Astral Chain started out as a fantasy game about magic, new direction influenced by Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, and more

Things changed up quite a bit

Did you know that Astral Chain was originally going to be a fantasy game that focused on magic? That tidbit of information comes from a Polygon interview with director Takahisa Taura. Check out the discussion below about the change from fantasy to cyberpunk, and the influences picked up along the way.

P: In the past few years, cyberpunk has become trendy again.

TT: First off, I should start by saying that we didn’t start working on Astral Chain thinking we’d make a cyberpunk game. We were actually trying to make a fantasy game where you would use magic.

What you see now is the result of talking a lot with Nintendo along through the development process, because we realized that there were lots of other games set in a fantasy setting. We wanted to make Astral Chain stand out among other games. And that’s what you see now.

P: So it evolved from fantasy to cyberpunk?

TT: Yeah, that’s right.

While we were making it, actually, I was influenced by a lot of different anime that I liked. For example, Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed. And we used designs like that as a motif to build the setting that you see before you now.

P: Were there other films or books or media that influenced the visual design, particularly of the future city, the Arc?

TT: I should mention that Masakazu Katsura is the character designer for this game. He draws a manga called Zetman. Which is another type of science fiction manga. A lot of what you see before you is influenced by the type of environments of his manga.

Astral Chain is the result of all the types of Japanese anime and other things that I like, put into one place.

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Platinum Games opens official Astral Chain dev blog

See what makes the game tick

Astral Chain is coming to the Switch this Summer, and Platinum has plans to promote the game through an official dev blog. The blog will be giving a detailed look at the mechanics of the game, and how the entire project came together. Hit up the link below for the first dev blog installment!

Hello, everyone. PlatinumGames game designer – and director of ASTRAL CHAIN – Takahisa Taura, here. Today marks the beginning of our ASTRAL CHAIN developer blog series! Going forward, we’ll be sharing blogs from various members of our ASTRAL CHAIN team, giving you some extra insight into all the work that went into the game. I hope you enjoy this inside look at the game development process.

Check out the blog here

Platinum says Bayonetta 3 development "going quite well," they're remaining silent because they're busy

Too busy to make an E3 apperance

Many fans were hoping to see Bayonetta 3 pop up during Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct, but the game was nowhere to be found. Don't worry, though, as Platinum Games studio head Atsushi Inaba said all is well.

“...development is actually going quite well. Games aren’t usually done in a year or two… it takes a while. That’s all. Things are going well and I know a lot of people are asking for it. Giving updates for everything at E3 isn’t the smartest PR strategy to begin with, so just because we’re not showing it here doesn’t mean it’s not going well. ...it’s going to be a high quality title and we’re putting our all into it. That is what you’re seeing [with the silence].”

Platinum 'guarantees' Astral Chain will be good, says Bayonetta 3 is 'going smoothly,' teases new projects, and gives hope for The Wonderful 101 on Switch

Platinum has TONS going on!

There's no doubt we're going to hear more about the various projects PlatinumGames has been up to at this year's E3. While we wait for those details, Platinum Games executive director and producer Atsushi Inaba and game designer Takahisa Taura sat down with Gematsu to share status updates and tease a few things to come.

On 2019 titles and other new titles

Inaba: “Well first, Taura’s Astral Chain is going to be released. And other than that there’s potential to release news about new titles we have on the way. And all this news would bring a major change to Platinum Games, I believe.”

On bringing up the idea of porting The Wonderful 101 to Switch

Inaba: “Yeah, I think I said that on multiple occasions. And I’m glad that I did. So if you could be patient with it, that’ll be great.”

On Bayonetta 3 development

Inaba: “Sorry, again we can’t share anything. Although I can assure you, development is going smoothly. So please wait for further updates.”

On Astral Chain

Inaba: “We want to share more, but we can’t.”

Taura: “It’s not far from release, so there will be news soon. ...Astral Chain is coming out on August 30, so stay tuned for more information. We hope you can get a copy of the game and enjoy it, and we can guarantee that its good.”

Platinum shares another slight detail on the unorthodox development of Bayonetta 3

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Yesterday we learned that Bayonetta 3 is seeing a change in design process as compared to the first two titles. Looking for more details than that? Platinum head Atsushi Inaba is remaining rather tight lipped, but he did share this one tiny tidbit.

With Bayonetta 1 and 2 we had basically an orthodox development process, at least for us. We did stage one, then stage two, then stage three and built up the drama and the pacing chronologically. For Bayonetta 3, we can say that we learned enough from making the past two games to change our process in a way that’s different to what I just described. Maybe the players will recognize this as well. And that’s all the hints you get!”