GameXplain feature - Five Gaming Regrets

GameXplain's Derrick Bitner talks about his biggest regrets in gaming. How does this relate to the image above? Go read the article, and you will quickly learn the why!

The making of Nintendo Power's final cover

"They basically just told me that they wanted to reference that (first issue) cover, but do it in a more modern way. It was also a little terrifying because of how significant that original cover is. I didn't want to be the person who screwed that up. Everyone knows how he's supposed to look. It has to be exactly right or it's not Mario! If his nose isn't the right size, or his cap is weird, everyone on the planet will be able to look at him and know it's wrong instantly. I was worried about that, and I definitely redid some parts several times before they felt okay." - artist Leslie Levings
Full interview here (thanks Jet Pilot!)

Looking back on the early days of Nintendo Power

We sent out 3.2 million [complimentary copies of the first issue], that's how big the database grew from the 600,000 to when the decision was made fairly early 1987.

Our database grew during the time we were pursuing this to more than 10 million. We had a huge direct-response database, and we protected it very closely. We never sold it, and never let the mailing tapes out. For a while, we even directly mailed the magazine in-house and set up a mailing shop because we valued the assets of the list.

When it hit 1.3 million -- and we talked about how fast it grew -- I was looking at what magazines were the biggest magazines in the country, and in fact the biggest one was a senior's magazine. Like an AARP magazine or something. But that's not fair because it's just something you get. It's like AAA Magazine. You get it when you're a AAA person.

I'm really not sure [where Nintendo Power placed, in terms of circulation], but it certainly was up there. Because Nintendo Power didn't accept advertising, we weren't audited, and in order to be formally ranked -- like being a public company or something -- you needed to be audited by one of those companies that keeps track and keeps people honest for ad rates. - Nintendo Power founding editor Gail Tilden
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StreetPass NYC Honors Nintendo Power's Legacy on December 11th

StreetPass NYC, a popular grassroots Nintendo 3DS fan club in New York City, invites all Nintendo fans in the New York Metro Area to unofficially celebrate the death of Nintendo Power and it's 24 year legacy on December 11th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

"Even with the decline of print media we like many Nintendo fans are deeply sadden by the cancellation of the magazine we have all farmed for cheats and sent in crazy artwork too" says Jordan White, Founder and Event Organizer of StreetPass NYC. "We want to honor the magazine's outstanding legacy and thanking the authors and editors month after month of entertainment and free swag through our childhoods."

Fans will mainly hang around the Nintendo Power museum at the Nintendo World store on the second floor next to the elevator. StreetPass NYC highly suggests to spread out if the group becomes too big to avoid violating building file codes and to please not disturbed customers who are shopping inside of the store.

Please bring your issues of Nintendo Power and/or any collectible freebies you ever recived from the magazine's 24 print run that you want to show off. StreetPass NYC will look out for the coolest collections to show off on their YouTube channel and will invite people outside to be interviewed on their memories of Nintendo Power.

StreetPass NYC also suggest (but not enforces) a dress code of either all black and/or your most Nintendo related clothing and accessories to wear at the event. The group also hopes to chat with a virtual Mario provided by the store, a group photo of attendees by 6:50 PM and perhaps other surprises as the day goes on. Fans can RSVP on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/278873692233899/

StreetPass NYC is a subset of the much larger, global-wide grassroots StreetPass Network of meetings popping up all over the globe from America to Japan and South Africa. For more information, please visit http://streetpassnyc.blogspot.com or www.streetpassnetwork.com

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