Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy hits 1 million units sold

An ace attorney indeed

Capcom has shared an update on their million sellers, and the list has been updated with a brand-new entry. Fans of Phoenix Wright will be happy to learn that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy has officially crossed the 1 million sold mark worldwide. That's a pretty fantastic number for such a unique genre. Hopefully this gives Capcom some interest in continuing the franchise with new entries.

Ace Attorney collaboration announced for Capcom Cafe Ikebukuro

Any objections?

Capcom is giving Capcom Cafe Ikebukuro an Ace Attorney makeover starting Dec. 24th, 2020, and it'll run until Feb. 11th, 2021. This collab will see Ace Attorney merch added to the cafe, as well as multiple new menu items. More details about this collab will be revealed shortly before launch.

First 4 Figures unboxes their Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies statue

No objections here

Unboxing the highly anticipated Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies – Phoenix Wright resin statue! The EXCLUSIVE EDITION comes with two interchangeable head sculpts (normal and the iconic shouting face), while the DEFINITIVE EDITION also includes an additional courtroom defense bench base and two acrylic speech bubbles of his famous quotes (“OBJECTION!” and “TAKE THAT!”).

Ace Attorney Director/Writer Takeshi Yamazaki leaves Capcom

Case closed

Takeshi Yamazaki was responsible for directing and writing numerous entries in the Ace Attorney series, but now things will have to move on without him. Yamazaki has announced that he's left Capcom after 15 years, but he's going to stay within the game industry. Yamazaki hasn't revealed where he's going, but he did share this message with fans on his departure.

"Although leaving a company is always painful, I like to think of this as 'graduating'. I'm truly glad I was able to make games and meet the Ace Attorney series at Capcom."

Capcom Cafe AEON Lake Town running a special Ace Attorney campaign

Even attorneys need to relax!

From July 16th to Aug. 19th, 2020, Capcom Cafe AEON Lake Town is going to run an Ace Attorney theme. The location is going to have a revamped menu with items inspired by the Ace Attorney theme, along with some extra goodies to go along with your meal

Alongside the menu items above, customers will be able to get a special Ace Attorney placemat, a set of coasters, postcards, and more. You can check out more pics of those items here.

Capcom shares Ace Attorney background art for use with virtual meetings

No objections here

Capcom is the latest company to get in on the virtual meeting action with a series of backgrounds from the Ace Attorney series. If you're working from home and have been using virtual conferencing software, these backgrounds can help you spice up your presentation on camera. It sure beats sitting in front of a blank wall!

New round of Ace Attorney merch releasing in Japan

Looking Ace

Capcom continues to pump out merch for their biggest brands, and the Ace Attorney series is about to get a new wave of goodies. The new lineup, which is set to launch on Nov. 11th, 2019, includes a smartphone case, can badges, keychains, a tape dispenser, and badge holders.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy's French release neglects to remove Wii remote mentions

How do you plead, Capcom?

Capcom made a bit of a whoopsie with the French translation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. As you can see in the screen above, whoever handled the French translation either forgot to remove mentions of the Wii remote from the text, or simply didn't bother. Nothing wrong with using the WiiWare translation, but these references certainly should have been reworked.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy update includes 10 save files per language

60 save files in total!

Capcom released an update today for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which includes German, French, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) support. There's another element to the update that Capcom didn't previously detail. Each language is able to have 10 separate save files! In other words, if you're multilingual, you could have up to 60 save files!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy getting a language update on Aug. 22nd, 2019

Now you're speaking my language

Capcom has announced that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is going to get a minor update on Aug. 22nd, 2019. This will be an update focused on languages, adding in support for the following.

- German
- French
- Korean
- Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)


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