Milla Jovovich set to star in Monster Hunter film adaptation, production starts this September


- coming from Constantin Films
- budgeted at around $60 million
- will go into production starting in September
- Milla Jovovich set to star
- director is Paul W. S. Anderson, same director of all the Resident Evil films
- Paul W.S. Anderson is also the writer
- producer is Jeremy Bolt.
- will shoot in South Africa, in and around Cape Town
- Constantin will partner on Monster Hunter with “a big company” in Japan and another in China
- special effects will be supplied by Toronto’s Technicolor-owned Mr. X, which worked on the “Resident Evil” franchise
- Mr. X’s CEO Dennis Berardi will take a producer credit on the movie
- this film is envisioned as the beginning of a franchise

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Official Soundtrack - preview video

I know the Mega Man 1-10 soundtracks inside and out. When it comes to X, I know the original just as well as 1-10, and I know quite a few tunes from X2. After that, it's all a bit of a blur. Maybe I'm missing out on a bunch of great tunes, but I just don't remember anything really sticking with me.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Switch icon

I don't know what it is about classic Mega Man games that gets me excited no matter how many times I've played them. I just always go into them with the same amount of interest and always end up having a good time. This'll be the millionth time I've played these games, but I still want them!

GameSpot Video - Resident Evil Code: Veronica Part 5

Mary and Mike return from a long absence to track down the Ashfords and definitely not die three or four times right at the beginning of the episode.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z - Imperial Saga collab #2 trailer

The second collaboration between Imperial Saga and Monster Hunter Frontier Z has been announced, and the content is due to hit Monster Hunter Frontier Z on April 18th, 2018.

Capcom blog update - Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 - Robot Recap Vol. 3

Tim Turi (Associate Brand Manager): I’m not personally the biggest fan of water levels, but Mega Man games get them right. Not only are the aquatic challenges of Mega Man 9’s water stage tough but fair (classic descending Bubble Man-style spike pits!), it is also ruled by the enigmatic Splash Woman. This deadly siren of the sea blasts Mega Man with tridents made out of lasers, which are apt to make Neptune himself jealous. She also sings an adorable melody that beckons robotic fish to come attack Mega Man. Splash Woman’s vertical boss fight, varied move set, and adorable design earns her a spot in my heart. Plus, the Laser Trident weapon Mega Man inherits from her wrecks shop.

Patrick Kulikowski (Customer Support Representative): Mega Man 9 has a whole slew of Robot Masters I greatly appreciate, like Tornado Man and Galaxy Man, but Splash Woman just oozes of uniqueness. Having a female Robot Master for the first time in a classic Mega Man title felt fresh to me.

As per the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide, Splash Woman, like the game’s seven other Robot Masters, was tricked by Dr. Wily and re-programmed to be evil. She really stands out from the others, not only due to the long, deadly Laser Trident she’s packing, but also due to her bottom half resembling a scaly blue mermaid.

Full blog here

Mega Man X Legacy Collection to include the SNES version of Mega Man X3

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection 8 Mega Man X games across two volumes, and of course included in that collection is Mega Man X3. The thing is, which version of X3 is included? The SNES version is regarded as the best, with the Playstation, Saturn, and PC versions suffering from various issues. Thankfully, Capcom has confirmed that the Legacy Collection indeed includes the SNES version of X3.

Materia Collective reveals C​-​Busters: A Tribute to Mega Man Classic

C-Busters is a heavy metal / rock fusion tribute to classic megaman games.

"This is my first album, a dream come true for any musician, and I'm proud of it being "VGM" since videogames have been a decisive factor my whole life. I decided to make this album a mix of all my influences as a musician, metal, jazz, latinamerican music, progressive rock, etc. And through this production process I found my own musical style, which is priceless.

Mega Man 4 is one of the first games I ever played, and it is one of my favourites to this day. Mega Man also represents an extremely faithful community of people which have been keeping it alive for decades in different art styles, influenced games and music, so I definitely wanted to make my own contribution to that community.

Also, with this album I wish to break barriers in my local music industry, which hasn't been aware of the potencial and importance of videogame music at all. We're musicians, and we make records too." - Thennecan

Thanks to Timothy for the heads up!

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition revealed for France

Limited Edition includes:

- a copy of the Switch game
- special packaging
- 80 page artbook
- A5 size artworks

Pre-orders for the limited edition will begin on April 13th, 2018 via the Pix’n Love website. It seems this limited edition might be only available in France.