Sakurai goes into detail about his health issues during Smash Bros. Ultimate's development

Sakurai recently sat down with Nintendo Dream for a massive interview which covered a wide range of topics. In that interview, we get to hear about Sakurai's overall health.

Fans who follow Sakurai's work on the Smash Bros. series know that he sometimes has some rather stressful health issues, and unfortunately, it seems he had his fair share during Smash Bros. Ultimate's development. The comments below come directly from Sakurai, and were spliced together to paint the full picture of his health troubles.

I made some changes from what I used to do compared to now. For example, as a principle, I always left the office by 10 PM, no matter what. Many companies are discouraging extreme overtime these days, too. ...Well, actually… I still had a lot of stomach problems.

...I’ve had that situation once or twice before during development. It was like I got food poisoning from some oysters that I didn’t eat. It was like my food had come into contact with them or something. But I cook my food thoroughly… Why did I get sick?

...I just get an IV drip and go to work like normal. I guess I’m a hard worker? (wry laughter) I’m a freelancer, so I don’t have any strict rules on my time. As long as I can complete the game, I could show up to the office once per week and I think it’d be within the realm of forgiveness. But instead I make sure I come to work every day and write proper daily reports and such. I’m always working, but there’s a lot of things that keep me in good spirits!

Kirby Cafe adds two very special drawings to its decorations

During its 10-day makeover, the Kirby Cafe got all sorts of new goodies. New menu items, a new statue outside, and some new decorations. Among those decorations is a very special pair of drawings! They come from Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai, and Kirbry series director, Shinya Kumazaki. Not only did they offer up Kirby doodles, they added their signatures as well!

Sakurai on Smash Bros. Ultimate - Deciding Spirits, creating New Donk City Hall, choosing a Splatoon stage, and much more

Nintendo Dream recently sat down with Masahiro Sakurai to discuss all things Smash Bros. Ultimate. We now have some tidbits from that interview, courtesy of PushDustin. Check out the details below!

- when making Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai had a chance to get a good look at the history of the series
- he feels that the quality of the stages and characters has dramatically improved over the series' lifetime
- when deciding how the boss fights would work, Sakurai looked at the original work and thought how that fight would evolve
- these fights also had to adapt it to the limitations of Smash
- Marx was actually scarier before, as Sakurai told the staff that he wanted Marx to be represented as a 'bizarre being'
- when deciding on the ATs and fighters for the game, Sakurai considers representation in Smash from all of the various series'
- if the series will get more installments, it'll get a number of fighters/ATs
- Sakurai also tries to pull characters from more niche series
- it was a bit difficult to select a stage from Splatoon for Smash Bros. Ultimate
- Moray Towers was selected because its ramps, and it would offer a new kind of stage that hadn't been seen in Smash before
- Sakurai heard Jump Up Super Star without the vocals quite often during development of Ultimate
- this is why thought to include both the vocal and non-vocal tracks
- while making New Donk City Hall, Sakurai often checked development progress on Odyssey to make sure things lined up
- when deciding Spirits, the Spirit Team would consider the legal use of the character, and if artwork could be found
- in some cases, Spirits were dropped from consideration if the art could not be found
- a number of contenders for Spirits from the Kid Icarus series were dropped as the team had too many
- since Sakurai worked on Uprising, he felt he could clearly envision how those Spirit battles would take place
- at the start of World of Light, there are no Spirit battles with Kirby because he survives
- in the later half of World of Light there are Spirit battles with Kirby, as Sakurai feels he would have been analyzed by this point
- there was some discussion on what to call 'Snacks' (items that level up Spirits)
- the team considered calling Snacks 'Energy,' but decided they'd rather go with a fun name
- when deciding the World of Light map, the team wanted include a lot of routes and variation
- this led to Spirits being organized around the map
- the stage used would sometimes impact where spirit battles took place
- routes around difficult Spirits were also made

Masahiro Sakurai drops by Brownies studio for a visit

Masahiro Sakurai has been a man about town lately! We've seen him popping up all over the place, and it appears one of his most recent stops was at the game studio Brownies. Sakurai stopped in to say hi to the team, and hang out with the studio's CEO. Seems like just a friendly visit, but you never know what other gears are turning!

Sakurai explains Smash Bros. Ultimate's Japanese name, the decision to bring back every fighter, and ease of development

The most recent issue of Nintendo Dream magazine had a sizable interview with Smash Bros. Ultimate creator, Masahiro Sakurai. Check out all the tidbits from that interview below.

- the game is called Super Smash Bros. Special in Japan to convey that the game is a special game
- Sakurai says “ultimate” is a word easily read in Japan
- the name Super Smash Bros. Deluxe was considered, but decided against
- Sakurai wanted to use “Special” as it's often heard on television, so people are familiar with it
- the decision to include every single Smash Bros. fighter in history was made at the very beginning of development
- it was important for that idea to be part of the proposal, as huge projects like this require a lot of money and a lot of people
- Sakurai summed up development of Ultimate by sharing the phrase, “no need to explain at the very beginning”
- when Smash Wii U/3DS development started, Sakurai had to explain everything to members on the development team
- he even had to prepare documents for them to convey his vision and plans
- Sakurai didn't have to do this with Ultimate, as much of the team worked on Smash Wii U/3DS
- Sakurai says this was a huge relief for him

Game History Secrets - Sakurai Was Asked to Make Oculus VR Games

Today on Game History Secrets we talk about how Masahiro Sakurai was asked to make Oculus VR Games, but turned down the offer. Sakurai would instead focus his efforts on games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo.

Check out Masahiro Sakurai's workstation during the development of Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

I can't even imagine how much work goes into creating a Smash Bros. game. I know if I was making that game, my desk would be a complete mess! That's not the case with Masahiro Sakurai! Just check out this pic of his desk during the development of Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. Looks like someone enjoys keeping their workstation clutter-free!

Masahiro Sakurai gathers Smash Bros. Ultimate composers for a celebration

Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a success in every way, shape, and form. The fastest-selling Nintendo console game ever, bringing in over 12 million in sales in just 4 weeks. Getting to that milestone was no easy feat, as hundreds of people came together to make the game a reality. That includes an insane amount of composers, and their work is well worth celebrating. That's why Sakurai himself organized a party for all those who contributed music to the game. As you can see in the image above, the music team was pretty damn huge, and they all appear quite happy to be involved with the project!

Sonic Team composer gets his Smash Bros. Ultimate copy signed by Masahiro Sakurai

Tomoya Ohtani, a Sonic Team composer, provided some remixed tunes for Smash Bros. Ultimate. While he may be a composer that worked on the project, he's also a fan of Smash Bros. in general. Ohtani's fan-side came out at a party recently, where he asked Mashiro Sakurai to sign his copy of Smash Bros. Ultimate. As you can see in the image above, Sakurai was happy to do so!

Nintendo announces Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Smash Picture Dojo' campaign for Japan

Nintendo wants to make sure they keep the momentum going for Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of the ways they're going to do that is with a Smash Picture Dojo campaign in Japan.

With this campaign, Nintendo will announce a theme. It's up to players to hop into Smash Bros. Ultimate and take the best screenshots possible to match the theme. After the pics have been submitted, the Smash Bros. Ultimate development team will sift through them all and retweet their top pics on the Smash Bros. Twitter account.

After the campaign comes to a close, none other than Masahiro Sakurai will offer up comments on all the screenshots that got retweeted. These comments and screens will be shared via a feature on Nintendo's official website.

The Smash Picture Dojo campaign kicks off with a “festival” theme. Players have to submit their pics using the “#スマブラ画” (Smash Picture) and “#お祭り” (Festival) tags. Those entertain have until February 7th, 2019 to do so.