Who's up for a juicy Nintendo Direct rumor?

The last 2 times 4chan had a rumor on a Nintendo Direct, it turned out to be right. I don't mean just a few things right here or there. I mean they nailed complete Nintendo Direct rundowns. Information was absolutely spot-on. I didn't share that information those last two times, and I now regret those decisions. Am I going to let the same thing happen again? Not a chance in hell!

With my luck, this rumor will turn out to be completely false. The thing is, there are a couple tidbits in here that give at least some tiny shred of believably. First up, the Funko information on a Pokemon collab is mentioned in the post. That's info we found out yesterday, but this post is dated July 10th. Second, the post goes into detail about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. Just today, we found out Nintendo has more in the works for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With those two tidbits of noteworthy info, I'll share the full rundown with you.

Click through the jump to see the full post. Some of it seems rather outlandish, but we can dream!

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The latest E3 Switch rumors includes Fortnite, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Paladins, Overcooked 2, and "Killer Queen Black"

Back in the early days of GoNintendo, I used to fall for all kinds of rumors. You live and learn, I guess. I've gotten a lot better over the years, but I still make mistakes. Will this post be a mistake? We'll find out soon enough!

Our friends at Dtoid shared the above image, which supposedly leaks some reveals for Nintendo at E3. Some are games we've heard rumored already. Others are brand-new, including Overcooked 2 and Killer Queen Black. The sheet itself seems about as fake rumor as you can get, but there's a reason why we're sharing.

Our friends at Dtoid say they've received embargoed information leading into E3, and that information pertains to some of the games on the above image. In other words, even if this is a stab-in-the-dark rumor image, it's gotten some things right. To add some fuel to the fire, I will say that in particular, I have seen/heard things about Dragon Ball FighterZ that lead me to believe a Switch port is 99% happening.

So yes, a bit to mull over here. Take all of it as you will. Like I said, we won't have to wait long to find out if this sheet is the real-deal or another in a mile-high pile of fakes.

RUMOR - A look at various planned shipments for upcoming Switch games in France

As we say from time to time, France is certainly Nintendo country. The French seem to really dig what Nintendo does, and they're showing major love for the Switch. That means the country should get some sizable shipments of big-name games coming from Nintendo. With that said, here's a look at some rumored figures for initial shipments for upcoming Switch titles.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee - 300k for each version
Mario Tennis Aces - 120k
Captain Toad - 60k
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - 40k
Octopath Traveler - 30k

RUMOR - Mario Tennis Aces datamine reveals list of playable characters, bosses, and more

Nintendo released the Mario Tennis Aces pre-launch tournament demo yesterday. You can't actually play the demo yet, but there's certainly plenty of data to be picked through. As you can probably guess, that's exactly what some dataminers have done. If you don't mind some spoilers, you can hit the jump to see details on the full playable roster and all the boss battles, as well as info on the unlockable characters in the demo.

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RUMOR - Another round of info on StarFox Grand Prix

We still don't know if StarFox: Grand Prix is legit, but the rumored info keeps flowing. Now we have a batch of details from Liam Robertson, who's known to share leaked/inside info in the past.

Liam reached out to use to make something very clear. The details below are the rumors he has heard going around, and isn't claiming them to be 100% true. They could indeed end up being true, but as of right now, it's just speculation.

- The game is not like F-Zero
- He’s seen a more complete version of the logo
- The game is based on the arwing (which differentiates it from F-Zero)
- He was told the title “Star Fox Grand Prix” was a tentative title
- The game is a mixture between classic Star Fox and racing
- You shoot enemies to propel forward and get combos; you can shoot other players too
- Each Grand Prix is three tracks with a boss fight- where the boss comes onto the track
- It has a big hub area where you can interact with the Star Fox characters
- You pick up new missions at the hub and there’s story content to go through
- The game looks really really good in motion
- He also heard Retro was considering adding cameos like Donkey Kong
- heard it was a 2019 game, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was a 2018 game

Thanks to ReyVGM and Bob for the heads up!

RUMOR - Pokemon Switch to be formally revealed this month

We all know there's a Pokemon game coming to Switch, but what will it be? Looks like we could be getting that info this month, if the latest rumor is to be revealed. The latest claims say that the titles will be revealed sometime before the end of May, and yes, there will be two versions of this Pokemon Switch title. On top of that, supposedly the naming/branding of these titles could end up being quite a talking point.

RUMOR - Retro has another project in the works that might be cancelled

I guess it's Retro rumor day, boys and girls. First we heard that Retro is working on StarFox : Grand Prix, and now we're hearing they have a second project in the works as well. According to multiple sources reporting to Kotaku, Retro has been toiling away on a game separate from the StarFox title, but this one has had quite a troubled development. At this point, it appears the project might have even been cancelled.

Game Informer chimes in on the matter as well, saying they've heard the same discussion, but didn't know if the troubles were related to StarFox: Grand Prix or something else. According to them, both Retro and Nintendo were growing frustrated with the state of this other project, and it could be canned.

RUMOR - Did a developer job listing mention Fortnite on Switch, only to remove the mention shortly thereafter?

Could Iron Galaxy be bringing Fortnite to the Switch? It's the same team that handled the port of Skyrim to Switch, so they certainly know the system. The potential for Fortnite on Switch might have been leaked as part of a job listing for Director of Game Design at Iron Galaxy. The job listing as it supposedly originally read is listed below.

"Iron Galaxy Studios is a well-established independent game developer who has partnered with the titans of our industry to ship more high-caliber games than any other indie developer. Our best known creative works are, the critically acclaimed Killer Instinct, and Divekick; which are complimented by our technically superb Fornite and Skyrim switch ports. We are looking for an inspiring self-starter to join our Iron Galaxy family and embrace the leadership role of Director of Game Design."

The page no longer has that same mention. I did a cached search and found nothing, and checked the source code as well, but that was a dead end too. The one bit of truth we know is that Iron Galaxy has indeed worked on Fortnite. Perhaps someone else out there better at internet sleuthing can hunt down an original version of this job listing.

GameStop puts out Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Switch display cases

Did GameStop just let the cat out of the bag? As you can see, at least one GameStop location has placeholder boxes for Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII in their Switch section. I mean, you would think that indicates a little insight on the side of GameStop, right? We've all heard the rumors of something Call of Duty-related coming to Switch, and now this GameStop display seems to be the closest thing to confirmation yet.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

RUMOR - Bandai Namco co-developing Smash Bros. Switch

Bandai Namco worked on Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, which was a surprise to quite a few people when the news came out. Now we're hearing rumors that Nintendo has asked Bandai Namco back to co-develop Smash Bros. on Switch.

This rumor comes from the Twitter profile of Tiago Sonobe, a developer who claims to have worked at Bandai Namco. They went so far to share their involvement in Smash Bros. Switch, saying they worked on the rendering engine for the game. Sonobe currently claims to work at Nintendo as a software engineer.

When fans caught on to his tweet and started asking about Bandai Namco's involvement in Smash Bros. Switch, Sonobe deleted his entire Twitter feed. Either he shared some info he shouldn't have, or he's just trying to get everyone riled up. Which do you think it is? I'm inclined to believe the guy. Why bother making up a rumor about Bandai Namco being involved when they already have a history with the series? It's not like it would be a big shocker.