Final Fantasy gets its own sake in Japan

I'm straight-edge, which means I'm a complete idiot when it comes to alcohol. I'll do my best to explain what we're looking at here!

Sake maker Kokuryu has teamed up with Square-Enix to put out an official Final Fantasy sake. Kokuryu ages its daiginjo sake (sake with a rice polishing ratio of under 50 percent) at below zero temperatures, which apparently makes for something quite delicious. This Final Fantasy sake has a polishing ratio of 40 percent, meaning 60 percent of the grain was milled away. The rice grain in this instance is Yamada Nishiki, which is supposed to be some top-tier rice.

As you can probably guess, the artwork on the package comes from Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, who has created yet another beautiful piece of art. This Final Fantasy sake hits January 29th, 2019 in Japan, and will cost 5,400 yen ($47.59).

Ascend from the depths of a neon nightmare on Jan. 17th, 2019 with Octahedron on Switch

London, UK (December 14, 2018) – Square Enix Collective® is pleased to have another game joining its Nintendo Switch™ line-up as vibrant platformer Octahedron: Transfixed Edition launches on January 17, 2019.

Soon to be available on the go, Octahedron launched on Steam, Xbox™ One and PlayStation™ 4 in March this year. A free demo for the game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch from December 28 and will be available for pre-purchase with a 25% discount for 20 days (28th Dec – 16th Jan).

Octahedron is a psychedelic neon action platformer in which the player defies gravity by pulling platforms from thin air, while surfing through its levels to a driving beat. The game's soundtrack, a vibrant array of uplifting and atmospheric tunes, from chiptune trance over synthwave to progressive house, has been turning heads since its original release! It features music by Chipzel, André Sobota, Monomirror, and others. With subtly evolving rhythm elements, Octahedron encourages players to get into the flow of its hypnotizing beats.

Phil Elliott, director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix Ltd, was unavailable for a quote as he has been fully absorbed into the world of Veetragoul, and does not currently have a mouth because his head has been replaced by an Octahedron.

"I'm super excited to be bringing Octahedron to the Nintendo Switch! It is such an amazing fit for the platform. I spent a lot of extra time adding special content to this new edition of the game!" said Marco Guardia, creator of Octahedron.

Octahedron is already available on Steam for £9.99/$12.99/€12.99, on Xbox One for £9.99/$12.99/€12.99, and PlayStation 4 for £9.99/$12.99/€12.99.

The game will launch on Nintendo Switch on January 17, 2019 for £9.99/$12.99/€12.99.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 - another batch of screens

Check out more here

The corrupt cleric Hargon and the God of Destruction Malroth were defeated, and a short period of peace came upon the world. However, the threat of the “Hargon Order” was reemerging upon the world! The Hargon Order, which plans to destroy the world, was trying to eradicate the Builders, whose power to build things make them an enemy in the Order’s eyes.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 - framerate test (demo)

There's certainly a lot going on in Dragon Quest Builders 2, but can the Switch handle it all? Check out this framerate test that showcases gameplay from the recently-released demo in Japan.

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!'s Japanese release date pushed back

Looks like there's been somewhat of a sizable delay for Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! in Japan. Square-Enix has moved the game's Winter release period to a more generic 2019 timeframe. Hopefully the game doesn't fall too far out of Winter. We'll bring you new info on the release plans when Square-Enix has more to share.

Dragon Quest creator laments the series' popularity in the West, praises Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and talks about the series' future

Yuji Horii recently held a keynote speech at the Cedec+Kyushu 2018 event, and he talked about all sorts of things Dragon Quest related. Check out some of the more interesting tidbits below.

- Horii would like the series to be more popular in the West
- he regrets that they didn't release the older games in the series outside Japan sooner
- he believes this resulted in the situation now, where most non-Japanese people are unfamiliar with Dragon Quest
- one of the reasons why the games didn’t release is due to the scripts taking too long to translate
- Dragon Quest games were made in a way so players never think “I don’t know what to do”
- Horii also says letting players do whatever they want can be a good choice as well
- he cited The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild as an example of how going off the game’s rails can be a lot of fun

At the end of the event, Horii was also asked when people can expect to learn about Dragon Quest XII. Here's exactly what Horii said in response.

I already thought up some of the keywords the game will be about, but I can’t reveal anything for now. I know XI is particularly appreciated for its scenario, so for the next game I might include tricks related to the game system instead. People striving to make their dreams come true will probably be one of the themes in the game. But XII is still many years ahead, so, for now, you should play Dragon Quest Builders 2 which is coming out soon.

Dragon Quest XI Switch news coming from Jump Festa 2019

We've already reported the Square-Enix lineup for Jump Festa 2019, but we felt this tidbit was worth pointing out separately. Square-Enix is going to host a stage show specifically for Dragon Quest XI on the Switch. This stage presentation will include new details on the game, and will feature the producer, director, and special guests.

Square Enix details Jump Festa 2019 lineup and stage schedule

Jump Festa 2019 takes place from December 22nd to 23rd in Japan, and Square-Enix has just detailed their full lineup for the check. Check out the details below!


Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! (PS4, Switch) – Stage, Trailer
Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4, Switch) – Playable, Stage, Trailer, Present
Dragon Quest Rivals (iOS, Android, PC) – Stage, Trailer, Present
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S (Switch) – Stage
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (PS4, Switch) – Trailer
Hoshi no Dragon Quest
Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, Xbox One) – Photo Spot, Trailer
Romancing Saga Re:Universe (iOS, Android) – Trailer
Tatakae! Dragon Quest Scan Battlers (Arcade) – Playable, Stage, Trailer, Present
Stage Schedule

December 22

12:00 to 12:50 – Dragon Quest Builders 2 Special Extracurricular Lesson at Jump Festa 2019 (YouTube, Niconico)
14:00 to 14:50 – Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S Special Stage S (YouTube, Niconico) – A followup report on the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI with the game’s producer, director, and [S]pecial guests.
15:50 to 16:40 – Hoshi no Dragon Quest Special Stage (YouTube)

December 23

11:45 to 12:45 – Dragon Quest Rivals Jump Festa 2019 Special Stage (YouTube, Niconico)
13:15 to 14:00 – Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Special Stage (YouTube, Niconico)
15:30 to 16:45 – Tatakae! Dragon Quest: Scan Battlers Japan’s Strongest Scan Battler Finals Stage (YouTube)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 - latest promo video

The corrupt cleric Hargon and the God of Destruction Malroth were defeated, and a short period of peace came upon the world. However, the threat of the “Hargon Order” was reemerging upon the world! The Hargon Order, which plans to destroy the world, was trying to eradicate the Builders, whose power to build things make them an enemy in the Order’s eyes.