Platinum says self-publishing titles like Project G.G. allows them to be more open with information

Saying what they want when they want

Platinum Games has worked with a number of different publishers to bring their projects to the market, Nintendo included. That's the situation right now with Bayonetta 3, and it might explain why we haven't heard hardly anything on the title since its reveal.

In an interview with VideogamesChronicle, Platinum's Atsushi Inaba about their upcoming self-published game, Project G.G.. Inaba discusses what self publishing does for them, and how it paves the way for much more freedom when talking about the game.

We don’t have that much say over projects that we’re not publishing. And we understand different titles require different approaches, so we respect the publisher’s decisions. So if there is a difference between what we want to do with Project G.G. versus what we normally do with our other titles, it’s not really a criticism for those publishers: we respect their approaches. But for this title especially, our approach as a company is that we’re hoping to be more open.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered code unlocks Hideki Kamiya!

The mild-mannered game designer

PlatinumGames has released yet another code for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. Today's code will let you unlock Hideki Kamiya himself, and you can get full details on the addition below.

It's time for the final Wonderful Code! "PLATINUMFOREVER" adds luminary director Hideki Kamiya himself to the game! Try out this code now and discover Wonder-Director's Unite Morph:

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"Infinite Energy"

Hideki Kamiya suggests that fans should "reset and forget about" Bayonetta 3 so that the eventual reveal will be a "nice surprise"

An update is still expected for sometime in 2021.

Ever since the announcement of Bayonetta 3 at The Game Awards 2017, fans have been clamoring for an update on the game's development. No news has been shared since then, and some are concerned that the release may still be a long ways away.

In an interview with VGC, PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya gave some advice on where our minds should be at while we wait for official news to come out. Although an update for Bayonetta 3 is expected by the end of 2021, he suggests that since "it's driving fans crazy," they should "reset and forget about Bayonetta 3." Check out his exact comments from the TGC interview below, and click over to their article for more interesting PlatinumGames related tidbits and info.

VGC: Kamiya, here’s the inevitable Bayonetta 3 question: You were recently quoted as saying you’d like to provide a public update on the game this year. Is that right?

Kamiya: "It’s not really our position to say, but… it’s January. We’ve got to have something come out, right? I guess it’s safe to expect that something will come out. There’s still a lot of the year left is what I’m saying."

VGC: By “update”, do you mean something more substantial than another CGI logo?

Kamiya: "(Laughs) I understand it’s driving the fans crazy! In light of that, my suggestion would be that maybe we should all reset and forget about Bayonetta 3. Then when something finally does happen, it will be a nice surprise, won’t it?"

Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba says Astral Chain is Nintendo's IP

"It's as it looks."

A few weeks ago, we reported on an interesting change found on the PlatinumGames' official hub page for Astral Chain on their Japanese website. Under the copyright section, only Nintendo was listed, with PlatinumGames themselves nowhere to be found. Fans speculated whether or not this was a mistake, or something that implies Nintendo now has primary ownership of the franchise.

Well today, in a statement from studio head Atsushi Inaba in an interview with VGC, it seems that the latter is true. When asked about the removal of PlatinumGames from the copyright section, Inaba stated "It’s as it looks." followed by "It’s as it is written on the website: Astral Chain is their IP and as such there are limitations on how much we feel we should talk about.” When asked for further comment, a spokesperson for Platinum said the company was "not in a position to answer."

Hideki Kamiya says the fifth ‘Platinum 4’ announcement is "smaller in scale," hopes fans will "get a kick out of it"

We can't stand the excitement!

Platinum is gearing up to reveal the fifth project in their Platinum 4 series. Of the four projects revealed so far, one was an April Fools' joke, which explains why there's a fifth announcement on the way. While we don't know platforms or any real details, Platinum's Hideki Kamiya thinks fans will enjoy it. You can see the comments he shared with VideogamesChronicle below.

“We want to reveal it at the right time, but what we can say at the moment is that this was always intended as the ‘Platinum Four’, so I think that the expectations should be for something extra. That being said, this is something that we’ve had in the works for a while.

We wanted to get this out a little sooner but then the coronavirus happened, which I know is a common excuse, but we hope that when we can start talking about it, it will bring a smile to our fans’ faces and we’ll get a good reaction like, ‘ah, we love those Platinum guys!’

If we had to choose one end of the spectrum, then I’d probably say it’s something a little smaller in scale. But it’s still something I’m hoping fans will get a kick out of.”

Astral Chain's director talks about the stress he faced during development, and how Hideki Kamiya helped

Chain of command

Astral Chain ended up being a hit for PlatinumGames, selling over a million units. It's not easy to make a brand-new IP, and certainly equally as hard to have it be a sales success. Thankfully players were more than willing to check out the unique experience, which will hopefully lead to new installments down the road.

Seeing that success was very much welcomed by Takahisa Taura, the director of the game. In an interview with Famitsu, Taura talked about how stressful development was, and how Platinum's Hideki Kamiya stepped in to help out. Check out the snippet below, as translated by NintendoEverything.

For example, during development when something didn’t turn out to my absolute liking, I really started to panic. Kamiya really gave me his shoulder to lean on when that happened, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt a sense of distress like that before. ...That was when we were trying to nail down the action mechanics. Kamiya gathered all the things we had tried and tossed out or forgot about, and piece by piece it turned into something really great.

PlatinumGames hoping to share an update on Bayonetta 3 and other unannounced projects this year

The year of Bayonetta

Whenever someone mentions PlatinumGames, Bayonetta 3 is going to be brought up instantly. With each passing day, fans of the franchise grow more curious about how the game is coming along. When on earth are we going to leran something new about the game? If things go well, it seems we could learn at thing or two this year.

Platinum's Hideki Kamiya recently appeared on an official Arcade Archives stream with Hamster, and the discussion of new projects came up. Kamiya decided to jump in at this moment with a tiny tidbit on Bayonetta 3, along with other games we don't know about. You can read the comment below, as translated by NintendoEverything.

Well, I suppose… we’ve been working on new stuff like Bayonetta 3, not that I can say too much… but I hope we can give an update during the year. ...and give updates on a few more unannounced projects too. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that, but I said it anyway.

Sounds like 2021 will finally bring us a fresh look at Bayonetta 3. Let's hope we'll also get to play the game this year!

Thanks to WolfStarSonic for the heads up!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered code unlocks “Poseman”

Strike a pose, man!

PlatinumGames has released yet another code for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. Today's code will let you unlock Poseman, and you can get full details on the character below.

Today we're revealing the next Wonderful Code: "READYAIMFIRE"! This time you can get Poseman along with the Unite Big, Unite Cannon, and Unite Launcher Unite Morphs:


Unite Morphs

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Unite Big

Unite Big is a powerful Unite Morph that transforms your leader character into a giant version, significantly increasing their attack power. Just look at this giant Wonder-Bayonetta in action!

PlatinumGames' official page for Astral Chain now only lists Nintendo as the copyright holder

Chain reaction

Nintendo and PlatinumGames teamed up to bring Astral Chain to the Switch, giving us yet another example of the two companies working together. That's why it's a little odd to see Platinum update their official page for the game by removing mention of themselves.

If you visit PlatinumGames' official hub page for Astral Chain on their Japanese website, you'll notice that PlatinumGames has been removed from the copyright section. Just Nintendo is listed in that area now, and we have no explanation as to why.

For what it's worth, the English version of this website still includes both Nintendo and PlatinumGames in the copyright section. That leaves some wiggle room for this being a mistake, but we'll keep an eye on it.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered code unlocks “Wonder-Red” (Emeritus), “Wonder-Future”, and “Wonder-Daddy”

Legendary Lads

December gave us some great Wonderful 101: Remastered content, and it seems Platinum isn't done yet. A new code has been released that gives you three more characters for your roster. You can grab that code below, along with a recap of the other codes that were recently released.

Vol.1 UMBRANGIFT: Unlocks “Wonder-Bayonetta”
Vol.2 ANGELSLAYERS: Unlocks “Wonder-Jeanne” and “Wonder-Rodin”
Vol.3 TEAMUNITEUP: Unlocks “Wonder-Captain”, “Wonder-Scarf”, and “Wonder-Gramps”
Vol.4 GUYZOCHFAMILY: Unlocks “Prince Vorkken”, “Chewgi”, and “Immorta”
Vol.5 ORIGINALHEROES: Unlocks “Wonder-Red” (Emeritus), “Wonder-Future”, and “Wonder-Daddy”


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