FIFA 18 - latest update available (full patch notes)

Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:

The FIFA Trainer Shot Elevation arrow was resetting its extension after shooting the ball.
The FIFA Trainer Pass Receiver indicator not correctly showing the player getting the ball on short passes.
Discrepancy between the two kicking power bars, the one above the goalkeeper and the one on the gameplay HUD, when taking a goal kick.
Smoothed out the movement of the Set Piece Target indicator.
Loss of controller functionality during the halftime flow if the Joy-Con controllers are changed from Handheld mode to Tabletop mode.
The kicking power bar did not reset if the player changed the Joy-Con controllers from Handheld mode to Tabletop mode.
The Approach Speed buttons were being displayed on the Penalty Kick Tutorial screen when using the Joy-Con controller in Solo mode.
Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

Squad Building Challenge Reward items being incorrectly tagged as Loan items in some situations.
Missing pack art on Premium Gold Packs in some situations.
Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:

A crash in Local Seasons if the player quickly re-enters the mode after quitting out of a Local Seasons match.
Players always having the same country flag as you when in the Compare Stats screen on the Online Leaderboards.
Debug text on a matchmaking error message.
Made the text on the Settings tile in Local Seasons easier to see.
Addressed the following issues in Career Mode:

A freeze when proceeding into the second Pre-Season Tournament match in certain situations.
Incorrectly loading a Player Career save file when selecting 'Continue Manager Career" if the player skipped the initial save file creation flow.
Penalty shootout results were not showing on the Tournament Tree when playing the game in some languages.
Debug text on the My Career screen if you get fired from the MLS and take a job in a league that starts their season in July.
Banners missing from the North America All-Stars Pre-Season Tournament.
Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

Updates to a number of crests and kits.
Addressed the following issues Audio / Visual / Presentation:

The numbers and names on kits were not getting dirty after performing a slide tackle.
Corrections to some of the localized Trophy names.
The Live Form arrows were overlapping player stats on the Team Management screens in some languages.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

RUMOR - internal EA email claims Nintendo Direct coming in January, Fe on February 18

Reddit user OldSoul2 has claimed something rather interesting. He told other users that he has been receiving internal EA emails on two upcoming titles, one of which being Fe.

The Fe side includes a bit about a Nintendo Direct coming in January. This would be in line with things we've been hearing as of late. In addition to that, the game itself is seemingly coming out on February 18.

While all of this looks really legit, we remain on the cautious side of things. The story has been marked as a rumor for now.

FIFA 18 patch doesn't fix spectator bug

A patch was recently released for FIFA 18 on Switch, but that patch doesn't fix an issue the game has suffered from since launch. Some people are seeing the glitch above, which involves the crowd being all out of whack. This issue persists after the patch's launch, so it seems EA is yet to address it.

EA holding off on making more Switch games until they "fully understand" the system's demand

I mean, you can't even act surprised here. People saw this one coming from a mile away. When that year is up and people come around to ask EA what's up, I bet we get another wishy-washy answer. So let's say EA does plan to support Switch more after its first year. Then it'll be another year until they actually get a game out the door? Doesn't seem like it makes much sense to me.

FIFA 18 - Version 1.0.2 update available (full patch notes)

Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:

Some players would get the same Pre-Match Skill Game before every match.
The Attempts counter was missing in the Beat Your Main Skill Game.
The wrong button callouts were highlighted in the FIFA Trainer when performing crosses.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

Some Squad Building Challenges were missing art.
Text would sometimes overlap on the Squad Building Challenges requirements screen.

Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:

Multiple issues related to changing control types going into, during, and leaving matches.
Some of the text was hard to read on the Team Select screens in Local Seasons.
An issue where the country flags on the leaderboards would be incorrect.
The pause timer overlay would stay on the players screen after leaving an online match.

Addressed the following issues in Career Mode:

Prize money was not being correctly awarded for competitions in certain situations.
An issue, in Player Career, where the game would crash going into a Pre-Season Tournament match if your Pro was injured.

Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

Updated the Chile National Team kits and crest to be authentic.

Addresssed the following issues Audio / Visual / Presentation:

The ball would sometimes be invisible in the Pre-Match Cinematics.
The 3D player image was missing from the Create Player flow.

Thanks to PlayerEssence and AwesomeplatterFan for the heads up!

Nintendo UK - Enjoying the freedom of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 on Switch: Our favourite #OnlyOnSwitch photos

Check out all the pics here

To celebrate the launch of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch we asked you to show us how and where you’ve been enjoying the beautiful game in ways possible #OnlyOnSwitch.

We asked and you delivered! Here are some of our favourite images published by you all on Twitter and Instagram, in no particular order:

We put all the entries we received together and two winners were selected at random. Without further ado, the two winners, each receiving 4 x Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers and £200 Nintendo eShop credit, are: Chris Bailey and Elliott Smither!

Thank you to everyone who took part and to those who continue to share their #OnlyOnSwitch moments. We hope you keep enjoying the freedom to play!

Soccer player Carli Lloyd gets a Switch from Nintendo

Carli Lloyd, who currently plays for Manchester City in the FA Women's Super League and the United States women's national soccer team as a midfielder, got a special gift from Nintendo. They sent her a Switch, as well as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and FIFA. Should be a great way to keep Carli busy while she's traveling!

Star Wars Battlefront II not in the works for Switch now, but EA might explore the option later

Coming from a GameSpot interview with Motive Studios producer David Robillard...

"This is something we'll explore if we see opportunities there, but it is not something that's on the books right now."

I think what this really means is that it's not coming, and stop asking about it. We all know EA's song and dance by now. Still disappointing, but it is what it is.