Nintendo puts together a special video feature for Astral Chain from Gamescom 2019

30+ mins with the director

Nintendo may have a live-streaming schedule for Gamescom later this week, but it looks like they took some time to put together a special gameplay segment for Astral Chain before all of that. Not only do we get a look at the game, but commentary from the director as well!

Nintendo shares sixth installment of "Mr. Taura’s Case Files" for Astral Chain

More Pokemon inspiration?

Nintendo and Platinum have come back with the sixth installment in the "Mr. Taura's Case Files" series, and this one goes over the customization you can put into the main character. Once again, this is another element of the game where Mr. Taura was inspired by Pokemon.

Full Astral Chain site now open in North America

Don't miss this one!

We had the teaser site, which just opened a few days back. Now we have the fully-fledged site, which showcases a lot more information, screens, and art. Astral Chain hits the Switch on Aug. 30th, 2019, so there's not much time left to learn the ins and outs of gameplay before this one launches. Everything we've seen so far makes it look like this game is well worth your attention!

Check out the site here

Nintendo Minute: Astral Chain Gameplay - Can We Defuse the Bomb?

Got a minute?

Hi, we’re playing some Astral Chain today and challenging ourselves to finish the cases with a 30 minute time limit! This game has such a cool environment and concept that we hope you guys will check it out when it launches for Nintendo Switch on Aug. 30. As always, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

Nintendo shares fourth installment of "Mr. Taura’s Case Files" for Astral Chain

Legion 101

Nintendo is back with the fourth installment of Mr. Taura's Case Files, which gives us a deeper look into how the Legions operate. Check out the full statement from Mr. Taura below.

“Although the Legions in ASTRAL CHAIN can be controlled by the player, they can also act autonomously without specific instructions. We see them as exceptionally reliable partners who will jump in to help you out at the right moment. You can also use your chains for a multitude of special moves, such as pulling the Legion to you, or getting the Legion to pull you towards it to move around or to knock away enemies. We believe that these elements make the gameplay feel new and fresh.”

Astral Chain devblog update: "Designing the Legion Family"

We are legion

Platinum has put up another dev blog for Astral Chain, and this one gives some insight into the creation of the various Legion characters. Check out a snippet on the Sword Legion below, and then click over for the full piece.

The Sword Legion has a unique silhouette, a little different from some of the characters that Masakazu Katsura has dreamed up in the past. Look at those flowing lines! It’s a suitably heroic design for an elite living weapon. Someone, please, make this into an action figure, pronto!

This was the first Legion design we had, and it became the base for the designs of the remaining four. Now I’d like to turn back the clock a bit and reflect on those early design stages…

Check out the full blog here

Check out a quick snippet of the Beast Legion from Astral Chain

Oh man, I love everything I see about Astral Chain. I am seriously counting down the days until this one comes out. It looks like Platinum had a really strong vision for what they wanted to create, and they're not afraid to go all-out on it. Count me in, baby!

Check out a soundtrack sample from Astral Chain

This is some good stuff

Nintendo has started sharing soundtrack samples from Astral Chain on their Twitter account, and they've kicked things off with the tune from the game's first trailer. Nice to hear this tune without all the sound effects and voiceover. It's definitely giving me a bit of Nier: Automata vibe, which is a very good thing!

Nintendo shares third installment of "Mr. Taura’s Case Files" for Astral Chain

Inspired by Pokemon?

Nintendo is back with the third installment of Mr. Taura's Case Files, which gives us a deeper look into how Astral Chain came together. Today Mr. Taura shares some insight on a potential influence from the Pokemon franchise.

In Astral Chain, the player summons & fights alongside a Legion. I really love Pokémon, so maybe the idea of calling on another character to fight alongside was greatly influenced by my childhood gaming experiences of growing up alongside my Pokémon.

Astral Chain North American teaser site now open

Such a tease

Astral Chain is hitting Switch at the end of this month, and Nintendo is finally promoting the game with an official teaser site in North America. There have been plenty of promo videos on Twitter and YouTube, but it's nice to see a hub page open up. Hopefully this will help the game get even more attention, as it certainly looks like an extremely unique and exciting title for Switch.

Check out the teaser site here


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