Fire Emblem Heroes - new update incoming, maintenance scheduled for next week

To prepare for an uncoming update, Fire Emblem Heroes will go down for maintenance Thursday/Friday. Sadly, we don't know what this update actually entails just yet. You find a timetable for all regions here below!

Europe: September 29 (01:00 - 04:00 CEST)
UK: September 29 (0:00 - 03:00 BST)
North America (EST): September 28 (7PM - 10PM)
North America (PST): September 28 (4PM - 7PM)
Japan: September 29: (08:00 - 11:00 JST)

Fire Emblem Warriors - Celica screens, info breakdown

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■ Characters

Celica (voiced by Nao Toyama)

The surviving princess of the Zofia royal family, which has fallen. Due to her past, she dislikes war, and is seeking the path to peace.

■ System



When the Awakening Gauge is filled, you can trigger an Awakening. By doing this, you’ll have the advantage against every enemy in the Weapon Triangle for a fixed period of time. Additionally, after that period ends, an Awakening Attack will trigger.

—Musou Attack

When the Musou Gauge is filled, you can unleash a Musou Attack. This does tremendous damage to a vast range of enemies.

■ Extra Systems

—Bond Conversations

By fighting, the warriors’ mutuan bond levels will rise, and you can witness the bond conversations between two warriors. Enjoy a wide range of conversations that go beyond different Fire Emblem titles.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Sept. 21st, 2017

[Maps] A new set of Special Maps is now available: “Fire Emblem Warriors”. There are 5 maps to clear in total (featuring backgrounds inspired by Fire Emblem Warriors, and music straight from that game), allowing you to earn some extra Orbs (available until October 26th)

[Quests] A new set of Special Quests is now available “Warriors” (available until October 26th)

Fire Emblem Warriors - Anna confirmed

Tucked away in the latest promotional image for Fire Emblem Warriors is Anna, yet another character confirmed for the game. Her reveal is quite a bit more sly than Celica, but confirmed nonetheless. There's sure to be even more characters coming to the game that Tecmo Koei is yet to reveal.

Fire Emblem Warriors - TGS 2017 trailer, Celica reveal and gameplay footage

Fire Emblem Warriors - file size


- 13.1GB


- 16,811 blocks / 2.05GB