Cooking Mama 4 hits 3DS eShop

Cooking Mama 5 hitting Japan this Winter

Looks like Mama hasn't gotten tired of making delicious meals for everyone (or letting us ruin them). Cooking Mama 5 is due to hit Japan this Winter via 3DS. It seems that the game will make its debut at an event on Aug. 17th and 18th.


Gardening Mama: Mama and the Forest Friends - first details

- features a forest with furry critters that ask Mama for flowers
- a rabbit wants four tulips
- pack up and send these to the rabbit
- this will attract more customers to her store
- animals live in a town which blooms when Mama delivers flowers
- the animals reward Mama with shopping tickets
- you can use these to get decorative items for your garden
- features touch screen mini-games
- plant flowers in the right order
- play a timing mini-game where you pour soil
- balance a watermelon cart by moving left and right
- Mama also has a garden to take care
- everything you harvest goes to the barn


Random Time! - Five Below selling Babysitting Mama for $5

For just $5, I might have to bite. It'd make for a funny video, that's for sure! Thanks to Mr_Raccoon for the heads up!


Cooking Mama Combo Packs For Wii And Nintendo DS Available Now

Edison, New Jersey – August 14, 2012 – Majesco Entertainment (NASDAQ: COOL), publisher of the award-winning Cooking Mama video game franchise that’s sold more than 13 million copies worldwide, announced today that the original video game chef is whipping up all kinds of fun in Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1 & 2 on Nintendo DS™ and Mama’s 2-Pack on Wii™, available now for the suggested retail price of $29.99 each.

Check out the latest assets for Mama’s best-selling classics here.

Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1 for Nintendo DS™ serves up a recipe for fun by combining the original best-selling classic Cooking Mama with Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures . In Cooking Mama, players use their stylus as the ultimate cooking utensil to create more than 75 real dishes under Mama’s watchful eye. Once they’ve mastered the kitchen, fans join Mama and her family on an exciting wilderness getaway. Players take the role of Mama’s son or daughter as they set up camp, interact with wildlife, endure forces of nature, and hunt for treasure through 38 levels and 100 different games.

Get creative both in and out of the kitchen with Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 2 for Nintendo DS™ that includes Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends and Crafting Mama. In Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, Mama and her finicky friends will taste every dish and judge each kitchen creation. Players can make over 80 new recipes from macaroons to shark fin soup, and customize Mama and her kitchen with unlockable goodies. Then it’s time to get crafty with Mama! As the premiere dedicated crafting game, Crafting Mama features 40 different projects where players are challenged to sew, mold, paint and cut with the stylus as they create jewelry, quilts, candles, mugs and even kaleidoscopes!

Mama’s 2-Pack brings the culinary action to the Wii™ system with Cooking Mama Cook Off and Cooking Mama World Kitchen. The Wii Remote™ transforms into a universal cooking tool as players chop, grate, slice, stir and roll in motion-based cooking activities. Players whip up kitchen fun in Cooking Mama Cook Off as they go head-to-head against other chefs in 2-player competition. In the Wii™ sequel, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, fans will enjoy Mama’s 3D makeover, fresh recipes from around the world, hilarious kitchen mini-games and new gameplay modes that will transform even the most uncoordinated chef into a master culinary artist!

Developed by Cooking Mama Limited, Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1 and 2 on Nintendo DS™ and Mama’s 2-Pack on Wii™ are rated E for Everyone and available now for $29.99 each. For additional information on anything and everything Mama, please visit www.cookingmamaus.com.

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