id Software wants you to know they have no ties to the upcoming DOOM movie

Are game movies forever DOOMed?

The first trailer for the direct-to-video movie, DOOM: ANNIHILATION, went online earlier today. Let's just say the reaction wasn't very good. Want to know how bad it was? The film was looking janky enough for the official DOOM Twitter account to send out this statement. The message was then retweeted by the Twitter account for id Software.

We're not involved with the movie.

In other words, the devs for the DOOM games haven't had any input on the movie. A quick glance at the trailer made that painfully aware for most viewers.

DOOM: ANNIHILATION gets its debut trailer

Ultra nightmare

Looks like all that leaked info on the new DOOM movie was spot-on yesterday! We now have the first trailer for the movie, and it seems to be doing things a bit differently from the first movie adaptation. I'll need to see a bit more before I decide whether or not to see this in theaters, but as of right now, I'm cautiously optimistic.

RUMOR - New information on the upcoming Doom movie (story, release date, name, images, and more)

We're Doomed

We've been talking about the new Doom movie for awhile now. We know the project is real, but we haven't gotten any concrete details on what it's going to be about. Today we have a new wave of inside info that sheds quite a bit of light on the project, and it all kicks off with the pictures in the gallery above. This round of details comes from a source close to the project.

- the movie will be called DOOM: ANNIHILATION
- Universal 1440 Entertainment is slating the film for a Fall 2019 release
- the official synopsis is as follows...

“DOOM: ANNIHILATION follows a group of space marines as they respond to a distress call from a base on a Martian moon, only to discover it’s been overrun by demonic creatures who threaten to create Hell on Earth.“

- the “space marines” in the synopsis are UAC marines
- written and directed by Tony Giglio (Chaos, Timber Falls)
- executive produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Bumblebee) and John Wells (Animal Kingdom)
- produced by Jeffery Beach (Jarhead 3: The Siege), Phillip Roth (Death Race: Beyond Anarchy) and Ogden Gavanski (Cult of Chucky)

McFarlane Toys shows off upcoming line of toys from Doom, Mortal Kombat 11, and more

McFarlane Toys has a whole bunch of new figurines on the way. Some of them were on display at Toy Fair 2019, which you can see above. There's figurines from Doom, Mortal Kombat 11, Hollow Knight, and more in the works. Looks like a great lineup of stuff!

Doom on Switch used to showcase the enhanced visuals overclocking can provide


Last week, we talked about a new mod for Switch that let you overclock your system. While it's a very dangerous thing to do, it does produce impressive results. The above GIF shows off how Doom looks running on Switch at the regular 307 MHz, followed by how things look at 768Mhz. There's no doubt the visuals look much more impressive, but again, running your Switch overclocked to this degree could end up causing some serious trouble.

Final Doom soundtrack Easter egg discovered

Did you know that there were 5 Easter eggs in the Doom soundtrack? Did you know that 4 of them had been discovered already? It only took 2+ years for someone to find the final Easter egg, which you can check out above.

As you can see, there's a hidden message in the song “Authorization; Olivia Pierce.” When the pitch of the song is increased at the 50-second mark, you can hear Olivia Pierce herself say, “You could not have saved them anyway.” This is a quote straight from the game, which was then hidden in the song.

RUMOR - Upcoming Doom movie delayed to spruce up special effects

We've known for awhile now that Doom was getting a new film adaptation. We haven't gotten to see any trailers, but some set pics have come out. Other than that, it's been pretty quiet. Unfortunately we're now hearing that we're going to have to wait a bit longer to see the film's release.

Rumor has it that Universal Pictures has delayed the release date of the Doom movie to sometime in Fall 2019. Believe it or not, the delay is actually a good thing. The higher-ups have seen a rough cut of the film and they really enjoyed it, so they pushed the release date back in order to give the film a fresh coat of paint in the visual effects department. It seems a lot of focus is being put on sprucing up the movie's depiction of Hell, to make it that much more hellish.

Recreating The Legend of Zelda in Doom

The modding community for the original Doom has been alive and well ever since the game first released. There have been countless mods and tweaks made to the game, and one of the latest tries to take the original Legend of Zelda and translate that into the game/style of Doom. The creator of this project hasn't finished it, and sadly doesn't have the time/skill to. That's why he's released all project files online, in the hopes that someone else will pick up the mantle and get the game done.

The new Doom movie won't include Barons of Hell

While the Doom series is filled with iconic enemies, there's certainly few as powerful or recognizable as the Barons of Hell. I can still hear their screams perfectly in my head. Unfortunately, none of us will hear those screams or see their likeness in the upcoming Doom movie reboot.

Director Tony Giglio has revealed that the Barons of Hell will not be included in the upcoming Doom movie. Giglio did say he was bummed about the decision, but hopes to include them in a sequel. I think we'll have to see if the next film is successful before we talk about a successor!

Bethesda knew about Switch during the development of Doom 2016, Doom Eternal being built from scratch for Switch

Bethesda’s Pete Hines shared some talk about the Switch at PAX AUS last week. We covered a few tidbits of his discussion, but now we have the full quote, and it shares a few more details about how Bethesda works with the Switch. Check out the statement below.

“The benefit for us was that id Tech 6 was really built and we knew about the Switch during the development of Doom 2016, so they were able to make some choices to make sure that it was scalable so that it would sort of not be too far out of line with what the Switch was doing. The benefit there was that it allowed both Doom 2016 to happen on the Switch as well as Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, because that was built off of the tech that ran Doom 2016 so that was sort of a two for one there, and that’s also why the next Wolfenstein is gonna be out on Switch as well and that’s why Doom Eternal was announced. In that case not just as a port, but as something that for the first time we’re building a game from scratch that really has the Switch in mind. That was honestly… that tech allowed us to do a lot of things across two different franchises. I don’t know how the hell they made Skyrim run on the Switch, but they did it. It looks great, it’s fun. I have played more Skyrim than a lot of people, but I still play it on my Switch because it turns out it’s pretty cool to be sitting on a plane and fighting a dragon.”