eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 hits 500k units sold

It's a homerun!

Looks like Konami's latest Switch release is quite the hit. The company has confirmed that eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 is now at 500k sold across all platforms combined. We know that the game has moved roughly 305k in physical copies, which goes to show that the digital option is doing quite well also!

RUMOR - Warren Ellis may not work on Netflix's Castlevania series after the fourth season

A lot of people came together to make Netflix's Castlevania a success, and that includes Warren Ellis, the comic book writer who handled the story for the first three seasons, as well as the upcoming fourth season. It seems Ellis' work might end there, though.

Ellis has been accused of sexual harassment and abuse by several women, which has lead to him being removed from multiple projects. While not 100% confirmed, it seems likely that Ellis will no longer be involved with Castlevania going forward. You can real Ellis' defense against the allegations below.

While I've made many bad choices in my past, and I've said a lot of wrong things, let me be clear, I have never consciously coerced, manipulated, or abused anyone, nor have I ever assaulted anybody. But I was ignorant of where I was operating from at a time I should have been clear and for that I accept 100% responsibility.

Konami says eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 players are not allowed to monetize videos of the game

Striking out

Konami has shared a note about anyone playing eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020. Konami has no problem with anyone sharing videos of eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 gameplay, but they have said that those videos cannot be monetized. Konami has not given reason for the decision, but obviously some streamers and YouTubers are quite upset about the announcement.

Blacklist Games announces Contra: The Board Game

Bill and Lance are back!

The Red Falcon Army has reemerged, and now it’s time to return to the fray and bring them down all over again. You have been selected from among the most qualified Contra commandos, and now the fate of the world lies in your hands. Your mission? Infiltrate, eliminate, and survive.

Blacklist Games, in conjunction with Kess Co., is thrilled to announce Contra: The Board Game, a cooperative game of run-and-gun action for 1–4 players set in the world of Konami’s iconic Contra video game series. Designed by Adam and Brady Sadler (Street Masters, Heroes of Terrinoth), Contra: The Board Game casts players as elite Contra commandos tasked with thwarting the Red Falcon Army’s plans of world domination!

Each game of Contra: The Board Game is a race against time as commandos attempt to navigate hazardous environments and attack the many minions that stand between them and their target: a deadly boss that must be destroyed at all costs. Luckily, they’ll be able to locate advanced weaponry and accomplish various objectives out on the battlefield in order to gain the advantage! Furthermore, they’ll be able to use their unique cards and abilities to blaze a trail through the enemy each turn. However, attempting to “run n’ gun” can come at a cost, exposing them to enemy attacks if done carelessly. Will they push their luck and hope to come out on top, or will they play it safe while the clock continues to count down?

Featuring fast dice and card-driven gameplay, highly-detailed miniatures, and a variety of modular fixed decks for commandos, enemies, and stages that can be mixed and matched to create unique scenarios, Contra: The Board Game lets players create their own exciting Contra adventures on the tabletop!

Contra: The Board Game is for 1-4 players, ages 14 and older, and has a play time of approximately 45-120 minutes. It includes 8 highly detailed miniatures; over 200 cards to make up 4 unique Commando decks, 4 unique Enemy decks and 4 unique Stage decks; 20 objective cards; 5 custom Hero dice; 5 custom Enemy dice; many tokens and 2 double-sided, folding stage boards depicting the harsh battlegrounds in which Contra will face the Red Falcon Army!

Contra: The Board Game is expected to be available for pre-order via blacklistgamesllc.com on July 30, 2020, with an estimated release window of Q1/Q2 2021.

Pro Evolution Soccer brand manager says the team is 'getting closer' to bringing the series to Switch

A sorely-needed FIFA rival

EA has been bringing the FIFA series to Switch ever since the console launched, but I think most fans would agree that EA's not really giving it their all. The last few installments have been nothing more than roster updates, dubbed 'Legacy' editions. That kind of treatment leaves room for another company to swoop in and take advantage.

While the Pro Evolution Soccer series isn't nearly as popular as FIFA, it definitely has its fans. That series is yet to make its way to Switch, but according to PES brand manager Robbye Ron, it's looking like that could happen in the future.

“I think we are closer to that. The Unreal Engine will help us a lot to be a little more flexible on what platforms we appear on. I can’t assure you yet, but I think we’re getting closer to getting there (to Switch). Whenever we announce a new game, people let us know that they are still waiting for the Switch version. It is something we want, because people ask us and there are many consumers who have stopped playing PES just because we are not on that platform. We are focused on seeing how we can (do it), and I think that the change of engine will help us a lot to fulfill the dream to several Nintendo fans.”

eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 gets another promo video

eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 is now available for the Switch in Japan. To celebrate the launch, Konami has shared a new video that puts two Japanese baseball legends against one another.

Famitsu shares more gameplay for Arcade Archives: Gradius

Whenever a new Arcade Archives title is revealed, Famitsu is always the first outlet to snag gameplay footage. They're back once again this week with a new gameplay video, this time featuring Arcade Archives: Gradius. Check out the action above, and then grab the game for yourself on July 9th, 2020.

eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 "Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mode" trailer

Going for the gold

eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 is releasing for Switch in Japan on July 9th, 2020, and it's going to include a special Tokyo 2020 Olympics mode. You can see what that mode has to offer in the trailer above.

Watch the latest promo video released for eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020

Konami keeps pumping out new promo content for eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 every week. This time around we get another video showcasing real-life baseball players going head-to-head in the game. eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 hits the Switch in Japan on July 9th, 2020.

First 4 Figures unboxes their Metal Gear Solid 'Psycho Mantis' Statue

You read my mind

First 4 Figures is back with another unboxing, this time showing off their Metal Gear Solid 'Psycho Mantis' statue. Man, that sucker is an absolute BEAST, but undeniably cool as well. If you're getting one of these, you better find a space to clear out now!


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