EA Community Manager says the Switch is "amazing," but they have no plans to bring Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the platform

It's treason, then...

EA's output on the Switch has been downright abysmal. The company pledged support, which has been extremely limited at best. Instead of hearing about EA titles coming to Switch, we more often hear about what ones aren't making the jump. The latest on that list is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

EA Community Manager Jay Ingram was asked about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order potentially releasing on the Switch, and unfortunately, the answer wasn't good. Mr. Ingram made a point to say that the Switch is amazing, but followed up by saying there are 'no such plans' to bring the game over.

German retailer lists FIFA 20 for Switch


In the least shocking news ever, it looks like FIFA 20 is going to see release on Switch. We've already gotten two installments of the FIFA series on Switch, and some say they're getting better with each year. Perhaps FIFA 20 will be the fully fleshed-out experience that people want on Switch. We'll just have to hang tight and cross our fingers for that to be the case.

EA Announces New Publishing Agreement with Velan Studios, Team-Based Action Game Coming to Switch

Yes, you read that right. EA!

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and Velan Studios, an independent game developer dedicated to creating new play experiences, announced that EA Partners will publish Velan’s first original IP for consoles, PC and mobile. In addition to introducing a unique game world, the title will pioneer an entirely new and entertaining way to experience team-based action. To bring their vision to life, Velan Studios also announced that it will add 40 jobs, doubling its current development team by the end of the year.

Velan Studios was founded in 2016 by Guha and Karthik Bala, industry veterans who grew their first company - Vicarious Visions – from a basement startup to the forefront of AAA console development. The studio has already attracted world class talent whose credits include Guitar Hero, Skylanders, Rock Band, Super Mario Maker, Metroid Prime, Destiny and Uncharted, among others. They’re actively recruiting other seasoned developers to join the team.

“In EA Partners, we found a team devoted to bringing breakthrough ideas to players everywhere. They believe in our creative vision and will use their best-in-class resources to support the success of our game,” said Guha Bala, President and Co-Founder, Velan Studios. “We started Velan Studios to make community-centered play experiences that are daring and distinctive from what’s being played today. We can’t wait to share the details of our first original game in the future.”

“Exploring the boundaries of play with new technology and play patterns is what makes us tick,” said Karthik Bala, CEO and Co-Founder of Velan Studios. “Our plan was always simple: build an awesome team, find the magic in something new that the team was passionate about and then enable their success. We are looking forward to introducing their vision and evolving it along with players for many years to come.”

“Velan’s vision for this new game experience is very inspiring, and when we played it, we were immediately captured by how engaging and unexpectedly compelling it was,” said Rob Letts, General Manager of EA Partners and EA Originals. “Helping discover pioneering talent with ground-breaking games the world needs to play is what we’re here to do, and we look forward to partnering with Velan to deliver an experience that will push the boundaries of original IP and innovation to engage players in new ways.”

To date, Velan Studios has raised $7 million to provide the resources for its creative teams to invent, iterate, and arrive at game experiences that are new and unique. The studio is hiring seasoned industry talent to turn creative ideas into inspiring, impactful games. To learn more about Velan Studios and all current career opportunities, please visit www.velanstudios.com.

Unravel Two - Switch Vs. Xbox One comparison

Spinning a yarn

I didn't play Unravel Two on Xbox One or PS4, but I did play the original game. I thought the visuals Switch, while downgraded, were more than serviceable. Now we can get a look at just how the Switch version holds up via this head-to-head comparison.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Unravel Two - another round of footage

When you cut ties to the past, new bonds form. In Unravel Two, create a Yarny of your very own. Then build relationships with other Yarnys in local co-op or as a single player, fostering friendship and support as you journey together.

GoNintendo Video - Let's play through Unravel Two's fantastic opening level

Yarning for more

Unravel Two has made its way to the Switch! I sit down with the game for the very first time, and finish up the first level very, very impressed.

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Unravel Two - gameplay footage

When you cut ties to the past, new bonds form. In Unravel Two, create a Yarny of your very own. Then build relationships with other Yarnys in local co-op or as a single player, fostering friendship and support as you journey together.

Unravel Two - Graphics and Performance mode comparison gallery

Do you notice a difference?

Unravel Two - Graphics & Performance Modes Comparison

We had some footage earlier today comparing the graphics and performance modes in Unravel Two on Switch. For those who missed it, Graphics mode beefs up the graphics at the cost of performance, while Performance mode gives you smoother gameplay with fewer graphical bells-and-whistles. These two options are only available in docked mode.

Comparing Unravel Two's 'Graphics' and 'Performance' modes

Tale of the yarn

Unravel Two on Switch features 'Graphics' and 'Performance' modes when you have the system docked. Graphics slows the framerate down but makes the game look better, while Performance speeds things up while making the game look a little rougher around the edges. Check out a comparison of the two options above.