Wolfenstein: Youngblood's devs discuss the decision to create a co-op shooter

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a considerable departure for the franchise. It's a shooter built from the ground-up to be a co-op experience. Why did the dev team decide to take this path? GamesBeat talked to developers Andreas Öjerfors and Aydin Afzoud to find out.

Andreas Öjerfors: We started with Wolfenstein: New Order, the big one, and then we did New Colossus, which was the side project. It used a lot of the systems and gameplay of New Order, but it had new actors, new weapons, and new levels. The idea was that next we’d do the same thing as New Colossus. But the idea of co-op and having this more open and unstructured world came into the picture. It became a much bigger project than we’d first thought. It took us a year and a half to build. The only reason we were able to build that big a project in just a year and a half was because of our partnership with Arkane.

Aydin Afzoud: We’d always wanted to explore co-op and make a co-op game. It’s also something that our fans had asked for. They wanted multiplayer, the ability to play with their friends. That’s always been our desire. Like he said, this smaller project, compared to the big game–that made it pretty natural to do the co-op these time.

DOOM and DOOM II updated to skip the Bethesda.net login requirement

Login requirements removed

Bethesda has pushed an update for DOOM and DOOM II to remove a feature that was bugging players since day one. Check out full details on the patch below.

We’ve deployed a patch for the re-releases of DOOM and DOOM II, which now adds an option to skip the Bethesda net login requirement and removes the disconnect notification during gameplay.

Bethesda outlines upcoming patches for Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Big fixes in the works

The teams behind Wolfenstein: Youngblood are hard at work on patching up the game to make it run as smoothly as possible, while adding in some quality of life features. While we don't have release dates for these updates on Switch, we do know that they're coming to the platform. Check out plans for Version 1.0.4 and Version 1.0.5 below.

Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes


All Platforms

Added ability to pause the game in OFFLINE mode only. Although we have tested this feature extensively, if you encounter any issues please let us know by submitting a support ticket to https://help.bethesda.net.
Removed the ability to open padlocked doors from the wrong side, as this was causing some issues with mission progression
Client players will once again take normal damage from environmental explosions (fire extinguishers, fuel tanks, etc.)
Players will now correctly be able to catch friendly and enemy grenades after taking the Grenade God upgrade
Client players were having health and ammo fully restored in some circumstances after picking up a heavy weapon
Uberhammer projectiles will now explode properly under all conditions
Fixed an issue where one player could end up rotated in the wrong direction while interacting with elevator levers

Art and Graphics
All Platforms

Improved the animation when viewing your sister opening Shared Life crates (eliminates teleporting)
Fixed a variety of audio issues, including resolving audio dropouts after equipping the flashlight weapon upgrade on the Kugelgewehr

User Interface
All Platforms

The Protohund marker for “Destroy the Protohund” and “Collect the Box” missions will no longer appear on the minimap when the mission is not set to active
Opening the Journal while activating fast travel now interrupts fast travel. This corrects a variety of issues with loading and UI
Fixed a reticle issue that could cause your weapon crosshair in Wolfenstein: Youngblood to appear when playing the “classic” Wolfstone 3D arcade game in the Paris Catacombs
Corrected an issue that could cause “Call for Help” to not be available after using a Shared Life. “Call for Help” should now be available if the player is down but their sister is alive
Fixed an issue when performing certain actions while opening the in-game options menu that could cause the camera to become permanently tilted

All Platforms

Fixed a variety of audio issues, including resolving audio dropouts after equipping the flashlight weapon upgrade on the Kugelgewehr

Online Co-op
All Platforms

Fixed a network packet issue that could cause session disconnects when too many explosions occurred in co-op, resulting in players getting dropped from their co-op game
Resolved crash that could happen with the Client in a co-op game used Crush, then immediately performed a melee attack on the enemy

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
All Platforms

Enemies will no longer float in midair next to the walkways in Lab X
The last used weapon was not being properly equipped when the player dropped a heavy weapon
Resolved issue where enemies could become stuck floating during the “Lothar and Juju’s trap” mission

Update 1.0.5

In our 1.0.5 update, we are working to address a host of game difficulty and progression issues based on your feedback. This includes:

Additional checkpoints
Difficulty adjustments across the board, especially in boss fights
Addressing the feeling some players have expressed that some enemies feel like “bullet sponges”
Adding additional ammo throughout the game
An option to toggle enemy health bars on/off
Making it easier to get 100% game completion

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DOOM III - gameplay footage

Celebrate DOOM's 25th anniversary with the release of DOOM 3, available for the first time on Nintendo consoles. In this critically acclaimed action-horror re-telling of the original DOOM, players must battle their way through a demon-infested facility before entering the abyss to battle Hell's mightiest warrior - and put an end to the invasion.

DOOM Classic and DOOM II require a Bethesda.net account

An extra hoop to jump through

If you're planning on grabbing DOOM Classic or DOOM II on Switch, you should know that you'll be asked to either log in with your Bathesda.net account, or create one if you don't already have one. Once you log in and your account is authenticated, you'll be able to play offline. It's a minor hurdle, but one that people are certainly fired up about, so I felt it was worth mentioning.

Full DOOM Eternal presentation from Quakecon 2019

We're all DOOMed

Quakecon 2019 is officially underway, and Bethesda kicked things off with some new gameplay footage for DOOM Eternal. You can check out the entire segment above!

DOOM Classic - Switch gameplay

The original DOOM, along with DOOM II and III are available now on the Switch! Check out some gameplay footage from the game that started it all above.


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