Mondo - Super Castlevania IV Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP restock available

Mondo is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise with the premiere Vinyl release of the original soundtrack to the 1991 Super Nintendo Masterpiece: Super Castlevania IV

Two versions available. One, featuring 180 Gram Split color LPs (Bronze and Gold Split - Limited to 1,000 Copies) Second version pressed on Silver and Red Splatter. All featuring all 28 BMG tracks from the game spread across two 12" 180 Gram LPs.

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Japan - Super Bomberman R gets sale price on the eShop

- now available for ¥3,764 ($34)
- originally priced at ¥5,378
- sale price available until Aug. 20th

Animators behind Netflix's Castlevania detail how the project came together

A portion of an io9 interview with Powerhouse Animation's co-founder Brad Graeber and creative director Sam Deats...

io9: How did you guys wind up on the project?

Graeber: Sam IM’d me one day, saying that he had heard Adi Shankar put something online about the Castlevania project. Frank knew a guy—Tom King—who’s a showrunner over there at Frederator. Frank, Tom, and Kevin started Heart of Texas Productions, which was an animation studio here in Texas for quite some time. And then, we actually got a meeting with Kevin. I’m a big fan of his from way back in the day. He was the producer on all the Ren & Stimpy stuff. Super cool guy. That was nerve-wracking already, but he called me and we got a meeting, and we were like, “What do we do?”

We put together a deck, basically, as if we were an ad agency pitching ourselves. if we were to direct the show. We hadn’t seen a script. We knew nothing about it, but Sam put together all these thoughts of what we’d do, what our influences would be and all that

Deats: I pulled out my “I love the Berserk manga, Blade the Immortal” and all that. That dark fantasy style of storytelling, character design, how gory it gets… I put together a bunch of drawings and sketches, and a few color images that channeled all of that. Most of it barely made it into the final look of the show. But, it at least got some interest out of them. I talked about the directing style and the feel, all the stuff that we think a show like this should be.

I grew up on Castlevania. I continually play Symphony of the Night to this day. I think I had just finished a run-through of that before hearing about [the show being in development], so it was extremely exciting. It’s funny, I had heard about [a Castlevania project] over 10 years ago when they first were talking about the project as a direct-to-DVD series. And I saw the James Jean art that was going around. Every couple of weeks, I’d go to that website they had and hit refresh. Then every couple of months, then years. I gave up eventually.

Full interview here

Super Bomberman R - Version 1.4.1 now available

Update Release 08/02/2017 (ver.1.4.1) - Contents as below :

We fixed the bug in which the player's movement speed would increase in the Power Zone stage.

- Other small bugs have been fixed.

Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

Netflix's Castlevania producer likens adapting the series to covering an iconic song

A portion of an io9 interview with producer Adi Shankar...

io9: How did everyone involved break down the story? Was that all something writer Warren Ellis came to you with? Or was it a collaborative effort between the major producing players?

Adi Shankar: The story’s based on Castlevania III, right? The way I see it, the game provided a really great core blueprint and it’s an issue of connecting the dots and knowing what elements to focus on. Here’s what it comes down to. If you’re a fan of a game, or a world—because they’re not really games, they’re worlds—that has a deep, rich mythology and you’ve really spent a lot of time in it, you start developing a sixth sense about that world. The best comparison I can give is, it’s like a musician who’s covering his or her favorite, iconic song. Right? Once you’ve lived with that song for a long time, like, years—a lifetime—you know what notes you have to hit. You know, straight up, “Yo, I have to hit this note.” And you know what notes you should make your own.

Full interview here

Factor 5 almost worked on a Super Castlevania IV port for the Genesis

Coming from a Nintendo Life interview with Factor 5's co-founder Julian Eggebrecht...

We did recreate one of the SNES Castlevania 4 levels, or at least part of one, that used Mode 7 in one part. I vaguely remember it might have been the huge swinging chandelier bit. They were quite impressed but Konami Osaka at the time decided to get into Genesis game creation in a bigger way and pulled all Genesis work internal.

Super Castlevania IV is no-doubt one of the shining gems of the Super Nintendo library. That title almost jumping ship to the Genesis at some point blows my mind! It simply wasn't meant to be, I guess. That's okay, we still have awesome musicians out there who show us what the game could have sounded like on Genesis!