Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey dev team comments on why Bowser Jr. got his own side story this time

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey revamps the classic Bowser's Inside Story, but it also gives us a brand-new adventure starring Bowser Jr.. In a Nintendo Dream interview, the dev team explains why they chose Bowser Jr. to be the focus.

In the last game the main character was Goomba, who really worships Bowser. Because we wanted someone with just as much personality and appeal, and because in the original Bowser’s Inside Story the main character was Bowser himself, Bowser Jr. felt like the perfect fit. So we decided to tell his story. The adoption process for Bowser Jr. was relatively smooth as we thought it would be interesting to show the development of this character who has grown up in his father’s shadow. He may be mischievous, selfish and proud, but he comes to learn what is necessary to lead his own gang, whom he comes to treasure. We rewrote the script many times so that the audience can empathize with that aspect of his character.

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Season 2 Winner Biqtch Puddiń Performs as Bowsette

You learn something new every day! On this day, I learned that there's a reality show called The Boulet Brothers' Dragula. In its second season, we get to see winner Biqtch Puddiń throw some love Nintendo's way with Bowsette-inspired drag. Looks like with Doug Bowsette and Biqtch Puddiń dressed as Bowsette, we're primed for a second wave of this meme!

Thanks to Mock Turtle for the heads up!

Major glitch discovered in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey

Looks like the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story has added in a new feature, and it's not a welcome one. A particularly nasty bug can end up ruining your entire game, meaning you lose all your save progress up to that point. The issue can occur when Mario is removed from your party in Nimble Woods. If you go back a screen and save the game, the game glitches and Luigi cannot move on.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Nintendo says the Koopalings aren't Bowser's kids, but Bowser Jr. is

Ever wonder just how Bowser. Jr. and the Koopalings are related? In an interview with Nintendo Life, Nintendo's Akira Otani is asked that very question. While the answer might not be as detailed as we would hope, at least we get some kind of info.

As far as the Mario & Luigi series goes, it really is in Paper Jam that the Koopalings became more featured. The character setting for Koopalings is that they aren’t Bowser’s children, they just work for him! That’s the same for Bowser Jr.’s Journey, but the Koopalings have to take care of Bowser Jr. because he’s the boss’ kid.

Blizzard would love to see Diablo represented in Smash Bros. Ultimate, want Bowser and Ganon in Blizzard games

The Smash Bros. series is all about bringing together gaming's biggest and best franchises and cramming into a single experience. Castlevania is getting some representation this time around, but what other franchises could be on the way? If Blizzard had their way, Diablo would get the call up. Here's what Blizzard senior producer Pete Stilwell had to say in a Game Informer interview.

"Personally, yeah, I'd love to have Diablo. That to me is the immediate one. Then if we had over time, eventually the heroes, go through all of them...or you could go really awesome and only have Deckard Cain."

On the flip-side, Stilwell and associate producer Matt Cederquist had some ideas on what Nintendo characters they'd like to bring over to their own games.

MC: "Bowser, Bowser would be a sweet dungeon boss."

PS: "Pig Ganon would be cool. I feel like we're mostly naming villains, but there's a lot of classic Nintendo villains. Pretty much any of them would be great."

TooManyGames convention to feature Charles Martinet and Kenny James, the voice of Bowser

Date and Time: June 22 (2 p.m. – 10 p.m.); June 23 (10 a.m. – 10 p.m.) and June 24, 2017 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Location: Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Ave, Oaks, Pa. 19456

Details: TooManyGames, the longest running and largest gaming convention in Pennsylvania, will take place June 22 – 24, 2018 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. With an expected attendance of nearly 15,000 guests, the 2018 event will be the largest event in the convention’s history.

TooManyGames is the premier event for anyone interested in video games, board games, CCG's, and tabletop gaming. TooManyGames is known for its video game music concerts, arcades, chiptunes, industry panels, and panels by famous YouTubers and gamers such as SomeCallMeJohnny, Vinesauce, JeromeASF, and DAGames. It also features the highly anticipated Indie Game Showcase where game developers show off their newest creations. This year’s TooManyGames will host concerts by Crush 40, Psychostick, Minibosses, URIZEN, Knight of The Round, Rebel Gaming Club, Mac Lethal and Steel Samuri.

Known also for tournaments, TooManyGames will feature a Philadelphia Fusion Showcase with N3rd Street Gamers. It is a 16 team open Overwatch tournament with a prize of $5,000 for the winners.

The weekend will also feature SMASHDELPHIA, a Super Smash Bros Tournament; Hearthstone, a Heroes of Warcraft tournament; and various retro game tournaments.

TooManyGames has partnered with The Franklin Institute and its Game Masters exhibit. Attendees will have chances at ticket giveaways and other fun activities at the museum’s booth in the convention marketplace.

The 2018 marketplace will feature more than 60 vendors selling retro games, new games, board games, crafts, art and more. The 2018 event will also feature Kenny James, the voice of Bowser and Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario from the Nintendo Super Mario Bros franchise. A variety of ticket options from a single day to three-day pass are available on the website.

Boundary Break - A look at Bowser's back without his shell

Must feel nice for Bowser to finally get that shell off and let his back breath! I know how I feel after wearing a backpack for a few hours. I'd imagine this is a little bit more satisfying!

Nintendo grabs trademark for Bowser

Nintendo is on a bit of a tear with trademarks lately. The latest they've filed for pertains to Bowser, with the purpose of provision of benefits to customers performed in the retail or wholesale business of clothing, footwear, bags, drinks, foods, cosmetics, exercise equipment and much more. As you can see, this trademark does not apply to actual video games.

Nintendo grabs another series of trademarks for merchandising purposes

Another week, another round of Nintendo trademarks. Here's the latest words and phrases Nintendo has filed for in the last few days.

- Kinoko Kingdom (English words)
- two for Kinoko Oukoku (Japanese words)
- Wario (English and Japanese words)
- Waluigi (English and Japanese words)
- two for Bowser Jr. (English and Japanese words)
- two for Gesso (English and Japanese words)
- two for 1UP (English word)

None of the trademarks pertain to actual video game filings, but most are related to merchandising purposes.

First 4 Figures Presents Bowser Statue

This is a Bowser Blind Preorder. What does that mean?

It means that no images of the final product are being shown at this stage. It is to allow for expensive items to have a 12 month flexipay plan that isn't usually available without a blind preorder.

When will I see the final images?

There is no fixed time line, but we hope within 3-4 months of Bowser's Blind Preorder going live i.e when it's Bowser's real launch.

Ok - how long will this Bowser Blind Preorder last?

2 weeks. We will stop taking orders on the 1st September 2017.

Will there be a wait list after the Bowser Blind Preorder close?

No, there will only be a wait list after Bowser's real launch closes.

Will product numbers be assigned during this Blind Preorder?

No, they will be assigned when the Bowser's real launch happens.

So when is Bowser's real launch happening?

We hope within 3-4 months of Bowser's Blind Preorder going live.

How will the product numbers be assigned on Bowser's real launch day?

When we open the launch, those that have Blind Preorders will need to action their low number request via a website form. That will allow for them to get their number position.

But isn't that not fair for those who wait for the real launch and have to enter in their credit card info? It would be much faster for the guys who have a Blind Preorder to fill in the form.

We've taken that into consideration so we will open up Bowser's Real Launch on the Preview Friday through to the Preorder Tuesday. That will mean that every customer will therefore be in the same situation when it comes to going for their number position.

What is this form you're talking about?

We will have more information on that when it comes to Bowser's real launch. We will be emailing everyone body who places their blind preorder too when we have more info.

After the real launch, how long will the preorders continue for?

The preorder window will open for a further two weeks.

How many flexipay options will be available on Bowser's real launch?

There will be 9, 7 and 4 month flexipay options. The 12 month plan is only available for the blind preorder.

Ok, I'm down to Blind Preorder Bowser - but what happens during Bowser's real launch (and after you reveal the pictures), that I dont like it and wish to cancel? Will there be any cancellation fee?

No, there will be no cancellation fee as long as you cancel before the 2 week real launch preorder period closes. After the 2 week Bowser real launch closes, if you cancel then, you will lose your NRD (Non Refundable Deposit) and flexipay cancellation charges (depending on numbers of payments made)

Got it. Now let's say I Blind Preorder Bowser now, and then I dont do anything during the real launch - is my order still confirmed?

Yes it is - you dont need to do anything as we will continue to take your payments.

How about Day One edition? If I Blind Preoreder Bowser now, will I get a Day One Edition?

No, you will need to be around when Bowser's real launch happens and enter in the website form (which is the form you fill in to confirm your number position).

Perfect - so what's the regular and exclusive difference?

This will be revealed at Bowser's real launch. You could always preorder both and cancel one without penalty if you're not sure on which one you want to go for.

Exclusive edition

Introducing the third in the Super Mario line, First 4 Figures is proud to bring you the Super Mario - Bowser Statue for the ultimate Super Mario - Bowser fans out there.

The package includes the following:-

BLIND Pre-orders for this edition are only available until Sept 1st 2017.