Parents find out their kids spent over $680 purchasing content in FIFA 19 on Switch in just 3 weeks

Quite ethical and quite fun

Those damn surprise mechanics!

A Mom and Dad in the UK were shocked to see that they had a nearly £550 bill from Nintendo Europe after just three weeks, and they couldn't understand why. What on earth could have caused such an astronomical charge in such a short amount of time? Turns out the kids were to blame, as was their interest in FIFA 19's microtransactions.

The pair's children had gone nuts purchasing packs from FIFA 19, which cost about £8 a pop. The kids just keep spending and spending to get players, which lead to the £550 bill. The best part of it all is that the kids never got Lionel Messi, the player they were hoping to get above all others.

At least the story has a happy ending for the parents. Nintendo has refunded all the charges, and all purchased packs have been removed from the game. The parents also admit that they didn't go through the steps of setting up a unique pin to block charges without confirmation from one of them. A lesson learned the hard way...at least, for a little while.

EA says FIFA 20 Legacy Edition will have a 'fresh new look' without any of the big, new features

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EA announced FIFA 20 yesterday, followed by a one-line blurb about FIFA 20 Legacy Edition coming to Switch. We all knew that meant a watered-down, barely updated experience as soon as the press release came out. Today, FIFA 20 executive producer Aaron McHardy talked a bit more about the Switch version in a Eurogamer interview.

"You're gonna get a fresh new look in Switch, with kits and player lists and all of that, but you're not going to be getting Volta or any of the big new features."

Two years after putting in at least some effort with the Switch version of FIFA, EA appears to be throwing in the towel. That's it for FIFA parity moving forward, right?

"I wouldn't say it's the end [of parity], necessarily for Switch, we don't know what the future holds. We're always trying to build Switch to the device, and make it the best we can with the power that's on that device that was given to us, and I think that philosophy will stay true. Where it goes in the future, we don't know."

EA announces FIFA 20 Legacy Edition for Switch

Unprecedented treatment

Good news! EA has confirmed that FIFA 20 is coming to the Switch. Bad news! EA has stated that the Switch version of FIFA 20 is going to be a 'Legacy Edition,' which EA didn't even bother to explain. They made the announcement via a single line at the very end of their FIFA 20 press release. While we don't have confirmation on this, it seems obvious that the 'Legacy Edition' of FIFA 20 will be nothing more than a roster update.

Thanks to Mereel for the heads up!

Amazon placeholder listing shows FIFA 20 as heading to Switch

Unprecedented Switch support

While not officially confirmed at this point, Amazon believes FIFA 20 is coming to the Switch. They've posted up a placeholder listing for the game on Switch, and it's likely a confirmation will come in soon. We'll be sure to bring you that info if/when it becomes available.

EA once again accidentally advertises content in FIFA 19 on Switch that isn't available on the platform

Better luck next year

How does this happen a second time?! EA made this same mistake with the first FIFA game on Switch, and now they've done it again with FIFA 19. EA somehow advertised Ultimate Team content in the Switch version of FIFA 19, and that content is not going to be available on the platform. EA has since removed the offending ad, but the fact that this mistake happened a second time is pretty mind-boggling.

EA releasing "EA BEST HITS FIFA 19" for Switch in Japan

EA really wows with their Switch support

EA has revealed another Switch release...and it's a lower-priced version of a game they've already put out. EA will be releasing their EA BEST HITS FIFA 19 title in Japan on June 6th, 2019. This is exactly the same as the original release of FIFA 19, but it comes with new cover art and a lower price of ¥3,024.

FIFA 18/19 combine to bring in over 45 million unique players during the last fiscal year

Gamers lover Soccer

During EA's full-year fiscal briefing, the company talked a bit about FIFA 18 and 19. Check out the latest stats on those games below.

- FIFA 18/19 drew 45 million unique players on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One during fiscal year 2019
- FIFA Ultimate Team matches increased 15% year-over-year
- FIFA 19 was the best-selling console game in Europe in 2018

German retailer lists FIFA 20 for Switch


In the least shocking news ever, it looks like FIFA 20 is going to see release on Switch. We've already gotten two installments of the FIFA series on Switch, and some say they're getting better with each year. Perhaps FIFA 20 will be the fully fleshed-out experience that people want on Switch. We'll just have to hang tight and cross our fingers for that to be the case.

Emiliano Sala removed from FIFA 19 following his tragic passing

Soccer star Emiliano Sala will be removed from FIFA following his tragic passing. Sala passed away earlier this year in a plane crash. Making the situation even sadder, Sala was taking that flight in order to sign a deal with the Premier League team Cardiff City. You can see what EA had to say on the matter below.

It is with great sorrow that we learn the disappearance of Emiliano Sala. To respectfully honor his story, we will implement the following changes:

Sala will be removed from the FC Nantes team in FIFA.

Sala's FUT cards will no longer be available in the packages.

The price of Sala cards on FUT will remain permanently at the current price.

"We again are sending our serious sincerest sympathies to his family, to Cardiff City to Nantes and to all his fans.

EA changes up FIFA 19's cover

EA has removed Cristiano Ronaldo from the cover of FIFA 19, and replaced him with the trifecta of Neymar Jr, Kevin De Bruyne, and Paulo Dybala. It was not explained as to why Ronaldo was removed from the cover, but it's likely tied to recent sexual assault allegations.


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