Square-Enix releasing classic-style Final Fantasy VII figurines

If everything's a dream, don't wake me...

Final Fantasy VII's remake is on the way soon, and everyone is buzzing about its gorgeous graphics. Here on Switch, Nintendo owners finally have their first chance to go hands-on with the original Final Fantasy VII. While the visuals are outdated by today's standards, they're not without their charm.

It appears Square-Enix knows this, as they're releasing a set of classic Final Fantasy VII figurines. These figurines, in all their low-poly glory, were on display at TGS 2019. We don't have info on release date or pricing at this time, but hopefully those details will show up soon.

Square-Enix announces "Symphonic Memories – Music From Square Enix" concert for Japan

Music from Final Fantasy, Octopath Traveler, and more

Square-Enix will be hosting a special concert called “Symphonic Memories – Music From Square Enix” in Japan on Dec. 14th, 2019. There will be an afternoon and evening session at the Culttz Kawasaki, with ticket prices ranging from 7,100 to 9,100 yen. The game lineup includes Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV, Xenogears, and Octopath Traveler.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition launches Jan. 23rd, 2020, allows for cross-platform saves and gameplay

Big changes included!

The beloved classic FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES returns in beautiful HD for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices on January 23, 2020.

Long ago, a giant meteorite fell on the land, and deadly miasma blanketed the world. Crystals keep the miasma in check, but the crystals' power is not eternal. Young adventurers embark on a journey once a year seeking "drops of myrrh" to purify the crystals. These are the chronicles of brave young adventurers who journey to protect their home. These are the "CRYSTAL CHRONICLES."

Along with the new trailers and release date, Square-Enix has shared a host of new details on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. First up, we know that Japan will see a retail version and eShop version. It seems both the retail and eShop versions will be priced at 4,800 yen.

Following that, Square-Enix revealed the one-two punch of cross-play and cross-progression across platforms. Yes, it seesms that Switch players will be able to play with PS4 and mobile players. You can also play your saved game on one platform, and pick it back up on another.

A few other tidbits were announced for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition to showcase what else is new. Check out the bulletpoints on that info below.

- Online multiplayer for up to four players.
- Added challenging new post-game dungeons and bosses.
- Added new variant character skins for each tribe.
- Added new items to equip.
- Newly recorded theme songs “Kaze no Ne” and “Hoshizukiyo” by Yae.
- Newly recorded narration.
- Newly recorded character voices.

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

Final Fantasy VIII - Switch Vs. Original Release Comparison

Looking smooth

Nintendo fans never had the chance to play Final Fantasy VIII on one of Nintendo's platforms until now. Square-Enix has released Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, which gives the original a fresh coat a paint. Wonder just how different the two versions look? Check out a comparison version featuring the Switch remaster alongside the original PC release above.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - gameplay round-up

The Republic of Galbadia, under the influence of the sorceress Edea, mobilises its great armies against the other nations of the world. Squall and other members of SeeD, an elite mercenary force, join hands with Rinoa, a resistance fighter, to fight against Galbadia's tyrannical rule and to prevent Edea from fulfilling her ultimate goal.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 'Rinoa and Angelo' footage and screens shared

The dynamic duo

Did you know that today is international dog day? I had no idea, but Square-Enix did! That's why they've decided to showcase some footage of Rinoa and Angelo from Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. The duo is looking better than ever! You can check out some screens of the pair below.

Japanese eShop preloads for Aug. 21st, 2019 (file sizes, pricing, languages, and more)

Some big ones on the horizon

A handful of titles have gone up for preload on the Switch eShop in Japan. Check out details on each one below.

Vambrace: Cold Soul

- ¥2,682 (the regular price is ¥2,980)
- 3.0 GB
- supports English
- due out Aug. 29th, 2019


- priced at ¥6,804 and ¥7,344
- 3.1 GB and 6.6 GB
- Japanese only
- due out Sept. 12th, 2019

Cardfight!! Vanguard EX

- priced at ¥6,784 (the regular price is ¥7,538)
- 3.0 GB
- Japanese-only
- due out Sept. 19th, 2019

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

- priced at ¥2,500
- 2.6 GB
- supports Japanese and English
- launches Sept. 3rd, 2019

Hakuoki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou

- priced at ¥6,804
- 3.6 GB
- Japanese-only
- Sept. 26th, 2019

Check out another round of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered gameplay

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered tells an epic and emotional story about war and love. The militarized nation of Galbadia has formed an alliance with the Sorceress Edea in a bid for world conquest. Amid the conflict, Squall Leonhart and a group of fellow students from Balamb Garden’s mercenary force, SeeD, head into the conflict.

Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Revival Disc gets another promo video

Up for a little Gold Saucer?

Square-Enix has released another promo video for their upcoming Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Revival Disc. The disc, which includes 85 tracks pressed on a Blu-ray, is due out on July 24th, 2019 in Japan. The Revival Disc will be sold via the Square Enix e-Store, Amazon Japan, and Sony Music Shop for 5,000 yen.

Final Fantasy IX's music bug has been patched

Enjoy the music as it was originally intended

Back at the end of June, Square-Enix announced that they were working on a patch to fix Final Fantasy IX's music issue on Switch. Players had noticed that background music would restart after every battle or Tetra Master match. The patch to fix that is now live, and the issue has been dealt with.


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