PopCap discusses the challenge of bringing Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and the Frostbite engine to Switch

No easy task

When Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville "Complete Edition" comes to Switch, it'll be the very first game on the platform that uses the Frostbite engine. That required a huge undertaking from developer PopCap, but they were ready for the challenge. According to an interview with producer Melvin Teo on the How Games Make Money podcast, PopCap was planning to bring Battle for Neighborville to Switch from the start, and they knew it would present all kinds of hard work to make it happen.

“I mean we wanted to do this for a long time. When we first started Battle for Neighborville, that was always the plan. But we never had the time or the opportunity, so we didn’t when we first launched it back in 2019. But yeah, then we spent the last year and a half bringing it over to the Switch and making sure that frostbite worked on the platform because we are the first-ever Frostbite title to be launched on the Nintendo Switch.

“It was a massive technical undertaking. I remember when we first started and we managed to get the game to boot up and run. And it hit like 2 or 3 frames per second. It was a slideshow, and we had a lot of work to do.

We made a lot of really smart engineering decisions and optimizations to make it run at a steady 30 frames per second without compromising the visual quality of the game. The visual look and feel of the game is a big part of what gives you Battle for Neighborville — and PVZ in general — its charm and quality.”

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered update coming tomorrow, includes new Wrap Editor and more

Sounds pretty hot

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is getting a considerable update tomorrow, and it introduces the new Wrap Editor feature. Get details on that an the full patch notes below.

This patch introduces a brand new feature that has not been in the original Need for Speed Hot Pursuit game: A Wrap Editor!

This allows you to customize your cars, apply your own style, and stand out of the crowd.

If you’ve played a recent Need for Speed title, you should be quickly familiar with the wrap editor. A few facts about it:

Player-made wraps are personal only and cannot be shared between players
Customized wraps can be seen in online races, including in cross-play
The decal limit for each wrap is 300 decals or 100 MB, whichever is reached first
Functionality to report inappropriate wraps has been implemented at the end screen of a multiplayer race.
In addition to that, most cars have also received a couple of pre-made wraps to add more variety. You can access both the wrap editor and the pre-made wraps from the showroom.

The team also worked on a few other things, so let’s jump into the more detailed update notes:

Wrap Editor

Added the Wrap Editor functionality
Added a decal editor
Enabled customised wraps to be seen in online races
Implemented a reporting functionality for wrap content after the end of an online race

Maximum setting

Implemented a new Maximum Setting mode for Gen 4+ and Gen 5 consoles. This allows the game to run in 4K60fps on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and uncapped to 4k50+ on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Bug fixes


Overall stability improvements and memory usage optimisation
Fixed an issue where the game could crash during the “Protect and Swerve” event, when entering the menu during a collision and restarting the game
Fixed an issue that could lead to the title crashing when too much autolog data was retrieved from the server, for example by having many friends that raced the same tracks as yourself.


When changing from Interceptor to another game mode, the lobby should no longer be locked to two players
Cars should no longer spawn on top of each other during multiplayer Most Wanted events


The correct PSN icon is now showing in the Friends menu
Fixed an issue where not all player positions were shown during a multiplayer Most Wanted event in a full lobby
Corrected the position of a floating patch of grass in front of the Seacrest Tiki Motel
Fixed a corrupted frame that would appear during the Sand Timer race event
VoIP settings are working more reliably, and the VoIP icons are displayed correctly
When unlocking a specific event, the correct cinematic should now be playing
Fixed a few instance to better align UI elements

Nintendo Switch

Fixed a rare occasion where players could get stuck in the transition from lobby screen to race


Optimised autolog reporting functionality

Footage of the unreleased Black and White Creatures on DS surfaces

A lost piece of DS history found

2021 has been a great year for game historians. Early builds and prototypes for games that never saw release have been popping up left and right, and today we have yet another.

Black & White: Creatures is a cancelled DS game that was based on the original Black & White PC game from back in 2001. Black and White: Creatures took more of a pet simulation approach to the franchise, and was officially announced for release. Then without any explanation, development stopped and the game disappeared.

All these years later, we get to see what the game would have been like. We have no idea how someone has discovered a build of the game, but we're more than happy to see it surface! Does this game look like something you would have picked up back in the day?

Thanks to Rockyeahh for the heads up!

Knockout City devs say the game is "enormously complex"

Can you dodge a wrench?

Knockout City is an online-focused dodgeball game, and the debut trailer makes it seem like a supercharged version of the game we all know and love. If you're worried that might make it a bit shallow, the developers want to assuage your fears.

In an interview with Polygon, Guha Bala, Velan’s co-founder and president, said the game might be easy to pick up, but it's going to take awhile to master everything.

“Because dodgeball is the inspiration, we get to play with multiple balls in the scene. There are very few moves, but it’s enormously complex in terms of layers, which allows you to really go through that kind of cycle of introduction, practice, and mastery,”

Check out new gameplay for Knockout City

EA and Velan Studios are teaming up for Knockout City, an online multiplayer dodgeball-style game. You can get a good look at the action in the videos above.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville "Complete Edition" debut trailer

After months and months of retailer leaks, we finally have confirmation of Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville "Complete Edition" coming to Switch. The game is set to launch on March 19th, 2021, and you can watch the debut trailer above.

Check out debut footage of Apex Legends on Switch

We've already known about Apex Legends heading to the Switch, but today marks the first time we get to see the Switch version in action. Check out the video above to get a glimpse at how the port has come together.

It Takes Two dev says there are "no plans" for the game on Switch

Doubling down

It Takes Two is a game all about split-screen co-op, yet it's not coming to Switch. Unfortunately, it seems the game will never get a port either.

In an interview with GamingBolt, director Josef Fares was asked about the game possibly appearing on Switch, but it seems like a no-go.

“No, we don’t have [any plans],. Not sure we can do it actually. I’m not sure, because people forget sometimes, we do split screen games with a lot of s**t in it. Like, there’s a lot of s**t going on. Trust me, it takes a lot of effort to make this work on the old-gen consoles, because there’s so much going on.”

EA and Respawn worked with Panic Button to bring Apex Legends to Switch

This port was in great hands

We learned earlier today that Apex Legends is coming to Switch on March 9th, 2021. Both EA and Respawn were involved with the port, but it appears they partnered with Panic Button to do a lot of the heavy lifting. This was confirmed by Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends, in the statement below.

Porting Apex Legends to its smallest screen yet is a major achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without our friends at Panic Button. We’re very proud of what the team has been able to achieve with some smart optimizations for the Switch port to deliver a full-featured Apex Legends experience on the go.

It was also announced that Switch players will be granted 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass, and for the first two weeks after launch, playing on Switch will also earn you double XP.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Apex Legends comes to Switch on March 9th, 2021

It's finally confirmed

Looks like we have our final release date for Apex Legends on Switch. While there has been some chatter of a February 2nd, 2021 release date, that's not happening. EA has confirmed the new date on a conference call for their latest financial report.

Fans looking forward to going hands-on with Apex Legends on Switch will be able to do so March 9th, 2021. That means we're 5 weeks out from launch. Hopefully we'll get to see some footage of the Switch version in action before then. Along with that, let's hope EA and Respawn go out of their way to spread the word on the Switch version before launch.


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