Banjo-Kazooie composer not sure a new entry in the series will ever happen

Fans continue to hold out hope

Banjo and Kazooie are coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, and fans couldn't be happier. The reveal of the duo for Smash Bros. Ultimate may very well be the biggest reaction the Smash community has ever let loose with, showing just how popular the bear and bird are to this day. You would think that would lock-in development of a true sequel, right? Original Banjo-Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope isn't so sure.

In an interview with VideoGamesChronicle, Mr. Kirkhope talks about the likelihood of a sequel, the reaction from Smash Bros. fans, and how a sequel could come together. Check out his full response below.

“My honest opinion is I don’t know if they’ll ever be a new Banjo. It’s easy to go, ‘look at these numbers’, but it might be a drop in the ocean for Xbox. Is there a market for it? I just don’t know. I would think that Rare probably doesn’t have the appetite for it. They’re super busy with Sea of Thieves and that’s a gigantic game: it’s going to take the whole studio to keep making content for that.

Maybe the E3 reception has made Microsoft think about it, but the trouble is, if I say anything more definitive than that then the fans will think I’m in the know! When really, I’m just a composer. I have no connection to that decision what-so-ever. Gregg Mayles and Tim Stamper are the real inventors of Banjo… I’m just the most visible on social media.

They (Nintendo) were surprised by how crazy it went. The E3 reveal seemed to be gigantic. When I was speaking to Nintendo back at their booth at E3, they were all saying it was a bigger reaction than they’re normally used to for Smash. So Nintendo did recognize that it was a big deal. They were surprised. And we all were: it was such a huge release for all those fans who’ve been waiting so long for a new game.

Rare need to find somebody like that who gets the game, who really loves it, gets the humour, comes up with a great plot and then kicks on. They would need to find an external studio who really cares about the project and wants to do it, like they did with Killer Instinct and also similar to how Ubisoft Milan did a great job with Mario + Rabbids.”

Smash Bros. Ultimate mod adds in My Hero Academia's Izuku Midoriya

My hero!

The Smash Bros. Ultimate character mods are coming in fast and furiously, and we already have another one to share. The latest addition to the roster is My Hero Academia's Izuku Midoriya, who is a clone of Little Mac. I'd say that's a pretty fitting character swap!

The Masked Cuccos win Super Smash Bros. Ultimate National Elementary School 3v3 Smash Ball Cup tournament

Don't mess with the Masked Cuccos!

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate National Elementary School 3v3 Smash Ball Cup tournament took place over the weekend, and the Masked Cuccos took home the big win. That means they'll be heading to the national finals, which are going to take place in Oct. 2019. Check out how the Masked Cuccos took the win home in the video above!

EVO 2019 final registrant numbers show Smash Bros. Ultimate easily taking the top spot

Way to go, Smash!

We've known for awhile now that Smash Bros. Ultimate was the game with the most entrants at EVO 2019, but with registration finally closed, we now have the final numbers. Smash Bros. Ultimate managed to hang on to that top spot, and it did so by a really healthy margin. Check out the full rundown of registrants below, courtesy of EVO's president.

Smash Ultimate - 3,492
Street Fighter V - 1,929
Tekken 7 - 1,885
Samurai Shodown - 1,719
Mortal Kombat 11 - 1,567
Unist - 1,156
Dragon Ball FighterZ - 1,191
Soul Calibur 6 - 742
BlazBlue:CTB - 640

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Smash Bros. Ultimate mod adds in Nova

Marvel unofficially joins the ranks

The Smash Bros. Ultimate mod community continues to add in unique characters to the game's roster. The latest character joining the roster is Marvel's Nova. Check out Nova in action in the video above.

Sakurai reveals the process of how Smash Bros. Ultimate's character reveal trailers are made

As you might suspect, it's a lot of work

Smash Bros' fighter reveal trailers are some of the most exciting trailers the game industry has. It's always fun seeing which character is going to join the roster next, and Smash Bros. Ultimate's fighter reveal trailers have been some of the best yet. Wondering how those trailers come together? Masahiro Sakurai shares some insight on the process in his latest Famitsu feature. Check out a summary of details below, courtesy of PushDustin.

- the reason behind these trailers is to first provide something that fans will enjoy, and to create some buzz
- all of the fighter reveal trailers have both CG animation and gameplay
- Sakurai himself writes the script for the trailers
- Sakurai writes each scene and where it'll be cut, and he includes a lot of details in his scripts
- he also writes what music will be used, and what will be said
- when the trailer cuts to gameplay, Sakurai simply notes that 'there will be game play here'
- since the Wii U/3DS days, Sakurai has been working with a company called Digital Frontier to put together these trailers
- Yohei Shimozawa of Digital Frontier has directed many of trailers
- Digital Frontier hears a detailed explanation of how the CG parts of the trailer should be made
- from there, they make a storyboard
- if the storyboard is approved, then they create a 'video storyboard' to get the timing/tempo down
- after adjusting things like music/sound, work is done on updating the character models and the scenery
- if character models were just imported into the CG movie, they wouldn't feel right
- after that, work is done on the animation, camera, etc.
- blur and post effects are added as well
- Sakurai checks in at every step
- Sakurai says he's very thankful for the work that Digital Frontier has done, as Sakurai is very busy working on the game itself
- Shimozawa expresses gratitude for being chosen to work on the trailers, as well as all the love the trailers get

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Squid Spirits' Spirit Board event reconfirmed for July 12th, 2019

Get squiddy with it

We had the announcement of the 'Squid Spirits' Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event a couple weeks back, but Nintendo has just reconfirmed the news on the Smash Bros. Ultimate Japanese Twitter account. This Splatoon 2-themed Spirit Board event takes place on July 12th, 2019, and runs for 3 days.

New info on Dragon Quest's Hero joining Smash Bros. Ultimate could be coming soon

Smashing good news?

Nintendo France has a video series called "Let's Smash" that takes a look at all the action going on in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The latest episode seems to include a tease on new info on Dragon Quest's Hero coming soon. The blurb at the bottom of the tweet above reads as follows.

“See you soon for a special Let’s Smash (Someone said something about Heroes?)”

Looks like we should be getting some information on the Hero in the very near future. We'll make sure to keep tabs on whatever it is!

Mod makes Shovel Knight playable in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sharpen thy shovel

Shovel Knight might already be in Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Assist Trophy, but fans wanted to take things one step further. The latest mod for the game takes Shovel Knight and turns him into a playable character. Shovel Knight is a clone of Ganon, which seems to have worked out quite well for the character's design.

Boundary Break - Never Before Seen Smash Bros 3DS Out of Bounds

Time once again to take the camera to places it's not supposed to go! This episode of Boundary Break takes a close look at Smash Bros. 3DS to see what's hiding just outside of the camera's viewpoint, and as usual, there's all sorts of visual trickery going on!


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