More pics of Good Smile's Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mythra figurine (plus Pyra)

Mythra is out now!

The Good Smile Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra figurine launched back in Dec. 2018, so that's old news by now. The Good Smile Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mythra figurine launched this month, so that's worthy looking at a bit more! Obviously the figurine looks absolutely fantastic, but as you can see through the images above, it's even better if you have Pyra to go with it!

Monolith Soft job listing has fans wondering if another Xenoblade title is in the works

We recently shared news of Monolith Soft looking to hire new employees, but today's information is separate from that. Monolith Soft is looking to bring in some more people for a new RPG project, and it's being handled by Production Dev. Team 1. That's the same team who created Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If the other team is working on a new fantasy action game featuring an all new IP, what could Team 1 be up to?

These custom Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Joy-Con are absolutely gorgeous

If there were going to be a special Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch bundle, having Joy-Con like this would make it a surefire hit. This design is fan-made by Extreme Consoles, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look like a professional job. What an amazing custom design!

More pictures of Good Smile's KOS-MOS Re: figurine surface

Over the weekend, we shared news of Good Smile Company releasing a figurine of KOS-MOS Re: from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We had just one pic of the figurine to showcase, but now we have a bunch more that show KOS-MOS Re: from all different angles! Not surprisingly, it seems like Good Smile is putting a lot of effort into this one to make sure it's as close to the in-game representation as possible.

A look inside the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record art book

We've posted a lot about the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record art book. Talk of preorders being filled, the book's success, and much more. What we haven't done is actually taken a peek inside the book itself! Now we finally have a sneak peek at some of the pages through the gallery above.

Good Smile reveals Splatoon, Okami, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 figurines

Good Smile has revealed three more figurines that the company is working on. The lineup includes Splatoon's Inkling Boy figma, Amaterasu Nendoroid, and KOS-MOS Re: from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It seems we'll have to hang tight to get more info on each of these upcoming releases. Whenever new details are shared, we'll be sure to bring the news to you!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Famitsu print ads - Etrian Odyssey Art Museum and Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks Arst Record art books

Two more print ads in Famitsu for game-related items this week. One advert is for Etrian Odyssey Art Museum, which is a book that features art from Etrian Odyssey V and Nexus. The other is a full-page ad for the Xenoblade 2 Official Artworks Arst Record art book, which has been quite the hit so far.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record gets a restock in Japan

When the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Artworks Alrest Record art book was first put up for preorder, it sold out almost instantly. The response from fans shocked the publisher, as they weren't expecting such a huge swell of support. This lead to the publisher pushing the release date back to Feb. 12th, 2019 in order to fill more orders. Turns out they were working on something else in the meantime!

Preorders for another printing of the book have opened up at multiple retailers, including Amazon Japan. Click here to hop on your order while they last!

Monolith Soft's special New Year's postcards make their way to fans in Japan

As we discussed late last year, Monolith Soft was running a Twitter contest to give away 300 New Year's postcards to fans. The postcards featured a celebration of the new year, and showcased Pyra wearing a Kimono. Those postcards have finally made it into the hands of the winners, as you can see above. Again, there are only 300 of these cards in existence, so these are a pretty big deal for collectors!

Monolith Soft sees yet another employee increase in Jan. 2019

Monolith Soft grew their employee count by quite a bit in 2018, and that trend has continued into the new year.

A breakdown of company employees as of Jan. 2019 shows that there are 193 employees altogether. That split comes in at 45 women and 147 men. This means Monolith Soft has picked up 9 more employees since last count. I think with each passing month, it's becoming quite clear that Monolith Soft is working on something big!