YouTube cooking sensation "Binging with Babish" making Zelda: Breath of the Wild food next week

Coming from coming from the creator of the YouTube cooking series, Binging with Babish...

Next week's episode is gonna be more involved - it's new territory for me, so I thought I'd float it by you guys and get your thoughts - foods from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some of the dishes sound legit tasty, and for accuracy, I'm gonna be making them all in a big ol' wok over a fire! I even had a custom wok...holder...thing fabricated together (by some Mennonites, I'm in Pennsylvania Dutch country), I'm dropping my firewood and flint at we speak!

I'm a big fan of Babish, and have been subscribed to his YouTube channel quite some time. He has featured food from TV shows and movies thus far, but next week he's venturing into video game territory!

Nintendo's Koizumi on the surprise of Switch's success, comparing Zelda: BotW & Super Mario Odyssey

Coming from Nintendo EPD’s General Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi...

On Switch's success so far:

It’s half expected and half surprising. I always feel a certain amount of confidence in my work, and I imagine a lot of different scenarios. The one that’s come to fruition was one of the better ones I was imagining! We wanted people to have more time to play games.

On comparing the gameplay of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey:

In Breath of the Wild, there’s a very wide open space. There’s a lot of emphasis on seeing a faraway location, and thinking about how you might get there. But in Super Mario Odyssey, the space is more compact. The goals, and the kinds of actions you use, are more about the things that are right in front of you, and how they will interact.

Mario games begin development not with just one idea, but many. You’ll have some ideas from previous projects that you weren’t able to incorporate into the final product, and maybe a few new ideas. Once you put them all together you start to see a little bit of a vision about how the game’s going to look and play as a whole.

Once you have enough of those, you can start to prototype each of those, play them, and see which ones naturally fall out because they don’t fit, or aren’t as much fun. Before long, you have a game concept that is starting to define itself.

Modders working on local two-player hack for Zelda: Breath of the Wild (UPDATE)

UPDATE - We are hearing that this project is actually a fake, and the creators behind it are trying to stir up a bunch of attention on the internet. We'll leave the post here for now, but when we do officially find out if it's a fake, we'll update this post again.

Wish you could play Breath of the Wild with a friend at your side? Apparently you're not the only one. It appears there's a hack in the works for Breath of the Wild on Wii U which will allow you to play locally with another real-life player. The people working on the hack say it most likely won't be fully implemented for another year or so.

Zing Pop Culture releasing electronic Legend of Zelda ocarina

- has two modes
- free play will let you use it like an instrument
- song mode lets you play the songs from the game
- includes a song booklet
- due out Oct/Nov in Australia/New Zealand

I don't think I've ever needed something more in my entire life! Thanks to Nightram for the heads up!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Playing baseball with a Bokoblin

I had no idea you could do this. I've had plenty of rocks thrown at me, but I never knew you could smack them back. How many of you knew this?

Fan-Art: Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple - A 360° interactive video

In the video above, you can actually click and drag to see all different perspectives. I've seen this idea used before in other videos, but this implementation is really something special! Thanks to Peter for the heads up!