Retro Studios hires Call of Duty: Black Ops dev

Another dev with major FPS expertise

Retro Studios is hard at work on Metroid Prime 4, and they've brought in a new dev to help out with the title's creation.

As discovered by VGC, The studio has picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops veteran Bharathwaj ‘Bat’ Nandakumar, and he's taken on the title of lead engineer. Nandakumar previously spent 10 years at Activision, working on every Black Ops installment to date. Nandakumar specializes in online, tools and gameplay programming.

Former Battlefield, Tomb Raider, and Borderlands devs join Retro Studios

Big time talent joins the team

Retro may have some big job listings open right now, but the studio has been filing major roles as well. Three more devs have joined the team to help them create Metroid Prime 4 and whatever other titles await in the future.

Adad Morales, former Battlefield Hardline dev at EA’s Visceral studio, has joined Retro as the new VFX lead. Along with Morales is Bryan Erck, former Shadow of the Tomb Raider dev, and Nicholas Wilson, who previously worked on Borderlands. Both Erck and Wilson have been hired as senior VFX artists.

Retro Studios looking to fill multiple positions

Retro needs some help

Nintendo of America has posted a series of job listings tied to Retro Studios via Glassdoor, a job search site. Retro is in need of an Environment Designer, Boss/AI Designer, and Senior Designer. These positions will be working on a "3D Action Adventure title," which could be Metroid Prime 4, or something else altogether.

Retro outsourcing environmental work for one of their projects

Metroid Prime 4 or something else?

What is Retro Studios up to nowadays? The only thing we know for sure is Metroid Prime 4, but that doesn't mean other projects aren't in development as well. Obviously all sorts of manpower is needed for any game, and Retro is looking outside their walls for one upcoming project.

Retro Studios posted a job listing yesterday that shows them looking to hire an environment outsourcing review artist. As you might expect, the listing doesn't reveal what game the job is tied to. What we do know for sure is that Retro is working with people outside of their own studio to get the game done, as the job postings says the employee will have to "review outsourced content to ensure final deliverables reflect the desired artistic vision." The listing also states that the job will include testing levels in the game and assessing both aesthetics and performance on the Switch.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Retro hires Halo 4 senior character modeler to work on Metroid Prime 4

Welcome aboard, Chief

Work on Metroid Prime 4 continues at Retro Studios, and the team has brought in a rather interesting new hire to keep the ball rolling. Now part of Retro's team is veteran Halo creative Kyle Hefley, who is now the studio's lead character artist. Hefley has worked on Call of Duty and Sleeping Dogs, but most importantly, he served as the senior character modeler for Halo 4, Halo 5 and the upcoming Halo Infinite. Seems like he'll be quite a good fit for the Metroid universe!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Deus Ex, Unreal composer currently working at Retro

As you probably guessed, we don't get any details on the project. Dear lord, I hope we hear something about what Retro has been doing when E3 rolls around!

Metroid Prime director thankful for the series' longevity

This comes from an interview with Mark Pacini, who acted as director on the three Metroid Prime games. In 2008, he left to co-found Armature Studio, which is the studio that is currently working on ReCore.

GamesBeat: The Metroid Prime games are still revered so much. People still play them. Does that longevity surprise you at all?

Pacini: For sure. I was thankful to be part of the team that made those games. When we were making those, that was never one of our goals. We were just trying to make something cool. It was an unexpectedly great thing, that people started to do that. It’s awesome that people are still playing those games, but it’s a big surprise to us.

Full interview

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Potential 4th character discussion

Put behind the jump, just in case you don't want see the thumbnail...

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Nintendo originally planning a big game reveal at E3?

Over at Reddit, a user is saying that they heard that Nintendo had originally planned on revealing Retro Studios next game. Apparently at the last minute Retro changed their mind saying the game wasn't ready.

Nintendo was originally planning the big reveal of Retro Studios' new game at the end of their press conference, but in the last minute Retro decided that "it wasn't ready."

I could see this being plausible. What do you all think? Could Nintendo have been ready to show off Retro's new game.

Thanks to Obed for the tip.


Retro Studios game information not coming anytime soon

In an interview with President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime, IGN was told that information about Retro Studios next game is being held off for the time being.

“… if I disclosed what Retro is doing, I would have the president of Retro literally calling me right now saying, ‘Reggie, what are you doing?’ We love that people are interested. We love surprising people. I remember getting the questions before we announced Donkey Kong Country Returns. And I loved unveiling that. So… Rest assured, the team is hard at work. But I’m not gonna tell you what they’re working on.”

Looks like we are going to be waiting a while. You can read the rest of the interview with the Regginator himself, where he discusses Pikmin 3, the Wii U launch window, and the casual/core audience.



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