Smash Bros. Melee "Break the Targets" record beaten after 14 years

With the video above, a 14-year record for Smash Bros. Melee has been bested. El-Khouri has put in a ton of work to take down this record, and when he finally pulls it off, you can see a huge outburst of happiness. Let's hope El-Khouri's record gets to stand for awhile before it's inevitably beaten!

Game Informer video - Simulating Avengers: Infinity War In Super Smash Bros.

Game Informer's Ben Hanson and interns Robbie Key, Jon Bowman, and Joey Thurmond simulate the fight between Thanos and The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy the only way we know how... Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.

GameSpot Video - The Evolution Of Super Smash Bros.

With Nintendo finally announcing a new Smash Bros. game on Switch, here's a look back at the nearly 20 year-old series.

Dorkly - Failed Super Smash Bros. Auditions

Seeing AiAi pop up in this video made me realize how bad I want another traditional Monkey Ball game. It's been awhile since we've seen one of those, hasn't it? I think the Switch would be the perfect platform for one, and I think people are ready for the franchise to return!

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

Smash Bros. Wii U - Wolf O'Donnell mod footage

Well that's a pretty fantastic mod if you ask me. I don't know that we'll ever see Wolf as a playable character in Smash Bros. officially, which is what makes it great to see modders taking up the task. It's clear they put a ton of work into this one. Looks as good as something from Nintendo themselves!

Kemco shows interest in Felix from Asdivine Hearts joining the Smash Bros. roster

The following bit comes from a GamingBouelevard interview with KEMCO:

Here's a fun one! Given the choice, what character would you love to see added to Super Smash Bros.?

Oh, if I had the choice, definitely our feline mascot, Felix, from the Asdivine Hearts saga!

Kirby Star Allies, Smash Bros. Switch bring in big social media attention for Nintendo in March 2018

Tactics magazine included a breakdown of various social media platforms to see what everyone was talking about in March 2018. As you can see, both Kirby Star Allies and Smash Bros. Switch gained a good amount of coverage on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It'll be interesting to see if Nintendo Labo can crack these lists for April 2018.

Thanks to FizzyDuck for the heads up!

Suda51 continues to hold out hope for Travis Touchdown in Smash Bros. Switch

Suda51 has been saying for years that he wants to see Travis Touchdown join the Smash Bros. roster. Now with Smash Bros. Switch on the way, could it finally be time for Travis to make his debut? While Suda51 isn't sharing any official details, he has once again maintained his interest in seeing Travis make it to the big stage.

Of course (I want Travis in Smash), but it’s up to the media people. They have to take a stand and make Nintendo put him in the game.

I want to see Travis in Smash Bros. Switch as well. I just think he's too niche of a character to include. The other roster members are pretty well-known around the world. I'm not too sure what Travis' profile is compared to the likes of Bayonetta, Cloud, Solid Snake, and others.

Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Fighter Ballot data to be used as a "reference for future software"

Remember the Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Fighter Ballot? You'd think that the Ballot info would be a dead topic by now, as Smash Wii U/3DS released years ago. Turns out that might not be the case, as a look at the fine print for the Fighter Ballot shows that various data from the poll could be used as a "reference for future software." Perhaps some of the info Nintendo received will help influence what happens in Smash Bros. Switch!

Fan-Art: Owlboy's Otus gets the Smash Bros. treatment

I don't think Otus is going to make his way to the Smash Bros. roster, but it's certainly cool to see what things would look like if he did! The Smashified art team does a fantastic job once again showing us what could be if Nintendo crammed every single character request into the next Smash game!

Thanks to Scott for the heads up!