Smash Bros. Ultimate - Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer music

You can now check out "Happy Home Designer - Title Theme." Enjoy the arrangement by Kazumi Totaka, a staff member from the original game!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Smash Bros. Ultimate - blog update for Sept. 18th, 2018 (Shovel Knight assist trophy)

Today's Item: Shovel Knight Assist Trophy

Blue armor, horns, and a shovel...that's right, it's Shovel Knight! With his trusty Shovel Blade, he can bury an opponent in the ground or throw rocks as he digs. He may even dig up some food.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - blog: Isabelle

Today's Fighter - #68: Isabelle
Isabelle joins the battle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf! She uses various trinkets from around the village to battle. Her side special, Fishing Rod, not only allows her to snag and bring opponents closer – it can also be used as a recovery move.

Did You Know Gaming - Smash Bros.

In this video, Did You Know Gaming shows some secrets and Easter eggs from the Super Smash Bros series. We cover everything from the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, all the way back to Smash 64.

CoroCoro Magazine says Smash Bros. Ultimate has 108 stages

Up to this point, we had heard that Smash Bros. Ultimate featured 103 stages. That number has just been pumped up, according to CoroCoro Magazine. Their latest feature puts the tally at 108, but we're not quite sure where they're getting that info from. Perhaps they let out a detail that wasn't supposed to be shared yet!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

A look at Best Buy's Smash Bros. Ultimate demo event pins

Never forget the day you played Smash Bros. Ultimate at a Best Buy demo event with one of these commemorative pins. All you have to do is play the game and you'll get a pin, as long as some are still in stock. Then you can proudly wear it as a badge of honor until the game launches!

Amazon UK listing says Smash Bros. Ultimate has 71 fighters

Okay, this is pretty interesting. Either Amazon grabbed a number out of thin air, or they know a bit more info than we do. By all accounts, Smash Bros. Ultimate has seen 68 fighters revealed for the roster. That number isn't counting echo fighters, which would bump it up to 74. If the Amazon listing is correct, it seems that number would pertain to standard entrants and not echo fighters. That would have to mean 3 more fighters are yet to be revealed for the game. Certainly interesting, isn't it?!

UPDATE - I just wanted to add that we're seeing all kinds of math for the roster. Echo fighters, Pokemon Trainer counted differently, and all kinds of mixes. There doesn't seem to be a definitive number yet, but according to Eurogamer's count, we're at 68.

UPDATE 2 - Amazon has now removed the number from their listing.

Smash Bros. Ultimate - Isabelle reveal trailer analysis

The newest fighter has arrived in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it's Isabelle from Animal Crossing! We take a closer look at her moveset, how she compares to the Villager (Is she a clone?!), and what surprises she might have in store. All this and more in our latest Smash Bros. analysis!

Smash Bros. Ultimate - Isabelle screens

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Isabelle is out to prove she's capable of more than just some light paperwork! Looks like she's got some interesting tricks of her sleeves to keep the rest of the Smash roster on their toes!

Smash Bros. Ultimate - Isabelle character trailer

Isabelle got her invitation to appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it looks like she's got a few moves that are sure to impress! She may look timid, but Isabelle's not one to mess with!