Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - character profiles

Jinxie Tenma, a traditional-looking lass who works in the mayor's mansion as a maid. Another fresh face comes in the form of a new gunsho-er, detective…

Bobby Fulbright, a boisterous man with slick hair and a gleaming white suit… doesn't he immediately strike you as helpful and cooperative?

Trucy Wright, a young magician/up-and-coming attorney/adopted daughter of Phoenix Wright! Together they’ll tackle the mythical murder by scouring the crime scene for evidence, challenging testimonies with investigative skill, and by using the all-new Mood Matrix ability to read the emotional state of witnesses. Peep the trailer below to see the new technique in action.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - more details on Klavier and case 3

Klavier Gavin

- elite prosecutor form Germany
- he can be a little pretentious at times
- calls Apollo “Herr Forehead” (Herr = Mr. in German)
- originally a lead vocalist and guitarist of his own rock band called The Gavinners
- when the band broke up, he devoted himself to his work as a prosecutor
- known for his air guitar motions and poetic expressions

Turnabout Academy

- third case
- takes place in Juniper’s school, called the Themis Law School
- Juniper Woods appeared in the first case as a high school defendant
- She is a childhood friend of Athena Cykes and is currently a third-year student
- she is the head of the student council
- her dream is to become a judge and she attends a “Judge Class” at the academy
- she is quite the determined young girl
- she also has a weak body that seems to get the best of her at times
- while Athena and Juniper are conversing, a murder case occurs
- detective Fulbright appears and wrongfully accuses her of the crime.
- it's up to Athena to clear her childhood friend’s name
- one clue is a newspaper article that mentions a love-triangle between Juniper and two other male students
- there is also a suspicious man who
- he goes by the name Uwasa Atsume (which means Rumor Collector in Japanese)
- he also has various items hidden in his box that may be crucial in solving the case
- Apollo will need to use his bracelet for using the Perceive ability
- use this as an investigational technique to get the truth out of Uwasa Atsume
- if successful, the boxed man will spill the truth and tell you everything he knows


Japan - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies goes retail only

Well this is a case of opposite day! Fans in the states are currently petitioning Capcom to release Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies as a retail release, as it's eShop only right now. In Japan, Capcom has announced (via an eShop demo) that the game is going to be retail only. I wonder if Japanese fans are going to petition for eShop...


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - fan Q&A summary

The basic concept for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is “the dark age of the law”. It starts out with a bombing incident that takes place during a courtroom battle.

The game itself won’t take on a darker tone. It will start out with more impact. It still has a lot of the flavor of the Ace Attorney games.

In terms of volume of content, the game is close to Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.

Should take the average player 25-30 hours.

Both Phoenix and Apollo will have their own court battles.

Phoenix has a new suit because, while it’s only been a year since Apollo Justice, it’s been eight years since Phoenix battled in court, and they wanted him to appear more mature.

Edgeworth is a chief prosecutor now, not just a regular prosecutor.

The new prosecutor, Simon Blackquill, uses psychological manipulation in court, including on the judge. He’s paired up with a detective of his own, but you’ll have to find out why in the game.

Simon’s psychological manipulation doesn’t work on the detective, since he’s a little clueless.

Simon is a “very intimidating” adversary.

The Jury System from Apollo Justice isn’t in Ace Attorney 5.

Athena Cykes studied analytical psychology.

“Lips are sealed” about Maya Fey.

Fully animated cutscenes like in Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

Will have full English voiceovers in the anime cutscenes.

If you’re fans of the stepladder, it’s in there. “You have to find it.”


Capcom's official live-stream schedule for E3 2013inemassacre - Super Mario Bros.: The Movie review

Tuesday 6/11

1:00pm - Dungeons & Dragons

2:00pm - LP3 multiplayer

3:00pm - TBD

4:00pm - DuckTales Remastered

Wednesday 6/12

12:00pm - Project X Zone (w guests from Namco!)

1:00pm - Dungeons & Dragons

2:00pm - LP3 multiplayer

3:00pm - DuckTales Remastered

4:00pm - Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies live Q&A with producer Eshiro-san

Thursday 6/13

1:00pm - Dungeons & Dragons

2:00pm - LP3 multiplayer

3:00pm - DuckTales (w WayForward!)

4:00pm - TBD



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