Classic Mother 3 interview with Satoru Iwata gets a fan translation

A blast from the past

Think you've seen, heard, and read everything there is to know about the development of Mother 3? Well that changes today, as the very first interview ever conducted about the game has been translated, and it features none other than the late, great Satoru Iwata.

The first interview for Mother 3, back when it was an N64 title, was conducted in the July 1996 issue of Dengeki Nintendo 64. In that feature, Iwata discusses the Mother series in general, as well as some tidbits about the upcoming sequel. You can check out the full interview here.

New round of Earthbound/MOTHER merch spotted (UPDATE)

Yep, it's the motherload

The Pollyanna comic collection that released as part of the Hobonichi Mother Project is chock-full of Mother/Earthbound tributes, but it turns out the book also offers a look at what's to come.

Another round of Mother merch is on the way, and they're pretty darn fancy. The lineup includes the following.

- Franklin Badge replica
- Starman and Mr. Saturn lapel pins
- Mother series keyring
- Mother Earth Silver Necklace

UPDATE - Turns out there's even more merch than first thought. A new round of items has been discovered.

Along with what was mentioned earlier, the following items are on the way as well.

- Master Belch plush
- Mr. Saturn plush
- Assorted character bead keyrings
- Mr. Saturn and house plush
- T-shirt
- Assorted Tote bags
- Assorted Towels
- Set of books with scripts from all three Mother games

Hobonichi Mother Project exhibition announced

Oh, mother!

We've seen some of the merch that's part of the Hobonichi Mother Project, but now a special event has been announced.

A special exhibition for the Hobonichi Mother Project is going to take place on June 25th, 2020 at “almost Sunday” located within Tokyo’s Shibuya PARCO mall. There will be all sorts of Mother/Earthbound merch on sale, and the artist behind the cover of the ‘Pollyanna’ official Mother tribute book will be stopping by.

Get a look at the back cover for the Pollyanna book from the Hobonichi Mother Project

Two faces a Mother could love

The first bit of merch revealed by the Hobonichi Mother Project was the Pollyanna comic compilation book, which hits Japan in limited release on June 12th, 2020. We've already seen the cover and preview pages, but now we have a look at the back cover as well, thanks to none other than Masahiro Sakurai.

Sakurai shared a picture of the book, as it seems he has an early copy. He shared a look at the back cover, which features both Ness and Lucas as they appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The back cover is actually an ad for that game, but it certainly fits in with the Mother/Earthbound celebration theme.

Hobonichi Mother Project official website and Twitter account open

Listen to your Mother

The Hobonichi Mother Project is a lineup of new, official merch to celebrate the Mother/Earthbound series. We've already seen a comic collection, t-shirts, and a tote bag. There are more items to come, and now we have a new place to keep an eye on what's next.

Hobonichi Mother Project now has an official website and Twitter account, both of which will be sharing looks at the next series of items in the celebration. You can keep track of the next big thing by checking out the website here, and the Twitter account here.

EarthBound Tribute Album Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Say "Fuzzy Pickles!"

The GameLark music label is thrilled to release Fuzzy Pickles, a fun and upbeat tribute to Nintendo's Mother series. The album celebrates the 25th anniversary of EarthBound in North America. All three Mother titles get a moment in the spotlight across nine unique arrangements hitting many fan-favorites including a dance-inducing "Bein' Friends," a heartfelt chiptune ballad "Eight Melodies," and a smooth rendition of the wholesome vocal theme "Pollyanna" from the original Mother along with a jazzy "Twoson" and shredding metal "Fourside" from EarthBound. Fuzzy Pickles is licensed and available today:

Fuzzy Pickles on All Storefronts

The track listing for Fuzzy Pickles is as follows:

01. Bein' Friends (Mother)
02. Twoson (EarthBound)
03. Gentle Rain (Mother 3)
04. Mother Earth (Mother)
05. Pollyanna (Mother)
06. Fate (Mother 3)
07. You Call This a Utopia? (Mother 3)
08. Fourside (EarthBound)
09. Eight Melodies (Mother)

"Working through these games is a fantastic opportunity to put more charm, synthesizers, and quirkier arranging into our collection," note GameLark producers and arrangers Ro Panuganti and Peter "Soundole" Smith. "The emotional stories of the Mother series have helped to unite a disparate fanbase. It's only fitting then, that this album brings together the diverse and unique talents of Gamelark's musicians!"

T-shirts and a tote bag revealed for the Hobonichi Mother Project

A MOTHERload of merch

The first item revealed for the Hobonichi Mother Project was a tribute comic book called Pollyanna, which features segments from over 30 different creators, including Toby Fox. The second wave of content for the Hobonichi Mother Project has been revealed today, and it's a bit more on the traditional merch side of things.

Available on June 12th, 2020, fans will be able to snag Mother logo t-shirts and a Mr. Saturn tote bag. The shirts are priced at 4,950 yen each, and the tote bag is just 680 yen. There's still more to come with the Hobonichi Mother Project, and we'll make sure to share details with you when they become available.

Watch the trailer for "Mother to Earth," a documentary chronicling the journey of Earthbound Beginnings

Come in, Mother

Mother to Earth is an independent film documenting the hidden history behind the localization of the cult classic, Earthbound Beginnings, better known in Japan as Mother.

Our film will offer in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at this game's localization from Japan to North America, a process that took a quarter of a century.

This project was initially funded using Kickstarter, but if you missed the fundraising campaign, that's fine! With our new online store, you have another chance to pre-order a copy of the film, some of our amazing posters and t-shirts, and even more great stuff!

Earthbound Beginnings didn't see official release from Nintendo until all the way in 2015, but the game was actually planned for localization on the NES. This documentary takes a look at that cancelled localization, leak, fan translations, and so much more. If you want to learn even more about the project, check out the official site for the documentary here.

Check out more pics of the recently-released Mother vinyl album

Mother may I?

We've covered the Mother vinyl album a few times now. The album saw release not too long ago, and gives you a collection of tunes from the game. If you want to get another look at this absolutely gorgeous album, which includes a pair of see-through vinyls, you can check in on a gallery here. You can also import a copy for yourself via Play-Asia.

Hobonichi is seeking out manga artists that are fans of the Mother series

I'd do anything to make this happen!

Could a new Earthbound/Mother manga series be in early production? The franchise owners, Hobonichi, have taken to Twitter in search of manga artists with a strong passion for the games. Those who apply to that criteria are encouraged to message them on Twitter @1101complus, or email them at postman@1101.com. This wouldn't be the first time Mother has received a manga adaptation, but it has certainly been quite some time. Hopefully something comes from it in the future!


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