FUSER DLC update for March 4th, 2021 detailed

Two more tracks have been revealed for FUSER, and they'll arrive as DLC ($1.99 each) on March 4th, 2021. You can watch the trailer above to see some samples for the tracks, which are as follows.

- “My Head & My Heart” by Ava Max
- “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler

FUSER DLC update for Feb. 25th, 2021 detailed

More tunes incoming

The next round of DLC for FUSER is coming on Feb. 25th, 2021, and it includes more tracks and extra goodies. Read the full breakdown on this content below.

“Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe, “BOP” by DaBaby, “Con Calma” by Daddy Yankee ft. Snow, and the Look Pack: Peppermint Ecstatic will be available to purchase in FUSER later this week!

“Poison” by Boston’s own Bell Biv DeVoe comes as a requested and welcome addition to the FUSER Festival! “Poison” was featured as the group’s debut single, and in 1990, the track earned RIAA platinum certification. This song maintains its status as one of the most popular and recognizable songs of the ‘90s. “Poison” scooped the No. 1 spot on the Billboard US Top 40 and earned additional placement on popular music charts worldwide! The single from the masters of New Jack Swing boasts instantly identifiable drums, with now-classic vocal harmonies from the vocal disc. The bass disc features an upright bass’ refined sound with tasteful and creative synth lines on the lead instrument disc.

“BOP” by Charlotte, N.C. native DaBaby is a Grammy-nominated track from the rapper's sophomore album Kirk, which peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200. DaBaby made waves with the song’s music video, which featured the world-renowned dance crew, the Jabbawockeez. The arrangement is a brilliant showcase of DaBaby’s distinctive lyrical flow. The delicate timbre of the flute on the lead instrument disc is an exciting juxtaposition to the bass disc’s low-end sounds. The drum disc contains all the essential elements of a classic hip hop beat, packaged into an innovative presentation thanks to the track’s impressive production.

“Con Calma” by international superstar Daddy Yankee ft. Snow is a modern take on the 1992 Reggae single “Informer.” Puerto Rican legend Daddy Yankee is one of the bestselling Latin artists of all time, with over 20 million record sales worldwide. “Con Calma” sat atop the Billboard Hot Latin Songs for 14 weeks, in addition to impressive global chart performances across South America and Europe. The music video featuring an animated Daddy Yankee emoji has reached over 2 billion views on YouTube, becoming the second Daddy Yankee music video to do so. The gentle staccato hits from the lead instrument disc perfectly frame the rhythmically playful lyrics from the lead vocal disc. The simple but effective drum and bass discs are a classic Reggaeton pattern, laying a strong foundation for this catchy tune.

This week’s DLC includes the Look Pack: Peppermint Ecstatic! There are plenty of options available for your avatar to ensure your style matches your signature sound. Customize your attire and Stage Kit to further infuse your creations with your unique personality!

“Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe, “BOP” by DaBaby, “Con Calma” by Daddy Yankee ft. Snow, and the Look Pack: Peppermint Ecstatic will be available for purchase at $1.99 (USD or regional equivalent) each.

FUSER DLC update for Feb. 11th, 2021 detailed

Three more tracks have been revealed for FUSER, and they'll arrive as DLC ($1.99 each) on Feb. 11th, 2021. You can watch the trailer above to see some samples for the tracks, which are as follows.

- “Let’s Love” by David Guetta & Sia
- “Kiss and Make Up” by Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK
- “ily (i love you baby)” by Surf Mesa ft. Emilee

FUSER Releases Free Demo, Unveils Roadmap Featuring New Events, Co-op Improvements, DLC, and More

Getting a new content inFUSion

FUSER came out late last year, which means the game still has plenty of life left in it. Harmonix is giving FUSER quite the boost in early 2021 by adding in a slew of new content, and sharing a new demo as well. You can read all about the upcoming content and demo features below.

There’s plenty on the horizon for FUSER™, the digital music festival game from Harmonix and NCSOFT, where players and their friends control the music. The 1.3 update will arrive in the coming weeks and feature new modes, big changes, and quality of life improvements to the game. FUSER is available now, and for players who haven’t taken the stage yet, a free demo is now available on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC (Steam).

FUSER Changes in the 1.3 Update include:

Live Set Events – These new events add a competitive flair to the recurring in-game events. Live Sets will present a challenge to all FUSER DJs, including leaderboards and prizes for reaching score tiers.

Customizing Freestyle Co-Op – Players will now be able to adjust the number of rounds and the length of rounds for public Co-Op Freestyle sessions.

Hot Clips – Hot Clips is a powerful new creative tool, which allows DJs to preview a disc before dropping it onto the decks, effectively adding a fifth loop to their mixes.

Finding the Right Mix – The update makes it easier to browse mixes players have liked through their profiles, as well as new sorting functions, including alphabetical, most liked/viewed, and date created.

Share with the World – This update adds several optimizations for sharing and streaming. Players can now share video from anywhere in the game using native console share functions, and DJs can now toggle an option to select only monetizable songs for streaming.

And More... – The 1.3 Update addresses bugs found by live players, adds in separate calibration profiles for docked and undocked mode for Nintendo Switch, UI improvements, and other quality of life improvements.

To go with these updates, players will also be able to find music by the following artists arriving as paid DLC in the coming weeks:

Bebe Rexha
Bell Biv DeVoe
David Guetta
Doja Cat
Dua Lipa
iann dior
Jason Derulo
Shawn Mendes
And More!

While those changes are arriving to FUSER soon, a free, playable demo of FUSER is available on consoles and PC right now. The FUSER demo walks players through core gameplay, using these eight tracks:

Bad Bunny “Yo Perreo Sola”
Billie Eilish “bad guy”
Cardi B “Bodak Yellow”
deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”
Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now”
Rage Against The Machine “Killing In The Name”
Smash Mouth “All Star”
Warren G and Nate Dogg “Regulate”

FUSER and the free demo are currently available on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC. The 1.3 update will be arriving soon for all platforms as well. For more information about the game, please visit FUSER.com.

FUSER DLC update for Jan. 21st, 2021 detailed

3 tracks on track

Three more tracks have been revealed for FUSER, and they'll arrive as DLC on Jan. 21st, 2021. You can watch the trailer above to see some samples for the tracks, which are as follows.

- "New Rules" by Dua Lipa
- "Young Dumb and Broke" by Khalid
- "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers

DJ Jimbo checks out FUSER

Yo, Jimbo, check this out!

FUSER is made so that anyone can become a DJ, but what can an actual DJ do with it? Harmonix has put out a video featuring DJ Jimbo as he gives FUSER's freestyle mode a shot.

Check out the accolades trailer for FUSER

Making beautiful music on Switch

Still not sure Harmonix's latest game is for you? Need a little convincing? Why not check out the new accolades trailer? See some more of the game in action, and check out the praise various critics had to share.

FUSER DLC update for Dec. 1st, 2020

What's new for FUSER this week?

Another week, another round of DLC for FUSER. Check out the details for this week's content below.

There’s new DLC coming to FUSER and it’s out of this world! “Mask Off” by Future, “Counting Stars” from OneRepublic, “Cradles” by Sub Urban, and the Venue Pack: Modern Dystopia will be available for purchase later this week!

Seven-time Certified Platinum song “Mask Off” from Future is a welcome addition to the FUSER soundtrack. This song brings with it a hypnotic vocal disc courtesy of Future, and the rest of the Loops provide DJs with even more creative freedom. The drums are a classic hip-hop hi-hat pattern, and the lead instrument disc goes hard with a feature from the flute that is begging to be mixed in with other genres!

Undoubtedly one of the most popular songs of the past decade, “Counting Stars” from OneRepublic is a perfect track for FUSER. OneRepublic has sold over 16 million records worldwide, and the music video for “Counting Stars” remains one of the most-watched YouTube videos of all time. Every single Loop packs within it the highly motivating energy “Counting Stars” communicates to listeners. There’s an amazing opportunity in FUSER to manipulate one of the most recognizable songs into an entirely new creation, utilizing the various keys, tempos, and audio effects.

“Cradles” by Sub Urban, a song used millions of times on TikTok, brings an especially unique flavor to the FUSER Festival. Sitting at 90 BPM, this song naturally lends itself to chill and ambient sounding mixes. Despite the original composition of the track, each Loop holds its own when added to high energy and high tempo mixes. Mastery of Deck Controls like solo and mute will serve you well when mixing this track, helping DJs highlight the distinctive sounds available within this song.

As you craft your mix for the Giving Me Chills Event, be sure to take advantage of all these tracks have to offer. Your task this week is to make a chilled-out ambient mix using a featured instrument: Synth Bells. These songs have completely different vibes individually, and when combined they have the power to create a spine-tingling musical concoction.

This week's DLC also includes the Venue Pack: Modern Dystopia. Customizing your Stage Kit is key for defining your signature style. Use these Projection Screens and Crowd Effects to make your headlining sets otherworldly!

“Mask Off” by Future, “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic, “Cradles” by Sub Urban, and the Venue Pack: Modern Dystopia will be available for purchase at $1.99 (USD) each.

Share your creative mixes on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #PlayFUSER and #MixTheHits for us all to enjoy!

FUSER DLC update for Nov. 24th, 2020

New tracks for the week

Time for the weekly DLC update for FUSER. Get the full rundown of what's available this week in the press release below.

Now that you’ve had time to get familiar with your various deck controls and creative tools, we know you’re craving more music to mix with. This week we have DLC offers from Maroon 5, ScHoolboy Q, and Tag Team, in addition to the Premium Look Pack: Streetwear.

“Maps” delivers emotionally vulnerable lyrics in tandem with uplifting Pop sounds from one of the most beloved bands, Maroon 5. Add any single Loop from this song to your mix, and you’ve infused the remarkable aural signature of one of the most recognizable bands of today. The fluid and precise vocals of Adam Levine shine in any key or tempo, and the guitar can be manipulated to be the star of any mix, no matter what story you are trying to tell.

“Man of the Year” by ScHoolboy Q is a dangerously empowering song. Although the track sits at a cool 112 BPM in G minor, there is a haunting optimism portrayed by the track that can make anyone feel like they’re on top of the world. The vocals are oozing with undeniable swagger and highlights equally remarkable supporting rhythmic and melodic parts, including some of the smoothest strings to be added to the game yet.

Universally loved throwback “Whoomp! There It Is” from Tag Team is also available now for download! This 1993 track is filled with the ultimate party starting Loops to add to your mix. If these lyrics don’t get your blood pumping and your feet moving, then you must not be listening! Throw these drums on any mix to get you and your friends hyped.

These songs have an abundance of personality packed into every loop, making them savvy Crate additions as you craft your mix for the Grand Reveal Event. Your challenge is to make your own epic entrance theme to get the crowd pumped, and these songs will certainly help you do that.

Keep your avatar looking as good as your mixes sound with this week’s Premium Look Pack: Streetwear. Check out the various Look Packs available as DLC to find the style that is unmistakably you.

Maroon 5 “Maps”, ScHoolboy Q “Man of the Year”, and Tag Team “Whoomp! There It Is” are available for purchase now for $1.99 (USD) each. The Premium Look Pack: Streetwear is also currently available for purchase for $2.99 (USD).

Don’t forget you get access to all DLC released between November 19 and December 31, 2020 with the FUSER 2020 Backstage Pass available for $49.99 (USD).

The FUSER 2020 Backstage Pass may not be immediately available in all regions or platforms—please check the in-game store for availability.

IGN Video Review - FUSER

From the creators of Rock Band™ & Dance Central™ comes FUSER™ - a nonstop virtual music festival where you control the music! Combine elements of the world’s most popular songs to create your own sound or partner with friends on epic collaborations, then share your amazing mixes and headlining performances with the world!


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