Charles Martinet doing Mario and Luigi live-chats at Nintendo NY all throughout December

Want to have a chat with Mario and Luigi themselves? You can do so by heading into Nintendo NY on the dates above. Mr. Martinet won't be at the events in person, but he'll be streaming in live to perform as Mario and Luigi. You'll actually be able to interact with him as he's in character, asking whatever you want of the world-famous bros.!

Nintendo Canada - Fall into great offers (Super Mario Maker for 3DS, Mario Party: Star Rush, and more)

Buy a New Nintendo 2DS XL system and get a free Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Nintendo Selects game! Offer applies to either the Turquoise + Black or Orange + White New Nintendo 2DS XL. Only game available for the offer is Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon; no substitutions allowed. Offer available both online and in-store on November 16-27 at Walmart.ca while supplies last. See retailer for complete details.

Save $20 off select Nintendo 3DS games! Offer available both online and in-store November 16-22 at Walmart.ca only while supplies last. See retailer for complete details.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS - save $20! Now $29.96
Mario Party: Star Rush - save $20! Now $29.96

Nintendo reveals three 3DS double-packs for Japan

Nintendo has revealed three 3DS double-packs for Japan, which will all cost ¥5,000 each, and are due out on Jan. 1st. These double-packs include two first-party games for 3DS.

- Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori amiibo+・Tomodachi Collection: New Life Double Pack
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D・Fire Emblem Awakening Double Pack
- Luigi Mansion 2・Mario Tennis Open Double Pack

Son of a Glitch - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


1. Luigi's Arm Glitch - 0:20
2. Fuzzball Glitch - 1:08
3. Fridge Glitch - 2:09
4. Haunted Tower Out of Bounds Glitch - 2:36
5. Ancient Exhibit Out of Bounds Glitch - 3:51
6. Secret Mine Zipline Glitch - 4:41

Hulu original series Future Man has a rather raunchy Super Mario Bros. discussion

This is your warning. If you're not into raunchy humor, you might not want to watch this clip from the Hulu exclusive, Future Man. There's lots of talk about Mario and Luigi, plus Super Mario Bros. in general. The thing is, the clip itself is pretty vulgar. I'm not offended by it, but I had to warn you!

USGamer says Nintendo cracking down on review copies/codes after Mario & Luigi leak

Looks like review copies and codes for Nintendo's biggest games might not make it out to as many outlets as before. USGamer is stating that someone who received a review code for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions was behind the leak of the game online. We reported on the leak awhile back, but had no idea who was behind it.

Now with Nintendo finding out it was a review copy which was leaked, they are supposedly clamping down hard on review copies. Some outlets which used to receive code/copies will no longer get them. Others will receive review copies/code on launch day, and a few others might get access a bit early.

We have no idea how this impacts our standing with Nintendo, as we've been providing reviews of their games for over 10 years now. Also worth nothing, this situation pertains to NoA, and not NoE. Certainly scary for our future, but that's for me to worry about, and not you.