Yo-Kai Watch 3 - Version 1.1.0 now available

A mysterious update available

Yo-Kai Watch 3 has gotten an update, which brings it to Version 1.1.0. The update takes up 103 blocks of space, and is available in both Europe and North America. Wondering what the update does? We have absolutely no idea, as no patch notes have been provided!

Level-5 details the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch! anime series, and Yo-kai Academy: Can a Cat Become a Hero? movie

A revamp for the anime, and a completely new direction for the movie

Level-5 is hoping that Yo-Kai Watch 4 is a rebirth for the franchise, and that's going to coincide with some cross-media projects. Here's what Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino had to share about the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch anime and more.

Yo-kai Watch! (with an exclamation point)

- will begin airing April 9th, 2019 in Japan
- this anime goes back to its roots with Keita being the main protagonist,
- will feature a more comedic touch than the original
- new Yo-Kai Watches appearing in this anime are the Yo-kai Watch Elder and Yo-kai Watch Arc
- these Watches seem to have some sort of keyhole gimmick
- because developing on the Switch took a long time to get used to, they were unable to coordinate the game with the anime

Yo-kai Academy: Can a Cat Become a Hero?

- next Yo-Kai Watch movie
- the story is about how the students gain the ability to fuse with onryos (evil spirits) in order to become Yo-kai Heroes
- the students will use the mysterious YSP Watches to transform

Yo-kai Watch 4 - new trailer, tons of details, releasing on June 6 in Japan

Level-5 held a press conference today, talking all sorts of details on the Yo-kai Watch franchise. The most imporant news is that the company confirmed that Yo-kai Watch 4: Bokura wa Onaji Sora o Miageteiru will release on June 6, 2019. In addition, Level-5 has released tons of new details on the game, which our friends over at Perfectly Nintendo translated...

About the title
- as mentioned before, Yo-kai Watch 4 features several worlds

Keita / Nate’s world
- game begins here
- One day, Keita / Nate gets a mysterious key from the Crank-a-kai at Mount Wildwood Shrine
- this guides him to a mysterious door that leads to 30 years in the future
- main characters: Keita Amano / Nate Adams, Whisper and Jibanyan

Natsume’s world
- Keita gets to meet Natsume, who is none other than his very own daughter
- such a meeting should not be possible, if that world found beyond the mysterious door wasn’t from 30 years in the future
- main characters: Natsume, Junior and Jibanyan (Shadowside)

Shin’s world
- world from the 5th Yo-kai Watch movie
- if Natsume’s world is from 30 years in the future, this world is actually from the past
- it allows you to travel back in time once more, this time to Springdale in the 1960s
- seemingly takes place in the winter, as the town seems to be covered in snow
- main characters:  Shin Shimomachi, Nekomata and Suu-san

Yo-kai world
- fourth mysterious world is none other than the Yo-kai world (specifically “Yomakai”, which is the name of an individual area of the Yo-kai World)
- main character from that world is Lord Enma

- full 3D (no overhead camera anymore), which allows you to see the world in a completely different light
- character animations have also been improved


Keita / Nate’s world

Natsume’s world
Jibanyan (Lightside, Shadowside)
Komasan (Lightside, Shadowside)
Junior (Lightside)
Juningdragon (Shadowside)
Micchi (Lightside)
Mitsumatanotsuchi (Shadowside)
Orochi (Lightside, Shadowside)
Kyubi (Lightside, Shadowside)
Charlie (Lightside)
Ghost Cycle (Shadowside)
Jinta (Lightside)
Jingeki (Shadowside)
Uribou (Lightside)
Inosasaou (Shadowside)
Kantarou (Lightside)
Jihanki (Shadowside)

Shin’s world

Many screenshots and artwork here!

Yo-Kai Watch 4 hits Japan on June 6th, 2019

The entry to revive the series?

After a number of delays, Level-5 has finally locked in a Japanese release date for Yo-Kai Watch 4. The latest issue of CoroCoro states that the game will launch in Japan on June 6th, 2019. A limited amount of launch copies will include a special crystal Yo-kai Ark. No word on pricing or localization has been revealed at this time.

Ni no Kuni getting original manga adaptation

The Ni no Kuni empire grows

There have been two Ni no Kuni games, and a Ni no Kuni movie is in the works. Today we learn that there's another multimedia effort for Ni no Kuni, and it comes in the form of a manga.

This manga will run in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, starting with the May 2019 issue. The series will be drawn by mangaka Kuzeran, and will feature a its own story that follows a protagonist wearing modern clothing. That's all the info we have on the series right now, but hopefully we at least get a look at the artwork soon.

OMOCAT x Yo-Kai Watch apparel collab revealed

OMOCAT, a company that offers various video game t-shirts, has shown off their new line of Yo-Kai Watch apparel. Even if you're not a huge fan of the franchise, there's some pretty fantastic designs in here! Make sure to sift through the entire apparel collection right here.

Nintendo Europe shares QR codes for Yo-Kai Watch 3

If you want to get some rare Yo-Kai to join the battle in Yo-Kai Watch 3, Nintendo has you covered. They've shared the above tweet, which contains 6 different QR codes for various rare Yo-Kai. Having one of these on your team could make the difference during an intense fight!