Former Nintendo dev says F-Zero GX was "really expensive" for Nintendo

A portion of a SourceGaming interview with former Nintendo dev, Giles Godfrey...

SG: Are there any series from Nintendo that you would like to work on? How about a Star Fox?

GG: No. F-Zero would be an interesting one. I don’t think they would ever….because the expectations for these old-school games are so high now. The last F-Zero game was…F-Zero GX…and that was really expensive. It has to be bigger and better than F-Zero GX, and that would be a huge risk for them. Having said that…I really like the original F-Zero. I never got into GX as it felt more and more like Wipeout. The faster and more wide angle it got, the more Wipeout it felt. To me, F-Zero is all about those tight courses with the tight bends, and the skidding around and drifting. I’d love to go back and visit that kind of control scheme but make it a smaller experience. I don’t think they would as their current philosophy is just bigger and better.

F-Zero X hitting Wii U VC tomorrow (North America)

In this futuristic racer, the key to winning is speed!

Choose from 30 different hover-car racers, including updated versions of the Blue Falcon and other vehicles from the original F-Zero, and get ready to play one of the fastest racers ever! Race to the finish line on tracks that twist and turn through the air. However, you will have to avoid the other 29 cars on the track or else face the consequences! If you're in a competitive mood, try to win a Grand Prix Cup, get the fastest lap time in a Time Trial, or destroy the competition in a Death Race. You can also challenge three friends in the Versus mode. With five separate play modes, hidden vehicles and courses, and an excellent sound track, F-Zero X still represents one of the best racing titles to date!

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F-Zero X gets updated to fix control issues on Wii U

F-Zero X launched on the Wii U VC with some control issues that made it rather hard to control your craft precisely. It seems that complaints of the issue made it back to Nintendo, as an update has been released that tweaks controls. While they still don't measure up to the N64 original, the controls are now much more serviceable and make for a better experience overall.

F-Zero X's Wii U VC release faces control issues

This is one of many complaints coming from people that purchased F-Zero X on the Wii U VC. It seems the analog controls are out of whack. Is Nintendo going to step in and fix this? How many of you have grabbed the game and agree with the assessment?

FAST Racing Neo gets same announcer as F-Zero GX

A look at F-Zero with the MSU-1 sound patch

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