Details on Monster Hunter Rise's maps, framerate, monster variety, post-launch content and more, plus info on Japan's "Hunting Buddy Pack"

A monster of a feature

Monster Hunter Rise was revealed just two days ago, yet new info continues to pour in. Check out a summary of overall gameplay details below, courtesy an Arekkz interview.

- players and monsters can move seamlessly between areas without any loading screens
- maps will have more verticality to them
- there will be other creatures outside of monsters that inhabit the landscape
- there will be a broad variety of monster types
- Palamutes (K9 companions) can be customized for each other, and they have a number of offensive moves
- there will be post-launch support with free content and more
- targeting 30fps

Along with that, we found out some news that appears to be just for Japanese audiences right now. Over in Japan, there will be a Monster Hunter Rise 'hunting buddy pack' that is priced at $140. This version of the game includes 1 physical copy, 1 digital copy, double the limited edition perks, and a special hunting duo pack with useful items like 80 mega potions, traps, lifepowders, etc.. Obviously this option is being offered for those who have a friend that is just as excited about Monster Hunter Rise as they are.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Monster Hunter Rise amiibo revealed

It just gets better and better!

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise is getting its own set of amiibo as well. These amiibo will be available alongside the game's launch in March, and each one provides a special layered armor set. More details on each amiibo will be shared at a later date.

Mega Man movie writer looking to make a "primal and emotional" film that "isn't squarely in kid territory"

Big screen Blue Bomber

We just heard a couple weeks back that the Mega Man movie is still moving ahead, and there should be some news to share in the near future. While we wait for that news, Polygon had a chance to talk to writer Mattson Tomlin about his goals for the character's portrayal on the big screen.

I think the same way with with any other character, you treat him like he’s a real person. I was brought into that later in the process because Henry [Joost] and Ariel [Schulman], who directed Project Power, are also directing the Mega Man movie, and they had been working on it for a while and we just had such a good time working on Project Power together that they decided to be kind enough to continue to party in this other universe. My way into it was always, what is a compelling story? And what is the real soul of that character? We all kind of know him as this cartoonish Blue Bomber who jumps and shoots, and to kind of go beyond that and knowing that, OK, visually it’s going to be a certain thing that is going to please the video game fan, but you know what is the story at the center? They’re like, what is it that this character can really go through? It’ll be universal and primal and emotional and everybody can kind of relate to. So I’m really excited about that script. I’m really excited about what the guys are going to do with that movie and and hopefully there’ll be some news about it soon.

Will Mega Man be a movie that is aimed mostly at kids, just like Sonic the Hedgehog? Tomlin doesn't say the film will push kids away, but it's clear that the team is aiming for something more than just kid fodder.

I think it’s something that the kids will like. I don’t want to say what our comps are because it might betray a little bit too much, but it is not squarely in the kid territory. But I don’t think that that’s an R-rated movie either.

Engine Software says Killer7 was 'never in development' for Switch, talks about the chance of a port down the road

Hyper killer

For a brief moment in time, it looked like a port of Killer7 was heading to the Switch. This was thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Ruud van de Moosdijk, Engine Software's owner and VP of development. Unfortunately, it turns out that listing on LinkedIn was incorrect, and Ruud was quick to remedy the listing and apologize for the mistake.

In a follow-up interview with Nintendo Life, Ruud van de Moosdijk goes into great detail on Killer7. While the Engine Software team handled the PC port, Ruud makes it clear that nothing was ever in the works for the Switch. That said, don't count the project out yet.

It was never in development. When we started working with Suda-San on the PC version, it was an on-going discussion during development, but as I said - in the end, the decision was made not to work on a Switch version. But since it was part of the initial discussion it was still internally listed as "Killer7 - PC/Switch project" which is where the confusion came from.

It has not come up in conversation, but both Suda-San as ourselves are quite busy at the moment and with all cancelled events we have not had the chance to catch-up. Never say never, but if it is in the works, it is not in the works with Engine.

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom after almost 30 years

Hitting the streets

In quite a shocking announcement, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed that he's leaving Capcom after nearly 30 years at the company. You can see Mr. Ono's full statement on his departure below.

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

Check out more pics of the Megahouse GCC DX Mega Man Vs. Bass figurine

We saw a new round of pics for the Megahouse GCC DX Mega Man Vs. Bass figurine just a couple weeks back, but now another round of new pictures have come in that give us our best look yet. Check out the gallery below!

Capcom FY3/21 digital sales on Switch account for 15% of total digital income, matching Xbox One digital sales

A pretty impressive stat

Capcom has put out their latest financial report, and it shows a pretty surprising bit of information on Switch digital sales.

According to Capcom, the Switch has pulled in 15% of Capcom's digital income. That matches the amount of digital sales Capcom got from the Xbox One. This is compared to 35% on PS4 and PC.

This figure is actually quite impressive when you break things down. When it comes to Capcom's releases on Switch, most of the lineup includes ports of older titles that are in the $15 to $30 range. For Switch to amass 15% of total Capcom digital sales from those games as compared to the newest $60 Capcom titles on Xbox One is definitely notable.

UDON teases books for Shantae, Mega Man Legends, and Street Fighter

Exciting things ahead!

UDON has worked on numerous gaming-related projects, releasing books, comics, and more for game brands. Now the company has teased what they have in the works right now, and there's plenty of gaming content incoming.

According to the UDON Entertainment 20th Anniversary stream for Comic-Con, there's plenty of gaming content in the works. What do Nintendo fans have to look forward to? UDON says they have projects in the works for Shantae, Mega Man, and Street Fighter. With Mega Man in particular, a Mega Man Legends piece of artwork was shown in particular, and the presenter said that image was chosen on purpose. Awesome to know that Legends is going to get some love!

Mega Man movie directors say they should have some big news about the project soon

The big screen blue bomber

It's been quite some time since we've heard anything about the Mega Man live-action movie. It's been in the works for quite some time, but as gaming fans know, it can take years and years to actually get a project off the ground. The good news is that the radio silence so far wasn't a sign of trouble behind the scenes.

IGN recently spoke to Mega Man movie directors Henry Joost and Rel Schulman about the project, and while they weren't willing to share specifics, we did learn that there should be some big news about the movie soon. I guess we'll just speculate on who would make the perfect Mega Man until that news comes out!

Shinsekai Into the Depths gets another wave of merch in Japan

A second round of merch

Capcom is really supporting Shinsekai Into the Depths in Japan with a number of different promotional items. They already released a first batch of merch, and now a second round is up for preorder. The lineup includes the above acrylic stand, t-shirts, bags, and coasters. These are all eCapcom exclusive items. You can check out the goodies here.


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