Yet another round of rumored info on GameStop's amiibo event, 3-pack

This information on GameStop's upcoming amiibo event and 3-pack sale is getting a bit out of hand. We haven't heard anything official from GameStop yet, which makes me just a tad nervous. Instead of bombarding you with yet another breakdown of info, some of which contradicts what we've already reported, I figured I'd just provide you with the link. Read on at your own risk!

Info here

RUMOR - More info on GameStop's supposed amiibo event, 3-pack purchase

Well there you go, another bit of information supposedly from GameStop on the event we posted last week. Might be time to get your money ready and prepare yourself for standing in line!

GameStop - Trade in 2DS/3DS/3DSXL, get $100 towards New 3DS XL

GameStop - Ness, King Dedede amiibo stock showing up today

Looking to get your hands on a Ness or King Dedede amiibo? If so, GameStop is the place to hit up today. While the retailer isn't supposed to sell the stock until Thursday, it seems like some consumers are lucky enough to grab their purchases today. Call your local GameStop and hope for the best!

Shulk amiibo showing up at select GameStop locations

GameStop - Shulk amiibo preorders from February are now shipping


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