Ubisoft sending out Rabbids-themed mooncakes in China


Ubisoft is working on Rabbids: Adventure Party, a Switch title that seems to be exclusive to China for the time being. There's been quite a bit of coverage on the game from Chinese gaming media, which has lead to Ubisoft sending out a special gift to some fans and press alike. As you can see above, Ubisoft sent out special Rabbids-themed mooncakes in honor of the upcoming mid-Autumn festival.

Ubisoft celebrates Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's second anniversary with a special sale

Happy two-year anniversary!

Believe it or not, today marks the two-year anniversary of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's release. To celebrate, Ubisoft has put out a special piece of art, and also kicked off a sale. Check out the sale prices available below.

- Regular edition: $59.99 -> $19.79
- Gold edition: $79.99 -> $26.39
- Season pass: $19.99 -> $13.39
- Donkey Kong Adventure (part of the season pass): $14.99 -> $10.04

Rabbids: Adventure Party dev tells fans to email Ubisoft's CEO if you want the game released outside of China

I'm sure he'd love that

Rabbids: Adventure Party was announced for Switch a couple weeks ago, and as of right now, it was only announced for China. Lots of people want to see the game make it to their parts of the world, but as far as we know, there are no plans to make that happen.

In an interview with IGN Japan, a developer at Ubisoft Chengdu was asked about the game releasing in Japan. The developer gave one suggestion as to how fans could make that happen.

“If you are a fan who wants to see this game released in Japan, please send an email to Yves Guillemot (haha). It would really help if you do that!”

It's as simple as that! All we have to do is email Ybes Guillemot directly and request it! Now...what was his email address again?

Check out more off-screen gameplay for Rabbids: Adventure Party

We still don't know if Rabbids: Adventure Party is going to see release on Switch in the rest of the world, and Ubisoft hasn't even commented on the game. While we wait for that news, we can check out some new off-screen footage of what the game has to offer.

Ubisoft working on a new Rabbids game for Switch that might be exclusive to China

A China-exclusive Rabbids game?

Ubisoft is working to create games that resonate with the Chinese audience, and it appears their first efforts with this initiative are going to utilize the Rabbids. The above title was just revealed earlier today, and it's going to make its debut at ChinaJoy this weekend. It's a Rabbids party game that seems to be inspired by Journey to the West, but we have no clue if it'll ever see release anywhere outside of China. Ubisoft is yet to comment on the title.

Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

Ubisoft's CEO on teaming with Nintendo for Mario + Rabbids, Davide Soliani's emotional reaction, and the potential for a sequel

Will Mario and the Rabbids team again?

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently appeared on the IGN Unfiltered podcast to talk all things Ubisoft. As you might guess, the convesation eventually veered into Nintendo territory, as the two companies have teamed up on projects in the past. In the snippet below, Mr. Guillemot talks about how Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle came to be.

“Yes, it comes to me for sure, because it’s really not only a game, it’s really a relationship – a collaboration with Nintendo. The way it happened is that our teams at Ubisoft have always been so impressed by what Nintendo was doing that they wanted to collaborate with Nintendo and we did so in being early on all the machines Nintendo did and we did a lot on the Wii if you remember, and the Wii U. The optimal relationship that we could have was to work with Mr. Miyamoto and for us having that possibility was fantastic because you can learn how he does things, you can get feedback on everything you do, so that has been an experience that has been really cool for all the members of the company I would say. That’s why it was a discussion we had with Mr. Iwata (and with) the person who was organizing the relation between Ubisoft and Nintendo, and so it has been I would say a long discussion and we had to convince Mr. Miyamoto with what we were showing and what we could do. Step by step they opened the door for us to do Mario + Rabbids.

We have gates, so I participate through all the gates of the different games we create, and this one yes for sure it had a lot of attention because it was something totally different from what we were doing, but it actually went very well. The relationship was well established. As for our teams, it was working with God – it was something that they were spending lots of time to make sure it could be perfect.”

As you might remember, following a ton of leaks and rumors, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was officially unveiled during Ubisoft's E3 2017 press conference. That was quickly followed by one of the most wonderful moments in E3 history. Ubisoft's Davide Soliani, director on the project, couldn't help but get emotional when the game was revealed. Ubisoft's cameras caught Soliani's heartfelt reaction, and the internet ran wild with it. Mr. Guillemot happens to be a big fan of the moment as well.

“It was a wonderful moment. And it was a wonderful moment for me too because seeing a person who was a fan of Nintendo being able to create something that was recognized by Mr. Miyamoto was something that gave me a lot of promise. I was really proud to see that kind of thing could happen, and when a person from Ubisoft is happy, I’m always extremely happy.”

From there, the rest is history, as they say. The game has gone on to be a success for both Ubisoft and Nintendo, moving millions of units across the world. You'd think that means a sequel is definitely in the works, right? Well if there is, Mr. Guillemot isn't ready to talk about it.

“We can’t say much today, but we had a good relationship, so let’s see what will come.”

Rainbow Six Siege's latest map features a Rabbids Easter egg

Silly Rabbids...

Rainbow Six Siege may not be on Switch, but everyone knows Rabbids love their Nintendo platforms. That's why we felt this Easter egg was worth showcasing. Looks like the Outback level in Rainbow Six Siege is hiding some familiar characters, so be on the lookout!

Costco is the only North American retailer selling the physical version of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle "Gold Edition"

Worth a trip to Costco for their pizza alone!

When it comes to retail releases for Switch games, fans have to keep an eye on all sorts of sellers. Sometimes games get wide retail releases, other times you have to purchase through a single boutique retailer. In the case of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle "Gold Edition," your only option to grab the physical release in the states is through Costco. You can snag your copy right here.

Ubisoft hosting invite-only Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle feedback session, fueling speculation of a sequel

There have been rumblings for quite some time of Ubisoft working on a sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but today we get our biggest proof yet that something is up. This info comes straight to us from a GN reader who received an invite.

Ubisoft is sending out invites to select Ubisoft Club Members about an upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle event. The event is being held in NYC, and it will be a 2.5 hour feedback session on the game. Ubisoft is looking for all kinds of feedback from players of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. This likely means that Ubisoft is only reaching out to people who have the game registered on their account. Obviously, they're likely picking people who live near NYC as well.

Best part of it all? If you do attend, Ubisoft will pay you $175 for your time! Looks like they're taking this feedback pretty damn seriously!

Thanks to Golfdude for the heads up!

Davide Soliani shows off Ubisoft's BAFTA for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Not too long ago, Ubisoft revealed that they won BAFTA for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Davide Soliani, head dev on the game, showed off the award today via social media. Certainly a great achievement to receive, and the game itself is definitely worthy of the award!


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