More details on 7-Eleven's Pokemon Sword and Shield campaign

Clear file offer

As we mentioned earlier today, 7-Eleven Japan is running an exclusive campaign for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This campaign will give customers who purchase two eligible Pouch Gelatins an original Pokemon A5 Clear File. There are 5 designs to choose from, and each 7-Eleven location will receive 40 clear files.

Official Pikachu and Eevee 'room shoes' releasing in Japan

Slip these babies on

Japanese company Small Planet, which recently released a series of Pokemon-themed hats for cats and dogs, are now offering up something for humans. The company has revealed Pikachu and Eevee 'room shoes,' which are due out in Japan before the month ends, and each pair costs 2,500 yen.

Nintendo reconfirms that you'll need a Switch Online membership for Pokemon Sword and Shield online features

If you want to play online, pay up

In the last couple of days, some Pokemon Sword and Shield fans were holding into hope that you would be able to access online features for the game without a Switch Online membership. This was due to some wording on the Pokemon Sword and Shield website, which mentioned "an in-game purchase option for users who do not have a membership." Nintendo has now stepped in to clarify what that blurb means. The following statement comes from a spokesperson for Nintendo of America, as provided to TechRadar.

"As stated on the Game Store pages for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games at www.nintendo.com, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the games’ online features. The games include an in-game option to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership for those who do not already have one."

Play! Pokémon Rules and Regulations Updated for Fall 2019

Gotta play by the rules

The Play! Pokémon rules and regulations are periodically reviewed to maintain competitive balance in the Championship Series. The documents have been updated to reflect the latest review in autumn 2019. Pokémon TCG and video game players and Professors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the latest rules and regulations ahead of their next competition.

We'll continue to follow the events of the season and review the documents at regular intervals. Check back here at Pokemon.com for notices of when documents have been updated.

Good luck, Trainers!

Shiny Lunala and Shiny Solgaleo available from select retailers in Greece

I'm walking on Sun (and Moon) shine!

Other countries have already been given an opportunity to receive Shiny Lunala and Shiny Solgaleo in Pokémon (Ultra) Sun or Pokémon (Ultra) Moon, but now it's Greece's time to shine.

Both of the legendary Pokémon will be available from select retailers until November 15th. To receive your corresponding Pokémon (Lunala in Pokémon Sun/Ultra Sun & Solgaleo in Pokémon Moon/Ultra Moon), just ask for a download code at one of these listed retailers:

Seven, Public, Media Markt, Game Explorers, Console Club, Astron DVD Club, Gamescom, Gameland, Power User, Inspot Creta, E-paideia and Met Net.

Thanks to cassiel for the heads up!

Pokemon GO seeing update to Ver. 0.159.0 (Android) / Ver. 1.125.0 (iOS)

A new update for Pokemon GO is currently making its way around the world. This update, which is Ver. 0.159.0 (Android) / Ver. 1.125.0 (iOS), adds in a few new bits of content. Check out the patch notes below.

- adds new content related to Team GO Rocket
- adds Galarian Pokémon: Zigzagoon, Linoone, Weezing
- adds option to collapse the Special Research list
- provides various bug fixes

Detective Pikachu DVD/Blu-ray release gets a Japanese promo video

Detective Pikachu is in the case!

Detective Pikachu is hitting both Blu-ray and DVD in Japan on Oct. 30th, 2019. To promote the release, Pokemon Co. has put out a special preview video. Check out the clip above!

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala event announced for Japan

Enjoy, Japan!

The Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala event that we've been talking about recently is making its way to Japan. The campaign kicks off Oct. 26th, 2019 and runs to Nov. 9th, 2019, and will be open to those who have spent over 700¥ and use the special 7-Net app. Within 24 hours, you'll get a choice on whether or not to apply for the Solgaleo/Lunala or a Nanaco code. The codes are then distributed via lottery, with 2 million codes to give out.

Build-a-Bear UK website officially reveals Pichu plush

Pichu arrives!

Welcome Pichu to the Build-A-Bear family! With its happy smile, extra-large ears and embroidered pink cheeks, this Pichu plush makes a small but powerful addition to any Pokémon Trainer's lineup. It's shocking how cute this Electric-type Pokémon looks in its online exclusive bundle which includes a Blue Cape, Repeat Ball Hoodie, 6-in-1 Pichu sound chip and Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pikachu Pokémon TCG Card!

Price includes:

Blue Pichu Cape
Repeat Ball Hoodie
6-in-1 Pichu Sound
Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pickachu Pokémon TCG Card

We learned about the existence of this Build-a-Bear Workshop Pichu plush yesterday, but that was before any images of the product were shared. Now thanks to the UK website for Build-a-Bear, we get a full look at what the plush has to offer. You can also check out a few more accessories for the plush here.

Pokemon GO player shot and killed after witnessing an armed robbery

We are very sad to report that 21-year-old Cayla Campos has been shot and killed after witnessing an armed robbery. Campos was seated in her car during the robery, having just drove to the park with her boyfriend to play Pokemon GO. When Campos saw two individuals commuting an armed robbery against someone in another car, she started to speed away. The individuals opened fire, and hit Campos in the neck as she was driving away. Campos was taken to the hospital, but died shortly thereafter.


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