Latest Pokemon GO Community Day causes huge crowds in Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Singapore

While Pokemon GO was always doing ridiculously well, it really seems like millions of people are coming back to the game. Scenes like the ones above are definitely reminiscent of the early days of Pokemon GO. It's fantastic to see so many people still enjoying the game! I guess there are a ton of Beldum fans out there!

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us - Full Trailer

For a group of strangers, fortunes can change like the wind! Stop what you’re doing, Trainers: here’s the full theatrical trailer for Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us! Don’t miss your chance to grab tickets from Fathom Events!

Pokemon Go - Halloween 2018 plans officially detailed

Niantic has officially revealed their upcoming Pokemon Go Halloween 2018 plans. Starting today, the following Pokemon and updates will become available:

- Many Ghost-type Pokémon including the introduction of more Generation IV Pokémon into the game (including Drifloon and Skunky).

- Wild Drifloon will have a chance of being Shiny.

- Raid Battles will contain Giratina until November 20th.

- A set of special research quests will be made available for those that wish to obtain a Spiritomb.

- Players will now be rewarded with Double Candy for each Pokemon they catch.

RUMOR - Pokemon Go 2018 Halloween event details revealed

A recent Tweet has suggested that the following data will soon become available in Pokemon Go in order to promote this year's in-game Halloween festivities. The following additions are as follows:

The following event items are planned to be added:

– backpack, shirt & hat gengar
– hat drifloon
– shirt drifblim
– hat mismagius
– shirt spiritomb

The following event quests are planned to be added:

– Catch x Poochyena or Houndour
– Catch x Dark-type Pokémon
– Catch x Ghost-type Pokémon
– Evolve x Duskull or Shuppet
– Transfer x Pokémon

Pokemon Shuffle - content update for Oct. 23rd, 2018

- cycle continues the Escalation Battle from last week
- Ultra Challenge Stage is a stage for Tapu Koko
- Great Challenge Stages are Shiny Charizard, Omastar, Breloom, Piplup (Winking) & Zekrom
- Daily Pokémon are Fan Rotom, Frost Rotom, Heat Rotom, Wash Rotom & Mow Rotom
- One Chance Per Day stage for Jellicent (Female)
- Competitive stage for Mega Pinsir
- Pokémon Safari containing Burmy Trash Cloak, Deerling, Morelull, Venonat, Sawsbuck, Shiinotic, Pikachu (Angry), Venomoth, Wormadam Trash Cloak & Wimpod

Build-a-Bear Workshop to release Piplup plush

I think even the most cold-hearted, Pokemon-hating person can admit that this Piplup plush from Build-a-Bear Workshop is insanely cute. I mean, just look at it! How can you say no to that face?! We don't have full details on the launch date for this Piplup plush yet, but we'll certainly bring you that info once it becomes available.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Pokemon GO hits #1 on iOS top grossing chart in the U.S. for Oct. 21st, 2018


Once again, proof that Pokemon GO is still kicking butt. For the first time since August, Pokemon GO has hit the #1 spot on the Top Grossing iOS charts in the iOS app store. Not only are people playing tons of Pokemon GO, they're also spending a bunch of money as well!

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee exhibition set up in Tokyo's Shinjuku station

The Pokemon Company continues with their Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee promotions with an exhibition at Tokyo’s Shinjuku station today. The installation is set up for fans to swing by and take pictures with. It will be available until Oct. 28th, 2018.

Pokemon GO celebrating Bidoof Appreciation Day

Looks like Niantic is putting together some Pokemon Appreciation Days for Pokemon GO, and they're kicking things off with Bidoof. Are you a fan of Bidoof? Get out there and take some pictures of Bidoof in Pokemon GO, and send them out with #BidoofDay today!

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee - Switch News Channel Trailer

Take your Pokémon™ journey to the Kanto region with your energetic partner, Pikachu, to become a top Pokémon Trainer as you battle other trainers.