WayForward shows interest in a remake of the original Shantae

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Shantae sure has come a long way since her Game Boy Color debut. That title came out 18+ years ago, and plenty of fans remember it fondly. There's also millions more who haven't played it! Perhaps now would be a perfect time to remake/remaster that title.

Siliconera asked WayForward's Matt Bozon this very question, and it does seem that the company has some interest in the idea.

That’s been a hot topic lately! I’d be down for doing that! Of course, we’re all very excited to make new games, too. We’ll need to think long and hard about what the next Shantae adventure will be–but a remake isn’t outside the realm of possibility!

A fresh coat of paint and some quality-of-life improvements could make the perfect reasons to revisit Shantae's classic outing. Let's hope WayForward moves ahead on the idea!

Check out this Switch shell inspired by the Game Boy Color

Escape to a world of color

Console modders are having a field day with the Switch when it comes to aesthetics. They've been tweaking and changing the hardware to create some beautiful custom jobs, and that's certainly the right way to describe the Switch above.

Switch fan TyDilla, who used to do custom iPhone modifications, has now turned his focus to the Switch. He's created an absolutely awesome tribute to the Game Boy Color this time around, and the end result is something no doubt thousands of fans would pay to call their own. You can check out a few more pics of this custom shell here.

Take a trip back through time with a gallery of Toys R' Us gaming displays from 1999/2000

It was a simpler time

Who doesn't love a good bit of nostalgia? If you were a kid in the late 90s/early 2000s, you'll likely feel a warm rush looking through the pictures in the tweet above.

As the Twitter user says, they purchased an album on eBay that was chock-full of pictures showcasing the gaming promotional displays at a Toys R' Us. You get a little bit of everything in that picture, including some SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, N64, and Playstation merch. It really does make you miss the days of Toys R' Us and retail being the only place to buy games!

The above pictures are just the start though, as there's a whole collection of photos from the album to sift through. You can find all the other pics here.

This Game Boy Color/Game Boy cartridge can be used to control an air conditioner

Now that's cool

There have been all kinds of wacky Game Boy and Game Boy Color uses over the years. The Game Boy has been used for sewing machines, fishing sonar, and so much more, and now we can add air conditioning controller to the list.

Singapore-based developer JinGen Lim received a Game Boy Color as a gift, and he was quite intrigued by the portable's infrared port. Lim started thinking of ways he could put this to use, which lead him to cooking up something for his air conditioning unit.

Lim found out that Mission Impossible on the Game Boy Color could both record and replay infrared signals, which is exactly what he needed to interact with the infrared port on his AC unit. After a bit of fancy programming and rewiring, the end result is a Game Boy Color that can control an air conditioner. Check out the mod in action below.

If you'd like a much more detailed breakdown of his this project came to be, you can check out Lim's dev blog here.

My Nintendo Europe - update for April 17th, 2020

Hope you like Mario!

Time for another small round of deals over on My Nintendo Europe. Check out what's up for grabs below.

- Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for 50% off (£1.79)
- Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) for 50% off (£2.24)
- Mario Kart 7 for 30% off
- two Mario themes for your 3DS at 100 Platinum Points a piece

Jeopardy!'s "World of Video Games" category shows Nintendo some love

I think you'll know this one...

A recent episode of Jeopardy! featured a category all about video games. One of the answers was Nintendo-related. We're sure you'll know what the question is, so we'll just let you answer for yourself! Check out the Nintendo-specific spot at the 41 second mark.

Did You Know Gaming - The Bootleg Pokemon Diamond & Jade

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding the Bootleg Pokemon Diamond & Jade, known as the Telefang games, with Arin Hanson of Game Grumps.

Cyber Gadget releasing 4th anniversary edition Retro Freak

Freak out!

Cyber Gadget is celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Retro Freak with something special. A limited edition is set to launch in Japan on march 18th, 2020, and it's priced at ¥20,000. This package includes a gray version of the console, a Retro Freak controller and adapter, and a standard Super Gray color controller. The Retro Freak will play cartridges from the following games.

- Famicom
- NES (with adapter)
- Super Famicom
- Super Nintendo Entertainment System (including NTSC and PAL)
- Game Boy
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance
- SG-1000 (with adapter)
- Sega Mark III (with adapter)
- Mega Drive (NTSC / PAL)
- Genesis
- Game Gear (with adapter)
- PC Engine
- TurboGrafx-16
- PC Engine SuperGrafx

Other features of the Retro Freak include the support for USB controllers, and microSD card for backing up your games. The console itself also allows for game backups.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Original Soundtrack hits Japan on March 18th, 2020

Timeless tunes

Nippon Columbia has announced that the 4-CD The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Original Soundtrack will launch in Japan on March 18th, 2020, and is priced at ¥4,950. The soundtrack features 205 tracks from both the Game Boy and Switch soundtracks, along with the Ballad of the Wind Fish TV commercial version.

My Nintendo Europe offering The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX for just £2.69

Definitely worth a purchase

You played The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch, but have you played the original? Okay, not the ORIGINAL original, but the enhanced version that hit the Game Boy Color. If not, you can currently get the game on My Nintendo Europe for the ridiculously low price of £2.69. That's definitely worth it, and if you've got 30 Gold Coins laying around, why not treat yourself?

There's some other deals available on My Nintendo Europe as well, which you can find below.

Platinum Points

– 30% discounts on Bye-Bye BoxBoy! (3DS) – 100 Platinum Points
– 3DS theme: Yoshi’s Springtime Siesta – 100 Platinum Points

Gold Points

– 50% discount on Zelda: Link’s Awakening (3DS VC) – 30 Gold Points
– 50% discount on Mole Mania (3DS VC) – 15 Gold Points


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