RUMOR - Tyson Hesse might have provided the art for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie delay announcement

Is he working on the Sonic revamp?

Tyson Hesse has numerous ties to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He was the director of Sonic Mania Adventures, provided the cut-scenes for Sonic Mania, worked on the Sonic comics for Archie, and much more. Does Mr. Hesse have any other connections to the Sonic franchise? Some think he might be working on the upcoming Sonic movie.

The artwork above is from Mr. Hesse, which was his take on the movie version of Sonic, based on the various teaser posters we had seen.

Then we had the artwork shared yesterday, which was to announce a delay for the Sonic movie. This artwork came from Jeff Fowler, the movie's director. Immediately, some people saw the artwork and thought it was very similar to Hesse's style. This lead to all sorts of speculation, and tons of people asking Hesse if he was the creator.

While Hesse hasn't said yes/no, he did share the tweet above after news of the delay broke. For those who don't know, the image comes from the first Iron Man movie. This is when Tony Stark reveals to the world that he IS Iron Man, as no one knew for sure who was in the suit.

All of this fits in extremely well with everyone asking who drew the art, and hitting up Mr. Hesse for info. Now if Hesse is indeed behind the art, does this mean he's going to have deeper ties to the movie as well? Could he be involved with the redesign Sonic is getting? I guess we'll have to hang tight and keep speculating!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

RUMOR: Nintendo working with Microsoft's 'Azure' cloud computing service for streaming content

What's Nintendo up to?

Nintendo has said that they keep their eye on industry trends, and always consider uses for future tech. That goes for the streaming and cloud computing side of things, but rumor has it Nintendo's actually looking to make a move in that area. Word on the street is that Nintendo has plans to work with Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service to stream some sort of content in specific regions. No word on what that content will be, or why it would only launch in certain areas.

RUMOR - Detective Pikachu movie sequel in the works

Too good to be true?

Detective Pikachu has been a hit both critically and commercially, so it only makes sense that a sequel would be in the pipeline. While Legendary has not confirmed the news publicly, multiple sources involved with production have anonymously confirmed that a sequel is being worked on. The movie is in the early stages of development right now, so we most likely won't be hearing official details for quite some time.

Thanks to ThatWaluigiDude for the heads up!

Mortal Kombat movie rumored to be going ahead

Finally getting the green light?

The Mortal Kombat movie reboot has been in the works for quite some time now, but the latest rumor states that the movie is actually moving ahead into pre-production. Reports say the film will be shot in South Australia, making it "the biggest studio production in the local industry's history." The Mortal Kombat movie screenplay comes from Greg Russo, and will be directed by Simon McQuoid.

Pokemon News - Pokemon GO datamining reveals potential Sword/Shield connectivity, PONY merch collab, Iwate prefecture getting a Pokemon ambassador, Pokemon with You model train

Some juicy news for Pokemon fans

Pokemon GO datamining reveals potential Pokemon Sword/Shield connectivity

- the 0.143.0 update for Pokemon GO contains a string called “koala_settings”
- the codename “koala” could be Pokemon Sword and Shield’s official internal codename
- Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee’s codename was Beluga (a whale) and Pokemon Black 2/White 2 had the codename Swan
- if this is true, it would mean Pokemon GO will have some form of connectivity with Sword and Shield

Pokemon Co. x PONY collab

- collab between Pokemon Co. and PONY in Thailand
- lineup includes bags, hats, and shoes

Iwate prefecture getting a Pokemon ambassador

- official event revealing the identity of that Pokemon will be held on May 14, 2019

Tomix I/80th scale model of the Pokemon with You train

- scheduled to launch July 2019 in Japan.

RUMOR - Forza Street might be coming to Switch

Forza heads to Switch?

Forza Street is a mobile spin-off for the Forza series. The game is available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices, and is coming to iOS/Android soon. Rumor has it that the title might be coming to Switch as well.

This rumor stems from dataminers pouring through the source code for Forza Street. In the source code, the Switch is specifically mentioned multiple times. Now we're trying to verify that the source code actually comes from the game.

Considering Microsoft's relationship with Nintendo, as well as the mobile nature of this Forza game, a port to Switch doesn't seem all that unlikely.

RUMOR - Pokemon Center Singapore getting another round of exclusive merch

New goodies on the way?

Pokemon Center Singapore opened just a couple weeks ago, and there were some exclusive items available at launch. The exclusive lineup include Pilot and CA Pikachu plushies and mascots with the “SIN” logo, as well as an A4 clear file with Pokemon Center Singapore artwork, and a Pokemon Center Singapore clear case with lanyard. Now rumor has it that even more exclusive items are on the way.

Apparently another wave of items is already in the works, with work starting sometime this month. Unfortunately, we don't have details on what those items are, or when they'll be launching. That said, it's likely at least some of the content will be out this year.

RUMOR - First look at Jim Carrey in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, trailer coming tomorrow

Is that you, Eggman?

Is this our first look at Jim Carrey in the role of Eggman for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie? It certainly seems like it is. Apparently this still comes from the debut trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, which is supposedly launching some time tomorrow. I guess we'll find out if this is real or not in 24 hours!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

RUMOR - Nintendo asking retailers in Spain to clear out 2DS stock by Summer 2019

Out with the old, in with the new?

The 3DS isn't doing so well, and Nintendo has been open in saying that the platform declined quicker than expected. Nintendo has pledged to continue support, but it seems like that support won't last too long.

Rumor has it that Nintendo is asking retailers in Spain to clear out their 2DS stock, and they'd like to have that done by the time Summer 2019 rolls around. That fits in nicely with the rumors of Nintendo releasing a smaller Switch redesign sometime this Summer. Could Nintendo want the 2DS stock cleared off shelves in order to make room for this rumored Switch revamp?

Nikkei doubles down, once again says a smaller redesign of the Switch is coming this Summer

Who do you believe?

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated earlier today that the company will not be announcing any new hardware at E3 2019. Fans immediately found the wording of his statement suspect, and started thinking that perhaps a hardware revamp could be revealed slightly before or after E3 this year.

Nikkei apparently feels the same way, as they followed up Mr. Furukawa's statement by publishing yet another article stating that a smaller Switch redesign is due out sometime this Summer. It seems Nikkei is extremely confident in their inside info on this one.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!