Luigi's Mansion 3 devs explain their approach to money collecting, and how the Virtual Boy reference was received internally

Money, money everywhere!

In Luigi's Mansion 3, there is an absolute ton of money to collect. Dollars, gold bars, coins, and more are scattered all over the place. There's nary a room in the game that isn't chock-full of cash to grab. The thing is, there's really not all that much you can do with the money! Why did Nintendo include so much moolah to collect, but not offer up much to spend it on? Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe explained in an interview with Kotaku.

“The ‘feedback that acquiring money makes one feel happy’ is something that has been demonstrated in Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, so it was something we wanted to include.”

The dev team also wanted to point out that the money in the hotel wasn't put there by the ghosts, but had been stashed away there a very long time ago. That's an intriguing little bit of detail, but Nintendo didn't share anymore insight into why it was stashed there to begin with.

Nintendo were inspired by Mario and Zelda history when adding money collecting into the Luigi's Mansion series, but that's not the only bit of nostalgia you'll find in Luigi's Mansion 3. The game pays tribute to the Virtual Boy with the Virtual Boo, a communication and map device in-game. The Virtual Boy wasn't exactly a hit for Nintendo, which might lead you to believe that there was some reluctance to add it into Luigi's Mansion 3. According to Nintendo's Yoshihito Ikebata, that wasn't the case at all.

“The impression with the Virtual Boy is that it’s a ‘machine that specializes in three-dimensional expression,’ and is a part of Nintendo history. Regarding putting this in the game, we had a good idea with the Virtual Boo name that was applied from the start. From within the development team, it was decided from the beginning of development to use that as the subject. There wasn’t a negative response from Nintendo internally, and it was approved without any problems. I believe that there are users who aren’t familiar with the Virtual Boy, but it would be great if they used this opportunity to learn about the Virtual Boy.”

Luigi's Mansion 3 devs explain why they're creating multiplayer DLC rather than single player

How about we get both?

Luigi's Mansion 3 is getting DLC, but it's only focusing on multiplayer. Wondering why that is? Creative director Bryce Holliday explained in an interview with Kotaku.

“Most people buying or even thinking about a Luigi’s Mansion game just want the single-player (or Gooigi-partnered) story experience. Schedules dictated Story Mode had to be built first. However, at NLG, we love making multiplayer games, so this DLC is full of those experiences we wanted to share.

In the very beginning, there was an urge from NLG to do a single-player expansion, but it faded quickly. (The team) had a lot of multiplayer ideas that would be fun to develop and share with fans that were getting cut. Making story mode games is a difficult and slower process, development-wise, than multiplayer modes, so we ended up pushing them to DLC. Multiplayer DLC development will be a fresh break for NLG and forces some exercise of our ‘Multiplayer brains.’ An additional benefit is that the cut single-player ideas can be saved for something else in the future. If you enjoyed or were simply intrigued by the multiplayer part of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you are going to find fun in this DLC.”

That statement was followed up by Producer Kensuke Tanabe, who shared this.

“I hadn’t thought of adding Single Play floors at all. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, it has a solid introduction, development, twist and conclusion. Therefore, by inserting an additional floor, there would be an inconsistency with the setting and chronological order, and we would end up restarting the story in an incomplete way, which the player should have already finished. I didn’t want to do that.”

Chrissy Teigen shows her love for Luigi's Mansion 3 by randomly acting out a scene on Twitter

Luigi's #1 fan

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Chrissy Teigen is a big fan of Nitnendo. She's shown her love for Nintendo in general and the Switch countless times over the years, and now she's back with yet another tribute.

We're not sure what spurred this on, but Chrissy decided to grab a vacuum and pay tribute to Luigi's Mansion 3. She bounces around with a real-life vacuum in the clip, trying to suck up various items on a table. There's even someone throwing money into the scene for her to scoop up.

I don't know why Chrissy Teigen decided to do this, but I'm 100% happy she did!

Electric Playground talks to Next Level Games about the creation of Luigi's Mansion 3

Behind the screams

Luigi's Mansion 3 is easily one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch, so we wanted to catch up with the developers for a closer look at the making-of the game. Victor Lucas speaks with game director Devon Blanchet, art director Barret Chapman, and producer Carmine Carpino of Next Level Games in this behind the scenes look!

Luigi's Mansion 3 updated to Version 1.2.1

Fixing up some bugs

Luigi's Mansion 3 has gotten a slight update, bringing the game up to Version 1.2.1. We don't have the full patch notes for this update yet, but it seems this patch includes various bug fixes. If info does come in, we'll be sure to add it to this post.

UPDATE - the patch notes

Fixed an issue that prevented players from unlocking certain achievements.

Fixed several issues to improve gameplay experience.

Luigi's Mansion 3 glitch lets you skip the Amadeus Wolfgeist boss fight

No encore for this performance

Amadeus Boss Fight Skip from r/LuigisMansion3

A bit of a sequence break has been discovered in Luigi's Mansion 3. When you get to the Amadeus Wolfgeist boss fight, it's possible to slip through a door in the room and come back into the boss room, which fools the game into thinking you've already taken Amadeus out. Check out the video clip above to see the glitch in action.

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!

Cut content from Super Mario Bros.: The Movie reveals a Spike & Iggy rap

I think this was best left on the cutting room floor

The gang over at Super Mario Bros.: The Movie Archive continues to showcase scenes from the 15+ minutes of Super Mario Bros.: The Movie cut content they recently came into. Today's scene features a rap between Spike and Iggy, which takes place at the Boom Boom Bar.

Believe it or not, this song was written by Richard Edson (Spike), who is a founding member of Sonic Youth. Co-director Rocky Morton had planned to use Sonic Youth for the film's score, Disney wanted to go with Alan Silvestri's score instead.

Check out more pics of the First 4 Figures' Luigi's Mansion 3 statue

Now this is scary good

First 4 Figures has an incredible line of statues under their belt. Each franchise they work with gets the special treatment, and the final results of their work always impresses. One of their latest creations is the Luigi's Mansion 3 statue seen above, which features both Luigi and the Polterpup. If you want to get another look at what this statue looks like from all angles, you can check out a new gallery here.

Nintendo grabs a trademark for Mario & Luigi in Argentina

Is the RPG series returning?

Just three months after AlphaDream, the team behind the Mario & Luigi series, filed for bankruptcy, a new trademark has popped up pointing to the series' continuation.

Over in Argentina, Nintendo has filed a trademark for 'Mario & Luigi,' and it applies to computer game cartridges; game memory cards; computer game software; video game memory cards; interactive entertainment software to play video games; and covers for mobile phones. The descriptors show that it could be related to the series heading to Switch, mobile phones, or both. We'll just have to wait and see what Nintendo actually does with it!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


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