Reggie Fils-Aime interview and meet-and-greet taking place on Feb. 14th, 2020

What a lovely way to spend Valentine's Day

What's Reggie Fils-Aime doing for Valentine's Day? He's meeting up with the people who love him most; his fans!

Reggie is going to be appearing for a live stage interview, as well as a meet-and-greet for Cornell Dyson Leadership Development. This event is free and open to the public, but you have to register to attend. There's not much time left, so make sure you sign up now! Check out a synopsis of the event below.

Join Reggie Fils-Aime Former President and COO of Nintendo of America, Inc. for a live interview on stage as he reflects on life moments and shares his experiences at Cornell, in business, and across industries. Learn what motivated him to develop principles to work and live by. Find out what is next for the Regginator!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Reggie put a stop to Nintendo trying to "age up" their logo in an attempt to appeal to older/different audiences

Be proud of who you are, Nintendo!

There's no doubt that Nintendo is one of the most family-friendly companies in the game industry. They create titles that anyone from young kids to adults can enjoy. Unfortunately, that approach to content creation earned Nintendo a bit of negativity from small-minded people. While some still view Nintendo as 'kiddie' nowadays, that sentiment was much stronger back around the GameCube days, and was almost weaponized by gamers.

In an interview with the Present Value Podcast, Reggie recalls what Nintendo was trying to do to combat some of that negativity. The company was playing with their classic logo in a way that tried to show Nintendo as a more adult-friendly, edgy company, and Reggie saw that as a step in the wrong direction. Check out Reggie's comments on that movement below.

From a branding standpoint, we had to be clear in what Nintendo as a brand stood for, as well as what the individual franchises stood for. I’ll give you an example.

When I joined Nintendo, there was a sense of almost shame that Nintendo appealed to young consumers, and the marketing team at Nintendo of America started doing things with the logo – that classic Nintendo logo in an oval – they would put it into graffiti style, or they’d do different things to try and age up the logo, and I put a stop to that because that is not our brand. And what we needed to do was yes, appeal to a broad swatch of consumers, but we needed to do it based on what the brand stood for, and not doing it in some false way.

Systemically, we went through and cleaned up the presentation of the brand, but we also created messaging coupled with content that really broadened the reach, broadened the appeal, and set the stage for all of the great products we would launch like Wii, like Wii Fit, and eventually the Nintendo Switch.

Reggie on becoming a living meme, how the 'My body is ready' line came to be

Reggie the meme man

Reggie Fils-Aime will forever be one of the biggest personalities Nintendo ever had. There was just something about the man that lent itself to meme creation, and the Big Man certainly saw his fair share of internet jokes and catchphrases. In a recent interview with the Present Value Podcast, Reggie talks about life as a living meme, and shares insight into how the 'My body is ready' meme came to be.

“Becoming a meme means that, whether I’m here on campus or at my local grocery store, I get recognized and people smile and people tell me how much they love Nintendo and are appreciative of what I have been able to do. Becoming a meme was never planned. Not with that opening line in 2004. Not with those faithful words as I first stepped on a Wii Balance Board. Not with videos that have lasers coming out of my eyes. If you go to any place on the web where you can download memes and attach them to text messages and Instagram posts – I don’t know the last time I looked, I think there were about close to 100 different memes of me doing different things.

They’re never planned. They happen because in my view, first, Nintendo is in the entertainment space. We make people smile. And we’re fortunate to have exposure on a global basis to literally hundreds of millions of consumers. My personality’s big. I like to have fun. I’ve done a lot of fun things on behalf of Nintendo. And we have passionate fans – fans that react to these memes and proliferate them throughout the internet. You can never anticipate what will become a meme.

The ‘My body is ready statement’ – when you’re preparing for an E3 presentation, there’s lot of rehearsals. We make sure everything is going to go right. And for this introduction of Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board, it was myself, Shigeru Miyamoto – our most well-known game creator – and his translator, a good friend of mine by the name of Bill Trinen, and we were rehearsing this over the course of three days. It got to be a little monotonous. And every time I would go to step on the Balance Board, I would be making some sort of wise crack or another. And late in the rehearsals, I said: ‘My body is ready.’ And it was the first time that I actually got Mr. Miyamoto to laugh – he actually thought that statement was pretty funny. So it was, ‘Hey, I got a winner here.’ We continued to practice. I continued to do different things. No one on stage knew what I was going to say. And yet here we are, the experience is being video taped, we’re broadcasting it out, and I made that statement. And yes, it’s a meme out there.

So never planned. They really do come naturally, but they’re driven by the reach that I’ve been able to have, and the passion of our fans.”

Check Out The New York Video Game Awards 2020 Winners, Plus Reggie's Legend Award Video Tribute/Acceptance Speech

The big man speaks!

The New York Video Game Awards 2020 have come to a close, and they were a great night for Nintendo. Not only did some Switch games take home wins, but Reggie Fils-Aime was on-hand to accept his Legend Award. Check out the full tribute and Reggie's acceptance speech above, and then read up on the award winners below.

Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year

- The Outer Worlds

Central Park Children’s Zoo Award for Best Kids Game

- Luigi’s Mansion 3

A-Train Award for Best Mobile Game

- Sayonara Wild Hearts

Coney Island Dreamland Award for Best AR/VR Game

- Minecraft Earth

Off Broadway Award for Best Indie Game

- Disco Elysium

Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music in a Game

- Sayonara Wild Hearts

Statue of Liberty Award for Best World

- Outer Wilds

Herman Melville Award for Best Writing

- Disco Elysium

Joltin’ Joe Award: Best Esports Player of the Year

- Arslan Ash

Great White Way Award for Best Acting in a Game

- Courtney Hope as Jesse in Control

Freedom Tower Award for Best Remake

- Resident Evil 2

Captain Award for Best Esports Team

- FPX (League of Legends)

Reggie Fils-Aime to host a keynote at SXSW 2020

You can't keep the big guy down

For a guy who's retired, Reggie sure has been keeping busy! After his upcoming honor at the NY Game Awards, Reggie will be making his way to SXSW 2020 in March to host a special keynote. Check out all the details on his presentation below.

Today, video games are the largest force in entertainment … bigger than movies … bigger than music … bigger than television. But video games are more than just entertainment. Playing games can help you acquire and sharpen a wide range of skills and abilities that drive success in all areas of life. Especially in your job and career.

Reggie Fils-Aimé is the retired President and Chief Operating Officer for Nintendo of America Inc. and is revered in the gaming industry by business leaders and fans alike. He is currently Leader in Residence at Cornell University’s Dyson Undergraduate Business School and Managing Partner for Brentwood Growth Partners. Join this informative talk to learn which games to play and the personal development areas to focus on. Take yourself to the next level!

Reggie Fils-Aime appears as a special guest on the 'Present Value' podcast

My ears are ready

Reggie Fils-Aime has taken a position at Cornell, which means he'll have another unique set of opportunities to take advantage of. One of those showed itself today, as Reggie has appeared on the student-driven Present Value podcast.

The Preset Value podcast is an independent editorial project produced by students at Cornell University’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management. They've interviewed countless people of import on the show, and Reggie Fils-Aime is the focus for this episode. Check out a synopsis of the episode below, then hit the link to give it a listen!

Reggie Fils-Aimé, the inaugural leader in residence at the Dyson School at Cornell University and former president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, breaks down his lessons in leadership and reflects on his varied career. He discusses what led him to make each move along the way before ultimately arriving at Nintendo. Reggie describes the important fundamentals that companies need to have when building a brand, his lessons in leadership, and how to learn from product failures, turning them into future successes.

Reggie Fils-Aimé is the inaugural leader in residence at the Dyson School at Cornell University. He was previously the president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America and held marketing roles at Procter & Gamble, Pizza Hut, and Guinness Import Company. As a leader in residence, Reggie will participate in many events in the 2019-2020 academic year and share his leadership principles built over his 35 year career. Reggie is a 1983 graduate of the Dyson School and the recipient of the Walter Day Life Achievement award by the International Video Game Hall of Fame for his services to the gaming industry.

Check out the podcast here (thanks Dondom95!)

Reggie Fils-Aime fondly looks back on the SNES, says he had over 80 games in his collection

I'm going to need a rundown of that collection, Reggie

Reggie Fils-Aime was on-hand at The Game Awards 2019, where he took to the stage to give a speech about indie games. Hollywood Reporter managed to snag Reggie for a moment and got him to talk about his first Nintendo platform, which was the SNES. Check out what Reggie had to say about the SNES below.

"My first system was the Super Nintendo, so I played Super Mario World — and ended the game with 99 lives — and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I had over 80 games on that system, and I think that helped me with the fans and the company, because I knew the content so well. … For me it's been a part of my growing up. I was with Nintendo of America for 15 years. Now, being able to be like a fan [again] and celebrate this industry is really special."

Reggie Fils-Aime to appear as a presenter at The Game Awards 2019

Reggie returns!

Reggie and Geoff Keighley's love affair continues at this year's Game Awards, as the official Twitter account for the show has confirmed that Reggie will be on-hand to present an award. It'll be interesting to see what he ends up presenting! You can check out Reggie in action this Thursday.

Meet Reggie Fils-Aimé at the 9th annual 'New York Game Awards' on January 21st

A small price to pay for a selfie with Reggie himself

If you'll be in New York City on January 21st, 2020, now is your chance to meet the legendary former president of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aimé! Tickets for the meet-and-greet cost $50, but if you want access to the awards show as well, the price is $70. Full details can be found below!

New York City, December 4, 2019 – For the 9th Annual New York Game Awards, a new ticket has just been released that includes the unique opportunity to meet and capture a photo with industry great Reggie Fils-Aimé prior to the show, hosted by the New York Videogame Critics Circle. In addition to celebrating the best in gaming, from VR to mobile to esports and everything in between, Reggie will be honored with the New York Game Awards Andrew Yoon Legend Award on January 21, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. ET at SVA Theater in New York City. Funds generated from this new ticket tier and tickets to the awards show go toward the New York Videogame Critics Circle’s mission to give back to the community through mentoring, scholarships and workshops in the New York City-area for underserved students.

Available tickets include:

- Combo tickets to the New York Game Awards show and meet-and-greet with Reggie: $70

- Reggie meet-and-greet only tickets (no show access; 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET): $50

- New York Game Awards show only tickets (8:00 p.m. ET): $24

All ticket tiers for the 9th Annual New York Game Awards are available here. Reggie meet-and-greet tickets are limited; photos with Reggie are only available prior to the show with this ticket. Tickets to the New York Game Awards show include free gifts and an after-party with an open bar (beer and wine) where attendees can rub elbows with game developers, Critics Circle members and Award winners. The New York Videogame Critics Circle is a non-profit, 501©(3) organization, with all ticket sale proceeds from the New York Game Awards going back into the organization to fund its mission.

The New York Videogame Critics Circle will honor former President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, with its Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the 9th annual New York Game Awards ceremony on January 21, 2020 at SVA Theatre in Manhattan. The Legend Award recognizes individuals and organizations that exhibit a significant, sustained body of work that shows exceptional achievement and innovation. Past recipients of the award include Jade Raymond, Richard Garriott, Todd Howard, Rockstar Games and Ralph Baer.

For those who cannot attend the New York Game Awards, the event will be livestreamed via Mixer and Twitch; livestream details will be announced closer to the event.

Reggie on how Nintendo's analysis of the video game industry lead to the Wii and DS

Two huge success for the Big N

The Wii and DS remain the brightest spots in Nintendo's hardware history. Absolutely phenomenal successes by any measure, both platforms made their way into millions upon millions of homes. In an interview with GameDaily, Reggie Fils-Aime talked about the decisions at Nintendo that lead to the creation of those platforms.

“... with the Wii, it's tough for people to remember, but back in the early 2000s, only about one out of every three people played video games. Also back then, the industry was stagnant and in key markets like Europe and Japan, software sales were actually in decline,” Reggie continued. “And you know, clearly the company thought deeply about this. And to be clear, the thinking happened before I joined the company. The company saw the stagnation of the industry as a result of too much complexity, too many sequels. [They saw] the same general game, but now it's version five or six, the lack of innovation and the lack of fun.

That was their diagnosis. Competing companies saw the answer in more horsepower and more accurate visual representation. And you can clearly see the divergence in the Nintendo DS, for example, versus the PlayStation Portable. You can see divergence and strategy in the Wii, versus what Sony and Microsoft executed in their machines. And so absolutely, intellectual curiosity, asking tough questions to get at the heart of a business problem and proposing solutions that are based on what the issues are versus what your belief set is, is clearly something that the company has done well.”


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