to use him well. That said, I think Hero’s movement and actions are really cool.

Uchikawa: It’s natural because Dragon Quest has never really done such a major cross-over with other franchises. Seeing Hero throw a Poké Ball? That’s a radical image to imagine. (laughs)

ND: Hero talks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – did you attend the audio recording?

Okamoto: I did. Mr. Sakurai really does everything himself, doesn’t he? I made the cues, and we quickly decided what would be used.

Dragon Quest V novel author files criminal complaints against the Dragon Quest: Your Story film team

You slime!

Dragon Quest V novel author Saori Kumi has filed criminal complaints with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department against the production committee of Dragon Quest: Your Story. Kumi says those involved with the film used her work without permission and also changed it, which violates Japan's copyright laws and Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Kumi didn't stop there though, as she also accused the production committee of fraud, a breach of trust, and corporate embezzlement. Those involved with the film are yet to respond to the accusations. It's likely this battle is going to get much uglier before things are solved.

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

Dragon Quest XI S art book sample pages released

A peek at what's inside

Squar-Enix has released a couple previews for the upcoming Dragon Quest XI S art book. As detailed previously, the art book includes a look at various concept art, 3D models, and illustrations for the game. There's also commentary from the dev team included.


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