Nintendo knows you want Mother 3 localized and Animal Crossing on Switch, has no news to share right now

Do you want to see Mother 3 released in the West? How about Animal Crossing on Switch? You would be one of millions that want the same thing. In an IGN interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, the big guy says that Nintendo is indeed aware of your requests, but doesn't have anything to announce.

On Animal Crossing

“When we have something to announce, we will. Fill in the blank of your favorite franchise. Our mentality will be we'll announce information close to its launch date versus teasing people for years on end.

I did see a lot of internet memes with sad faces from the Animal Crossing group. We see tremendous opportunity in using the mobile platform to introduce IP to consumers who may not be as familiar. Animal Crossing is a great example. Tremendous interaction with Pocket Camp. Fans are really enjoying that experience. We're introducing it to new consumers. That bodes well for whenever the next Animal Crossing might come."

Mother 3

“Again, we know, I know there's a fan base for that title. All I could say is we're aware. It's something that we always think about in terms of where there are opportunities to reintroduce IP to fans, to do it in a way that builds new fans, we're certainly aware. No promises, no commitments one way or the other, but we're aware. It's interesting. I show up at the Belasco [theater] and one fan is saying ‘Hi, Reggie!’ and another is saying ‘where's Mother 3?’"

Kickstarter - Mother's Cookbook hits funding goal

With 8 days left on the campaign, Mother's Cookbook hit its funding goal of $10,000. The total is actually sitting just shy of $30,000 right now, showing that Earthbound/Mother fans are quite eager for an unofficial cookbook. We shared this Kickstarter awhile back, and it seems like it really resonated with fans around the world. Now we sit back and wait to see if Nintendo lets the project continue on, or squashes it!

Kickstarter - Mother's Cookbook (recipes for Earthbound meals)

Mother’s Cookbook is a beautifully quirky and tasty EarthBound-inspired cookbook written by Hillary Froemel with original recipes developed by Chef Bryan Connor. We’re excited to be joined by additional professional artists, photographers, and a slew of other collaborators such as Alyssa Browning, Nick Lauer, and Patrick Ryan Deasy.

Kickstarter here

GameChops releases Mother 4 (fan-game) OST

The complete soundtrack to the fan game previously known as Mother 4, a sequel to Earthbound, as composed by Shane Mesa. This OST plays like a tribute album to the SNES era video game music. Included are 8 licensed covers of Mother and Earthbound music, and 56 original soundtrack songs.

Check out all the ways to listen here

RUMOR - Inside source claims Mother 3 unlikely to be localized, Rhythm Heaven franchise done with

Our friend Jonathan Holmes is certainly in the know when it comes to some Nintendo topics. He has all sorts of connections, and I definitely trust his reports. That's why I'm so sad to read a recent feature he put together on Mother 3 and the Rhythm Heaven franchise. According to his inside source, things aren't looking good for either.

"You never know what's going to happen, but the way it looks right now, under Nintendo's current administration, Mother 3 will never leave Japan and there will never be another Rhythm Heaven game. Iwata was a driving force behind the Rhythm Heaven series, and a consistent advocate for NoA to at least look at the possibility of Mother 3 finding a new audience in the United States and Europe. With him gone, there is no one at Nintendo pushing for either anymore."

Mother 3 not getting localized is a running gag now for a very long time, but it's disheartening to know we're not any closer to seeing the game released. As far as the Rhythm Heaven franchise goes, that's a real killer for me. I love rhythm games, and the series has been one of my favorites in Nintendo's library. That said, I recognize they're not big unit movers outside of Japan. I sincerely hope this report ends up being wrong, but I fear it's right on the money.

A look at the Earthbound Mr. Saturn planner

If you're still using a daily planner, why not go the stylish route with a Mr. Saturn version?! You can check out more pics of this planner here.

New line of Earthbound-themed planners on the way

Three covers featuring Mother (EarthBound in North America), a video game series created by Shigesato Itoi returns again this year. This Magicant cover portrays the world inside the mind of the main character Ness near the end of the game by juxtaposing characters and motifs from Magicant into a pattern. Looking through these characters will fill players with nostalgia as they remember all the little episodes that happened in Magicant.

The cover interior is a deep pink with the logo of Mother 2 on the bottom right. The pen holders are in blue and beige.
Included free with this cover is a Mr. Saturn notepad in traditional Japanese vertical style.

Remember, these are actually created by Earthbound's Shigesato Itoi. Looks like there's two more designs to be revealed. We'll show them once they are posted! Thanks to ArmoredFrog for the heads up!

Disney wants to see Mother 3 localized

Whoever is running the D|XP Twitter account for Disney is doing a great job. Come on, Nintendo...now you have Disney asking for localization! Surely you're not going to turn them down!

Nintendo's Damon Baker jokes about "Localize Mother 3" sign at WWE event

Way to rub salt in the wound, Baker! Seriously though, it's pretty cool to see someone at Nintendo referencing the sign, and then going deeper down the rabbit hole by tweeting it at the WWE 2K18 guys!