Capcom's upcoming lineup of Mega Man toys sure are...interesting

Capcom has some more Mega Man toys coming out in 2019, and various toy-makers were showing off what they're doing with the license at Toy Fair 2019. Included in the lineup were these 'Grinning' Mega Man and Proto Man figurines from contemporary artist Ron English. They're just one example of what's on the way, though. You can check out the full lineup of Mega Man toys right here.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Ace Attorney creator looks back on the series' start, development challenges, team size, and much more

This week's issue of Famitsu contains an interview with Ace Attorney series creator Shu Takumi in advance of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy's release. You can check out a summary of the interview below.

- the series started with the title “Surviban,” which was derived from “survival” and “saiban” (“trial” in Japanese)
- the team around Takumi decided the term was too nonsensical to use for the title
- the team gathered around a whiteboard and discussed names, eventually settling on Gyakuten Saiban
- Takumi was told to change the name of the protagonist, Naruhodo, but fought for it to be retained
- the series was initially planned for the Gameboy
- when info started to come in on the GBA, the team decided to move it over to that platform
- the project started with Takumi writing the proposal in the Summer of 2000
- Takumi’s superior gave him half a year to work on whatever he wanted, which he saw as his chance to make a mystery game
- Takumi had always wanted to work on a mystery project, and even considered working at a book publisher to do so
- the idea to make it a game starring a lawyer came in early on
- while Takumi was still writing the proposal, his superior called him to say it would be a bad idea
- Takumi ignored that call and continued on with the idea
- Takumi first met with his team after the Summer holiday period ended, and it consisted of seven members
- most of the team had less than three years of experience, as the project aimed to give newer members experience
- the team had one planner (Takumi), two designers, two programmers, and one person each for sound effects and music
- Takumi ended up handling the scenario and direction alone
- the team ended up spending ten months, from September to June, working on the game
- at the time, Capcom was testing out development lines consisting of small numbers of younger members
- the recent Ace Attorney games had teams of around 30 members excluding support staff
- a lot of the style of the series was determined by hardware limitations
- illustrations were done in 256 colors, but they realized that if everything was in color it might use up too much space
- the team made evidence photographs and flashbacks in monochrome, which was only 16 colors, to save space
- Takumi oversaw everything, including the art and music
- his work on the scenario had him writing the story’s text, creating guides for the gameplay, setting timing for lines to be displayed, setting characters’ animations to match the text, and setting the timing for the sound effects, music, and screen effects
- the programmers made a tool that would make it easy for him to set the timings on these things early on in development
- this is how things worked up to the third game in the series
- the team’s size remained mostly the same up to the third game, when a few more people were on graphics and programming
- Ace Attorney was the first time Takumi would write a game scenario on his own and he had no idea what to do
- using his passion for the mystery genre, he first came up with the tricks
- he soon realized when writing the second chapter that he had not thought about the story at all
- when working on the third chapter, he was stunned by how bad his own writing was upon reading it
- at that point, he restarted from scratch

Ken, Daisy, and Young Link amiibo due out April 12th, 2019

You have a few more weeks before you'll have to somehow find even more room on your amiibo shelf. Nintendo has confirmed that Ken, Daisy, and Young Link amiibo are all set to launch on April 12th, 2019. That's certainly an interesting mix of amiibo to release on the same day!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - another batch of screens and art

Check out more here

The Ace Attorney Trilogy contains all 14 chapters of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations. It will include English and Japanese language settings, and includes up to 10 save data slots.

Capcom gives sales update on various games, says Mega Man 11 had 'strong sales'

Capcom has put out their most recent fiscal results, and in the report, they share some updates on various released titles. While we don't have exact figures, we do have comments from Capcom.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

- “enjoyed robust sales”

Mega Man 11

- “reported strong sales”

Onimusha: Warlords

- “off to a good start”

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

- “performed strongly”

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2

- “performed well”

Capcom says, "No, not at this time," to Resident Evil 2's remake hitting Switch

Resident Evil 2's remake is one of the hottest games around right now, but it's not available on Switch. Could that ever change? Here's what Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn had to say when asked that question.

"No, not at this time. We just wanted to focus on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the moment."

You can read into that statement however you like. I guess there's some wiggle room for the game hitting Switch some point down the road, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Capcom shares another look at Japan's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy eCapcom Editions

Japanese Ace Attorney fans in Japan will be able to select from two different options when they purchase Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy eCapcom Editions. Above you can see the Drama CD that is included with the Complete Edition and Limited Edition.

For those who preorder one of the options through eCapcom, special Tonosaman Cards will be provided as a preorder bonus.

SEGA's Jun Senoue explains why he worked on a Mega Man 4 medley for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Did you know that Sonic Team sound director Jun Senoue worked on the Mega Man 4 medley in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Wondering why Senoue chose Mega Man 4 out of all the different game options to compose for? Check out his explanation for the decision below.

This is a picture of a Capcom Mega Man/Sega Sonic crossover comic book sold in America. The moment I first saw this, I immediately thought: ‘why don’t I try doing a Mega Man track in the style of the Sonic series?’ That’s when I started to work out how it would all go together. For the sake of a Nintendo release, a sound designer for SEGA is remixing a song from a Capcom game.

When you write it down like that it does seem kind of ridiculous, but I thought this might be a really rare chance I should make the most of. From all the many songs in the Mega Man series, I decided to use music from Mega Man 4. Around the time I first played that title I was a university student still obsessed with the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, so it has a real emotional attachment for me.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy now available to preload in Japan (new screens)

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is available to preload in Japan, where it costs 3,300 Yen and requires 1.7GB of free space. Remember, the Japanese version includes English language support!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy's Japanese release includes English support

Don't feel like waiting for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy to officially hit Switch in NA/EU? If you're looking to grab the game in English, you'll be happy to know that the Japanese release includes English support! The Japanese release is available to preload right now, priced at ¥3,300. You'll need 1.7GB of space on your Switch to accommodate the game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy supports docked, handheld, and tabletop modes. You can play using the Joy-Con or a Switch Pro Controller. The game also supports Cloud Save Data.