Boundary Break - Unused Content Discovered in Mother 3

What secrets await?

One of the most insane 2D episodes for this show ever if not the best episode in this creators opinion period! Sequel to Earthbound. Here is Mother 3!

Hobonichi Techo 2019 'Earthbound Third Sanctuary (Milky Well) A6 Size' techo cover available to purchase

Wrap that planner up in style!

After years of successful Hobonichi Techo cover designs, the Earthbound series makes its return to the lineup in 2019.

This techo cover design is unlike any we’ve done before. It features a photograph of the first three heroes of the game, Ness, Paula and Jeff, standing before the Third Sanctuary (Milky Well) along their journey.

Fans who have played the game back when it first came out may recognize the figurines of the heroes. These famous and precious figurines were used in the photography of the official guidebook originally included with the game. Now, twenty years later, they make their comeback on a Hobonichi Techo cover.

Grab yours here

Official Earthbound-themed pouches available in Japan today

A series of 11 different pouches have seen release in Japan today, and one of them is Earthbound-themed! There are two different sizes for the pouch, depending on your needs. These pouches are all available now in Japan. You can check out more pics of the designs, as well as ideas for pouch usage here.

RUMOR - Nintendo considered releasing Mother 3 in NA/EU, decided against it after re-evaluating the game's content

One of the longest-standing rumors in the world of Nintendo comes from the supposed plans for Mother 3 localization. There was a time there when it seemed like localization was a sure thing, but as we know now all too well, that release never happened. Wondering why that rumored release never came to be? Game Informer Senior Editor Imran Khan shared the supposed inside scoop.

According to Khan, Nintendo was indeed considering localization of Mother 3. It seems Nintendo was quite gung-ho about the idea, until they took a closer look at the game. Nintendo, fearing controversy pertaining to certain elements in the game, decided against localizing the title. Instead of editing/censoring content, Nintendo opted to just leave the game in Japan and move forward.

This rumor certainly raises an interesting question. Would you rather Nintendo release a changed/edited/censored version of Mother 3, or just leave it in Japan?

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!

Earthbound/Mother creator planning to play through Mother 3 'as a player'

Believe it or not, it sounds like Shigesato Itoi, the creator of Mother/Earthbound, has never played through the finished version of Mother 3. He's certainly had is part in developing every single aspect of the game, but apparently he's never sat down to play through the final retail version. He's planning to change that, as Itoi recently took to Twitter to announce he'll be playing through as a player for the first time. I hope he chronicles his adventures!

Smash Bros. Ultimate's version of Magicant hides a sneaky Easter egg

Anyone who's played Earthbound will immediately recognize the building above. Taking that a step further, those familiar with the building will know it is inhabited by 'Dungeon Man,' also known as 'Brick Road.' Turns out Sakurai and the gang went the extra mile by sneaking Dungeon Man inside the actual dungeon in Smash Bros. Ultimate as well! You'll have to pause and zoom to get a peek at him, but he's definitely hiding inside!

Undertale creator on what it feels like bringing the game to Switch, game inspirations, and Earthbound memories

Toby Fox is the man behind Undertale, one of the biggest indie successes in recent years. The game was no-doubt influenced by a number of Nintendo games, which is what makes it that much sweeter to finally see the game hit the Switch. Over on the Switch News channel, Nintendo themselves had a chat with Fox to get some insight into the game's creation.

What it's like having Undertale on a Nintendo platform

It’s wonderful to finally have a game on a Nintendo console. I was practically raised on the Super Nintendo. You know, like how people are occasionally raised by wolves. It was nothing but me and Mario out there in the wild, howling at the moon. Naked. Completely naked.

What other titles influenced Undertale

I’m influenced by every game I like – for example, EarthBound, Shin Megami Tensei, Mario & Luigi, Touhou Project, etc. I guess as a specific example, I really liked how Metal Gear Solid had all these strange, game-breaking moments within the series. It feels like it’s saying, “You don’t have to follow the rules… actually, it’s more interesting when you don’t.” And, “The game design can be part of the story, too.” So thanks, Hideo Kojima. Though, you probably aren’t reading this.

Toby's memories of Earthbound

It was some kind of gift for my other brother. Like, Christmas or a birthday or something. I remember playing the game and learning how to read the words within it… I think how I discovered EarthBound is pretty normal; it’s really the things later that were more interesting.

Another memory I have is, as a kid, I distinctly remember sitting in the basement and reading the strategy guide in the dark, and my mom telling me reading in the dark was bad for my eyes. I guess it’s a bit related, but the Nintendo Player’s Guide for EarthBound is probably the best one ever. Besides having all sorts of info about the game (which isn’t always the most accurate, lol) it’s filled with images of the clay models (which I loved looking at) and photos that represent the areas in the game. There’s even fake facts about each area, like the population of Onett (3500 people, 2 dogs) and stuff like that. You can actually check it out online for free on Nintendo’s website. I highly suggest taking a look through it.

Anyway, I wanna make a strategy guide with clay models in it someday. And, I hope then some kids can read it and have extremely arbitrary, useless memories of their parents telling them not to read in the dark. That’s all.

Did You Know Gaming - Mother 3

In this video, Did You Know Gaming covers some history, secrets and Easter eggs from Mother 3 and its music for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). We look at everything from the original Mother and Earthbound, Mother 3's development on the Nintendo 64 (N64) and all the way to Lucas appearance in Super Smash Bros.

Kickstarter - Batter’s Almanac: An EarthBound-Inspired Calendar

Celebrate EarthBound, the Super Nintendo cult classic video game, for a full 365 days with Batter’s Almanac, a beautifully illustrated 2019 wall calendar. Front, back, inside, and out! This calendar was created through a collaboration of artists all around the globe, inspired by one little video game that came out nearly 25 years ago.

Kickstarter here

Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi reveals the 2019 covers for his Hobonichi Techo journal line

Every year without fail, Shigesato Itoi puts out a new line of Hobonichi Techo journal covers. Every year there's some new designs related to Earthbound, and this year is no different. You can see the two brand-new Earthbound designs above. These covers are meant to wrap your Hobonichi Techo journal and keep it stylish/safe!


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