Region Locked - The Nintendo Game Reggie Didn't Want: Disaster: Day of Crisis

Why, Reggie?!

This time on Region Locked, we take a look at the Nintendo game that Reggie Fils-aime didn't want, Disaster: Day of Crisis for the Wii.

Check out Reggie Fils-Aime's acceptance speech for the Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award

Another gracious speech from Reggie

As we mentioned yesterday, Reggie Fils-Aime is the lucky recipient of the Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award this year. While Reggie couldn't attend the event in person, he did send over a video for those in attendance. Check out what Reggie had to say in the clip above.

Reggie Fils-Aime to receive the Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award

Congrats, Reggie!

Reggie Fils-Aime has another accolade to add to his list of achievements. Reggie will be receiving the Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the Class of 2019. For those who don't know, Walter Day is the historian, and the founder of Twin Galaxies, an American organization that tracks video game world records. While Reggie won't be on-hand at the International Video Game Hall of Fame event to accept the award, he did send in special message for those in attendance.

Industry Legend Reggie Fils-Aimé Says Game-On to New York Videogame Critics Circle Board of Directors

Reggie is busier than ever!

New York City, Sept. 17, 2019 – The New York Videogame Critics Circle (the multicultural organization comprised of the finest videogame critics, writers, reporters and bloggers in the city), announced today the election of a new member of the organization’s board of directors, former President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, effective immediately.

“I’m pleased to welcome my long-time friend and gaming industry veteran, Reggie Fils-Aimé, to the board of the New York Videogame Critics Circle, where his extensive experience will strengthen our board of directors,” said New York Videogame Critics Circle founder and board president, Harold Goldberg. “Reggie’s history of leadership and industry disruption will be a tremendous asset to the organization as we continue to execute on our mission of giving back to our underserved communities.”

Fils-Aimé, who recently retired from Nintendo of America, was named President and COO in 2006 after leading the marketing organization as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing from 2003. Prior to Nintendo, he worked in marketing for successful brands like Guinness and Pizza Hut. Fils-Aimé gained internet fame for his theatrical Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) introduction in 2004; from that point on, he was known throughout the gaming industry for being a passionate and visionary leader. Fils-Aimé is currently Managing Partner at Brentwood Growth Partners and a Leader-in-Residence at Cornell University.

“Drawing from my years of experience in the gaming industry for having a big picture perspective, and from my roots as a kid from the Bronx, joining the New York Videogame Critics Circle board of directors feels like a natural fit,” said Reggie Fils-Aimé. “I have an admiration for the work that the NYVGCC has accomplished in giving back to communities since its inception and can’t wait to jump in and contribute to the success of the organization.”

Along with the appointment of Fils-Aimé, members of the NYVGCC board of directors and officers include Ted Houghton (board chair), Harold Goldberg (board president and founder), Catharine Soros (board secretary) and Marc Mayer (board treasurer).

New York Videogame Critics Circle Programs Include:

DreamYard Project at DreamYard Prep School in the Bronx: Offering mentoring, internships, workshops, job information and college scholarships for intelligent, but underprivileged students.
Community events at The Henry Street Settlement: The New York Videogame Critics Circle has held the annual New York Game Awards at the Abrons Arts Center and brings games education to community events.
Mentoring at Older Adult Technology Services (O.A.T.S.), at their Senior Planet tech center in Manhattan's Chelsea area.
New York Public Library system and American Museum of Natural History panels: Talks and discussions about jobs in games, games history, and how games bring people together.

Reggie Fils-Aime to host a keynote address at SXSW 2020

Reggie takes the stage

Reggie Fils-Aime may be retired, but he's sure keeping busy! Not only is he lined up to teach classes at Cornell, he'll also be giving a keynote speech at SXSW 2020. The contents of Reggie's speech haven't been revealed, but he'll no doubt be talking about his time at Nintendo. Hopefully the keynote gets streamed online!

Reggie Fils-Aime to teach at Cornell

Looks like Reggie couldn't stay retired for very long. Nintendo's former head honcho will be taking up residence at Cornell. Can you imagine having Reggie as your college instructor?! I imagine half the classes are going to spend a lot of time getting autographs and taking pictures!

Gears 5 achievement references Reggie Fils-Aime's iconic phrase

An achievement called "My Body is Ready" has been added to the upcoming Xbox title, Gears 5, which is a reference to the iconic line uttered by former presideont of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime. The achievement is earned once a player completes the boot camp in the game. And Reggie himself seems to be in full support of his famous quote being referenced!

Doug Bowser on the words of wisdom Reggie Fils-Aime shared before he left, and wanting fans to know he and Bowser are different

Sure you are, Doug...sure you are

Doug Bowser has been Nintendo of America's president for a hot minute now, and he's filled the role quite nicely. Fans took to Doug Bowser right away due to his last name, which was an easy point of entry for poking fun. In an interview with Mashable, Doug Bowser took a moment to let everyone know that he and Bowser are very, very different.

"I think we have to separate Doug Bowser from Bowser the character and clearly Bowser the character is under the supervision of many at the [Nintendo] development community. It's been fun to share the name, to embrace it a bit, have some fun with it. But also recognize that we are very, very different."

Doug Bowser is also very different from Reggie Fils-Aime, his predecessor. The big guy is kicking back in retirement now, but his impact on the world of Nintendo will forever be remembered. Reggie played a huge part in Nintendo's path forward, as well as the community of Nintendo fans out there. Before Reggie left his position, he made sure to share some words of wisdom with Bowser.

"I think ... the most important thing that he shared with me was really just the importance and, if you will, admiration for our great characters and immersive worlds. And then also the passion our fans have for that. [I need] to make sure that that's always our focus, to bring smiles to those people's faces. And that's been my job since day one, from the moment I arrived at Nintendo all the way until I came into this role."

Reggie shares a fan-made tribute featuring himself, Miyamoto, and Satoru Iwata

Reggie shows the fans some love

What's Reggie doing in his retirement? He's tweeting about Nintendo, of course! One of his most recent tweets shows off a neat 3D tribute to Reggie, Miyamoto, and the late Satoru Iwata, which was created by a fan. Nice to see Reggie still showing love for Nintendo, and all the fans out there.

Samuel L. Jackson says he's going to kick ass and take names at E3 2019 since Reggie won't be attending

Do I look like a Reggie?

Well, this has to be one of the strangest E3 2019 promos I've seen, but I just of like it! It's just so surreal to see Samuel L. Jackson talking about Reggie Fils-Aime and spouting his catchphrase. I'm guessing Samuel doesn't have a clue as to what he's referencing, but I'll be damned if he's not convincing.


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