Pokemon Co. teams with Japan's Chubu Centruair International Airport for a Spring Fair campaign

- collaboration between Japan’s Chubu Centruair International Airport and The Pokemon Company
- a Pokemon Spring Fair campaign kicks off on March 21st, and runs to April 8th, with 2 different events
- Pokemon Walk Stamp Rally: Collect stamps from 4 different Pokemon locations throughout the airport and receive an original A4 clear file

Max Games releasing Pikachu and Poké Ball Joy-Con pouches in Japan late-April

Looking for a way to carry around your Switch Joy-Cons and other goodies with a bit of Pokemon flair? Max Games has got you covered with these Pikachu and Poke Ball Joy-Con pouches, which are going to release in Japan sometime in late April. No specific release date, but we'll certainly let you know when import retailers have them up for grabs.

Malaysia - Cadbury reveals 7-Eleven-exclusive Dairy Milk Lickables, which include Pokemon toys

Exclusive to 7-Eleven locations in Malaysia, Cadbury is releasing Dairy Milk Lickables that come with a special Pokemon toy inside. Man, talk about an item that's going to be hard for collectors to get a hold of. I wonder if there will be any retailers to import this item.

Grab the Detective Pikachu 3DS theme at multiple retailers

There's still time to get yourself the special Detective Pikachu theme for 3DS before the game launches. You'll have to grab a preorder to get the code, but the good news is, there are now even more retailers offering the theme. Plop down some cash at Gamestop, Best Buy, or Amazon in North America, GAME in the UK, or by the eShop in North America & Europe, and you'll get your bonus theme code.

Pokemon GO - Version 0.95.3 datamined (Spinda, quest hints, attributes, and more)

- new species has been discovered: Spinda
- Spindas are said to have unique spot pattern
- 8 variants have been added to the species dictionary
- the move Frenzy Plant was added, alongside its visual effects
- move Weather Ball has been added
- Weather Ball is a normal type move, but will change its type depending on the weather
- the following conditions were mentioned:


- one mention of quests was added: ACTIVITY_CATCH_QUEST_POKEMON_ENCOUNTER
- it appears that at least some quests may involve catching Pokemon
- the game will now recognize this event as relating to a current quest
- new POI management system has appeared
- this is a tool to submit the points of interest that power POKESTOPS in Pokemon GO and `portals` in Ingress
- the attributes the system collects are:

Long description
Image Serving URL

- points of interest also appear to have two states: COMPLETED and COMPLETED_AND_REASSIGNED
- there are various error states, hinting at a review and perhaps even a delegation process
- many large changes and additions now appear reflecting the new ability of the app to ingest and link Facebook and Google
- its now possible due to what appears to be a new central authentication component of Niantic’s making
- re-written some of the account banning code
- new attribute appeared which tracks the number of kilometers walked in the past day
- new attributes EVENTQUICKMOVE and EVENTCINEMATICMOVE have now appeared
- the following attributes have appeared, hinting at a new bonus multiplier:


South Korea - Lotteria releasing line of Pokemon snow globes

South Korean fast food chain Lotteria has announced that a new round of Pokemon Snow Globes are set to release from March 20th to April 19th, 2018. The design above is one of four that will be released, but specifics of when and how much they cost is yet to be revealed.

Another look at the life-sized, 24 karat gold Pikachu

We've already had a post looking at the 24 karat gold Pikachu at the Captivation’s Radiance: Gold Exhibition at Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East, but now we have a few more pics. This sucker could be yours if you're willing to shell out a cool $1,500 bucks. Check out more pics here.

Pokken Tournament DX - Blastoise footage

Looks like Blostoise had some plastic surgery done. His legs and arms are a bit longer, and a bit skinnier. I guess concessions had to be made to add him into this game, but it certainly looks a bit strange!

Detective Pikachu - more character art and screens

Looking to check out some more screens and art for the upcoming Detective Pikachu? The Japanese website has been updated with various character art, as well as some new screens. Hit up both links below to have a look.

More screens and character art here and here

Man attacks Pokemon GO players with tire iron after a gym battle dispute

Have you ever gotten into a heated argument about Pokemon GO? How did you settle it? You probably removed yourself from the situation, or talked things out with the others involved. That's not the case with the men above, who were attacked by another Pokemon GO player.

It seems the assailant was agitated when someone took over the Pokemon GO gym he had grabbed for himself. The assailant was so enraged that he got out of his car and wandered over to two people who he suspected were playing, and berated them for a bit before attacking. He was brandishing a tire iron, but thankfully never actually hit anyone with it. That said, he did land a couple punches with his fist.

The assailant, who says he suffers from mental health issues, has been charged with assault and malicious mischief.