The Binding of Isaac might see more DLC

The following blurb comes from a Q&A over at developer Edmund McMillen's website...

Q: Is this really the end of Isaac? no more dlc?

A: i did say many times this was going to be the last isaac DLC.. and at the time i strongly believed it. but there seems to be something pretty cool on the horizon, its creeping up slowly.. its familiar but a bit different and its being held up by a group of people… when i squint i think i can make out a… oh sorry i gotta go, there is someone watching me in my space ship.

Certainly seems like there's going to be something more in the pipeline for The Binding of Isaac. We'll keep tabs on the situation for any upcoming announcements.

GameStop listing shows Runner3 launching on April 24th, 2018

GameStop seems to think they know the release date for Runner3. According to their listing, the title is set to launch on April 24th, 2018. I was hoping the game would hit a bit earlier in 2018, but I guess good things come to those who wait.

Save me Mr Tako dev blog update - 2017 Christmas news

2017 was a very intense year for me: - Leaving my job and becoming a full time Indie game developer - Signing with Nicalis - Return to Japan for BitSummit - Going to the US for the first time for PAX - Finishing the game content - Getting the game ready for a 2018 release. I'll talk about all of this in this news.

Full blog here

Super Meat Boy hitting Switch on Jan. 11th, 2018

Well, looks like all the speculation can finally come to an end. Super Meat Boy is making its Switch debut on Jan. 11th, 2018. Should be a good refresher for Super Meat Boy Forever, which is also slated to hit Switch sometime in 2018. Looks like it includes a brand-new race mode as well!

Runner3 - cover art, launch edition detailed

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Runner3 Gets On Track For a Retail Run Via Nicalis

SANTA ANA, California, December 13th, 2017—Nicalis, Inc. announces today that the eagerly awaited Nintendo Switch™ action game Runner3 will speed into retail next year. The all-new chapter of the critically acclaimed Runner series will appear in North American retail stores in early 2018 with a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Developed by Choice Provisions, Runner3 continues the endless platforming adventures of the stoic, unflappable CommanderVideo. The “hero in high tops” leaves a multicolored trail in his wake, punctuating the beat of the game’s infectious soundtrack with every step. Like Runner2, the new game will also feature the voice-acting talents of none other than Charles Martinet, legendary voice of Mario and dozens of other popular Nintendo characters.

“Some games just belong on physical cartridges, and this is clearly one of the most deserving,” says Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez. “We can’t wait for people to get their hands on Runner3—literally.”

“We know everyone’s going to love Runner3, but I’ll bet you’re going to love it even more in tiny little cartridge form,” says Choice Provisions co-founder Alex Neuse. “Just try not to lick it—play it!” adds Mike Roush, also a co-founder of Choice Provisions.

Runner3 includes some surprising new features, like branching paths, item shops and vehicles that CommanderVideo can take for a ride. The game also features new playable characters, new gameplay modes, new moves and an assortment of Hero Quests and retro challenges.

Nicalis’ retail edition of Runner3 for Nintendo Switch is currently planned for release in the first quarter of 2018. More details and a specific street date will be announced in the near future.

Edmund McMillen explains why the F-bombs were retained for The End is Nigh on Switch

There is one reason The End is Nigh is rated Mature on Switch. It has nothing to do with blood and guts, or sexual content. It all has to do with language. The game is filled with F-bombs. Why not remove/bleep the cursing to reach a wider audience with the game? Edmund McMillen talked about why retaining the cursing is important.

"When I started writing the story of the game it only had a few f-words. Back then I thought [of] possibly bleeping them because it wouldn't lose much, but then late in dev those curses kinda set a tone and I ended up swearing a great deal in the game's dialog, so I saw no point."

Cursing in games isn't anything new. Plenty of games throw cursing around left and right. The thing is, those games usually have their fair share of violence in them as well. The Mature rating is for everything included. The End is Nigh's gameplay would probably earn it an E10+ at most. If you're currently begging your parents to grab the game for you and they won't, perhaps letting them know the details behind the Mature rating could help your cause.

The End is Nigh - more retail unboxing pics

The End is Nigh

Like I always say, Nicalis does a fantastic job with their retail Switch games. The End is Nigh looks like it continues that trend. Who doesn't want a little squishy Ash?!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap retail release to include multiple goodies

This is one of those games I'm definitely double-dipping on. It's such a fantastic experience. This is a remake that really goes above and beyond in all areas. Now we get a sweet retail version with even sweeter goodies?! Sign me up!

The End Has Arrived...But Your Trials Are Just Beginning

SANTA ANA, California, December 12, 2017—Nicalis, Inc. is proud to announce that the post-apocalyptic platform adventure The End Is Nigh is now available for Nintendo Switch. Fans of neo-classic video games can now play one of the world’s finest as either a physical Game Card—complete with free launch edition bonus goodies at retail—or as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop.

In The End Is Nigh, a lone survivor named Ash travels through dangerous terrain in search of a head, a body and a soul. His goal is to construct a friend who can share in the joy of playing the video game cartridges that still remain after all the other players are gone. Ash survives by leaping, hanging from ledges and swimming through toxic waters, smashing through barriers and outsmarting bloodthirsty mutants with perfectly timed jumps and precision maneuvers.

“The End Is Nigh is one of the most challenging video games you’ll ever play,” says Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez. “But it’s never frustrating because we let you keep trying, as many times as it takes, until you succeed. And it feels great when you do, because it’s like you perfected a new skill...it actually makes you a better player.”

The End Is Nigh is the newest project from beloved indie game designer Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel. The hardcore game mechanics, dark humor and audio-visual aesthetics represent a natural evolution from his previous games.

Launch editions of the game box include a full-color instruction booklet and a squishy Ash toy made of sticky silicone, with stickers on the outside calling attention to the “Ash-kicking goodies inside.” These bonuses are not exclusive to any retailer and will be included with the entirety of The End Is Nigh’s initial production run.

Developed and published by Nicalis, Inc. for Nintendo Switch, The End Is Nigh is now available as both a physical retail release (in North America) and a digital download from the Nintendo eShop (in both North America and Europe). The game has been rated M by the ESRB.