Monolith Soft's Tetsuya Takahashi won't rule out making something other than RPGs, but isn't sure it'll happen

What would you like to see Monolith Soft make?

Monolith Soft is known for making absolutely huge RPGs, and they're really good at it too. While fans love their work, there has been some question as to whether the company would make something outside of the RPG genre. In an interview with 4Gamer (translated by NintendoEverything), Monolith Soft boss Tetsuya Takahashi says it's possible, but it doesn't seem probably.

I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. But I once remember the manga artist Hirohiko Araki saying that he would never draw anything aside from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I felt at the time like I really understood that sentiment, and I think our company has a similar ethic.

...So While I am always of the mind that I can only create RPGs, at the same time I also love to play so much. Someone might say, ‘why not make a racing game’, but even though I do enjoy playing them, that’s a little different to making one. Maybe in the end I can only make RPGs so well because I like them so much.

Monolith Soft open their Osaki studio

Congrats to Monolith Soft!

Just the other day, we were talking about how much money Monolith Soft brought in last year over the year prior. It was easy to see that things are going very well for the company, and today's news only furthers that. Monolith Soft has opened up their Osaki Studio at Osaki MT Building 12th floor, 5-9-11 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001. This opening comes with host of new job postings that Monolith Soft is hoping to fill.

Monolith Soft's profits more than double in their last fiscal year

Business is booming

Things appear to be going very well for Monolith Soft. The company made a net profit of $1.27 million in 2017, and today we find out that the company raked in $2.54 million for 2018. No wonder Monolith Soft has been hiring people left and right. Things seem like they couldn't be going better!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 fan puts clocks in 4,320 hours of playtime

That would be 6 months!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offers up hours and hours of content for players to enjoy, all set across a very expansive game world. It's very easy to put in hundreds of hours on the game, but how about a few thousand? That's what one Japanese player has done, clocking in at 4,320 hours so far. That would be 6 months straight if you never stopped playing!

The Japanese superfan points out that he had some sort of health issue that kept him rather confined to his home, and lead to him playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. At least it helped him pass the time!

Monolith Soft looking to bring in another new wave of devs

Monolith Soft is quite the busy company!

Monolith Soft just keeps growing and growing. The company has shared yet another slate of job openings, and they're looking for people in all different areas of expertise. The job listings recently posted include the following.

- Tool/Environment Programmer
- System/Framework Programmer
- 3DCG Designer
- Quest Planner
- Scenario Planner
- UI/UX Planner
- Map Planner (Level Designer)
- UI Programmer
- Character Control Programmer (Action Part)
- Business Assistant Staff
- System Administrative Staff
- Project Manager
- Network Programmer
- In-Game Animator
- Event Creation Staff
- Game Effects Designer
- UI/UX Designer

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at 1.73 million sold worldwide as of March 2019

A strong reception

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 turned out to be a bigger hit than Nintendo and Monolith Soft were expecting. The game has done quite well for itself, moving 1.73 million units worldwide as of March 2019. This information was confirmed by Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi in an interview shared today.

Monolith Soft now at 209 employees strong, nearly 25% of staff are female

Growing at a pretty fast pace!

Just shy of a month since the last time we talked about Monolith Soft's employees, we get another update on total staff. The company now has 209 employees, which is 8 more than the last report. Monolith Soft also shared details on their staff overall.

- Male to Female employee percentage ratio: 75.1% to 24.9%
- Average duration an employee works for Monolith Soft: 6 years and 4 months (as of December 2018)
- Average employee age: 35.68 (as of December 2018)
- Male to Female employee percentage ratio for those hired in 2019: 62.5% to 37.5%

Monolith Soft now over 200 employees strong

Large an in charge

The last few years have been absolutely wonderful for Monolith Soft. Their games are doing well, and the company is expanding. Monolith Soft just brought in 8 new employees this week, and they'll be filling the roles of planners, coders, and designers. That puts Monolith Soft's total number of employees at 201 strong!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character designer sends out cryptic tweet about VR

Saito Masatsugu, character designer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, is stirring up some speculation with the above tweet. Both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are getting updates to support Nintendo Labo VR, but could other games see the same? With Masatsugu tweeting out a very simple 'VR,' fans are wondering if something is in the works, or it's just the hopes of Masatsugu. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in VR would certainly be a sight to behold, so I'm definitely hoping there's more to this tweet than just riling up fans.

Monolith Soft hiring multiple positions to work on the Legend of Zelda series


Things are heating up, my friends! Looks like Nintendo is enlisting Monolith Soft for some help on the Legend of Zelda series. Monolith Soft currently has job listings for programmers, planners, designers, and more. We have no idea which element of the Legend of Zelda series they're working on, but one would imagine this isn't tie to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening or Cadence of Hyrule.


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