Doug Bowser on the words of wisdom Reggie Fils-Aime shared before he left, and wanting fans to know he and Bowser are different

Sure you are, Doug...sure you are

Doug Bowser has been Nintendo of America's president for a hot minute now, and he's filled the role quite nicely. Fans took to Doug Bowser right away due to his last name, which was an easy point of entry for poking fun. In an interview with Mashable, Doug Bowser took a moment to let everyone know that he and Bowser are very, very different.

"I think we have to separate Doug Bowser from Bowser the character and clearly Bowser the character is under the supervision of many at the [Nintendo] development community. It's been fun to share the name, to embrace it a bit, have some fun with it. But also recognize that we are very, very different."

Doug Bowser is also very different from Reggie Fils-Aime, his predecessor. The big guy is kicking back in retirement now, but his impact on the world of Nintendo will forever be remembered. Reggie played a huge part in Nintendo's path forward, as well as the community of Nintendo fans out there. Before Reggie left his position, he made sure to share some words of wisdom with Bowser.

"I think ... the most important thing that he shared with me was really just the importance and, if you will, admiration for our great characters and immersive worlds. And then also the passion our fans have for that. [I need] to make sure that that's always our focus, to bring smiles to those people's faces. And that's been my job since day one, from the moment I arrived at Nintendo all the way until I came into this role."

Jakks Pacific releasing Bowser's Castle playset

Want to room with Bowser?

Bring the world of Nintendo to life! This Nintendo Bowser Castle Playset features some of your favorite characters in a fun, diorama playset. Play and pose your favorite 2 1/2-inch scale mini-figures and display the playset for hours of endless fun! Measures about 14 1/2-inches wide x 12 1/2-inches tall. Requires 2x "AAA" batteries, not included. Ages 3 and up.

If you're looking to see a bit more of how Bowser lives, this Bowser's Castle playset should be right up your alley. It will be available later this month for $45, and you can grab your preorder here.

First 4 Figures shares another dev diary look at their upcoming Bowser statue

The king is back

First 4 Figures recently shared a drop test video for their Bowser statue, and now we get a look at the production line's progress so far. It certainly seems like things are moving along quite nicely. If you're willing to part with a pretty penny, you can still lock in an order here.

First 4 Figures puts their upcoming Bowser statue through a drop test


As with all First 4 Figures statues, a drop test is a necessary step for the team to go through in order to ensure quality. It was Bowser's turn today to take a beating. Surely someone as tough as Bowser will have no problem making it through the test unscathed, right?

How to Make a Doug Bowser Custom amiibo

The one, true Bowser

Earlier in the week, we shared a video of amiibo artist GandaKris giving Nintendo's Doug Bowser a custom amiibo of himself. Were you hoping you could add one to your collection? Well now you can, because GandaKris put together a step-by-step video showing how it was done!

Doug Bowser details his first experience with Nintendo, talks a bit about game streaming

It all started with Donkey Kong

Doug Bowser has wrapped his first E3 as Nintendo of America's president, and seemed to do so successfully. He was hit with a cavalcade of interviews, including one with the Washington Post. During their interview, Mr. Bowser was asked about where his first point of contact with Nintendo was.

“My experience with Nintendo began about 38 years ago as a young kid in college who was fascinated by Donkey Kong in the arcade.”

From playing Donkey Kong in the arcade 38 years ago, to becoming NoA president. I'd say that's a pretty fantastic career! The future is bright for Bowser, and the Washington Post wants to know where that future is going to lead Nintendo. Could they embrace game streaming that seems to be the talk of the industry lately? Bowser's response was, in typical Nintendo higher-up fashion, vague at best.

“Nintendo is always looking at those technologies to what’s next and how that can change the landscape."

Doug Bowser gets his own custom amiibo

Look at how happy he is!

GandaKris, the ultimate custom amiibo maker, took at trip to E3 2019 to give Doug Bowser a special present. As you'll see in the video above, GandaKris surprised Doug with a custom amiibo version of himself! Doug was pretty damn excited to see the creation, as anyone would be!

Make sure to check out the video above to check out GandaKris' full trip to E3, complete with more on the special moment with Doug Bowser.

Doug Bowser details the work that went into filming his Nintendo Direct conversation with Bowser

I still can't tell them apart

Yesterday's Nintendo Power Podcast brought in none other than NoA President Doug Bowser to talk about his E3 experience. For a portion of the episode, Mr. Bowser goes through the process of recording his Nintendo Direct conversation with Bowser.

“That was a lot of fun. Just a little inside story, as we were filming that, obviously we didn’t have a CG Bowser in the room – we had someone in a blue suit with a big pole coming out of the top of his head and a piece of tape really high up, and those were meant to be Bowser’s eyes. As we were obviously engaging with that particular person, we were supposed to be looking up at the eyes. I can’t tell you how many takes we had to do, because I kept staring at the actual eyes of the actor instead of way up to Bowser’s eyes. I basically kept talking to Bowser’s chest.”

Man, what I wouldn't give to see the unedited footage of Doug Bowser talking to a pole with some tape on it. I know you have it, Nintendo!

Thanks to AutumnalBlake for the heads up!

Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct "Doug Bowser" joke needed some explanation for Japanese audiences

Bowser meets Bowser

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct, there was a joke about Nintendo America president Doug Bowser sharing his name with Nintendo's top villain. This didn't need any explanation in Europe or North America, but needed some context in Japan. Nintendo added in some subtitles, addressing Bowser as “King Bowser” and Doug Bowser as “Nintendo of America President."

Nintendo's Doug Bowser talks about game industry crunch, game delays, and giving their employees a good work-life balance

Employee health is paramount

E3 2019 is Nintendo of America’s president Doug Bowser's first real BIG event acting as Nintendo's President. IGN took the opportunity to hit Bowser with some hard questions about game industry crunch. Check out what Bowser had to say below.

“The crunch point is an interesting one. For us, one of our key tenants is that we bring smiles to people's faces, and we talk about that all the time. It's our vision. Or our mission, I should say. For us, that applies to our own employees. We need to make sure that our employees have good work-life balance. One of those examples is, we will not bring a game to market before it's ready. We just talked about one example [in Animal Crossing’s delay]. It's really important that we have that balance in our world. It's actually something we're proud of. To your point, the community obviously is passionate, is vocal, but we also need to make sure that, as an industry, we're having those conversations.”


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