NBA 2K20 'Patch 10' now available


NBA 2K20 has gotten another update. Check out full details on 'Patch 10' below.

The following players have received Hair updates to reflect their latest real-life look: D’Angelo Russell, Austin Rivers, Nerlens Noel, Robert Covington, Jrue Holiday, Kelly Oubre Jr., Myles Turner, Marquese Chriss, Devonte Graham, Jordan Poole, Cody Martin, Terance Mann, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

The Duo overlay will now properly show badge upgrades in MyTEAM.
Button latency has been reduced when playing Pro-Am games, resulting in a more familiar user experience.
Addressed reported concerns where users could walk onto the court in specific Neighborhood games.

Civilization VI gets a new Japanese promo

Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

2K and UnitedMasters Reveal 10 Artists Joining NLE Choppa and Tobe Nwigwe on the NBA 2K20 In-Game Soundtrack

The next wave of music superstars

2K and UnitedMasters today announced the 10 winners of a global contest who will have their songs added to the NBA 2K20 in-game soundtrack. Announced in July, the contest gave artists from around the world the chance to submit songs to UnitedMasters for the opportunity to be featured on the in-game soundtrack. This is the first-time users and fans of NBA 2K have been able to submit their own music to be included in an official soundtrack for the video game.

“2K is proud to be a leading music platform for established and up-and-coming artists,” said Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing for NBA 2K. “We strongly feel that music is integral to the NBA 2K experience and we are excited to offer our players a dynamically updated in-game soundtrack, which now includes these aspiring artists.”

The contest received over 10,000 song submissions from artists throughout the world. 2K and UnitedMasters narrowed the tracks down to a top-25 list with Steve Stoute, UnitedMasters Founder and CEO, and 10x NBA All-Star and 2x NBA Champion, Kevin Durant, selecting the 10 winners to be added to the game.

"The NBA 2K soundtrack consistently showcases the best artists, and we're excited that these UnitedMasters artists have the opportunity to bring their music to millions of new listeners. We expect that this is just the beginning for these talented musicians,” said Steve Stoute, founder and CEO of UnitedMasters. “We're very proud to work with such a culturally significant and influential game like NBA 2K to showcase these artists and can’t wait for the millions of gamers to hear the next generation of music talent.”

“Music and basketball were always an important part of my life. I think what Steve is doing at UnitedMasters is amazing. If I can help put these talented artists with NBA 2K then it’s all come full circle to music and ball for me," said Kevin Durant.

Upon hearing he would be featured on the soundtrack, UM Artist Quantrelle added, "I thought it was dope because I planned on using a different distribution service to get my music out, but management suggested UnitedMasters and to see what they have done with ‘Momentum’ is a true testament on how UnitedMasters can help propel your career."

UM Artist Fourtee reacted upon hearing the news said, “Honestly, it was an out of body experience. It felt unreal, but thank God I have really high expectations for my music.”

The launch track list for this year’s in-game soundtrack was revealed in July at ComplexCon in Chicago and is available to enjoy in-game and on Spotify. In addition to these 10 songs, the soundtrack will continue to be dynamically updated with new tracks over the coming months.

570JV - "My Soul";
Anonymuz - "Rockstar:
AkinG Kalld Pedro - "Traffic Jam";
Bravo - “Diamonds”;
Fourtee - "Freeze";
Lee Bezel - "Big Duffy";
Q - "I Might Slip Away If I Don't Feel Nothing";
Quantrelle - "Momentum";
Rif - "Kites";
Swoosh God - “Just Do It”.

Expand your empire with the Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Expansion Bundle

Remain civil, please

The Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Expansion Bundle combines both the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions. With the addition of 16 civilizations, 18 leaders, and major enhancements to gameplay, such as Great Ages and an active planet where geology and climatology present different challenges, the pursuit of building the greatest empire becomes an exciting endeavor.

Key New Features

GREAT AGES: As your civilization ebbs and flows and you reach milestone Historic Moments, you will move towards Dark Ages or Golden Ages, each providing specific challenges or bonuses based on your actions in game.

LOYALTY: Cities now have individual Loyalty to your leadership – let it fall too low, and face the consequences of low yields, revolts, and the potential to lose your city if it declares its own independence. But one civilization’s loss can be your gain as you inspire Loyalty among cities.

GOVERNORS: Recruit, appoint, and upgrade powerful characters with specialization bonuses and promotion trees to customize your cities, and reinforce Loyalty.

ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS: Volcanoes, storms (blizzards, sandstorms, tornados, hurricanes), climate change, floods, and droughts bring the world to life. Your settlement choices are more important than ever as you balance high risks and high rewards.

ENGINEERING PROJECTS: Shape the world around your empire to overcome unfavorable land conditions by making improvements like canals, dams, tunnels and railroads.

WORLD CONGRESS: Earn Diplomatic Favor through Alliances, influencing city-states, competing in World Games, and more. Use Diplomatic Favor to extract promises from other leaders, vote on Resolutions, call a Special Session to address an emergency.

Civilization VI Expansion Bundle Launch Trailer

Expanding your horizons

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI Expansion Bundle, which combines both Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions, takes the turn-based strategy classic to new heights, and is now available for Nintendo Switch! With sixteen new civilizations, eighteen new leaders, and major enhancements to gameplay such as Great Ages and an active planet where geology and climatology present unique new challenges, the pursuit of building the greatest empire becomes as exciting as it has ever been in the Civilization franchise.

Patch 8 released for NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 has gotten its 8th patch on Switch. Check out notes for this update below.

- Improvements to the MyPLAYER Nation feature in MyCAREER. Help lead your team to the title!
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent users from joining their friends in the Neighborhood, and/or would sometimes load the invited friend into the wrong location.
- Many, many more fixes included to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K20!

Unskippable ads popping up in NBA 2K20

Now loading...ads

Last year, NBA 2K19 caused quite a bit of controversy with its unskippable ads. It looks like there wasn't enough of an uproar though, as the ads have returned for this year's installment as well. People once again are taking issue with spending $60 to get a game where they have to sit and watch commercials. Time to start voting with wallets instead of internet comments.

NBA 2K20 'Big Hit' Japanese trailer

NBA 2K has evolved into much more than a basketball simulation. 2K continues to redefine what’s possible in sports gaming with NBA 2K20, featuring best in class graphics & gameplay, ground breaking game modes, and unparalleled player control and customization. Plus, with its immersive open-world Neighborhood, NBA 2K20 is a platform for gamers and ballers to come together and create what’s next in basketball culture.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 'Fall Update' now available


Grab your Nintendo Switch and check out all the new content added to NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, including:

🚀 22 new playable characters
🚀 6 returning courts from NBA Playgrounds
🚀 30 new vanity items
🚀 50 new court editor items

Patch 7 released for NBA 2K20

New update hits the courts

The 7th patch for NBA 2K20 has been released. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

- To celebrate the start of the NBA season, we are preparing to launch our brand new ‘MyPLAYER Nation’ feature! Once the season has officially tipped off, head into MyCAREER to learn more about MyPLAYER Nation and how you can earn 2x VC, 2x -MyPOINTS, AND 2x Badge Points while representing your team!
- Season 3 is here! NBA 2K League Qualifying begins 10/22 and runs through 11/10. More info: https://2kleague.nba.com/news/2019-qualifier/
- Addressed an issue where your controller settings would reset to your previous default when making changes and changing - Neighborhoods (e.g. joining a friend elsewhere).
- Many, many more fixes included to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K20!


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