Suda51 talks No More Heroes 3, says development is roughly 40% complete, trailer coming late this year/early next

Strawberry on the shortcake!

Suda51 is now deep into development on No More Heroes 3, but that doesn't mean he can't take some time to share a few new tidbits! Here's what the man himself had to say during an interview with Wccftech.

- the game is 35 to 40% complete
- the game's script is now finished
- the open world will be bigger than the first game, but not as big as AAA games like Ubisoft's or Rockstar's
- there will be roughly the same amount of side activities, alongside a few "extras"
- these extras are something different from minigames
- the suit Travis uses in the trailer will be playable, but only in specific situations
- motion controls are once again reconfirmed
- Suda51 describes one of the bosses as "Thanos. Venom. Joker"
- Suda51 has made games with bigger budgets before, so this won't be the biggest yet
- the real challenge has been figuring out how to best use the Switch, as there are some interesting new possibilities
- Nobuaki Kaneko will do the whole soundtrack
- the game is still on-course for a 2020 release
- a trailer will come out later this year, or early next year

New concept art released for 'No More Heroes 3', Bayonetta designer has redesigned 'Kimmy Howell'

Alongside the announcement of a new horror game being developed by Suda51 and Swery65, a few more details have been released for the anticipated third-installment in the No More Heroes franchise, No More Heroes 3. Take a look at some of the concept art released for the game, including a redesign of Kimmy Howell from No More Heroes 2, designed by Mari Shimazaki, the artist behind Bayonetta.

Above, you can view the newly designed college-graduate version of Kimmy Howell. Below, is what the character looked like in No More Heroes 2.

Three new forms of Destroyman were also revealed. Destroyman - Mass Produced, Destroyman - Version T, and Final Destroyman. According to Suda, Final Destroyman will be saved for No More Heroes 4.

Josh Keaton and Jennifer Hale will continue their voice acting positions for the characters.

New horror game in developement from Suda51 and Swery65, something "light and easy to play"

Hotel Barcelona?

Suda51 (creator of No More Heroes) and Swery65 (Deadly Premonition) both made an appearance on IGN Japan to discuss plans of an upcoming horror collaboration title, 'Hotel Barcelona'. Final details have not been decided, but they both have been discussing working on a project together since 2018. Most of their ideas were forgotten after getting drunk, so the recent stream was a way to force the two developers to discuss some ideas.

The current concept for the game is about a magazine journalist visiting a modern new hotel, ensuing horror throughout. "Each [room] which represents a different person, or a different dimension, or a different look at what happens in this period of time." Nothing about the release is set-in-stone yet, as the translator clarified, "Don't take this for the final word on anything, please."

Both 'Siren' for the PlayStation 2, and projects from American filmmaker, David Lynch, are said to be inspirations. Suda51 and Swery65 texted the director of Siren, Keiichiro Toyama, asking on the spot if he would help make the game. After deciding they wanted his involvement, they quickly received a solidified yes!

Suda came up with the title for the game, Hotel Barcelona, just 30 minutes before the stream aired. However, it's likely this won't be the final name for the project, based on him later changing his mind about where the game could take place. While his initial plan was for you to visit Barcelona, he said Tokyo, South Africa, or Venezuela are other possibilities for the game's location.

Devolver Digital are in talks with the two developers about helping to publish the title, reportedly offering around one million USD for production. Hotel Barcelona will be an indie release, and not developed by a AAA studio.

The upcoming horror title will be "light and easy to play", and the Switch will very likely be one of the platforms for release. Next week, more concepts will be thought of from Swery, and a logo will be designed by Suda. Hotel Barcelona certainly seems like something we should keep our eye on!

Suda51 and Swery65 teaming up for a project

Whatever it is, it'll be weird

Iconic off-the-wall developers Suda51 and Swery65 are teaming up to create...something. What on earth are they making? It seems we'll find out first details on Oct. 23rd, 2019 at 19:00 JST, as IGN Japan is hosting a “Travis Monday Nightro 2” live stream event featuring both devs. The two will be talking about their secret project, which we hope will be heading to Switch!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Suda51 says No More Heroes 3's scenario is 90% complete, No More Heroes 2 jobs returning, and more

Moving along quite nicely

Our very own NintenDaan teamed up with the GameXplain gang to interview the one-and-only Suda51, who was more than willing to share some new details on the upcoming No More Heroes 3. Check out the full interview above!

IGN Japan hosting 'Travis Monday Nitro' live-stream with Suda51 to talk No More Heroes 3

Gotta love that wrestling reference

A live-stream about No More Heroes 3 AND a reference to wrestling? Count me in!

IGN Japan has announced that they're hosting a 'Travis Monday Nitro' live-stream event about No More Heroes 3, and they'll be joined by none other than Suda51. What new information on the game will be shared? We'll just have to tune in to find out!

Suda51 says No More Heroes 3 is already 50% complete, wants to exceed fan expectations, and continue the series

Suda51 has big plans for Travis

Suda51 took time out of his busy schedule to head out to Gamescom 2019, where he sat down for a half-hour interview about all things No More Heroes 3. Check out some choice tidbits from that interview below.

- Rocky 3 is Suda's inspiration for No More Heroes 3
- for those who don't know, Rocky gets older and fights increasingly stronger opponents
- Travis will take on Thanos-level opponents
- the dev team is listening to fan feedback a lot, and are reading tweets
- the team wants to do something that exceeds expectations
- there will be returning characters No More Heroes and its sequel, and perhaps some other games

Suda51 also took some time to field questions about his entire body of work, which you can find summarized below.

- Suda51 would love to work on Lollipop Chainsaw again, but there are issues with the Publisher (Warner Bros)
- Suda51 will not work on a Killer7 sequel since in his mind the story has been told
- Suda51 will consider releasing the full story online since he still has it on his PC
- Suda51 still wants to do a Killer7 Perfect Edition, meaning he'd like to add in all the cut content from the original
- Suda51 would like to work on an original IP next
- Suda51 hopes No More Heroes will have as many titles as the Final Fantasy series, saying, "I need to beat Final Fantasy"

This week's Famitsu to include a feature on No More Heroes 3

Suda51 speaks!

Travis Touchdown fans, you might want to keep an eye out for this week's Famitsu. The magazine features a 6-page spread on No More Heroes 3, and it includes an interview with none other than Suda51. No doubt he'll have some interesting tidbits to share, and we'll make sure to bring them to you when a translation comes in.

Suda51 and the voice actor for Travis Touchdown sit down for a truly unique video interview

This one's out there...

Suda51 is a very interesting guy. He's not your average game developer. His interviews are usually extremely entertaining for how open and different he is. There have been countless intriguing interviews over the years with Suda51, but I promise you've never seen one quite like the interview above.

Kotaku sat down with Suda51 to talk about...all kinds of stuff. Robin Atkin Downes, the voice of Travis Touchdown, was a part of the interview as well. He clearly is a bit thrown off in the interview, but it just makes the whole thing that much more entertaining.

I don't know that I'd say the video is informative, but with that stated, I do find it to be incredibly entertaining!

Suda51 on making No More Heroes 3 for fans, injecting his own ideas, motion controls being the 'purest way to play,' and more

Suda's interviews are always so entertaining

From the very first interview Suda51 gave on No More Heroes 3, he said the game was going to be for the fans. It's a very important thread in the development of this game. In an interview with Polygon, Suda51's interpreter furthers that point, but also makes sure to let people know that Suda is also going to add in his own ideas as well.

“One thing that he was really made to realize with Travis Strikes Again was [that] it is really important to listen to what the fans want. Again, not just to make it a game that will sell, but to make a game that the people who you want to enjoy the game are going to be able to enjoy it.

It’s not that he’s going to be making this game based on just what the fans want. He’s obviously got his own vision of what the game is going to be like, what he wants it to be like, and when he says he wants to make the game for the fans, he doesn’t just want to make the game that they are expecting. The game that he wants to make is the kind of game that fans are expecting and the kind of game the fans want. He wants to not just [...] answer those wishes and those requests. He wants to go above and beyond that and [get to work] putting in the shit that they want to see — give them all this extra shit that they probably don’t even know what they wanted or they wouldn’t even be expecting.”

Another topic Suda51 has touched on in interviews about the game is motion controls. While No More Heroes 3 can be played with traditional controls all the way through, Suda51 thinks choosing motion controls is the purest way to play.

“Not only are there going to be motion controls in the game, but he feels that using the motion controls — detaching the two controllers from the Switch — and using those kind of like those old school Wii controllers, he feels that’s going to be the purest or true way to play the game.”

Finally, how on earth do you get people to check out No More Heroes 3 when they have no idea what the series is about? Suda51 does his best to explain the series in terms that only he can.

“Put really simply...it’s a game where you’ve got kind of a Star Wars-style lightsaber, and you take that lightsaber and you slice dudes in half. Pretty much anything comes in front of your eyeballs, you just kill the shit out of them as much as possible.”


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