Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Pokemon Series' tournament set for Nov. 15th, 2019

Pokemon battle time!

The next Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament has been announced, and it kicks off Nov. 15th, 2019. The tournament is tied to Pokemon, and runs for three days. You'll only see fighters and stages from the Pokemon series here, so make sure you're ready, trainers!

Smash Bros. Ultimate being updated to Version 6.1.0 soon

Getting things in order

As was expected, a considerable update is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. This usually happens following the release of a DLC character, as there are bugs to be worked out, and other issues to take care of. While we don't have a specific date, we do know that the Version 6.1.0 should be right around the corner.

Kirby's voice actress details the process of recording lines for 'Kirby Terry' in Smash Bros. Ultimate

It was a secret at first!

Terry Bogard is now available in Smash Bros. Ultimate, which means Kirby has a new transformation. In a new blog post, voice actress Makiko Ohmoto, who performs the voice of Kirby, explained how it all went down. Check out the full blog post below, with translation courtesy of PushDustIn and Ninten89.

So Terry participated in Super Smash Bros. I almost never play fighting games; I only played two of them: Street Fighter 2 and Fatal Fury, when I played it together with my younger brother who really enjoys them.

During the recording, they would always say “This is a character from a certain game” without actually telling me the actual title, but I remember hearing these quotes very much.

So when I asked,
“Is this Fatal Fury?”
“Oops! It got spoiled. That’s right.”
“Is this Terry Bogard?”
“That’s right, that’s right.”

Yaaaay!! It’s Terry! And thus personally, my tension went up so much. I tried to imitate something like native English. Was that how his voice [sounded like] at that time?

Screaming the very famous finisher attack quotes of protagonists from games I played in the past, like SF2, Garou, and also Dragon Quest, is a really pleasant thing.

Recalling those memories is so fun. The people who created them should have had even more fun.

I just watched the video right now. Sakurai-san… he created over 20 models… He also included 50 songs… He always throws the ball with all his might in order to make everyone pleased the most as always, that’s really great indeed!

And Terry is cool~ If I can use him it’s going to be so much fun~ But it might look difficult Dear all veterans, please handle him well.

I also wanted to say ‘Burn Knuckle!’

Playtonic's Ed Bryan on seeing Banjo and Kazooie join Smash Bros. Ultimate, says Playtonic is working on "things you wouldn't believe"

A very RARE interview

Ed Bryan, former RARE dev, is now a part of the Playtonic team. Back in the day, Bryan was responsible for bringing the look of Banjo and Kazooie to life. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Bryan talks about his reaction to seeing the bear and bird pop up in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

That was amazing. Seeing the response online to some characters from a game made 20-odd years ago was exciting and humbling; to think that these characters and the game are even remembered, let alone cherished the way they are is great and weird at the same time.

Banjo and Kazooie being in Smash is old news now, as far as the speed of internet information goes. We want to know about what's next! What is Playtonic cooking up right now? Bryan wouldn't share specifics, but it certainly sounds like some exciting content!

Oh man, I’ve seen so much already, things you wouldn’t believe! I’m settling in and over the last couple of days I’ve been sketching and doodling; trying to visualise the designers ideas so we can crack on with this next thing. It’s very exciting! As for cryptic clues, if I want to last more than 2 weeks here I’d better keep quiet….

Glutonny takes first place at Syndicate 2019, the first event on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit!

A smashing for the ages

Kicking off the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit, Syndicate 2019 in the Netherlands provided an action-packed weekend of top-level Super Smash Bros. Ultimate play! 640 players entered, but only one could be crowned Syndicate 2019 champion! Let’s take a look at the final results:

Continuing to prove himself as the player to beat in Europe, France’s Glutonny took first place, fending off Germany’s quiK after a nail-biting bracket reset by the Samus player in Grand Finals. If you want to catch up on all of the excitement, you can watch the video for Day 3 of the tournament by clicking here.

Will Glutonny keep his position of European number one? Will a new challenger rise to defeat him? Check out the next event of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit at DreamHack Winter in Sweden, running from November 28th to December 1st, to find out!

If you’re fired up to start competing after watching Syndicate 2019, or are looking to continue attending at events like it, head on over the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Portal for all the latest about tournaments going on across Europe.

Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch with Terry Bogard discovered

Terry, no!

It takes a very specific setup, but it appears that a glitch that ends up freezing characters has been discovered with Terry Bogard. You can see the glitch in action above, which admittedly will only occur with unique circumstances. This is likely to be patched out very soon.

IGN Video - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Terry Bogard DLC Review

Terry Bogard DLC Review for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on Nintendo Switch

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'The Road to Becoming Fighting King' tournament kicks off Nov. 8th, 2019

Oh I just can't wait to be king!

I hope you haven't had your fill of Smash Bros. Ultimate news today, because another tidbit has just come in! Nintendo is running a 'Road to Becoming Fighting King' tournament starting Nov. 8th, 2019, and running for three days. This time-limited tournament puts you up against others in a 1-on-1 stamina battle on Ω Form stages.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Terry Bogard' gameplay round-up

Terry Bogard has officially joined the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Want a ton of footage showing off what he has to offer? Check out the gameplay round-up right here in this post!

Mai Shiranui will not be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because the game is "for good boys and girls of many different ages"

Mai oh Mai!

In the recent Terry Bogard reveal live-stream from Masahiro Sakurai, many SNK cameo appearances were announced. One major character missing however, was Mai Shiranui. Sakurai gave a reason for her lack of inclusion, as "Smash is for good boys and girls of many different ages." Mai is known for her scandalous clothing and fan-service heavy character design, so it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that her character would not be allowed to join Super Smash Bros. It seems that Bayonetta will be as far as sexiness goes in terms of fighters in the Nintendo published franchise.


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