HandyGames on why they're bringing 11 games to the Switch

HandyGames has gone all-in on the Switch, putting out a press release stating that 11 titles from them are heading to the platform.
It certainly seems like a big gamble, but Chris Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames, has sat down with GamesBeat to explain why they made the move.

“It’s not too many games. We plan to release different games for different genres. We see the demand for building up strategy or even god games. Several games we develop are co-op multiplayer titles and they are not simple ports. The Switch is a perfect platform that just perfectly fit to our games.

...We like the Switch because consumers are paying for content on the platform. If we start a new venture, we have to kill off something else. We’ve been a mobile first company, but that changed completely this year with the Switch. We try something out. We’re flexible. We go for the next hot shit.”

Capcom blog update - Court Files: The Characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Vol. 2

Court is back in session with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney out now on Nintendo 3DS in North America! As with last week, we’re taking a look at some of the loveable characters that make up the world of AJ:AA. If you’re new to the franchise, just need a refresher, or see some familiar names from more recent 3DS entries like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies or Spirit of Justice, now is a great time to get caught up before diving into Apollo’s early court cases.

If you haven’t caught up on Apollo and Trucy yet, give that article a read before continuing! This time around it’s a trio of characters that will be central to finding the truth.

Even if you’re not that familiar with the Ace Attorney series, you likely know Phoenix for his bright blue suit, his rousing “OBJECTION,” and the pulse-pounding music that plays when you’re in pursuit of the truth. Having learned from the original Ace Attorney, his mentor and friend Mia Fey, Phoenix was a rising star in the courtroom, well-known for his ability to turn things around and secure a “not guilty” verdict in his endless pursuit of the truth. He never wavers in believing in the innocence of his clients.

Several years have passed since Phoenix’s debut in court, and it seems that he’s fallen on hard times. A court case gone wrong left Phoenix disbarred, unable to practice law and completely out of a job.

Full blog here

Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 physical release "not viable" for Capcom in Europe

When it comes to our friends in Europe, it looks like Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 will be eShop-only. Why is that, you ask? Capcom shared a statement with Nintendo Life in which they said a retail release wasn't viable.

Capcom has to take various factors into account when deciding what format to deliver our titles to our fans. These can include but are not limited to overall production costs, manufacturing times, distribution, and first party regulations. In the case of Resident Evil Revelations, we've found that unfortunately it's not viable for Capcom Europe to create a physical version of the title on Nintendo Switch for our territories, however we will be making this available as a digital release.

Make of that what you will, but it sounds like a raw deal to me. At least Resident Evil fans can import the retail copy if they want, since the Switch is region free.

Official Mega Man stamps releasing in Japan

- Mega Man stamps coming out to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary
- will ship with exclusive 30th anniversary t-shirts
- reservations will begin on November 20th for 5,400 yen

PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya wants to work on a Viewtiful Joe remake, a new Okami, or a Devil May Cry/Bayonetta collab

PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya has some ideas for new projects. The only problem is, he'd have to get Capcom's approval to make them happen. Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation, Mr. Kamiya shared some of his game ideas.

“I want to work on a Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe remake, or a true sequel for Okami. A cooperation with Dante (from Devil May Cry) and Bayonetta might also be fun. Dear Capcom, if it’s okay with someone like me, I will help anytime. Best regards. Everyone, bow down your heads together with me!”

Will any of them come to fruition? Hopefully Capcom is listening, and they think these ideas are worth exploring a bit further!

Capcom TV Special - Monster Hunter Stories presentation (Version 1.3 screens, footage)

This special Capcom TV presentation features a look at the upcoming content for Version 1.3 of the game, which is due out Nov. 22nd. You can check out some more screens from that update right here.

Capcom blog - The Making of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Feat. Shu Takumi

Welcome to another weekend, and another blog! As you can tell by the title, we were indeed fortunate enough to snatch up some of Mr. Shu Takumi’s time for this week’s look back at the making of “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney”, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

Janet: Hi, Takumi-san. I know it was ten years ago, but I hope you won’t mind me asking you a few questions about the making of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney...?

Takumi: Sure, I’ve got a little bit of free time now, if that’s alright.

Janet: Great, thanks! Now, as far as I’m aware, AJ:AA was the first game in the series to use polygon models to create video cutscenes.

Takumi: Actually, the first time was for the security footage in “Rise from the Ashes” (RftA) -- the one with Meekins and the Blue Badger. (Note: the first three games were originally released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. The fifth episode of the first game was an extra case the team created specifically for the Nintendo DS release of the first game, or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to us in the West.)

Check out the full interview here

Monster Hunter Stories - Third free update detailed (Japan)

- Due out Nov. 22nd, 2017
- includes two new towers (Remembrance Tower and Twin Tower)
- one features Riders from the Ride On anime series
- two new paid DLC quests

Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 - more screens

Check out more here

I really do feel that Revelations 1 & 2 are great continuations of what made Resident Evil 4 so wonderful. Perhaps 1 does a better job than 2, but both are quite a bit of fun. If you get in on the co-op action in 2, the game is a real blast!