Tetris 99 6th MAXIMUS CUP event footage (Fire Emblem theme)

The Tetris® 99 digital game includes an online mode that is a special offer for Nintendo Switch Online members*. In large-scale, 99-player battles, it’ll take speed, skill, and strategy to knock out the competition and become the last player standing. You can target opponents by sending them Garbage Blocks, but be careful… Your rivals can target you back! Defeat opponents to acquire K.O. Badges that may give you the advantage on future attacks. Nintendo Switch Online members can also look forward to upcoming online events*!

Fire Emblem Heroes anthology manga releasing in Japan

A 4-koma collection

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are putting out a Fire Emblem Heroes anthology manga in Japan, and it's set to launch on Aug. 26th, 2019. This includes 83 4-koma panels already available on the official website, as well as 22 additional panels focusing on Alfonse, the Summoner, and more.

Tetris 99 6th MAXIMUS CUP event gameplay (Fire Emblem theme)

The free event for Nintendo Switch Online members runs from 12 a.m. PT on Aug. 23 to 11:59 p.m. PT on Aug. 26. You just have to play the Tetris 99 online mode during the event period. The higher you place after each match, the more event points you will earn. Once 100 event points are reached, the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme for your Tetris 99 game is unlocked! The new theme includes background art, music and Tetrimino designs all inspired by the latest Fire Emblem game.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Aug. 23rd, 2019

[Events] Battle 1 of the 3rd Røkkr Sieges event goes live on August 23rd (available until August 25th)

[Quests] The first set of Quests related to the 3rd Røkkr Sieges event is now live (available until August 25th)

Hacker makes Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Gatekeeper playable

Listen up, maggot!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans have fallen in love with the Gatekeeper, who's a never-ending source of positivity. While he's not playable in the regular game, a hacker has messed around the game's data to make it possible. He doesn't have any battle animations or new dialog, but damnit, he's more than happy to join you in your fight for good!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses datamining reveals Blue Lions conversations that aren't accessible in-game

All sorts of dark stuff going on

Hackers have been sifting through Fire Emblem: Three Houses since it first launched, and they continue to discover new tidbits that aren't accessible in-game. The latest findings reveal dialog options that never pop-up in game, but appear to be considered during development. As long as you don't mind spoilers, hit the jump to see what was found.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses players pick their favorite house and character

It wasn't even close!

The most recent issue of Nintendo Dream magazine asks fans a few questions about Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The writers wanted to know which house players chose, why, and who their favorite characters were. Check out the results of the poll below!

Q1. Which house did you choose?

42.6% – Lowenklasse (Blue Lion House)
29.6% – Hirschklasse (Golden Deer House)
27.8% – Adlerklasse (Black Eagle House)

Q2. What’s your biggest deciding factor for choosing that house?

60.7% – My favourite character is in that house
23.5% – I’m wondering about the story development when I choose that house in the War arc
3.9% – I’m wondering about the story development when I choose that house in the Academy arc
3.4% – The house’s proficiency skills [TN: Lion=Spear, Deer=Bow, Eagle=Magic]

Other responses

- From the introduction order in official site etc
- I summoned them in Fire Emblem Heroes
- Favorite color
- The motif animal
- I decided with roulette/drawing lots

Q3. Who is your favourite character right now?

Dimitri – 32.4%
Claude – 22.9%
Female Byleth – 17.7%
Edelgard – 17.0%
Lysithea – 15.9%
Male Byleth – 14.3%
Ingrid – 13.6%
Bernadetta – 10.9%
Marianne – 10.5%
Sylvain – 9.1%

Another top 10 but this one is limited to those who have actually played the game

Dimitri – 30.2%
Claude – 19.8%
Lysithea – 17.8%
Female Byleth – 16.6%
Bernadetta – 15.1%
Ingrid – 14.2%
Edelgard – 13.6%
Male Byleth – 13.0%
Sylvain – 11.5%
Sothis – 9.8%

Fire Emblem Heroes - Royalty Convenes (To a Brighter Future)

Nintendo appears to be committed to daily installments in this 'Royalty Convenes' series, at least for this week. The third installment in the series has come out today, which you can check out above.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Aug. 21st, 2019

[Summoning Focus] As part of the Feh’s Summer Celebration event, the following Summoning Focus is back: Heroes with Ward Skills. It features the following Heroes: Sigurd (Holy Knight), Ike (Brave Mercenary), and Lyn (Brave Lady). (available until August 22nd)

[Events] Pre-registration for the 3rd Røkkr Sieges event is now live. You can find more details about the event itself in the in-game notification about it (available until August 23rd)

[Special Maps] The Bound Hero Battle feat. Elincia and Nephenee is now back (available until August 31st)

[Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Bound Hero Battles (available until August 31st)

Fire Emblem Heroes - Royalty Convenes (Walking with the People)

Nintendo continues their recent 'drama' video series for Fire Emblem Heroes with today's installment, Royalty Convenes. Check out the story segment above.


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