Play Nintendo - Yoshi's Pudding Mystery - Ep. 1 - Frizzy’s Silly amiibo Theater

Blue Yarn Yoshi’s pudding has mysteriously disappeared! Who could have taken it? Join Mario and Princess Peach in helping their blue friend track down the mysterious pudding thief.

IGN - Nintendo says Yoshi Switch is making "really good progress," expect an update on the game later this year

Yoshi Switch wasn't part of Nintendo's E3 2018 showcase, and we know that the game has been pushed back to 2019. Should we start to worry about the title? In an IGN interview, Nintendo's Bill Trinen says things are going quite well for the game.

"It's actually been making really good progress. They decided they wanted to make some improvements, so they're going to take just a little bit more time on it and that's why we're not showing it this year at the show, but I think you can look forward to some updates on it later in 2018."

Nintendo explains how Yoshi's Island got its iconic look

Super Mario World fans did not expect the game's follow-up to have such a different approach to gameplay, as well as a completely different visual style. How exactly did that come about? Nintendo's Hisashi Nogami gave Kotaku the skinny on the situation.

“I was actually an artist on the Yoshi’s Island team myself. The person who was my supervisor at the time, who was leading the artwork side of things, Mr. [Shigefumi] Hino, said, ‘Why don’t we try to do this hand-drawn style this time?’ We did a number of trials where we’d think, okay, let’s do some actual hand-drawn drawings, scan those, and then figure out how we can take these scanned images and turn them into Super Nintendo graphics.

After repeating that process a number of times, we kind of hit on a way we could take these scanned-in images and use what was in our head during the process of drawing them and what we were seeing on the page to actually get them on screen and keep them looking like hand-drawn images.

What that involves is, when we made images for the Super Nintendo, we’re actually filling in spaces. In this case it was a pixel at a time, basically to match the scanned image we’d hand drawn, and carefully fill them in to make sure they still looked like that. It was kind of like I had a hand-drawing rendering engine in my head that was guiding my hand while I was filling in pixels, to make sure they looked that way.”

Nintendo confirms Yoshi Switch's delay to 2019

The Switch eShop listing for Yoshi Switch showed the game as being bumped to 2019, but some held out hope that the Nintendo.com listing was correct, which still showed 2018. Unfortunately that's not the case, as Nintendo has officially confirmed that the game has been pushed to 2019. No word on when in 2019 the game will see release.

Switch eShop now lists Yoshi Switch as a 2019 game

Not really a big surprise here, considering what we've heard from Nintendo themselves today. While no one confirmed a 2019 release in an interview, the Switch eShop has now bumped the Yoshi Switch release date to 2019. It's worth noting that the Nintendo.com page still shows 2018.

Yoshi Switch not at E3 2018, updates coming later this year

Some people noticed that Yoshi Switch was nowhere to be seen during Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct. Turns out the game isn't at E3 2018 at all. Nintendo's Bill Trinen has said that the game won't be at this year's show, but that updates are coming on the game later this year. No word on whether the game has been pushed out of 2018, but it seems likely.

San-ei Boeki releasing new series of Yoshi plushes

San-ei Boeki has a new line of Yoshi plushes due out this August in Japan. These will be part of the Super Mario All Star Collection Plush range. You'll have green, red, blue, yellow, pink, light blue, orange, purple, white, and black color options to pick from!

Mario Tennis Aces - Yoshi promo video

Yoshi is classified as a "speedy" character in Mario Tennis Aces, able to zip around the court and cause all kinds of chaos with his fluttery feet. Perhaps he'll be the one for you!

Fan-Art: Yoshi's Island tribute using over 136k dominoes

I always find these dominoes tributes interesting, but all I think about is how there's no chance I could ever do anything like this. My cat would knock these over as soon as I put them down. Why does he always have to ruin my fun?!

Yoshi's Island, Final Fight 2, and Seiken Densetsu 3 get the MSU1 audio treatment

Once again, for those who are unfamiliar with MSU1...

MSU1, also named "Media Streaming Unit revision 1", is a homemade enhancement chip made by byuu for the SNES. It allows the SNES to have 4 GB of storage space and CD quality Stereo Audio.

Thanks to Goncalo for the heads up!