Capcom explains why it took so long to bring Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to NA/EU

You might remember the struggle between Switch owners and Capcom when it came to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Fans begged Capcom to bring the game to the states and Europe, but Capcom kept giving vague/wishy-washy responses. Eventually we got the confirmation on the game's localization, but what took so long? Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Producer Shintaro Kojima explained.

“The Monster Hunter production team were working on Monster Hunter: World after the release of the Japanese Monster Hunter XX. But there was huge demand for a western version so we decided to bring it to the west.”

Capcom details their Comic Con 2018 schedule

San Diego Comic Con 2018 is just around the corner, taking place at the San Diego Convention Center from July 19-22 in San Diego, CA! Stop by the Capcom booth (Hall A, Booth #215) for some of the latest demos and signings. Be sure to attend our four exciting panels taking place in Room 6BCF!


Resident Evil 2 (Available January 25, 2019) - Once again, enter the survival horror when Resident Evil 2 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! Raccoon City has been rebuilt from the ground-up to offer a new gameplay experience in a hauntingly familiar environment. Be one of the first to play this highly anticipated remake, with a demo featuring Leon S. Kennedy as he explores the Raccoon City Police Department.

Mega Man 11 (Available October 2) - Get equipped with classic gameplay combined with fresh new abilities in the Blue Bomber’s new quest! Play through Block Man’s colorful and challenging stage in Mega Man’s latest adventure crafted by a veteran development team at Capcom, and utilize the new Double Gear System to enhance Mega Man’s abilities in a fun new way. Mega Man 11 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (Available July 24) – The world of Mega Man X is at your fingertips with eight futuristic adventures featuring X, Zero, and Axl battling against Mavericks, high-tech robots gone bad. Check out all eight games ranging from 16-bit to 32-bit and beyond, and test your skills in the new X Challenge mode, pitting X against pairs of Mavericks ahead of next week’s launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!


Mega Man 30th Anniversary - Celebrate 30 years of the Blue Bomber with the talented developers veterans from Capcom. Producers Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (Mega Man 11) and Nonaka Daizo (Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2) discuss their exciting work on the iconic side-scrolling series in a panel moderated by Capcom’s Tim Turi. Get equipped with behind-the-scenes insight on the brand-new Mega Man 11 and other recent titles. The festivities will include trivia, prizes, and more.

World of Capcom - If you have played video games at all in the last thirty years, chances are you may have played a game from Capcom. Think Resident Evil, Street Fighter or even the latest hit Monster Hunter World. Capcom continues to develop original and exciting game franchises for next generation game consoles. Come sit with the team from Capcom and learn about what is coming next!

Resident Evil Video Games - You have once again entered the world of survival horror. Hear from the producer (Yoshiaki Hirabayashi) and staff of the recently announced Resident Evil 2 on how Capcom reinvented a celebrated classic 20 years later. Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, the Raccoon City outbreak and a few other surprises you won’t want to miss. Cosplay is encouraged.

Building Powerful Characters Featuring Street Fighter - Celebrating 30 years as the iconic fighting game franchise, Street Fighter features a cast of characters with something for everybody. In this very special event perfect for curious new challengers and seasoned champs alike, Capcom staff from the US and Japan will give you an exclusive peek behind the creation of Cody, the latest character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.


We have quite a few signings this year at San Diego Comic Con! While most signings will take place at the Capcom booth, there are a few at other locations. Please refer to the table below for all the information you’ll need to make sure you have room in your schedule to attend.

Nintendo at Japan Expo 2018 video - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate dev Shintaro Kojima meets with fans

It's so nice to see the Monster Hunter series growing into a household name for gamers. It's been a long time coming, and Capcom has certainly kept at it over the years. It's finally really paid off, and now the franchise has hit the bigtime in the states. Can't wait to see how Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate sells stateside and in Europe!

Nintendo UK store - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate + Figure available for preorder

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the follow-up to Monster Hunter Generations, and marks the Monster Hunter series’ debut on Nintendo Switch. Hunters can face off against the largest roster of unique monsters in any Monster Hunter game to date.

This game bundle includes Monster Hunter Generations and a Monster Hunter Figures Plus Vol.2 - single figure. Please note: each box will contain only 1 randomly selected figure from the 6 figures that are available. Colours and styles may vary.

Grab your preorder here

Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios producing Monster Hunter 3D animated special

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, and Pure Imagination Studios, the award-winning independent micro-studio that combines proprietary technology with groundbreaking storytelling are in production on a computer graphics animated special that will expand upon the universe of “Monster Hunter™,” Capcom’s blockbuster game series. The two companies will produce and co-finance the special with Pure Imagination overseeing domestic and international sales. Joshua Fine (“Ultimate Spider-Man” (STARZ)) wrote the special. Production will be completed this Winter and the special is expected to premiere globally in 2019.

The 3D animated special, dubbed “Monster Hunter™: Legends of the Guild,” tells the story of a brave young man determined to prove himself as a monster hunter worthy of recognition. His chance will come all too soon when he discovers that his remote village lies in the path of an Elder Dragon—a veritable force of nature made flesh.

“We are thrilled to return fans to the universe of “Monster Hunter” and expand the series’ rich lore,” said Monster Hunter Series Producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto. “We think die-hard fans will appreciate our dedication to the source material while those uninitiated to the series will still be treated to an epic adventure in a wholly unique world.”

Developed and published by Capcom, the “Monster Hunter” series of games has shipped more than 48 million units to players around the world since its initial release in 2004. “Monster Hunter™: World,” the franchise’s latest release in the series, has shipped more than 8 million units worldwide (including digital download sales), now making it Capcom’s fastest selling title in the company’s history of making blockbuster games.

“At Pure Imagination, we focus on building content driven eco-systems and experiences that can live across multiple platforms of engagement,” said John P. Roberts, Chief Content Officer, Pure Imagination Studios. “With Monster Hunter, our talented and diverse group of animators, storytellers and producers, who have created content for LEGO, Marvel and Star Wars, are collaborating with Capcom to create a powerful and engaging story universe to serve its enormous global fanbase,” he continued.

Capcom working on a Monster Hunter animated series called "Monster Hunter — Legends of the Guild"

Capcom has a new Monster Hunter animated series in the works, entitled "Monster Hunter — Legends of the Guild." This information comes from a SAG/AFTRA email, of all places.

We have received the full email, which reaches out to SAG/AFTRA members to tell them not to work on the project. This is due to Corporate Management Solutions, Inc., the producer of the New Media project, not "executing a minimum basic agreement that is in full force and effect."

The SAG/AFTRA email doesn't have any other details on the animated series, other than revealing that it exists. Hopefully Capcom shares some details soon!

Thanks to Jason for the heads up!

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to be playable at Japan Expo 2018, producer attending for meet-and-greet

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is appearing once again at the Japan Expo. The big difference is, this time the game is confirmed for localization! Get your hands on the demo at Japan Expo 2018, which runs from July 5th to 8th in France. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Producer Shintaro Kojima will be making and appearance, and officially offering up autographics and picture opportunities during a meet-and-greet!

Japan - Capcom running Monster Hunter sale on 3DS eShop

Capcom is holding a Monster Hunter sale on the 3DS eShop in Japan. The following titles are on sale until June 27th, 2018.

ー Monster Hunter XX (¥3,990 → ¥2,394)
ー Monster Hunter Stories (¥3,990 → ¥2,194)
ー Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX (¥3,990 → ¥1,795)

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate supported languages revealed

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is finally coming to the Switch in August. The title has been available in Japan for quite some time, but soon our European and North American friends can get in on the action as well. The localized version of the game will support English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. With Japanese not being supported in this release, it's likely that any saves from the Japanese version will be incompatible with the NA/EU release.