Sakurai says Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC remote work is going well, proceeding without problem

Working from home has its benefits!

In Masahiro Sakurai's latest column for Famitsu, he opens up about what its been like working from home. His team continues to toil away on DLC for Smash Bros. Ultimate while in self quarantine, but it seems like things are going well. Check out a summary of the article below, courtesy of Sephazon.

- Sakurai says working from home has been going, and staff should be commended for their hard work
- some staff usually commute two hours one way to work, so working at home has been a lot more effective
- there are temptations to play games or sleep while working from home, but Sakurai says he can still focus on the task at hand
- Sakurai says he responds to emails up until midnight, but he's eating more regularly now, and has a better sense of time
- Sakurai says he oversees almost everything in Smash Bros. Ultimate, so new work is always coming in
- some situations require a lot of work to explain to the team, which is easier done in person than email
- video calls can help bridge the gap in these situations, but scheduling a time to work with everyone is challenging
- Sakurai bought a microphone and capture unit for working from home, and also built a studio to play and assist in development
- the team continues to figure out what works best for remote work
- work is proceeding without any problems so far

Smash Bros. Ultimate "Donkey Kong Vs. Kirby" tournament announced for May 1st, 2020

Choose your side, fans!

Donkey Kong and Kirby fans, your time has come. Nintendo has announced a Donkey Kong Vs. Kirby tournament for Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will last for three days starting May 1st, 2020. This tournament focuses on characters from both the Kirby and Smash Bros. series. Pick your favorites from those titles and have at it!

Masahiro Sakurai celebrates Kirby's 28th anniversary

These two know each other well!

Masahiro Sakurai shares a Smash Bros. Ultimate picture every day on Twitter, and in honor of Kirby's 28th anniversary, he shared the image above. Along with that, Sakurai mentioned a bit about Kirby in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sakurai mentioned that Kirby provides a unique challenge in the Smash Bros. series. Every time a new character is added to the game, Kirby has to get an update as well, as a new Kirby "hat" and ability are needed. There simply can't be a character update without a Kirby representation!

Smash Bros. Ultimate "Trials of Mana" Spirit Board event announced

A Trials team-up!

Nintendo has revealed the next Spirit Board event for Smash Bros. Ultimate, and this one ties in with an upcoming Square-Enix title.

Starting April 24th, 2020 and running for five days, Smash Bros. Ultimate will be hosting a Trials of Mana Spirit Board event. This will include three new spirits from the Mana series. If you defeat them in battle, you'll get more SP than usual.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Screw Attack' tournament announced for April 17th, 2020

Screw you

The next tournament for Smash Bros. Ultimate has been revealed, and it's an interesting one. Starting April 17th, 2020 and running for 3 days is the Screw Attack tournament, which gives every fighter Samus' screw attack. The more battles you win in this tournament, the more Spirits you'll amass.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Brawl' Tournament announced for April 10th, 2020

Brawl for it all

The next Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament is coming on April 10th, 2020, and it runs for three days. This tournament focuses on fighters from Smash Bros. Brawl, as well as stages and items from that game. Looks like you better bone up on who you used to main in Brawl!

Sakurai says Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC work will continue remotely due to coronavirus

Japan is set to announce a state of emergency for select prefectures due to coronavirus, and this is going to have an impact on Nintendo's work going forward. Sakurai has shared via Twitter that he'll be working remotely because of this, but it's going to be difficult to get that work done. You can see Sakurai's message on the matter below.

I'm also going to be working remotely. In other words, I'll be supervising from home. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate needs to maintain extremely tight security and is therefore difficult to work on remotely, but now's the time to do so. Let's work hard and get through this together!

This all comes as video game rating company CERO has announced that all reviews will cease for a month, as they're temporarily closing due to coronavirus.

Sakurai shares a look at an early version of Sans for Smash Bros. Ultimate

It's all about the finer details

Sans made his way to Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Mii Fighter costume, but today we get a look at a slightly different version. For the Smash Pic of the Day, Sakurai shared the above image. While it might look like the version in Smash Bros. Ultimate, this Sans is actually an early model for the costume.

Turns out this version of Sans was the one that Sakurai and the team sent to Toby Fox for approval. Fox, creator of Undertale, only had one thing he wanted changed. Instead of the fingers Sans has in the image above, Fox wanted something that was more mitten-like. That's what the team ended up doing, which is closer in style to what Sans has in Undertale.

Sakurai explains how the Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Picture of the Day' series started, and why he keeps it up

A man of dedication

Did you know that Sakurai has been doing a Smash Bros. Ultimate "Picture of the Day" Twitter post every day since Dec. 27th, 2019? In the latest issue of Famitsu, Sakurai explains how the whole idea got started, and why he keeps it up. Check out the info below, courtesy of a translation from PushDustIn, Nokoloc, and Sephazon.

- the Picture of the Day idea is something Sakurai has done for the staff since the development of Kid Icarus: Uprising
- Sakurai uploads the pictures to a private network that is only accessible within the studio
- sometimes the PoTD interferes with his meetings or when he’s driving
- Sakurai even posts them to Twitter on weekends
- the first Smash PoTD came about back in August 2012
- at the time, Smash for 3DS/Wii U was being built
- for Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai's been using pictures from later in development (around March 2018 to now)
- Sakurai first started PoTD as a way to create a good atmosphere among the hundreds of staff
- since every picture varies, it creates an exciting atmosphere for the staff
- Sakurai keeps up the posts as a way for the project to be more open to the entire development team
- because these projects are so large, staff may not see the bigger picture, so it’s important to bring the team together with PotD
- whenever a good opportunity arises, Sakurai may take several photos at once
- when shooting, Sakurai doesn’t think of a ‘story,’ but instead uses a random assortment of fighters and stages
- Sakurai is usually quite busy with development, and these posts do take some time to write
- ‘Picture of the Day’ began as a service directed towards our staff, but it's also become entertaining for fans

Smash Bros. Ultimate "Animal Crossing" Spirit Board event announced

Animal Crossing enters the fray!

Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a new Spirit Board event on April 3rd, 2020 and it runs for 5 days. This Spirit Board event brings in some Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters. Defeating these spirits will earn you extra SP.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


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