Brie Larson talks about playing Switch to stay in touch with family/friends during the pandemic, along with her love of Luigi and Peach

A true Nintendo fan

Nintendo and Brie Larson have teamed up once again to promote the Switch, this time with a new series of commercials. Brie is also doing interviews to talk about Nintendo, and she sat down with Elle to discuss how the Switch has been a connection point for friends and family during the pandemic.

"It's been quite a large focal point of my connectivity with my friends and family, and I'm so grateful for that. Some friends have actually gotten into Animal Crossing because of me, and so it's a way of virtually shopping or doing activities together. Then I've also now got Fortnite into the fold and so then for my more competitive friends and family members, that's become a huge source of connectivity and entertainment. I've been quite addicted to that game as well now."

Brie also talked a bit about her fondness for both Luigi and Peach, which you can read below.

"I will always have a deep place in my heart for Luigi's Mansion, because Luigi is my character. I love Luigi and I always wanted him to have his time to shine, he needed his own solo game. And now I'm just excited about the idea of pushing for a Princess Peach solo game. I think it's just been too long. Let's put Peach up there, let's give her her time to shine."

There's a lot more talk from Brie about Nintendo in the full interview, which you can find here.

Mario Kart Tour "Mario Vs. Luigi Tour" trailer

Are you Team Mario or Team Luigi?

Want a better look at Mario Kart Tour's next tour? Nintendo has released a new trailer for the Mario Vs. Luigi tour, showing us some more of the brother versus brother action. Which side are you choosing?

Nintendo discusses early tests for Luigi in Super Mario 64, and how the title screen mini-game came to be

L was real 1996

When Nintendo originally started doing tests for Super Mario 64, they had an idea of having both Mario and Luigi getting in on the fun. As fans know all too well, that ended up not being possible. It's not for a lack of trying, though.

In an interview with the Guardian, Shigeru Miyamoto details why Luigi didn't make the cut for Mario's debut 3D adventure.

“When we tried running our experiments with 3D on a console, Mario was the only thing that moved. Of course there was no background, either. While we’d expected things to be limited, what we ended up with was even less than we anticipated. It was at that point that we gave up on having Mario and Luigi appear at the same time and decided instead to rework the gameplay.”

While fans might remember the lack of Luigi as a sore point, one standout moment for Super Mario 64 was the title screen. Not only did it introduce the world to 3D Mario, it also let players manipulate Mario in a way we'd never seen. Nintendo's Takashi Tezuka explained how that came to be.

“I wasn’t involved in the game design for Super Mario 64, but because it was 3D there were lots of things we were dealing with for the first time. While we were struggling with that, Mr Miyamoto said that he wanted to make it so that players could play outside of the game itself with the model of Mario’s head that a programmer made; letting them rotate it, or pull its nose.”

Team Mario and Team Luigi jump into Mario Kart Tour's "Mario Vs. Luigi" tour

Brother vs. Brother

It's Team Mario and Team Luigi going head-to-head in the Mario Kart Tour "Mario Vs. Luigi" Tour! All racers are split into two teams, and the goal is to collect the most team tokens. The top team will get items and in-game badges. The action starts on Nov. 17th, 2020 at 10 PM PT.

Players who reach Level 100 and hold L in Super Mario Bros. 35 will gain the option to play as Luigi

It turns out that Luigi is in Super Mario Bros. 35! However, it appears that only players who have reached Level 100 will be able to play as him. More information regarding how to play as Luigi is still coming out, but it appears that eventually playing as Luigi is as simple as holding down the L button during the match pairing screen!

Doug Bowser shares his three favorite horror games

Oh, the horror!

October is all about spooky, scary things thanks to Halloween, and everyone is getting in on the ghoulish action, including Nintendo's Doug Bowser.

GameStop took to Twitter to ask followers what their top 3 favorite horror games were, and Doug Bowser happened to chime in. According to Bowser, his favorites are Dead Space, Left 4 Dead and Luigi's Mansion 3. I don't know that I'd call Luigi's Mansion 3 a horror game, but I think we all know why Bowser threw it out there!

Save Luigi "60 Second Challenge" Ep. 2 available

Oh brother!

In celebration of Super Mario's 35th Anniversary, Nintendo has begun airing promotional advertisements in Japan that allow viewers to answer trivia questions. The premise is that viewers must correctly answer a question in 60 seconds in order to save Luigi. The second video has been made available, which you can see above.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit to come in Mario and Luigi versions

Mario and Green Mario!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was announced earlier today, which brings the Mario Kart series to the real world using the Switch and a physical Kart toy. While Mario was obviously the focus of today's video, the official assets released for the package show that there will be a Luigi version available at launch as well. No matter which version you go with, the cost remains the same at $100.

X Rocker announces launch of officially-licensed Nintendo gaming chairs

Have a seat on Mario's face

Global market leaders in gaming chairs, announced today a brand new agreement with Nintendo of Europe, to design, manufacture and sell licenced Super Mario branded gaming chairs.

Launching in the UK and EU from 1st August 2020, X Rocker, in conjunction with key retail partners and distributors including Argos and Smyths Toys, offer for the first time an exciting and colourful selection of your favourite Super Mario characters, brought to life as gaming and audio X Rocker chairs.

A ‘must have’ for any young discerning Nintendo fan, the X Rocker Super Mario Collections, bring to life iconic character designs including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Bowser on X Rocker’s #1 selling chair for young gamers, the X Rocker Video Rocker. Sure to brighten up any bedroom and game-time with fun and excitment, the Video Rocker is the ideal way to sit and enjoy playing your favorite Nintendo games and sitting back to enjoy a movie on your tablet or mobile.

The Super Mario Character collections will be launching initially with The Spotlight Collection (exclusive to Argos in the UK), The Jump Collection (Exclusive to Smyths Toys in the UK & EU), The Joy Collection (Available through distribution via Exertis) and the All-Star Collection arriving soon to the UK and EU.

For gamers looking to power-up their audio experience, Nintendo fans can also look forward to the lauch of X Rocker’s new 2.1 Stereo Audio Gaming Chair featuring Super Mario. Initially launching as three unique designs and available at Argos, Smyths Toys and Exertis, junior gamers and Mario fans will be spoilt for choice.

Gary Shaw, X Rocker MD comments, “X Rocker is delighted to offer customers an amazing range of gaming chairs that have never looked better thanks to our partnership with Nintendo of Europe. The characters of Super Mario are a perfect pairing with our market leading junior gaming rockers. These collections are just the start and we have even more to come. This year, more so than any, we all need reasons to smile and no-one does this better than Mario and his friends”.

Luigi's Long Night fan animation is a stellar tribute to Luigi's Mansion

Don't be scared!

Animator Shigloo has put together a 4+ minute tribute to Luigi's Mansion with a special animation called Luigi's Long Night. It's a humorous look at the Luigi's Mansion franchise, and is full of nods to the games and other Nintendo tidbits as well. This short is well worth a watch!


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