New line of Pokemon PEZ dispensers seeing release

Does anyone actually eat the candy?

PEZ has revealed that a new line of officially-licensed Pokemon PEZ dispensers are going to see release soon. The lineup is set to launch by May 10th, 2019, and includes Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Looks like everyone is eager to cash in on the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie!

More Pokemon Snugly Plush dolls on the way

Doubling down on cuteness

Takara Tomy has already released one wave of Pokemon Snugly Plush dolls, and it seems the launch was a hit. The company has revealed that a second wave is on the way, and it includes Rowlet, Litten, Poppilo, Alolan Vulpix, Lillie, and Mew. This line of plush dolls launches in Japan on June 27th, 2019.

Pokemon Co. president spotted at Pokemon GO Safari Zone Sentosa

Presidents need to have fun too

Junichi Masuda wasn't the only big-name Pokemon-related person who visited Singapore this weekend. Fans noticed that none other than Pokemon Co. president Tsunekazu Ishihara had dropped in on the Pokemon GO Safari Zone Sentosa event. He was spotted with his phone in-hand, so it looks like he was not only checking in for work purposes, but having some fun with Pokemon GO as well!

Detective Pikachu Original Soundtrack now available to preorder

Music to solve crimes to

Will the Detective Pikachu soundtrack be any good? Just like the movie, that remains to be seen. That said, if you're feeling extra confident about the film's score, you can go ahead and preorder the Original Soundtrack album right now through Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. It's priced at $12, and includes the following tracks.

- Mewtwo Awakes 01:19
- Catching a Cubone 02:05
- Bad News 01:17
- Howard Clifford 00:56
- Ryme City 02:11
- A Key to the Past 02:06
- Aipom Attacks 01:58
- On the Case 01:26
- Childhood Memories 01:42
- Buddies 01:08
- The Interrogation of Mr. Mime 01:53
- The Roundhouse 01:50
- Pikachu vs. Charizard 03:06
- Embrace 03:07
- Digging Deeper 03:55
- Unauthorized Access 03:38
- Greninja & Torterra 02:59
- The Forest of Healing 03:53
- Shock to the System 01:19
- Save the City 01:07
- True Colors 02:11
- Merge to One 02:08
- Game On 01:05
- Ditto Battle 02:26
- Howard Unplugged 02:35
- Epiphany 02:23
- Together 02:20

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo gets a Detective Pikachu makeover

Quite the promo art!

We've been covering all sorts of Detective Pikachu advertising around the world. There have been billboards, posters, digital signs, and more. Today we get a look at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, which has been updated with a major piece of art right outside the store. Warner Bros. and Pokemon Co. are definitely out to make sure people know the movie is coming soon!

Junichi Masuda visits Pokemon Center Singapore

A special visitor arrives!

Looks like the speculation from earlier was spot-on. Junichi Masuda did take some time during his trip to Singapore to check out the just-opened Pokemon Center Singapore. We mentioned that the store has been experiencing lines that kept customers waiting over 2 hours just to get inside. Something tells us Masuda didn't have to wait in line.

Pokemon Center Singapore opens to two-hour lines

Better clear out your schedule

Pokemon Center Singapore opened a few days back, and it's been an absolutely massive hit so far. Believe it or not, people have been waiting upwards of 2 hours just to get into the store! You have to wonder if Pokemon Co. was expecting such a warm welcome from the public! Hopefully things normalize a bit as the month rolls on.

New Pikachu mascot suits with light-up tails appear at Pokemon GO Safari Zone Sentosa

Pokemon Co. cooked up something extra special for the very first Pokemon GO Safari Zone in Singapore. A special Pokemon mascot routine was put together, and it included brand-new suits! These mascot suits included tales that lit up with bright neon colors. Furthermore, the tails' light show was actually synced to the music playing during the routine!

Times Square gets a Detective Pikachu makeover

Part of the city beautification project

Times Square always has all kinds of advertising plastered in and around it, but now it's looking a bit more classy with a nice chunk of Detective Pikachu advertising! I think this clearly proves that Warner Bros. is really pushing hard for the film, as advertising in Times Square does not come cheap!

Get a much better look at Burger King's Detective Pikachu toys

They all smell like grease

Burger King recently started giving out Detective Pikachu toys with their BK Jr. meals, and we've shared a few pics of the lineup. Today we have something much better! Check out the video above to get an up-close-and-personal look at the entire series of toys.