Mario Kart Tour - Yoshi Tour footage

The Yoshi Tour is now live in Mario Kart Tour! Check out what Yoshi has to offer in the gameplay above.

Mario Kart Tour "Yoshi Tour" now live, launch trailer shared

It's Yoshi's time to shine

Mario Kart Tour has been updated with the Yoshi Tour, which runs from today until April 21st, 2020. This tour features newly added courses and challenges.

'Yoshi Tour' being added to Mario Kart Tour on April 8th, 2020

Yoshi's coming in hot

Nintendo has announced that Mario Kart Tour is getting updated on April 8th, 2020 with the 'Yoshi Tour.' As with other tours, this will include new tracks and challenges. It's likely there will be some alternate characters as well, but that remains to be seen.

Nintendo TOKYO selling new round of Yoshi merch


Nintendo TOKYO has gotten in a new round of Yoshi merch for fans to scoop up. The new selection includes Yoshi’s Chocolate Crunch, which includes Yoshi Cookies and an egg-shaped card for ¥1,320, and a Yoshi Oven Mitt and Pot Stand combo.

Target accidentally sells Yoshi's Crafted World digital codes for $1

Talk about a steal!

We're not quite sure how it happened, but Target had a major hiccup on their website roughly an hour ago. For whatever reason, Yoshi's Crafted World digital codes were being sold for just $1. Obviously people jumped on the offer like crazy, and plenty of people actually snagged the deal. When the offer started getting a major influx of traffic, Target must have caught on to the mistake, and fixed the listing. Some people had their order go through, only to be cancelled a few hours later.

To the ones who actually snagged this deal and didn't get a cancellation, congrats! You got one of the best Switch deals we've seen yet!

Latest Super Nintendo World construction pic shows Yoshi and Goombas being put into place

Things are looking great!

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is moving right along, and now we're getting to some exciting stuff. While the picture is grainy, you can see that both Yoshi and a tower of Goombas are being put into place. Things are really coming together! We should see all kinds of characters running around the landscape in the next few months.

"The Making of Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island" mini-doc

In this episode, focused on Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, we look at Nintendo's EAD team and their road through the 16-bit era.

Super Nintendo World's layout for Universal Studios Orlando, Florida revealed

This area is massive!

Thanks to a round of a new round of permits for Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, we have a new look at the layout for the Super Nintendo World part of the park. As you can see, there's Super Mario Land & Yoshi, Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong areas. The Donkey Kong area is the one spot we know the most about, as matching it up with previous artwork and diorama pics shows us that it'll include an inside coaster area, outside coaster area, queue, meet and greet area, gift shop area and interactive elements. All in all, these sections of the park look like they're going to be pretty massive!

Yoshi Canvas Pouch returns to My Nintendo Japan

Yoshi's back!

The Yoshi Canvas Pouch was a very hot item on the My Nintendo Japan store. The pouch sold out pretty much as soon as it hit the service, leading to it being out-of-stock for 3 months. Thankfully the item has ifnally returned, and can be picked up for 300 Platinum Points and ¥550 domestic shipping.

Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 pays tribute to Yoshi's Island

Hey, I get that reference!

Gwenpool Strikes Back is an absolutely wild comic series that follows Gwenpool on an insane 4th wall-breaking adventure. She's been jumping in and out of comic universes, spouting dialog directed at the reader, and referencing real-world franchises that you don't find in Marvel's world.

There have been all sorts of gaming references in the three issues of Gwenpool Strikes Back so far, but the latest issue features a full-page tribute to Yoshi's Island. There's no mistaking that title and visual! That logo also happens to appear in multiple other pages, but the one above where it's first introduced in all its glory. Looks like the writers have great taste in games!


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