Suda51 offers up a "big no comment" when asked about the potential for Travis Touchdown to join Smash Bros. Ultimate

Travis touches down?

There are still a handful of characters to be revealed for Smash Bros. Ultimate, thanks to the second Fighter's Pass. Who could be joining the roster? Your guess is as good as ours, but Suda51 sure had an interesting answer when he was asked about the topic.

In an interview with Switch Player magazine, Suda51 is asked about the potential for No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown joining Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the next Fighter's Pass. Suda51 has expressed interest in that happening in the past multiple times, but his answer this time around was much different.

That's gonna be a big 'no comment' from me!

It seems so odd for Suda51 to openly embrace the idea of Travis in Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future, and now he's not even willing to talk about the idea. The change in answer certainly has people wondering if Travis really could be making his way to Smash. That said, Suda51 does love to give off-the-wall answers to questions while also toying with fans. Again, we have no clue if Travis is coming, but hopefully we find out soon!

No More Heroes III key artwork from 'The Boys' creator Darick Robertson released

"Demzamtiger & His Master"

Last night, Suda51 announced that No More Heroes III has been pushed back to 2021. The team wasn't able to keep up their work flow due to the pandemic, and now they're shifting gears to aim for a 2021 release.

In the same stated, Suda51 also announced that The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson was going to be creating some artwork for No More Heroes III. The first piece of art created by Robertson can be seen above. There will be more pieces shared as the months roll on.

No More Heroes 3 delayed to 2021 due to the pandemic impacting development

Travis touches down in 2021

Grasshopper and Suda51 have just confirmed the news we all thought was coming. No More Heroes 3 was originally slated for a 2020 release, but now the game has been pushed back to an unspecified date in 2021. This is due to the pandemic impacting development. You can see the full message from the team below.

Engine Software discussed a Killer7 Switch port with Grasshopper, but Grasshopper decided against it

Mood killer

Man, who knew that one little mistake on a LinkedIn profile would give us so much information?!

Over the last few days, we've heard a ton of talk about Killer7 and the Switch. There was hope a Switch port was in the works, thanks to a LinkedIn profile listing, but it turns out that was nothing but a mistake. Since then, we've heard that the port was never in the works, but there's always a chance something could happen in the future.

Now we have even more details, thanks to Engine Software vice president of development Ruud van de Moosdijk. In an interview with Kotaku, Ruud says that his company had discussed porting Killer7 to Switch with Grasshopper Manufacture during development of the PC version, but Grasshopper eventually decided against it. No reason for Grasshopper's decision was given.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Engine Software says Killer7 was 'never in development' for Switch, talks about the chance of a port down the road

Hyper killer

For a brief moment in time, it looked like a port of Killer7 was heading to the Switch. This was thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Ruud van de Moosdijk, Engine Software's owner and VP of development. Unfortunately, it turns out that listing on LinkedIn was incorrect, and Ruud was quick to remedy the listing and apologize for the mistake.

In a follow-up interview with Nintendo Life, Ruud van de Moosdijk goes into great detail on Killer7. While the Engine Software team handled the PC port, Ruud makes it clear that nothing was ever in the works for the Switch. That said, don't count the project out yet.

It was never in development. When we started working with Suda-San on the PC version, it was an on-going discussion during development, but as I said - in the end, the decision was made not to work on a Switch version. But since it was part of the initial discussion it was still internally listed as "Killer7 - PC/Switch project" which is where the confusion came from.

It has not come up in conversation, but both Suda-San as ourselves are quite busy at the moment and with all cancelled events we have not had the chance to catch-up. Never say never, but if it is in the works, it is not in the works with Engine.

Engine Software says they aren't working on Killer7 for Switch

Rumor killer

Just a few days back, we saw that an Engine Software developer had Killer7 listed for the PC and Switch on their profile. Many thought this was a surefire confirmation of the game heading the Switch's way. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's the case.

Engine Software's owner & VP of development, Ruud van de Moosdijk, has come out and squashed the rumor. Ruud's page is the one that listed Killer7 for Switch, but in a statement provided to Nintendo Life, he says the listing was a mistake.

Without saying anything about unannounced projects, the unannounced project I am working on with a prolific Japanese developer, is not Killer7 for Switch sorry. The banner on linkedin should have been changed, as in the end we only did a PC version of Killer7.

RUMOR - Killer7 making its way to Switch

Is another Suda classic getting a second chance at success?

We learned that No More Heroes is making its way to Switch, thanks to an official rating in Taiwan. Now it seems another Suda classic might be coming to Switch as well.

A LinkedIn page for an employee of Engine Software mentions that Killer7 is going to come to Switch. Engine Software worked with Suda51 previously to bring Killer7 to Steam, so it only makes since that they'd be involved in any other ports. The profile for the employee in question specifically says that he's the Executive Producer on Killer7 Remaster for Switch and PC, which certainly make it seem like this info is the real deal.

The original No More Heroes rated for Switch release in Taiwan


Suda51 has been saying for months now that he wants to release the original No More Heroes for Switch. It looks like he's finally made it happen.

The original No More Heroes from back in the Wii days has been rated for Switch release in Taiwan. The Taiwanese ratings are always a good indicator of games that are going to see worldwide release, so I'd say this is a done deal. Hopefully we get an official announcement soon!

Quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 off-screen footage pops up in the Devolver Direct

We see you, Travis!

Just like previous Devolver Digital presentations, today's Devolver Direct was all over the place. You never know what you're going to see, and today that included a very quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 footage. You can see the entire glimpse in the GIF above, which is barely a couple seconds long.

This is the second time Suda51 has teased No More Heroes 3 footage. The first time around, he stood in front of the gameplay the entire time, blocking most of the screen. At least this time around we can see the action!

Suda51 breaks down his design philosophy

A master at work

Suda51 has to be one of the most unique and interesting developers out there. He always does things his own way, and creates games that sometimes come off as completely off-the-wall. Whether you love or hate his work, there's no denying that he's dedicated to his craft.

In a new video feature, Suda51 shares some insight into his design process. As you might expect, some of it is a bit out there, but that's what makes it great. To enjoy the video, make sure you turn YouTube's closed captions on.


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