RUMOR: Tomb Raider: The Ultimate Experience, a collection of Tomb Raider games, might be heading to Switch

Is that you, Lara?

Could Switch fans be spending some time with Lara Croft in the near future? A new rumor points to that being the case.

The image at the top of this post has been circulating lately, which states that a collection of Tomb Raider games is heading to multiple platforms, Switch included. It looks like the package will contain multiple Tomb Raider games from across generations. This would definitely be welcome for Switch owners, as Nintendo fans haven't gotten too many Tomb Raider experiences over the years.

To go along with the image, we can see that Square-Enix grabbed a trademark for "T.R.U.E. TOMB RAIDER ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE" back in 2018, and it was re-upped as of June 2020.

Anyone with knowledge of the trademark could have made the above image as a way to tease fans, but it could very well be the real deal. We'll keep snooping around to see what details we can dig up.

Thanks to Redred for the heads up!

Tomb Raider crossover announced for Brawlhalla, Patch 3.57 now available

Lara Croft joins the brawl

Introducing the Tomb Raider Epic Crossover event featuring Lara Croft! This Epic Crossover comes with custom Signature effects, a dedicated Roster spot, and an additional Skin that has its own unique Weapon Skins and lock-in animation. This event also features an animated Podium, new Temple Climb game mode, a permanent addition to Brawlhalla’s custom games, a new FFA map called Temple Ruins, bonus login Gold, and more!

Additionally, we’ve added a couple of new Test Features like adjusting the balance on the Cannon Update, made game improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Check out full patch notes here

Eidos Montreal has 'no plans' for Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Switch

It seems like a good number of companies are now planning Switch versions of their multiplatform games, but Eidos Montreal is not one of them. When asked about the potential for a Switch port of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Eidos Montreal lead game designer Heath Smith said the have "no plans" for that right now.


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