Super Mario Odyssey's Shiba Inu pup is the exact same model used in Nintendogs + Cats

Too cute to not use

When Nintendo has the chance to reuse a model, they'll take it. Case in point, the Shiba Inu pup you see in Super Mario Odyssey is actually the exact same model from Nintendogs + Cats! I guess that makes this guy a reoccuring character now! I wonder where he'll pup up next!

Boundary Break - Out of Bounds Nintendogs Fly Everywhere!

Time once again to see things we're not supposed to see! This week, Boundary Break takes a look at the world of Nintendogs! When was the last time you fired up your DS and gave your dog some TLC?!

Random Time! - Curt Schilling selling off his DS collection

Curt Schilling did not have a good time in the game industry. He had projects fall apart and now he's dealing with bankruptcy in both the business and personal side of things. That's why he's auctioning off all sorts of things, including the DS collection you see above.


Japan - Latest round of 3DS toys

More details here and here

France - First party sales breakdown

Wii: 6 million sales
Mario Kart Wii: 2.38 million sales
New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 1.36 million sales
Xenoblade Chronicles: 48,000 sales
3DS: 1 million sales
Super Mario 3D Land: 390,000 sales
Mario Kart 7: 360,000 sales
Kid Icarus Uprising: 50,000 Sales
Nintendogs + Cats: Sales 240,000
DS: 10 million sales
New Super Mario Bros.: 1.93 million sales
Nintendogs: 1.87 million sales
Mario Kart DS: 1.51 million sales
Inazuma Eleven: 103,000 sales
Inazuma Eleven 2: 106,000 sales


GoNintendo Nightly: The Best, Worst and Weirdest Nintendo News of May 17th, 2012

Comcast is determined to ruin my GoNintendo Nightly schedule. My internet was down for maintenance yet again, which pushed the episode to today. I hope you'll still give it some love!

Direct link here

Korea - more details on 3DS launch, software support

- due out on April 28th
- three colors: Cosmo Black, Cobalt Blue, and Misty Pink
- costs 220,000 won ($193)
- launches with Super Mario 3D Land, Nicola Magazine Model Stylish Audition 2 and Tekken 3D Prime Edition
- coming later this year: Mario Kart 7, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Star Fox 64 3D, nintendogs+cats, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
- game prices range from 42,000 won ($37) to 49,500 yen ($43.50)



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