Join the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Community Competition

Note: this competition only requires the main game and does not include any additional content.


After fighting fiercely for over a year, it’s not quite time to surrender and put the blasters away yet.

Fearless, reckless and a bit crazy, you never shied away from the toughest enemies and you know that the recipe for a good strategy is not just a pinch of Dash and a lot of selfies – no offense to our Rabbid Princess.

It’s your time to shine: we are inviting you to join our worldwide Community Competition. From December 2018 and throughout 2019, we will invite you to join our Winter Games, Spring Games and Summer Games – three seasons through which we will challenge you to dive one more time into some of the game’s battles and beat them under specific conditions. Complete the challenges for each season and get a chance to compete against the most skillful players in a Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Versus tournament at the development studio in Paris and Milan.

There’s no challenge you won’t accept, right? Even if it means facing a boss without firing shots, entering and surviving a fight with a defined team or defeating all enemies on the field using only secondary weapons? Then, buckle up and get ready because you might be one of the heroes we are looking for.

Registration opens December 13th, 2018.

Full details here

Just Dance 2019: Jingle Bells (Kids Mode) - official promo video

Preview Jingle Bells by Santa Clones - a new song created for Just Dance 2019 Kids Mode.

Just Dance 2019: The Making of TOY

Come see the making of Just Dance 2019 and check out behind the scenes footage of TOY by Netta.

Spain - Cumulative sales for The World Ends With You: Final Remix, Luigi's Mansion, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Another round of software sales data has come in from Spain, this time giving us a look at the total sales for three titles over roughly 3 weeks' of availability on the market. Check out the data on each game below.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix - 3,900 units

Luigi's Mansion - 3,900 units

Starlink: Battle for Atlas (ALL) - 2,590 units

Starlink: Battle for Atlas(Nintendo Switch) - 2,300
Starlink: Battle for Atlas (PlayStation 4) - 250
Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Xbox One) - 40

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle takes home the BAFTA Children's Award

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle isn't done taking home awards yet! The title just scooped up a victory for best game at the BAFTA Children's Awards. It was going up against Frantics, Everbody's Golf, and Knack 2.

Just Dance 2019 - Bang Bang Bang (VIP Alternate) | Matt Steffanina Gameplay

Check out the alternate version of Bang Bang Bang by BIGBANG on Just Dance 2019! Choreography by Matt Steffanina.

Rabbid Peach to be a Spirit in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle director Davide Soliani must be on cloud 9 right now. Today Ubisoft announced that Rabbid Peach is going to be included in Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit. I wonder if any of the other Rabbids gang will be in there!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Just Dance 2019 users experiencing issues with Ubisoft account logins

Just Dance 2019 seems to have some sort of connection issue with Ubisoft accounts, at least on the Switch. Multiple owners are reporting that they cannot link or log into their Ubisoft accounts. Every time they try, they're greeted with an error about the account not being found, or not existing. Some people have gone so far as to create multiple new accounts just to test if the login works that way, and it does not. Ubisoft is yet to comment on this issue.

Just Dance 2019 - 'The Making of Un Poco Loco' trailer

Come see the making of Just Dance 2019 and check out behind the scenes footage of Un Poco Loco by Disney•Pixar’s Coco.