Hobonichi reveals their 2020 notebook design

Mr. Saturn front and center

While we might not be getting a new Earthbound game, Shigesato Itoi's Hobonichi company continues to pump out designs based on the franchise. The stationary business has revealed the design of their 2020 notebook, which is a blown-up version of Mr. Saturn's sprite. When this item goes up for sale, we'll be sure to let you know.

Famitsu wants to hear what Earthbound fans want from the franchise

Probably more games

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Earthbound franchise, Famitsu is running a special anniversary survey. They're looking to hear about your favorite characters, memories, music, and more. There's also a question about what fans want to see from the Earthbound series. It's not clear as to whether Famitsu plans to simply publish the survey results, or present it to Earthbound's creator Shigesato Itoi for comment.

With Google Translate, you can make sense of most of the questions. Feel free to check out the survey here.

Earthbound-inspired "Batter's Almanac" 2020 Calendar hits Kickstarter

A date with destiny

Join us again this year to celebrate MOTHER, the Nintendo cult classic video game series, for a full 366 (it's a leap year) days with Batter’s Almanac, a beautifully illustrated 2020 wall calendar. Front, back, inside, and out! This calendar follows last year's successful edition of Batter's Almanac, only with new dates, and art, and stuff! This calendar was created through a collaboration of small, independent artists and fans from all around the globe, inspired by one little game series that came out over 30 years ago.

The gang behind last year's Earthbound-inspired calendar is back yet again, and this time they're looking to fund a 2020 calendar that continues the love for all things Earthbound. The team is looking for just $7,000 to make this calendar a reality, and they're already well on their way. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Shigesato Itoi co-worker says it would be impossible for Itoi to create Mother 4, but they'd be glad if someone else did it

A Mother without Itoi?

Earlier in the week, we mentioned that the most recent issue of Nintendo Dream had a feature on the 30th anniversary of the Mother series. In that feature was an interview with Yasuhiro Nagata, the editor in chief for “Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun,” a website hosted by Shigesato Itoi. In a portion of the interview, a discussion of the potential for Mother 4 comes up. You can see the full discussion below, translated by JapaneseNintendo.

ND: Later after that, the information magazine BRUTUS published a dialogue between Itoi-san and Iwata-san about “MOTHER 4 is not being made”. That was also Nagata-san[‘s doing], right?

Nagata: I was in charge of the interview and its composition. The fact that “MOTHER 4 is not being released” itself has been told here and there, and we’ve always said it

ND: So after that feature came out, you’re not getting asked about it anymore?

Nagata: We get asked. It’s already shaped like a staple; even now we still keep getting asked about MOTHER 4 and the “buried treasure” (laughs)

ND: What is the current answer regarding that?

Nagata: Our stance is that it’s already impossible for Itoi to create it, and we’d be glad if someone else creates it. This has never changed either.


If Mother 4 were to ever happen, and Itoi wasn't involved, what team would you want to take it up? Is there anyone out there you'd consider worthy?

Nintendo Dream magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Mother franchise

Happy Mother Day!

Fans in the states may not have learned about the Mother franchise until Earthbound launched here, but Famicom owners in Japan had already bee long familiar with the series. Believe it or not, its been 30 years since the Mother franchise first debuted. The latest issue of Nintendo Dream pays tribute to the series with a special feature, which is 6 pages long, and takes a look back at the three titles that have been released.

Namco and Nintendo were considering an Earthbound game for the GameCube

This could have been amazing!

Yasuyuki Honne may work at Monolith Soft now, but back in the day he was part of Namco. News of the Iwata-san book coming from Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi gave Honne reason to take to Twitter and share a story involving both Itoi and Iwata from back in the day. According to Honne, the two companies had a pitch session about potentially creating an Earthbound game for the GameCube.

“Looking forward to the Iwata-san book. I met both Iwata-san and Itoi-san in 2003 when Namco and Nintendo were considering to make a GameCube version for Mother (Earthbound). I created a mockup which was showed to Iwata-san. I felt Ito-san wasn’t interested, and suspected so as the conversation continued…

Then Itoi-san said, ‘In any case, perhaps Iwata-kun should come up with the story?’ Everyone in the room gasped. Iwata looked shocked. In the end the conversation drifted, but Itoi-san amused himself with the idea of the ‘felt taste’ that resembled America in the 80s. So this is the picture that I thought would never see the day of light again. My memories of Summer 2003.”

Honne shared the images you see in this post, which were apparently part of the mock-up he put together for the pitch session. Man, what an amazing bit of history to see surface after all these years!

Earthbound creator's company releasing book looking back on Satoru Iwata

R.I.P. Iwata

Japanese journal brand Hobonichi, founded by Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi, is releasing a book all about Nintendo's late president, Satoru Iwata. The book will include a collection of old writings from Satoru Iwata, and will be 7 chapters long. The chapter breakdown is as follows.

- Iwata-san until the time he became the President (of Nintendo)
- Iwata-san’s leadership
- Iwata-san’s personality
- Iwata-san is a person you can trust
- The games Iwata-san aimed (to make)
- Talking about Iwata-san
- Iwata-san is this kind of person

The book, entitled 'Iwata-san,' is due out in Japan on July 1st, 2019. There's no word on a localization at this time.

Professional wrestler Kenny Omega reveals his love of Earthbound and Mother 3, says the game brings him to tears

The Omega Man speaks out

Kenny Omega, a professional wrestler who'll be appearing with AEW later this year, is a die-hard game fan. He's been playing games for years, has based some of his move-set off video game actions, and even has a finisher called the One Winged Angel. There's no doubt about it, Omega is a huge fan of games.

In an interview with Kotaku, we get to find out about Omega's deep passion for the Earthbound/Mother franchise.

“It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Earthbound and its humongous box at my Blockbuster video. I played it and something struck a chord with me and it captivated me. And I played it over and over and over again. My friends and I would try to speedrun it, and we never got sick of it. From then on, I was bit by the RPG bug and loved all things JRPG.

I would play Mother 2 and 3 at least once every year. And I still find something new to enjoy about it. It still speaks of today’s culture in the West and of the East and sort of how they contrast with one another, how one’s perception of the other is kind of comical. I don’t know if you’re an emotional guy, but I can be. I still cry every time I play Mother 3.”

Previously-unseen footage of Earthbound 64 surfaces

If only there were a prototype out there somewhere

Earthbound 64 never saw release, but fans still wonder what it would have been like. Sure, most of the ideas were translated into Mother 3 on GBA, but its still not the same! We want to know how it would have played on the N64! While that will never happen, we can at least enjoy a very quick snippet of footage that was just found on an old, archived video. Ah, what could have been...

Boundary Break - Unused Content Discovered in Mother 3

What secrets await?

One of the most insane 2D episodes for this show ever if not the best episode in this creators opinion period! Sequel to Earthbound. Here is Mother 3!


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