GameStop getting Switch demo units one-to-two weeks before launch

Can't make it to a Switch hands-on event? You might want to keep an eye on your local GameStop. There are multiple reports coming in stating that GameStop locations should get demo units somewhere between one-to-two weeks prior to the Switch launch. In other words, some locations could have their units just two weeks from now!

We have had this information confirmed by our GameStop source, which is why we are sharing this as confirmed instead of rumor.

RUMOR - GameStop opening Switch preorders on Jan. 13th

We know the Switch presentation comes on the night of Jan. 12th, but when do official preorders open? In the case of GameStop, it seems Jan. 13th might be the date.

Rumor has it that GameStop locations have received word that preorders open up on the 13th, and each store will have a limited amount to sell. No information on bundles or amounts just yet, but that info should hit GameStop sometime on the 12th.

GameStop purchase intent survey mentions NX, asks if you plan to buy within next 12 months

Looks like GameStop is gearing up for the NX. This purchase intent survey mentions the NX, but also covers its bases by just saying 'new console for Nintendo' as well. You know, just incase Nintendo drops NX for a different name. The real interesting part is the survey asking if you plan to buy the NX within the next 12 months. Is GameStop just basing that timeframe off of current rumors, or are they getting details from somewhere else? Thanks to Anon for the heads up!

GameStop cancelling Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition preorders made after 11/18/2015

We heard some rumblings of cancellations, but now this leaked internal document proves that it's happening. Hopefully you managed to snag your preorder before this date, otherwise you have every reason to be a not-so-happy camper right now.

Bowser/Toad/Yoshi Wii Remote Plus hitting GameStop as exclusives

The Toad and Bowser versions are due out Sept. 11th, while the Yoshi version is due out Oct. 16th. You can check out all three here.

HORI's Retro Mario GamePad Protector Set for Wii U due out next week

RUMOR - GameStop not taking preorders on select Wave 5 amiibo on Sept. 11th

- GameStop is scheduled to get 4 amiibo for sale on 9/11
- there will be no preorders
- a limited amount will be available on GameStop.com
- allocation sent to each store based on previous amiibo sales
- no word yet on if they will do tickets like they did for the Retro 3-Pack
- amiibo include Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar and 8-Bit Classic Mario

Yet another round of rumored info on GameStop's amiibo event, 3-pack

This information on GameStop's upcoming amiibo event and 3-pack sale is getting a bit out of hand. We haven't heard anything official from GameStop yet, which makes me just a tad nervous. Instead of bombarding you with yet another breakdown of info, some of which contradicts what we've already reported, I figured I'd just provide you with the link. Read on at your own risk!

Info here

RUMOR - More info on GameStop's supposed amiibo event, 3-pack purchase

Well there you go, another bit of information supposedly from GameStop on the event we posted last week. Might be time to get your money ready and prepare yourself for standing in line!