Cave Story+ - Japanese trailer, cover art

Now we get to see which cover art you like better! Is the Japanese one more to your liking (both regular and reversible), or are you sticking with the North America/European option?

Nicalis teases Cave Story figurines

Cave Story getting added to Video Games Live

Cave Story - another look at the upcoming USB

Cave Story USB drives - more details

Just having the USB drive and the soundtrack together should be enough for Cave Story fans of any platform to be excited!

Nicalis teases Cave Story-related USB

Cave Story - review

A portion of a C3 review...

Satisfying alternate character stories and plot ensure that multiple play-throughs are not just exercises in repetition. Anyone who enjoys action games, side-scrolling shooting or retro games should look into Cave Story.

Full review here

Cave Story eShop/DSiWare rating update

Coming from Nicalis' Twitter...

Cave Story for eShop has a PEGI rating! We're submitting it (and DSi) to NOE by Halloween.

Hopefully all keeps moving quickly for this. Don't want to see Europe waiting for months on end.



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