Simon and Richter's Smash Bros. Ultimate poses hearken back to classic Castlevania cover art

The attention to detail in Smash Bros. Ultimate is second to none, as it usually is with most Smash Bros. games. In the above images, we see once again just how deep Nintendo digs back into franchise history to make sure they're presenting characters in a truly classic way.

Identifying All Castlevania Music in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo revealed that there are 34 different songs from across the Castlevania series come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! And we identified all of them, including which game they came from and what stage they played on! Listen and let us know which is your favorite!

Konami grabs new trademarks for Contra, Bomber World, and Bomberman

Could Konami be up to something with their classic franchises? The company just filed for new trademarks related to Contra (English word), Bomber World (English words) and Bomberman (English word plus the Japanese ボンバーマン). All the trademarks pertain to Japan. The first two are for use with videogames, while the last pertains to trading cards.

Kid Dracula teased as a stage hazard in Smash Bros. Ultimate's Castlevania stage

Sorry, Nintendo...I'm way too big of a Kid Dracula fan to be fooled by your ??? listing. There's no doubt in my mind that that silhouette belongs to Kid Dracula. The Game Boy game was one of my favorite Game Boy titles back in the day, and still holds a special place in my heart. Great to see the character getting some love!

Castlevania: Season 2 (Netflix) - Official Trailer

Raise hell! Castlevania Season 2 — join our awakening October 26, only on Netflix.

Konami reveals Gamescom 2018 lineup

Today Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced its line-up for this year’s gamescom (August 21st– 25th) in Cologne, Germany. Following a successful E3 in June, new playable demos of PES 2019, ZONE OF THE ENDERS The 2nd RUNNER: M ∀ RS and HYPER SPORTS R will all be featured at the company’s main booth located in hall 8.1/A033.

A dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! booth will also be set up in hall 5.2/E039, where attendees can get their hands on the latest product additions to the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, learn how to play, compete in tournaments and play KONAMI’s massively popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links mobile game.

The Power of Footballwill be experienced like never before with PES 2019, with the latest iteration in the graphically-advanced PES series as it continues to highlight KONAMI’s commitment to creating the definitive football gaming experience. PES 2019’s new features include Visible Fatigue, impacting performance and behaviour; new shooting mechanics and improved ball physics; ‘Enlighten’ software for true-to-life visual effects; and for the first time, 4K HDR across all platforms. myClub has also received the biggest overhaul to date, featuring a new card design system and featured Legend Players such as Phillipe Coutinho, this year’s main cover star. PES LEAGUE will be included in PES 2019, building on the success of this year’s eSports initiatives. PES 2019 will be available from August 28thin the Americas and August 30thfor Rest of the World on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™ and PC. Fans can expect a playable demo to debut at this year’s KONAMI gamescom booth.

Making its playable demo debut to the public for the first time, HYPER SPORTS R, a new sports compilation title exclusive to Nintendo Switch™, features a wide variety of individual and team sports for gamers to compete in. Playable events at the show include Track & Field, Swimming and Beach Volleyball, with more details to be announced at gamescom. The game allows for up to four friends to compete with a choice of traditional button or accurate motion controls. Additional details for HYPER SPORTS R, including the release date, will be announced later this year.

Launching on September 6th, ZONE OF THE ENDERS The 2nd RUNNER: M ∀ RS, the remaster of the original 2003 sequel, will showcase its enhanced graphics and re-engineered audio specifically for PlayStation®4 andPC. This high-speed mech action classic will be fully playable in 4K or VR – providing a brand new perspective of play for new and veteran ZONE OF THE ENDERS fans. ZONE OF THE ENDERS The 2nd RUNNER: M ∀ RS will launch on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR and PC on September 4th in the Americas and September 6th globally at an SRP of €29.99. Fans can expect a playable demo that showcases the game’s VR feature and more at this year’s KONAMI gamescom booth.

Script for the Metal Gear movie adaptation has been completed

Jordon Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, has revealed that his script for a potential Metal Gear movie has been turned in to the the studio. Metal Gear’s scriptwriter Derek Connolly joined the team back in November 2017, and the pair have now wrapped their script for the Metal Gear adaptation. Vogt-Roberts wants fans to know that his adaptation of the game is doing its absolute best to stay true to Kojima's vision.

“Let’s really think about whether we’re making the truest, most b*lls-to-the-wall Metal Gear version of this–the most Kojima version of this, and even if that means we make it for a little bit less money, let’s make the version of this that’s true to what it is, fully committed to what Kojima’s voice is.”

Super Bomberman R - Japanese promo video

Konami seems to be losing their minds with Super Bomberman R promotional videos, and I love it. The weirder the better, I say! I'm just glad to see Bomberman getting so much attention!

Netflix's Castlevania gets a premiere date for the second season

While it's quite a wait to get to the second season, the timing does seem appropriate. With people in the mood for scary fodder around Halloween, Castlevania should be the perfect pick for viewing. Let's hope the second season is just as good as the first!

Super Bomberman R - Version 2.1 video tour

More free DLC has been released for Super Bomberman R on the Switch with version 2.1, this time including Metal Gear Solid characters, featuring the voice of David Hayter! We check out gameplay of Solid Snake, Naked Snake, and Raiden on the Metal Gear stages in the new Grand Prix mode with this DLC tour!