Ubisoft Forward 2020 - Live-stream/blog

Ubisoft is hosting their Ubisoft Forward event today, which kicks off with a pre-show at 2 PM ET, and the actual presentation at 3 PM ET. If anything Nintendo-related pops up, we'll make mention of it below.

- Just Dance Virtual Paradise, content for Just Dance 2020, is coming on July 23rd, 2020.

- Trials Rising is getting an update that will include a new Gigatrack, which is 'by far' the longest track the team has ever put in a Trials game. The Gigatrack comes out July 16th, 2020, and is available for free.

- Brawlhalla is getting a mobile release, and that version will be cross-play with Switch and all other platforms.

Check out this teaser trailer for the "Ubisoft Forward" digital showcase, airing on July 12th

What does Ubi have to show?

Ubisoft Forward - A summer celebration of Ubisoft’s upcoming lineup of games and content, is right around the corner! The event will stream live on ubisoft.com.

Tencent bringing more indie and third-party games to Switch in China, including a few Ubisoft releases

Switch's library in China is starting to grow

The total number of Switch games that have been officially released in China since the console's launch in the region in December 2019 is extraordinarily low. Tencent, the company responsible for helping to bring the system to the Chinese market, has now updated the "future release" section on their official website with some more indie and third-party titles apparently set for an upcoming launch in China.

Only one game on the list, Neon Abyss, has received a scheduled release period, and will be launching on the Nintendo eShop in China sometime in Summer 2020.

Seven total indie games have been added to Tencent's website, alongside three Ubisoft titles (a China exclusive Rabbids party game, Rayman Legends, and Just Dance 2020), and one release from SNK (Samurai Shodown).

Trials Rising Apr. 2020 patch now live

Make sure to update your game

Version 1.0.11 of Trials Rising has gone live for all platforms including Nintendo Switch. Introducing Bike Leaderboards, the ability to disable ghosts, and plenty of other fixes and improvements, check out the full patch notes from Ubisoft below.


Are you an apex Alpaca rider? Maybe you dominate on the Donkey. With the release of this patch, bike curious players will be able to compete across Trials Rising’s world of tracks on any available bike and save their time to bike-specific leaderboards. Bike leaderboards will be available on in-game Trials Tracks, Stadium Finals & Ninja Tracks for any bike that is available to ride. Bike leaderboards are accessed from track leaderboards under the BIKE tab. Bike leaderboards will only start to record entries after the patch is released, times made on different bikes prior to the patch will not appear on bike leaderboards.


The thrill of competition is a big part of Trials Rising but sometimes you might just want to have some alone time on the track. With the new Disable Ghost option found in the Game Options menu, you can remove most ghosts from the single-player experience of Trials Rising. No ghosts on tracks, in loading screens or the results screens. There are a few exceptions: ghosts will still appear when playing Challengers, completing Contracts that require beating a ghost and in Stadium Finals.


Sometimes you’re just not feeling it and want to move on to the next. If we’re talking about tracks in private multiplayer or songs on the soundtrack we’ve got two new options for you. In Private Multiplayer matches the host can skip the current track with the restart button and move on to the next track in the playlist.

At nearly any point in the game, it’s also now possible to skip the current song playing. This can be done with a push of a button or through the pause menu. This feature also includes a new UI element that displays the name of the current song in the upper right corner of the screen. This element appears briefly when a new song starts and when first loading a new track.


The collection of bike & rider gear available in Gear Crates is getting a lot larger. Up until now, Gear Crates have included around 25-30 customization items. The new gigafied Gear Crates have 167 different items to potentially pull from when opened.



[ALL PLATFORMS]The order of bikes in the bike selection menu adjusted to move Helium & Donkey directly after the Mantis


[ALL PLATFORMS] New stickers, including some created by and for Trials Elite players are available in Track Editor & Sticker Store

Track Editor

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused icons to flicker when viewing the “Display” category in the decal tool

Track Central

[ALL PLATFORMS] Optimizations to track thumbnail loading

In-Game Stores

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a connection error that occurred when trying to buy or sell certain customization items

Turn the Tables with UNO Flip!, New Add-On Content for the UNO Video Game, Available Now

No, you

Today, Ubisoft announced that UNO Flip!™, the latest DLC for UNO® will turn the well-known card game rules upside down as it releases for $4.99 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch™ system. UNO Flip! is the UNO card game you know with an exciting new twist: a double-sided deck that gives classic gameplay a competitive edge.

Switch between the light and the dark sides by playing the brand-new Flip card and get ready to shake things up with unique action cards:

Flip Card – The Flip card sparks the fun in UNO Flip! as everything inverts once it’s played, including the discard pile, the draw pile and each player’s hand.

Draw One Card – When this card is played, the next player must draw one card and miss their turn.

Wild Draw Two Card – Play this card to choose the color that continues to play and make the next player draw two cards and lose their turn.

Draw Five Card – When this card is played, the next player must draw five cards and miss their turn.

Skip Everyone Card – This card can swing games as it skips everyone in line and gives the player who placed it an extra turn.
Wild Draw Color Card – Once this card is in play, the player chooses a color for the next player to draw. No matter how many cards it takes, the next player must keep drawing until they find the chosen color, and they also lose their turn.

For those who want to draw even more, UNO Ultimate Edition is bundled with UNO and UNO Flip! and includes UNO Just Dance®, Rayman®, Rabbids® and winter themes for $14.99. These variations remix the fun in different ways by adding new theme cards that require different strategies for players to win.

In UNO, players take turns matching a card in their hand with the color or number card shown on the top of the deck. In addition to classic UNO gameplay, the UNO video game will also have a variety of online and social features. Players will have the ability to drop in and out of game as well as connect with family and friends using voice and video chat. To up the ante, players who strategize and stack their way to winning matches can snag a spot on weekly and global leaderboards. Additionally, the UNO video game will give players interactive tutorials, in-game tips and the display of house rules before every match.

Just Dance 2020 "Power Party" kicks off March 12th, 2020

Get up and dance!


From 12th March to 26th March, enjoy our second season with the Power Party in Just Dance Unlimited! Feel the dance power with a new playlist and the free song Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler, and heat up the dancefloor with the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley coming to Just Dance Unlimited, for Just Dance 2020 users only.

Then, from 23rd April to 14th May, experience the Power Gala with the exclusive song Woman Like Me by Little Mix Ft. Nicki Minaj, and stay tuned for two other exclusive songs. But that’s not all, also rediscover 3 iconic songs from previous Just Dance games in Just Dance Unlimited.

You can also check out the Japanese trailer for this event below.

Ubisoft's Roller Champions is coming to Switch, gameplay trailer released

We are the champions

Announced back at E3 2019, Ubisoft's upcoming team PvP sports game was revealed only for a release on PC. Now, alongside the announcement of a PC closed alpha (taking place March 11th - 23rd), Roller Champions has been confirmed to be coming to consoles and mobile devices as well. The PC release is planned for later in 2020, but information is limited on when we can expect the Switch version. Hopefully the Switch port doesn't suffer a similar fate as Ubisoft's STEEP.

Free demo now available for Just Dance 2020 in Japan

Dancing has never been more free

Put on your dancing shoes, as Ubisoft has just released a free demo on the Japanese eShop for Just Dance 2020. Get some practice in before the full game launches in Japan on March 12th, 2020.

Just Dance 2020 "Winter Wonderland Event" trailer released, features 'Steep' promotional items

Steep may not be coming to Switch, but at least the logo is...

Enjoy a magical winter in Just Dance 2020 with a new season. With this update, players will experience an unforgettable season in Just Dance 2020. Warm yourself up with a new playlist during the Winter Gala – available until February 2nd, 2020.

Brawlhalla updated to Version 3.55

Update before you brawl

Black Diamond Mordex and Arctic Fox Yumiko are ready to face the tundra! This week we’ve added new winter-themed Skins and added the Shadowboxing Taunt in Mallhalla. Volkov also has had his price reduced to 5400 Gold and debuts on the free-to-play Legend Rotation!

We’ve also updated a number of changes in the base Cannon kit to try out in Test Features! In addition, we’ve made a balance pass, added a few game improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Check out the full patch notes here!


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