Become the Ultimate Ninja in NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection, Launching for Switch on June 10th, 2021

Ryu returns!

Today, KOEI TECMO America and famed developer Team NINJA revealed the long-awaited and highly-anticipated NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection for the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System (playable on PlayStation®5 via Backward Compatibility), the Xbox One consoles (playable on Xbox Series X|S via Backward Compatibility), and Windows PC via Steam®. The collection, slated to launch on June 10, 2021, will package the classic game NINJA GAIDEN Sigma alongside beloved titles NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge - with most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes in one thrilling collection.

The NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection brings the renowned action games to PC and consoles, allowing fans and newcomers alike to experience the tale of “super ninja” Ryu Hayabusa as he battles deadly fiends causing chaos around the world. NINJA GAIDEN Sigma, originally released in 2007, set the standard of high-speed action for the series – introducing dual-wielding weapons, and a Mission Mode alongside its gripping Story Mode. NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2, originally released in 2009, continued Hayabusa’s journey alongside characters Ayane, Rachel, and Momiji, with four difficulty levels testing player’s battle techniques with every heart-stopping fight. The latest entry, NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge, originally released in 2012, upped the challenge with powerful new enemies and fiercely violent depictions, as well as bringing Kasumi into the action, making it the series’ most alluring white-knuckle experience to date.

The nostalgic yet timeless action of the three games offers a highly responsive and challenging experience – with battles that require defensive and offensive moves similar to fighting games. Players can enjoy playing as the fan-favorite ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, alongside the additional characters such as Ayane, Rachel, Momiji and Kasumi as they appeared in the original version of the games. Master your favorite characters in intense action-packed battles like only the NINJA GAIDEN series can deliver.

“NINJA GAIDEN is one of the most important and monumental titles for the Team NINJA brand, but we haven't been able to release the series title on current generation platforms, so I am very delighted to be able to release it in this format as a trilogy,” says Yosuke Hayashi, Chief Head of Team NINJA. “If you enjoy challenging action games, we hope you will give it a try.”

Adds Fumihiko Yasuda, Head of Team NINJA: “NINJA GAIDEN is the origin of Team NINJA's action games, and I hope that not only fans of the series, but also fans of the Nioh series will play these games. I hope that the day will come soon when I can provide information about the next game in the NINJA GAIDEN series, which I’ve been continuously saying that I want to develop, but until then, please play as the ‘super ninja’ Ryu Hayabusa in the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection.”

To celebrate the reveal of NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection, Team NINJA will also run a special collaboration with Nioh 2. The development team have created the “Dragon Ninja” skin, which players can use to transform themselves into Ryu Hayabusa, the protagonist of NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection. Players who own Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition (PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Steam) or Nioh 2 (PS5 and PS4) can download this costume for use in-game starting on Feb. 18 – with further details on this collaboration detailed on the official Nioh 2 website.

GoNintendo Podcast Highlights (Ep. 807): Should Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hyabusa join Smash Bros.?

Ninja fighting style

Ninja Gaiden's former director thinks Ryu Hayabusa would be a great fit for Smash Bros.. We mull that over in today's GoNintendo Podcast highlight. Subscribe for more clips every week!

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Ninja Gaiden producer says he thinks Ryu Hayabusa would be a good fit for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ryu slices the competition

Tomonobu Itagaki used to be THE guy at Team Ninja, spearheading franchises like Dead or Alive and the reboot of Ninja Gaiden. While Itagaki hasn't been part of Team Ninja for quite some time, he's still more than willing to talk about his time with some of those big-name game franchises.

In an interview with Dextero, Itagaki was asked whether or not he thought Ryu Hayabusa would be a good fit for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Check out his comments on the matter below.

“Super Smash Bros is a very popular game. I think it’s a stage big enough for Ryu Hayabusa to play an active role.”

UFC's Tony Ferguson chills out before his big fight with a bit of Switch

Clear the mind with some Switch fun

UFC 249 is taking place on May 9th, 2020, and it features Tony Ferguson against Justin Gaethje. Both men are going through their pre-fight rituals in the week leading up to the fight, and Ferguson is using some of his time to freshen up his look and relax a bit.

In the clip above, starting at the 16:49 mark, we can see Ferguson talking about how he came up in UFC and how he's preparing for his fight. He's doing so while getting a haircut and playing some Switch! Wondering what he's spending time with? A little later in the clip, we see Ferguson is getting in some old-school action with Ninja Gaiden on the Switch Online NES Collection.

Blazing Chrome dev would love the chance to make Ninja Gaiden 4 in a 16-bit style

Let him do it, you cowards!

Man, do I love the classic Ninja Gaiden series. I love the newer ones as well, but there's something so special about the original trilogy. The visuals, the storytelling, the music, and the hard-as-nails gameplay. It's quite a memorable experience, and I've always wanted to see a new installment in that style. While Koei Tecmo might not be interested in that idea, an indie dev would love the chance.

JoyMasher co-founder Danilo Dias, the man who helped created Blazing Chrome, has taken to Twitter to share his interest in working with the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Dias says he'd really like the chance to work with the IP to create Ninja Gaiden 4 in a 16-bit style. Apparently Dias has had the story laid out for this idea since he was a kid, and he'd take the original trilogy into account when creating it. As Dias considers Ninja Gaiden 2 to be the reason he got into video games, he'd love the chance to pay his respects by creating a 4th entry.

Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa will be playable in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

What about Jungle Rat Rob?

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate has over 170 playable characters, and now we know another new face included in that pack. None other than Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden is making an appearance, and you can read up on his inclusion via the announcement below.

From his legendary Ninja Gaiden quests to his lightning-fast fists and kicks in the Dead or Alive franchise, Ryu Hayabusa is undoubtedly a true Koei Tecmo icon. That’s why the producers of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate are proud to announce Hayabusa’s inclusion in our upcoming game, as he returns to the Warriors Orochi series after a five-year hiatus to join over 170 playable characters, including others like Joan of Arc and the goddess Gaia, in a one-versus-1,000 over-the-top action experience.

The latest in Koei Tecmo’s killer crossover series features characters from Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and the gods of ancient history (including Zeus and Ares) joining together in an all-out fight against swarms of enemies as they seek the truth of why they were reunited to battle in this new mysterious world. All new storylines (and even a new ending) will be explored in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate as gamers finally uncover why Zeus formed his anti-Odin coalition and the true purpose of Loki. Throughout the new narrative and side stories, gamers will discover a host of fantastical new magic abilities and Sacred Treasures to light up every level as history’s greatest warriors take on swarm after swarm of fearless enemies.

Will the addition of Ryu Hayabusa help sway the balance of power in the heroes’ direction?

Castlevania and Mega Man's soundtracks directly influenced the music of Ninja Gaiden, says series' composer

Classic tunes

The NES has so many iconic, timeless games, and that goes for the music of those games as well. The original Ninja Gaiden trilogy has some phenomenal tunes, thanks to composers like Keiji Yamagishi. Yamagishi worked on the original trilogy, and in an interview with Eurogamer, we hear how two other seminal franchises paved the way for the sounds of Ninja Gaiden.

"When I was working on Ninja Gaiden, the producer at the time, he was a big Konami fan. He just said, go listen to Konami! But he did also suggest listening to Capcom... So two of the big influences going into it was the music of Castlevania and Mega Man."

Arcade Archives: Ninja Gaiden - gameplay footage

Jump! Fight! Grab! Use the assassination arts known as the Five Ninja Fighting Arts to put an end to this unwanted evil!

Arcade Archives: Ninja Gaiden hits Switch this week

Ryu returns

Hamster announced Arcade Archives: Ninja Gaiden for the Switch some time ago, but now the release date is finally upon us. You'll be able to grab the game on the Switch eShop tomorrow for $8. Again, this is the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden, and is quite different from the NES version.

Fan-made Hand-Drawn Ninja Gaiden Guide & Art Book releases tonight at midnight

Pay what you want for this Hand-Drawn Ninja Gaiden Guide & Art Book based on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game. This book is fully illustrated and written out by hand. It contains maps of all 6 Acts, artwork for every enemy and character, Journal Entries that compliment the game's story sequences, character profiles, full page art spreads, tips, secrets and more! Enjoy!

This book comes from Philip Summers, a name that might be familiar to long-time GoNintendo readers. Phil worked on the absolutely amazing 'Read Only Memory' series for us, which you can check out here.

Phil's work on this Ninja Gaiden book is absolutely top-notch. I've been pouring through it for the last few days, and it's chock-full of fantastic content. Amazing visuals, some really interesting takes on Ninja Gaiden lore, and attention to detail like none other. You can grab a copy for yourself tonight at midnight for the price of...whatever you want!

This book is coming out at the perfect time, as Nintendo is adding Ninja Gaiden to their Switch Online NES collection on Dec. 13th, 2018! Grab the guide book and check out the game all at the same time!


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